Sunday, June 25, 2006

Explosion In Pannipitiya

There's been a explosion in Pannipitiya at about 0745 this morning (almost one hour ago).

The explosion was targeting a military vehicle, which is now lying in a melted heap at an intersection on the High Level Road near the Moraketiya Junction. Even the army is not yet able to identify if the vehicle was a truck, pickup or a van. That's how bad the damage is.

According to the military the vehicle was carrying a senior military commander.

Despite the apparently complete destruction of the vehicle, at least one of the persons travelling in it at the time of the explosion have survived. There is no information yet as to whether the bomb was planted on the roadside, or if it had been attached to the vehicle itself. There is also no information about how many civilians were injured or killed.

The senior army official killed in the blast today is Major General Parami Kulatunge. According to Army sources, the attach was carried out using a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

We're Better!

The JVP has gone back to saying that we should only negotiate with the LTTE if they lay down their weapons. Very '80s. Not really progressive. And what's even worse is that those warmongers might take up posts in the Government soon.

So we know the LTTE is a bad lot. The abduct children and put them in the battlefield. They kill Tamil and Sinhala civilians just because. They blow important people up, or snipe them.

But really, can the Government and it's supporters adopt this holier than thou attitude? We'll go to sittingnut, one who believe's in the present's Government's peace-with-honor policy.
to accuse the government of same oppressions is besides the point. rest of sri lanka enjoy most fundamental rights and when they are taken away citizens have recourse to courts, there is an active political opposition, a large proportion of population belong to various minorities and are politically influential, children's rights are legally protected, and political leadership is democratically elected. atrocities committed are investigated and as practically possible under limitation imposed by law of evidence and proper procedure perpetrators convicted. all this is not perfect but vastly better than anything under ltte

Try telling that to all the dead (sometimes decapitated) Tamil people showing up in various locations in Colombo and the suburbs, to all the people arbitrarily executed by the Army and the Navy in the Jaffna peninsula over the past 20 years, to all the people in Mannar, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara districts who have vansihed because they stood up to Army and Police brutality.

Anyways, the Government is better than the LTTE, a terrorist organization. Wow. Big Deal.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Next Stop: Vavuniya.

Sittingnut says:
...take a strong defensive stand, and make ltte realize that there is no appeaser on this side. we should persist in this even though this may mean full scale meaningless war in the short term, because peace by appeasing is worse and will only postpone the inevitable.
So sittingnut here has been personally appeasing the LTTE and is sick and tired of it. Each night the LTTE visits him and sits on his chest while he sleeps and gives him nightmares. Suddenly that boy who used to beat him up in school begins to look like Prabhakaran. The one who stole his lunch looks like Tamilselvan. But he's fed up now. He's going to have his turn! He's going to show them who he his!

So sittingnut, I invite you to take this strong defensive stand. Preferably somewhere between Omantai and Muhamalai. You'll find Wimal and Athuruliye and Mahinda standing by you, ready to take this defensive stand. Together you will rid this country of these terrorists! Oh, I forgot, Indi, who's also fed up of the Tigers, and has been taking his stand on the internet is going to join you...once he's sober.

Come on boy! Time to defend your motherland from those mo*fo* Tigers! Time to put your life where your mouth is and show us that you're not like those NGO types who talk and talk and do nothing.

This bus goes as far as Vavuniya, to the Vanni command of the Sri Lanka Army. From there you're going to have to do a trek to Omantai, or maybe get a ride.

Go forth oh vailent son of Lanka, and show 'em sucky Tigers what yer made of!


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