Monday, November 21, 2005

Mangala 'Goebbels' Samaraweera

Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) the father of propaganda and Mangala Samaraweera

What makes Mangala Samaraweera, a.k.a. Mangy the most dangerous person in the UPFA government?

Remember Sudu Nelum (White Lotus)? 1995?
President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, at the inauguration ceremony for the Sudu Nelum movement. (08/07/95)

Let us resolve to work with determination to keep the Sudu Nelum Movement that blooms today, without fading for a long time to come. If the people of all of our communities - Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher and of all religions join hands with a sense of brotherhood, "White Lotuses" of peace will bloom in tens of thousands in their hearts. Peace is the prerequisite for our prosperity. Our fervent appeal to the people on this occasion is to come together bound by a deep sense of brotherhood and create a durable peace which is the foundation for our development and prosperity.
Wasn't it Mangy who designed and ran the Sudu Nelum campaign all those years? He let Nimal Siripala De Silva run it for some time, but everyone knew that the Sudu Nelum campaign was Mangy's baby.

The Sudu Nelum campaign at that point (even with all it's flaws and inherent corruption) was at that point the most progressive move in the country towards mainstreaming multiculturalism and pluralism. With several Non-Governmental Organisations supporting their effort the Sudu Nelum movement was able to do a fair bit of work. It is responsible to a great extent for raising rural people's understanding of the complexities of multiculturalism, and life in a multiethnic society. The level at which the PA Government coordinated with civil society groups and sought their support to reach the masses was astounding. They had a very clear understanding that in order to achieve peace, everyone had to be on board.

Unfortunately at that time the UNP openly sabotaged Chadrika's peace plans and the LTTE played along and broke the ceasefire and ensured a return to war.

Through the movement the Chadrika Government sought to use the massive mandate they had received to take peace to the people, to mainstream multiculturalism. Even when there was a war going on in the North and East, the Government insisted on keeping the Sudu Nelum movement and the Thavalama Peace Caravans and the National Integration Policy Unit funded.

Mangala Samaraweera, formerly a fashion designer, who went to to design school with Boy George and Sade, worked with Buddhi Keerthisena (Snr) on the Buddhi Batiks line of clothing, then Minister of Information and Media, used his understanding of the importance of symbols and icons to design a campaign that really made an impact. A lot of people thought he was working for peace because he had a genuine belief in making it work.

But over the past few years what we have seen is that Mangala has no committment to peace. He has no committment to anyone or anything.

By moving from working closely with civil society groups to stating at a press conference that even if the Free Media Movement and Sunanda Deshapriya stood on their heads the Government would not care, Mangala Samaraweera did not degenarate. He merely shifted his position to the stance that would most benefit him, and then engineered the environment.

Goebbels with Hitler, Mangala with Mahinda

Mangy was one of the main players in the engineering of the allaince between the PA and the JVP to form the UPFA two years ago

What was the logo of the Mahinda for President campaign? A white lotus. And was not the Mahinda campaign run on symbols and icons? It was amazing how the UPFA used the same icons and themes for the Mahinda campaign that they used in 1995. To go back to the same flower, and the words that they had spun for pro-peace propaganda, and to use them 10 years later to spin for a pro-Sinhala nationalist Presidential campaign is in my opinion, terrifying.

Goebbels at a Nazi rally. Mangala at a Sinhala Chauvinist Patrotic National Movement rally.

The UNP too has some skilled spindoctors, and they have more of them, but what is apparent is that none of them is as tuned into what will sell an idea to the people as Mangala is. He is a salesman of ideology. He has none of his own, but if you have one you want to sell, he's the man you want. And he sold Mahinda to the people well. He took the JVP's ultra Sinhala natonalist ideology, and the JHU's Sinhala Buddhist primacy ideology, and meshed it in with the followings of the SLFP/PA. Something that many people thought could not be done. To date he remains the most skilled spindoctor Sri Lanka has ever seen.

So here's to Mangala 'Goebbels' Samaraweera.

If mangala is this this is what you are UNP propaganda men

Get a life..
well - you are portraying him as a bit of a genius - have you thought maybe that the people are too stupid to know any better?

Frankly they along with the idiot above (as isf anyone is going to visit his link) deserve what they get
i don't think he did a good job. mahinda buffalo's vote percentage went down even without northeast voters while unp increased their percentage by 8%.
What did teh UNP do to sabotage CBK's peace plan? I thought it was their wn incompetence that lead to the breakdown?
highly entertaining post.. keep it up morquendi :)
this mangy guy had better not mess up our fire brigade construction site in matara, with the agreement of the new mayor, god knows what his name is. prevoius nimal silva was cool. today i got a bloody call telling me that the newly appointed mayor went to our building site, which is now at the second floor stage, told the workers to go home!!!! apparently when i called the commissioner, mangy and mayor have decided to transform what we r donating and building into an effing assembly hall!!?!?!! can u believe it?!?!? afetr 2 months construction, what the f...? we'll wait for a supposed fax from the mayor tmoro, if thats the way, see ya in courts buddy, no way! p.s. the italian fire brigade is building another one in galle and can u imagine the costs and wastes and efforts put into this so these guys just want ot waste it? r they drunk??!!?
Hay don't you give a cent about the people killed by the terrorist tigers. Who is there to speak about their rights. Stop poking fingers at good guys like Mangala and focus on the real evil guys like Prabakaran
Can anyone give me Mangal's contact details
Mangala Ponnasiri Samaraweerata bombekin merila "PORAK" vennai uvamanava. ANE PONNA RALE!
mangala ponnaya...
LTTE ekata puka dena eka
mangalata banga wewa
Mangala betrayers to the country were there in past its not a miraclle but now you are the biggeswt joke I can remwmber when you tarnishing army commanders image through Maxtv your facial expression You had a personal jelousy anger and tireing effort to take a personal revenger i feel soory for you mother Lanka will someday feel uncomfotable when shr got to know she was feeding a Bugger like you
Mangala dont blow your last breath in this country You are the Contemporary time biggest Betrayer and the Enemy of the country Yuo are JEALOUS of Mahinda HEIS THE KING YOU ARE THE jACALL OF THE COUNTRY YOU ARE JEALOUS
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