Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Who Wants To Be A Minister?

So why did Mangala resign as Minister of Information and Media? That is the question.

First let's look at what we know for sure.
  1. Mangala would not have resigned if Chandrika had not made him resign. He's too greedy for that, and he likes the power being MoIM gives him.
Beyond this we know nothing for certain. So why would Chandrika make him resign?
  1. Because she's pissed off with Mangala for
    • being pals with the JVP
    • allowing the JVP to creep into the State Media
    • being pals with Tara De Mel who's not entirely in Chandrika's good books now after the whole PIU fiasco with the school principals.
We know Mangala went to London for a couple of days for some kiss-and-make-up with CBK while he was in Paris, but apparently the plan didn't work and she's still more than a little pissed with him.

Now what does she get when Mangala resigns? An empty MoIM seat. Now what is she going to do with this seat? MoIM is a big seat, and there are a lot of people who want it badly.

So will she
  1. give it to someone in the JVP to keep them in the coalition? (unlikely)
  2. keep it for herself so she can weild the state media when the time comes for her unavoidable powergrab? (unlikely)
  3. give it to someone in the UNP and bring them over to her side so she can keep her Government even if the JVP leaves?
According to what we have heard the third one seems to be the most possible. When I spoke to a senior friend in the JVP yesterday, he told me that a lot of things were going on and that he couldn't tell me anything over the phone. But Somawansa has said that he will release the JVP's plan to overthrow the Government tomorrow. He he :) Plan to overthrow the Government MY ASS!!

The way things look these are my predictions for what's going to happen:
  • Chandrika signs the PTOMS (Post Tsunami Operational Management Structure - that's the new name for the Joint Mechanism) next week. Yipee!!
  • Chadrika asks the Somawansa to take the plan and roll it up nice and tight and shove it up his ass. The JVP have no option but to bugger off.
  • A few key UNP MP's come over from the UNP and occupy the 4 Ministerial Portfolios left by the JVP quitting the Government. Someone big from the UNP gets MoIM.
  • The woman goes for another Parliamentary election and tries to make a 2/3 majority in Parliament again.
  • Sobitha rants and raves about the PTOMS but gives up his fast and goes back to being a bigot monk.
Even if I am wrong (which I probably will be), the next few days are going to be fun...

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