Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wrong Again!

Just a little something I photoshopped this morning. I would love this on a T-Shirt.

Well, the word on the streets was wrong again. It doesn't look like the Joint Mechanism is going to be signed today either. Right now Vidar Helgesen is in Kilinochchi selling the final plan to the LTTE. It most certainly doesn't look like they're going to be signing anything today.

And Erik's not here either.

Last week a couple of newspapers reported that on Wednesday the 21st (today) the Joint Mechanism will be presented to Parliament. This was after Chandrika made her promise to the Mahanayakas that she wouldn't sign it without public debate.

Parliament sources say it's not going to be discussed in the house today. Three local newspapers have differing accounts. The Daily Mirror says it's not going to be brought before Parliament today, but it will be sometime this week. One of the Sinhala newspapers claim they have been told it will be brought to Parliament tomorrow and another one claims it will be friday (day after tomorrow).

Some people are starting to think she'll keep talking about it forever and never sign it.

Moving on to infinitely more important things, in a few days time (at the end of this month) the initial 6 month period decided on by the Government for immediate aid ends. This means the financial aid the displaced people were getting for rations, and the other immadiate aid they were getting is going to end with this month. Also the building of temporary shelters is going to stop at the same time.

This would have been OK if enough temporary shelters have been built. But the problem is they haven't. Many people, especially in Ampara, are still living in camps in tents. Quite a few of them have even been told that those are the temporary shelters they are going to have to live in until the permanent houses are built. The Ampara Government Agent has been intentionally downplaying the numbers of people living in camps and even the NGOs working in the area say their calculations are seriously affected because the GA keeps giving them wrong figures.

The Government hasn't yet realised the problems that will arise come the end of this month. This has to be the bloody height of shortsightedness. It's only when starving people begin protesting that the Government will see that they can't stop giving aid to the people just yet.

Morq - c'mon - what's going on??? Where's my bulletin about the JVP in Parliament, the riots in Trinco. etc etc ... The agreement has been signed etc etc.

Hmmmm .... what's this counting books nonsense ... I need my reports. Stay of the whacky tweed & get back to work!!!!

Now Tamilnet says that there were only 2000 protestors in Colombo, do you know how many there were in Trinco? I guess the B-Monks (B for badly behaved blind bald-headed batty - Monks!) have been told to tone it down a bit so they didn't show to help their so called "Marxist" brothern. Seriously if this is all the JVP can pull together then quite frankly I think in her own bodgy way Chandrika - with the help of your favourite friend he deputy has won the day.

She should now resign & go & live in exile on Mars (where I believe there is the start of an alien invasion!!!)

ANyway - WHERE"s MY NEWS!!!! Not happy - I want GOSS & more GOSS on all these events.

Seriously though - I am quite relieved that the cops are being restrained to using tear gas & that there have not been any deaths or killings.

A-non A-non

"Muslims comprise 1.3 million of Sri Lanka's 19 million people, and like the rebels, want autonomy in areas where the community is in a majority."


"The demands that Tamils are a separate nation and the northeast is their homeland were won indirectly by Thanthai Chelva through his pacts with former prime ministers S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike and Dudley Senanayake and through legislation enacted by another former prime minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike."

"Karuna is now demolishing these gains. He has questioned, in most of the interviews given to the local English and Sinhalese language papers and to the international media, the basis of the Tamil nation and homeland. He said Sri Lankan Tamils do not constitute a nation. There are only regional groups. He said, “Batticoloa Tamils are different from Jaffna Tamils. Both differ from Vanni Tamils.”

He also said that the eastern province is not the homeland of the Tamils. It is the homeland of Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims. He said, “The Eastern Province is not the homeland of the Tamils. It is the homeland of the people who live there - Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese.” "


what do you have to say for this?
Oh don't be so daft - you know jolly well that the Eastern province only became a place where the Sinhalese live after independence. A deliberately orchestrated move - along with the segregation of children in schools based on race.

As for Karuna driving a sword between the so called different types of Tamils & claiming that there is no Tamil Nation - go and read your history books again. Again you know jolly well that there was ONE Tamil kingdom. Yes there are differences but hey what about the Sinhalese with the descendents of Pirates & thugs (not to mention Portugese & Dutch) who live along the coast - most of them aren't even pure Sinhala, the up-country Sinhalese, the Kandian Sinhalese etc etc... These regional differences exist everywhere.

Karuna is a paid and hired thug these days doing the bidding of Chandrika. He is a thorn in the side of the LTTE and his betrayal of trying to turn Tamil against Tamil is not lost on any of us. I think at the end of the day we will all find it very hard to forgive him whatever his bloody justification is. We don't differentiate between Vanni, Eastern, Jaffna Tamils anymore. We know that we are one and we will stick together.

As for the Muslim Tamils - they have every right to self determination and their rights will be enshrined as much as any other group of people - say for example the Christian Tamils or the Catholic Tamils. You need to remember that there is one word here that is the same TAMIL.

But first we must have the acceptance by all Sinhala people that TAMILS have the right to live in Sri Lanka without being DOMINATED by mad Buddhist monks. even madder JVPers, the Sinhala culture or language. It is obvious that your divisive stance is part of certain political attitudes to undermine any form of peace ever happening in SL. The only thing I have to say to Muslims Tamil is that they must remember if not for the sacrifice of the LTTE (and other groups) they as a minority group would have been decimated a long time ago by the Sinhalese. They need to remember that there is an enormous amount of discrimination being hurled at "terrorist arabs/muslims/iraquis/afghanis/people with beards/turbans/etc". If they don't want this happening in SL - they need to be genuine about peace and reconciliation. Everything else follows from this.

Let me assure you George Bush will be more interested in how the Muslim Tamils behave than the LTTE. He is absolutely committed to ensuring that they do not turn into potential recruits for Al Queda. He would rather see the dead than become another band of "fanatical Muslims" he has to deal with.
Morq - there you go again - changing the blog page changing all the rules. All I ask for is a bit of news & what do I get - Lectures!!!!

And stop having a go at me to everyone about being Anon Anon - I told you I TRIED to get a %^&&(^%&^ blog name (note I didn't swear at you).But I CAN'T - in fact I don't quite know what to do about it.

Also - listen I know you are pretty cluey about a thing or 2 because of your contacts etc - but I'd refrain from preaching to everyone about Sri Lankan history as you've decided it is. Yes, yes we know that the Veddas own Serendip - but we also know a few other facts. Principally there was a balance of power - & really there is evidence of 3 sperate kingdoms etc. Anyway once the Poms got here - it all went square. This was then used primarily by Sinhalese politicians to stir up rascist attitudes.

Now the whole Muslim debate is just a sub-set of every other debate. Ultimately I don't think the previous Anon guy is saying anything apart from the fact that if the Tigers hadn't arisen there would be no debate whatsoever about Tamil rights or the rights of any other minority group for that matter. It's a fair comment.

Futhermore Morq - if the LTTE have committed acts of violence against communities etc - quite frankly they need to stand trial for that. It never ever excuses anyone from BLOODY (& yes I am swearing this time) FUCKING PERSECUTING the Tamils. And that goes for all the ARSEHOLES who have been doing it for BLOODY FUCKING DECADES.

Apart from the fact that it got us NOWHERE - it has rendered us - in your own words - a godforsaken Island. Which is a terrible, terrible tradgedy. Let the LTTE & all the rest (ie the JVP (err - how many have they killed?), the UNP, THE SLFP ... ) defend themselves & their actions.

Anyway - it's great that you are opening up all these debates - I kinda don't blame people for not wanting to tell you their email addresses etc. You can't blame them. It's easy for you - you're part of the priviledged clan. I don't blame these other guys for being cautious. I mean - people get killed in Sri Lanka for their opinions, their race & religion. It ain't pretty.

Now - if you can work out a way for me to get my BLOG name - let me know - I'm away for the rest of the week so take care.

PS - tried to download your movie too - were you trying to look like that horse or is he a distant relative - HA HA - just kidding!!!! No seriously took me forever & in the end all I could see was the thumbnails!!!

Have a nice Week!!! A-NON de Non -de NON!!!
Anon Anon,


First: How to get a blogger account.

You go to www.blogger.com and follow the steps. It gives you a lot of space to be completely anonymous. You can use any name you want and chose to have your email hidden so no one knows your email ID. Setting up a blogger account and opening a blog is easier than opening an email account because you don't need to give a lot of details.

Second: Lecturing people

I WAS NOT lecturing people!!! I was just pointing out that the Vedda's were here first, in response to someone who was talking a lot of bullshit about kingdoms and all that shit!!!

Like you, I too firmly believe that we need to work with the here and now, and work towards a future we want to see rather than fix our past.

But occasionally people who use created histories to justify stupid things (and perpetuate conflict) need to be whacked over the head with the truth.
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