Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Picking Her Man...

One of the questions I brought up in what I wrote about the Joint Mechanism yesterday was 'Who's going to represent the Muslims in the High Level Committee and in the Regional Committee?'. I speculated that this would be a problem, particularly picking someone for the one Muslim seat in the High Level Committee, because the Muslims cannot decide about leadership amongst themselves.

But it seems I was wrong. The Muslims never had to make that decision. Chandrika did it for them!

The gossip about town is her man Javed Yusuf is going to have the Muslim seat in the High Level Committee. He has been a staunch SLFP supporter for a very long time and has been very tight with the prez herself. As far as she is concerned he is very loyal to her and to the party and will fall in line very quickly if things were to go wrong.

Yet I do not believe he's not a idiot who's willing to be her puppet. He has shown some definete leadership skills in the past and (a few weaknesses as well that I have personally witnessed but) seems to be the best guy for the job. I think ol' Javed has already been informed of Chandrika's decision, and according to sources, Javed has already managed to win over the only person who could challenge his leadership - Rauff Hakeem.

Don't know anything about who's going to get the other seats.

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