Friday, April 14, 2006

New Year

For once, I feel sorry for the Army.

On the 10th the claymore explosion in Mirusuvil that claimed the lives of 5 soldiers (and also 2 civilians) put an end to what might have been a nice quiet new year celebration in the peninsula.

Just for the record, yes, the SLA in the peninsula were trying to do some getting-pally-with-the-locals activities for the new year season. Yes it would have been a PR exercise, but at least it would've given the people of Jaffna a break. It was nothing big, and whatever the SLA had planned was not going to win them the hearts and minds of the people of Jaffna, but at this point, any small step would have been welcome.

Obviously the LTTE was not too happy with this. And boy did they put an end to whatever peace and calm the peninsula would have over new year. I really do feel sorry for the army. Everyone deserves a break for new year.

Morq, remember:

Whatever the politics of it and whatever the misgivings, at the end of the day, Sri Lanka's soldiers have laid down their lives for the cause of national security! Soldiers do not sacrifice their lives because they have nothing else to do! They do it for a cause! Many often seek employment in the SLA due to a lack of options. I'm sure you know all this.

I can understand your frustration at an overly militarisic approach taken by Colombo over the years to a problem which clearly requires a political solution; but note the chain of command and a few bad apples! These men and women have laid down their lives so we can walk the streets without being blown to bits!

I think this should be food for thought. No offence, I think you're doing a great job with Nittewa; I just feel that his should be seen in perspective.
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