Sunday, May 08, 2005


Here are some things I picked up during a conversation last night...

I don't know how true they are, but I'm putting them up anyway. I will check with some people and confirm. But at the moment they are just two stories I heard...If there is someone who has heard these and can confirm please leave a comment and do so...

1) Two Gramasevaka's (Village officials, the bottom rung of the Government administration) have killed themselves in the Galle district alone because they don't want to have to deal with the problems of the people.

2) MoU's have been signed in Hambantota for more houses than needed. These are MoU's between the Government (who provides the land) and [I]NGOs who do the actual building. I don't know how many more houses, than needed have been signed for, but one source put it at about 2500. This needs some checking.

It's titbits - as in the bird - blue in fact.

There are more than 2 that have killed themselves. The Sinhalese have the highest rate of suicide in Asia if not the world. It's because they know how hopeless their situation is.

Then of course there are all those that get murdered by the police, gangs, political enemies, car accidents, train accidents, the lack of proper medication, etc, etc - all in all a very high mortality rate indeed. Then of course there is the impending loom of an Aids epidemic which of course no-one is paying any attention to. So long as young children are being encouraged to sell themselves & no-one gives a damn - well thats the next thing the Sinhalese have to look forward to.

Don't worry about the suicide of 2 - you're facing the suicide of an entire nation. Open your eyes.
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