Friday, November 11, 2005

Does it Matter?

A lot of people are saying that this election campaign has so far been a lot less violent than a lot of people would have expected it to be. There have already been a few deaths this election season, but it’s been relatively peaceful. But do people believe that things are going to stay this way? I don’t think so. Everyone always says ‘so far’ when they talk about the lack of violence.

Let’s face it. We’re all expecting the number of violent incidents to rise drastically as the polling day draws closer. (Post election violence of course depends on who wins.) We’re used to our politicians being very very violent when it comes to elections. We take it for granted that they are going to stuff ballot boxes on polling day. And we take it for granted that supporters from either side are going to kill each other when they run into each other on the streets.

In areas where one political party is stronger than the other, the stronger party stuffs ballot boxes unchallenged. Whichever party has control of the center breaks election laws with utter impunity because they know the police will do nothing against them. They own the police dammit! How could the police ever do anything to hurt their campaign? And it’s also damn handy to have a few khaki clad baboons in hand to make some trouble for the opposition.

Oh hell, it gives us an excuse to stay at home on the day of the election. We take a walk to the polling station in the morning and cast our ballot and then go home and sit tight to wait for the results to come overnight. It’s a bloody good holiday. And since in all probability your boss is also doing the same you’re not going to get into trouble for skipping a day.

And then when person X wins over person Y because person X and his goons managed to a) stuff more ballot boxes than Y b) beat the shit out of Y’s supporters c) threatened more people than Y, we applaud our democracy.

‘ip ‘ip ‘ooray assholes, you have your new elected official, just as corrupt and undemocratic as the one you got rid of. Now suffer.

Sri Lanka needs electronic polling. The cost of installing this system should be no object.
It's worth the inconvenience of voting queues.

Also, voting should be made mandatory like in Aus (with heavy penalties for failure to comply).
Good one j5 - I don't about heavy penalties, would be an excuse for either "X" or "Y" to throw a whole heap of people in jail - probably. But absolutely - electronic polling would be fantastic - should be the same all over the world. I may even know someone that could build it!

Morq - glad you're back, there's plenty of material for us to read now! Will get through it all on the w/end.

It is disheartening & frustrating, like most so called "democracies" we have the choice between a couple of power-hungry evil bastards - however, I have put my boot behind Ranil as the lesser of 2 evils.

The business of the UNP gloating about how they split the Ltte, which was reported by Tamilnet... well, this is a war we're in and dirty tactics are absolutely the way you win it.

However, when we go to vote on the 17th let us consider the following ...
1. Do we want to live in a free & just society?
2. Do we want the Tamil people to be a part of Sri Lanka?
3. Do we want to shake off the shackles of millions & millions of dollars being spent on arms - not our children, hospitals, roads, education or for the provision of jobs to young people?
4. Do we want to be a wealthy, affluent, egalitarian, modern & culturaly diverse country whoose people actively participate in the 21st century and all it has to offer?
5. Do we want to have ral control of our society or will we continue to be bullied, brow-beaten & terrorized into submission by whichever deranged arsehole lives in our neck of the woods & weilds the biggest stick?

Yeah - maybe I do sound like a bit of a revolutionary - but I'm not. These are simple choices that we have to make. If you read the above 5 points you will know damn well that Ranil is not the man for this job, however, he is still the best bet we have.

So let his little facist UNP members come out and gloat about what they did to the Ltte & what they intend to do with them. They are fighting and election & this is one way to win it. We'll all have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

Frankly though, the people, all of them, are sick of war. Only a handful of madmen who have become addicted to killing want war. We have a choice between two groups of madmen. Let's choose the one that is at least taking his medication!

interesting reading.

# thanks to whoever it was that put up this site on nitewa.
actually i don't believe violence and fraud have any effect on the result especially when the electorate is large as in present case.
btw election day is a working day (ppl get leave only if they work very far from home) i would be annoyed as hell if anyone working for me stayed away because of election.
as for post election violence that has come down, last time there was no curfew even.
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