Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thus Spake Chandrika

No, she did not start on time. She started about a good half an hour late, which means they could have run my show and then some. But SLRC and SLBC were ready fro her from 6.30 playing stupid 'filler' songs on precious prime time air.

She started off her speech with a kind of a look back at her past 11 years in power (which is something she likes doing a lot, particularly since she has no future now). She said their Government, and she, had won four main things in those years.
  1. They abolished state tyranny, stopped abductions and executions and restored law and order so people could feel safe again.
  2. They rescused an out of control and spiralling-down economy and gave the country economic stability.
  3. They crushed corruption and completely abolished corruption and bribery in the upper ranks in the power structure.
  4. They laid the foundations for a negotiated settlement to the ethnic conflict and pursued a policy of peace-through-political-means.
At this point I fell asleep and asked my friend to wake me up when she got to the Joint Mechanism. I will not say anything about these 4 claims. Any of you may comment. Please feel free. Anon Anon, you too :)

About the joint she said several thing. I don't remember all of them because I was very sleepy (Next time something like this happens I will take notes) but here's what I remember:
  • The Joint Mechanism will force the LTTE to understand that they must work together with the Government, therefore it will not add to the power of the LTTE but will in fact disable them and erode their support base further.
  • It will not give the LTTE even a fraction of the control it wanted through the ISGA, which the UNP was ready to give to them.
  • If anyone thinks the Tamil people of this country do not have the same rights, or that the Government is not bound to offer them the same opportunities as anyone else, then they are racists.
  • No one can ask for instant peace. We need to heal wounds first. And things like this are needed to heal the wounds of 20 years of war.
  • If we don't do this the peace process has no future.
  • We will not sign this document without telling anyone, like the UNP did.
  • We will do whatever is necessary to establish the Joint Mechanism.
I remember there were a few more rather interesting things she said but I guess you'll have to read them in the newspapers tomorrow or something. I'll do an update after going through the newspapers tomorrow.

Moving on, what she said about the JVP was the best.
  • The JVP are idiots (Modayao) and they make stupid decisions.
  • They killed all the intellectuals in Sri Lanka in the 80s.
  • The Killed 135 people in my party in the 80s.
  • They're wishy washy, and change their stand all the time. They hated the Provincial Councils in the 80s and now they're dying to get into the bloody things.
  • They are racist because they only want things for the Sinhala people. They don't want to give anything to the Tamil people.
  • All the projects they said they did, including the 10,000 tanks were failures. Even the 300 tanks that were built were built by us.
  • I ask them to come back to the Government, it would be good to have them back. But even without them we will do this. They are irrelevant. We may lose a few in numbers but numbers in Parliament don't make a Government. We have the support of the people.
But what she said about the monks was the best thing.
  • Those racist elements who dress like Buddhist monks and try to tarnish the name of Buddhism will be dealt with severly, like they were dealt with the past few weeks.
Now moving to the Aesthetics. You guys should've seen her. She was wearing this horrible read Sari and the backdrop was this very very distracting white pattern and some stupid looking potted plant. They gave her a swivel chair and she kept turning around all the time. Looked nuts. I was seriously ashamed of her beiong the President of my country. Her hands were going all over the table and in one corner she found a yellow highligher that she had obviously been using to highlight things on her speech script (which she obviously wasn't sticking to) and then she started waving it around like it was a light sabre.

May the force be with her!

Morq - the ole girl has got to go - as you've said before she needs therapy.

But - it is time that she acknowledges that monks in this country are racist & they do give Buddhism a bad name - more so the people of this country get a bad name - what do you think is going to happen to the Tourism industry. Apart from those horrid German child molestors - who's going to come here?

I'm sure she was drunk as usual when she did the speech. You picked that well. It's a joke that she's now telling us that the JVP are idiots etc - hey we know - but she's the one that allowed them back into politics - in any othere country they would be banned.

I am relieved that she has finally shown a bit of statemanship & is prepared to speak up for the rights of the Tamil people. What everyone in Sri Lanka needs to come to terms with is that out here in the big wide arena, more & more, the Sinhalese are begining to look like the Nazis & the Afrikaners of South Africa - because of their treatment of Taimils. Let me assure you - once that stigma sets in - it will take 100s of years to disappear. In the end the Sinhalese will be judged - not Chandrika, not the JVP & not the false monks - they will all be dead!

The future rests in those willing to take a stand for genuine peace and racial tolerance. Chandrika - like all politicians is essentially not to be trusted & of course the Tamils do not trust this sudden new stance she's taken. They know she is arming her army to the teeth, she continues to allow killings & counter killing to occur on a daily basis, she is desperate to secure her future & sadly she is surrounded by the likes of Anura, Kadarigama & various other evil politicians who do not give a damn about their own people let alone the Tamils. I refer to your other article talking about how people should be chosen on the basis of then being Sri Lankan & not their ethnicity - well I'm sorry - this requires trust & non-racially based legislature - quite simply we do not have this.

I have to tell you Morq - there is an enormous responsibility resting on the free & independent press in Sri Lanka. You are doing an excellent job - keep it up.

Chandrika's speech is an insurance policy against a death warrant which will no doubt be further pushed by those stupid monks & the JVP. 2 bitter & twisted groups of a men only club who inspite of their so called affinity with the Sinhala people are so obviously for murder & mayhem.

Yep it's me Anon Anon :-))
I agree to the above statement Morq. I personally was very disappointed with the monks (with all due respect to them )
Believe me, I am not trying to be bias cos I am tamil. I respect Bhuddism and even more Lord Buddha’s preaching, which I do value a lot (being a Hindu myself) but it was an utter disgrace to see them out there 2 weeks ago. Even the whole Shah Rukh Khan concert thingy was totally blown out of proportion. When I saw them there, I could only see them as thugs rapped up in robes. Sorry, and again I have no intention of insulting the genuine monks but this was quite disgusting.

Anyway, as I've always told myself, my generation and the one before don't deserve to see peace. I sincerely hope that the next does.

You don't have to apologize for not liking those monks.

I assure I hate them more than you do. Coming from a Buddhist family I feel betrayed and angry.

You'd be this way too if a couple of them beat you up :) It's not the pain but the sheer humiliation associated with having umbrella blows rain down on you.
Hi Yaaro & Morq

these conversations give me hope. Everyone respects the Buddhist religon - the world has still much to learn from it. But no-one is fooled anymore with this agenda of supposedly caring deeply for the spirituality & welfare of the Sinhalese people whilst preaching hatred day in & day out from the sanctuary of temples and Parliament house.

I have heard many stories of the cruelty dished out by monks to the very young and vulnerable boys given to them as disciples. Seriously - when is someone going to blow the lid on what they really get upto. If they were Catholic priests they'd be going straight to jail.

You will need to tell us more about the brollie beating Morq - looks like it's a whole can of worms that needs opening.
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