Saturday, June 18, 2005

When Will The Wait Be Over?

Hagar The Horrible, just a random cartoon that has little to do with this post

The word on the street is that the P-TOMS, better known as the Joint Mechanism, will be signed on the 22nd (or maybe even before that, which would make it tomorrow). But everyone thought it'll be signed on the 14th and everyone was wrong. Then we thought it would be signed on the 16th and we were wrong again. So this might also be another false rumor. But some other events are timed around this so this just might be the real deal.

Vidar Helgesen, Deputy Foreign Minister of Norway, is coming to the island tomorrow and Norwegian Special Envoy Erik Solheim is also on his way according to what we have heard. They will be meeting S P Thamilchelvam (Leader, Political Wing, LTTE) in Kilinochchi on the 22nd (Tuesday). Journalists have been asked, off the record, to be in Kilinochchi on the 22nd. the LTTE's media guy Dayanidhi "Daya Master" has extended this invitation to journalists on a one-on-one basis. So it's not really broken yet.

S P Thamichelvam, Erik Solheim and Vidar Helgesen

So I don't know if the Nordic hordes meeting the LTTE has anything to do with the Joint Mechanism. Maybe they're just coming to talk about it and drink some tea. But they are all meeting on the 22nd, and all we can do is hope something good comes out of it.

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