Saturday, May 07, 2005

Kusal Perera

The bloody JVP has been bouncing on their asses saying Kusal Perera is one of the conspirators in the Sivaram murder. Their theory is based on the fact that Kusal Perera, who was one of the people who had dinner with Sivaram just before he was abducted, who was the first person to see Sivaram get dragged into a vehicle by some people, did not run across the road to the Bambalapitiya Police Station and make a complaint.

Really, Kusal Perera did behave like an ass when his friend was kidnapped, and had he not behaved this way and acted like a rational human being perhaps Sivaram's life may have been saved. That we will never know.

But I don't think Kusal Perera had anything to do with the abduction and murder. I don't think he even knew what was going on. This is why I believe he acted the way he did.

He's an ok guy. But he's one of the most undecided people on earth I know. His left hand literally does not know what his right hand is upto and he does not know at one moment what he is going to do the next. Kusal Perera is incable of making decisions. This weakness in the man has led to many many problems for him in the past. There were times when even for the simplest problem he'd leave town for weeks because he did not know how to deal with it and did not want to make the call.

So when his friend was kidnapped I can imagine Kusal freaking out and running for the nearest bus...and then sitting in the bus for a bit and the realising that you can't do nothing about your friend being abducted...and then hopping off at the next stop...and running back to see what was going on...and then running away again...

I am not the least bit surprised that Kusal Perera behaved like that.

He essentially behaved like a headless chicken. Anyone who has seen Kusal Perera in a crisis situation will tell you that this is how the man reacts. So his inability to call the police, to me is not a sign of his guilt, but an indication that even as an old man he is as indecisive as a infant.

And the JVP is just trying to shift the blame and make all these conspiracy theories because I hear that on the inside there's a lot of murmuring among the junior cadre. A lot of people think the JVP had a hand in Sivaram's murder and that's making the cadre very uncomfortable.

incidently the people currently in custody are not JVP members as i know). someone told me they were ex-PLOTE members who had issues with siva's closeness to LTTE top brass.

would be interesting to see the result of court precedings.
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