Friday, June 02, 2006

Next Stop: Vavuniya.

Sittingnut says:
...take a strong defensive stand, and make ltte realize that there is no appeaser on this side. we should persist in this even though this may mean full scale meaningless war in the short term, because peace by appeasing is worse and will only postpone the inevitable.
So sittingnut here has been personally appeasing the LTTE and is sick and tired of it. Each night the LTTE visits him and sits on his chest while he sleeps and gives him nightmares. Suddenly that boy who used to beat him up in school begins to look like Prabhakaran. The one who stole his lunch looks like Tamilselvan. But he's fed up now. He's going to have his turn! He's going to show them who he his!

So sittingnut, I invite you to take this strong defensive stand. Preferably somewhere between Omantai and Muhamalai. You'll find Wimal and Athuruliye and Mahinda standing by you, ready to take this defensive stand. Together you will rid this country of these terrorists! Oh, I forgot, Indi, who's also fed up of the Tigers, and has been taking his stand on the internet is going to join you...once he's sober.

Come on boy! Time to defend your motherland from those mo*fo* Tigers! Time to put your life where your mouth is and show us that you're not like those NGO types who talk and talk and do nothing.

This bus goes as far as Vavuniya, to the Vanni command of the Sri Lanka Army. From there you're going to have to do a trek to Omantai, or maybe get a ride.

Go forth oh vailent son of Lanka, and show 'em sucky Tigers what yer made of!

typical of morquendi not give the link to my post.
is he afraid of others reading what i wrote in full, and my answers to his pathetic arguments(if one can call them that) already made there?
here is the link - morality of peace

as for his silly personal attacks against ppl he does not even know, well they certainly illustrate the kind of frustrations he goes through daily.
let us hope this post helped him to get them out. :-)
Two things ....

1. Indi will never, ever be sober hence he will never, ever be fit to fight for his country - in any case he's such a weakling he'd probably only survive one night in a real operation & take a good buggering back at the barracks

2. S/nut - trying to attain peace does not prolong the inevitability of war, not facing harsh realities does, not being able to compromise does, being facist and racist breeds hardliners who want to kill you and who hate you.

Remember everyone who is 40 years and under has pretty much experienced war in Sri Lanka.

You know very well S/nut that if we did not have someone trying to stop "Two Tribes going to War" - the resulting carnage would be worse.

In your heart you have got to stop blaming those you perceive as weak - ie. peaceniks, try and put yourself in other peoples shoes - ie. the Tamils and show leadership as opposed to predjudice.

PS - I hope both of you have at least voted for Miss Sri Lanka.. c'mon I'm sure it will have a positive effect...
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