Sunday, June 25, 2006

Explosion In Pannipitiya

There's been a explosion in Pannipitiya at about 0745 this morning (almost one hour ago).

The explosion was targeting a military vehicle, which is now lying in a melted heap at an intersection on the High Level Road near the Moraketiya Junction. Even the army is not yet able to identify if the vehicle was a truck, pickup or a van. That's how bad the damage is.

According to the military the vehicle was carrying a senior military commander.

Despite the apparently complete destruction of the vehicle, at least one of the persons travelling in it at the time of the explosion have survived. There is no information yet as to whether the bomb was planted on the roadside, or if it had been attached to the vehicle itself. There is also no information about how many civilians were injured or killed.

The senior army official killed in the blast today is Major General Parami Kulatunge. According to Army sources, the attach was carried out using a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.

morquendi's false reporting and exaggerations (otherwise known as rumor mongering) even while truth this available continues. far from being a 'melted heap ' unrecognizable whether 'a truck, pickup or a van' the vehicle is still very recognizable.

but the this is the same morquendi who reported that unnamed sources in army hq said army commander is dead from april suicide bombing, even while army at hospital was assuring all and sundry he is alive. some 'fact finding 'journalist, huh?
It was the Army who said they were unable to identify the vehicle that bore the brunt of the explosion.

And if you'd seen the vehicle at 8.15 a.m. you wouldn't have been able to recognise it either.

I'm a blogger, not a journalist. I have stated that on many occasions. You feel to be unable to grasp that.
ppl can see the car here .
they can judge for themselves.

some always blame the army. no ?

morquendi is not a journalist ? it seems he is not. does he deal in facts ? no . are his posts only rumour ? sure they are .
thanks :-)
Ashanthi seems fairly quiet about the LTTE torpedoing the peace process eh? Thought the fact the LTTE keep blowing themselves up in Colombo while talking peace would at least garner some condemnation from her?
actually i haven't posted a comment because i am sick and tired of morq & s/nut giving each other grief. You child of 25 (more like idiot child of 2 plus 5) need to understand that not everything on the blogsphere revolves around your pathetic self-absorbed semi-obsessive attitude.

as for your other favourite obsession the ltte, it is rather tragic that you have not the brains to understand that a week is a long time in politics.

Today, AB for the first time has acknowledged that killing Rajiv Ghandi was a "monumental historical tradgedy"

AB knows how much this is a MHT and that's because Rajiv's Mother, Indira Ghandi was very, very pro Tamil & she was sincerely sick and tired of how Tamils were being treated in Sri Lanka.

Futhermore - she had finally decided that she was going to send troops into Sri Lanka to "sort it out" because she had been given one too many reports of the atrocities being committed in SL.

Unfortunately, she was assasinated, as we all know just before she was about to send troops in.

Her son, ever following in her footsteps sent troops in too - later, too much later and, unfortuantely he sent the wrong type of troops in.

After her death - India was a changed place. Kashmir is to India what Eelam is to Sri Lanka.

Anton Balasingham can apologise in his own fashion about how a few lone suicide bombers decided to take the fate of ever single Tamil into their hands - however, no-one can ever apologise to all the Tamil people who have been killed, murdered, tortured and victimised as a result.I agree - it WAS a monumental historical FUCKUP. However, I do not think anyone has much control over suicide bombers. Just as much as no one has any control over bigotted racist facists who think that Sri Lanka belongs to them and anyone who is not Sinhalese and Buddhist must pretty much drop dead or piss off.

So - now we have the unearthing of who really did what to whom. About bloody time.

India needs to let Sri Lanka go to hell and beyond or show some sense of decency and take responsibility for what is really happening in Sri Lanka.

Anton Balasingham has said sorry to India and Indians. India and Indians must say sorry to Tamil people of Sri Lanka.
hehe...I always enjoy winding up idiots. You might want to check out what the Sudar Oli is saying about AB's interview, I quote "Balasingham had said that India should not consider the assassination as an individual act of murder but as part of a chain of events.

And India should see the incident as being part of the history of its own military involvement in Sri Lanka.

But this was cut out, the paper charged."

And even the rest of the text is hardly an apology.

I love your line "However, I do not think anyone has much control over suicide bombers"...u might want to check with old VP before spouting nonsense like that!

Ah well, I've had my fun for the week, go chew on a bedpost Ashanti and keep telling yourself your not a racist. BTW if you have some time check out "no more tears sister," should be an eye opener for you, I know it was for me.
sittingnut, if you continue to be a troll, you will be treated as one.

and, which part of 'at 8.15' did you not understand?

and which part of 'the army said that' did you not understand?
aw, the namby pambies having tiffs in their cots? how sad. the only thing intresting in this part of the web is that ashanthi seems to be into s&m. 'you naughty naughty boy childof25, i'm gonna slap you!' 'no, no! yes! yes! chew my bedpost, please!'. hilarious.
s/nut - if that is you - cut it out.

as for the other comments - well if you can't see how important this is - it's because you're a retard.
ashanthi, i think, in general, you some very valid points, which i'm glad that someone says, if only to express an alternative viewpoint.

however, i don't think you can attribute Gandhi's assasination to a "few lone suicide bombers", as there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. The fact that a lot of [Tamil] suicide bombers are dedicated, informed, usually succesful, able to cover their tracks pretty well, & have financing etc. shows that they have been well trained and have some major entity backing them.

The LTTE does have control over many people who are willing to give their lives for their cause [i.e. potential suicide bombers].

And in Anita Pratap's book 'Island of Blood', someone (i think VP) admitted to the Gandhi thing, and said it was their biggest mistake to date (i'm not sure of the date of that interview, but definately pre-2000).
Shimmi I would replace the words 'a lot' with 'all' and Tamil with Tiger. I don't know many people unless they are racists who qualify suicide bombers as Tamil only, most view them as Tigers first. The LTTE is a terrorist organization and is the only outfit in SL to have ever used suicide bombing.
i post only in my own name .
i do not know whether above comments by childof25 are by him.(does not seem to be but better ask him. )

you mean that the vehicle unmelted itself after 8.15 in to the one in pic linked? :-)
as i said some ppl are in the habit of blaming the army. can you point out the exact report where army said they cannot recognize the vehicle was either 'a truck, pickup or a van'?
i am pointing that you posted a rumor in your post, you can deny that, you are even free to threaten me, but fact remains the post was erroneous.
as for behaving as a troll, either your computer automatically leaves anon comments in my blog or you leave them.
The ones that have my name affixed to it are me, the anon one referring to s&m is sadly not me...that kind of thing doesnt really float my boat :)
hi shimmi - yep we seem to agree on a few things.

thanks for the info about VP - well ain't that the truth.

Other things that follow though are has then Indian govt ever accounted for it's actions, have they every apologised to the families who were brutalised by their army and have they ever offered to compensate them?

AB's speech is timely and appropriate. It matters not if VP made the same gesture before. However, what does India intend to do about it?

S/nut - I take what you say on board.

I do wish you and Morq would stop riling each other and try and work together. You would make a great team. I am sure that both of you could find some middle ground, please try.I mean, really you've never even met each other, so how can you behave with such disdain for each other.It's beyond me :-(

S/nut - you need to try and look at the Tamil perspective with a more compassionate heart. Morq - stop stirring s/nut up all the time.
"AB's speech is timely and appropriate" - you might want to check what Tamilselvam and others are saying right now about denying the apology. It must for your gods to have clay feet. Luckily for you its not you who has to pay the price for your foolishness...
Can you stop wasting your time over at s/nut's site and do something a bit more constructive by telling us what the hell is going on - PLEASE?

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Reading the comments it is a sad case of the narrow minded!

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