Monday, May 09, 2005

Scary thought...

Here's a scary thought,

Why didn't the JVP make a noise when the US marines came to Sri Lanka, supposedly for Tsunami aid work? I'd have expected them to fight it to the bitter end. And in their anti-NGO propaganda why isn't the JVP targeting anything remotely connected to USAID? Why don't they talk about the American Imperialists in their speeches? Doesn't everyone (including myself) love to bash the Americans for all the world's evil? And didn't the JVP openly bash the Americans in the past? Why this sudden change of heart? Why is the JVP putting up with USAID's involvement in SLBC (the State Radio Broadcaster?)

Is the CIA paying them something to destabilize the Government Sri Lanka? Gasp!

Am I kidding? No.

Isn't that what the CIA has been so good at doing in South America? They fund local groups to destablise Governments they don't like. Or they destabilize any Government which might become too strong and threaten their stranglehold.

Dude, is the JVP really just a front for the CIA now?

Scary scary thought. Nightmares tonight.

comon morq.that has to be joke!!!
besides ... they do have a go at NGOs & of course the World Bank. They are not attacking the US because they stupidly think that they are anti Tiger.
This is not surprising. There was a time JVP was a Marxists party and they worked on some definite principles. (whether right or wrong) No longer. They just go for populist vote, talking to gallery. So whatever popular, JVP automatically takes that side. The simple reason why they don't bash Americans in that bashing Americans is no longer popular in the gallery. I don’t think CIA is that stupid to support a bunch like this.
Thanks Nishan - you are right of course.

I must just say though - there is a certain ignorant stupidity brewing amonst us at the moment that is trying to ignore what the real JVP did.

They MURDERED, KILLED, MAIMED, TREATHENED, HARRASSED & DECIMATED peoples lives. So have the other 2 parties. Like it or not they practiced this on the Tamils, the rural Sinhalese. Then - they got bold & let loose on each other & us.

We are stupid for allowing the JVP back into this country & VOTING them into parliament. Because of their violent, vicious training - the Sri Lankan govt was able to respond in kind & justify itself. This country has NEVER see peace.

The JVP is preparing for it's next Marxist revolution - watch out - you won't know what's hit you. And ... we all know how popular Marxists are with the CIA ....

What on Earth do you mean that bashing Americans is not popular - have you watched 9/11, Bowling for Columbine, etc, etc - I think you're a bit lost.

It's not the CIA that is stupid - we are for allowing the most rascist, undemocratic bunch of thugs to run our country.
This is the most consistant and oldest charge against JVP.(That's the one used by old left .According to them 1971 was CIA doing.It was done to distroy the Socialist government of 70-77)
Then JVP took some money from Baath Party in 1980.At the time Sadam was in US camp against Iran.

I don't care who is behind them.JVP has to answer to the people for the the destruction they cost and the innocent lives they took.apparently Sri Lankan public seems to love death and destruction according to the last election!
Too right chandare - I think the Sinhalese have become addicted to it.

As for the monks - well talk about bloodthirsty - it's only the ants that will survive if they have their way - you know all neatly swept aside so that no-one treds on them.

Seriously - it's that all familiar saying that our colonial masters would say - "Life cheap in Asia - those Sinhala natives eat too much curry"!
don't everyone get your sarongs in a twist. it's really quite simple; let Big Sister American Escapee explain it all for you.

the JVP is trying to appeal to the American government because they think that the US's 'war on terror' could be expanded to include/squelch the LTTE. whether or not the GoUSA (not "Americans" but our wack govt) is "anti Tiger" isn't, I think, debatable. among developed nations the US has one of the strongest anti Tiger stances and lists them as a terrorist group; my experiences with the US-SL diplomatic corps underline this stance.

in other words, it's not that the JVP are pro-American, not at all. they are just looking to fuck up the joint mechanism process, make the LTTE mad, provoke greater violence, and thereby justify helping/using US armed forces to violently quell the Tigers. the JVP has not figured out that a military solution to the conflict is neither possible nor morally tenable at this point (as evinced by their obvious bloodlust).

is their reasoning flawed? yes, for several reasons. the US Powers That Be are smart enough to see raw, power-hungry protectionist/socialist nationalism where it thrives, and to not militarily support it. these are not values that endear a political group to the [economic-]freedom-lovin', Marx-hatin', multiculturalism-lip-servicin' red white and blue polity.

secondly, the USPTB quite openly state through their representatives here (for one, their official military attache, a brilliant and independent-thinking guy) that they believe a military solution to the conflict is untenable. they're not going to send in the Marines unless it's for more tsunami rubble-clearing, school-buiding, and giant-amphibious-vehicle-driving.

thirdly, America is in a precarious position in international politics. Bush et al have destroyed whatever economic and military respect we [might have] rated, turning the country from a world policeman and world business leader to, basically, world bully in both realms. in addition to that the military itself, though grossly overproportioned to begin with, is spread thin. here you don't so much hear about it, but the enlistment rates are way down, desertions are way up, and they're having to put active-duty folks on involuntary re-assignment plans. therefore: a weakened bully.

so? the JVP as usual are kidding themselves--but in a rather sinisterly sophisticated way.
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