Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Arguing Online

As insensitive as this image may be, I'm putting it up here to in memory of all those online arguments past, present and future. Special thanks to Indi, Sittingnut, Dextr and all the Anons.

If anyone is offended, I apologize.

is that the best you can do. this is as hackneyed as can be. i would have expected more from you . well i guess i was wrong about you.
Well look who's turned up after a vanishing into this air for while. Don't tell me it was a affair of the heart right? :)

It's good to have you back.
isn't it curios that he turned up in the morning before the attacks on army commander ? i was just wondering if ltte had some thing to with his turning up?
given the attacks on me i am sure he would not be offended.
I didn't expect anything from you but it is good to have you back.;-))
You are right Ivap - it is good to have Morq back - but it is not good that s/nut & Morq are at each other's throats.

Can Ivap please get back to his role of ticking people off on the blog for bad behaviour and make these two work together as opposed to having petty fights with each other?

S/nut - enough with the conspiracy theories & Morq - that picture is in bad taste. Take it off & apologise.
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