Monday, August 15, 2005


I spent about a half an hour going through different blogs to see what people were saying about the assassination of LK. The picture is quite distressing. The misinformation spreading online is shocking and it's propagation can only contribute to the divisions in Sri Lankan society and harm Sri Lanka.

Let's look at a few of them...

Indi has a headline that says 'LTTE Kills Kadirgamar'!!! I would certainly expect a bit more tact from Indi, but it seems he to has fallen pray to making statements that one can't really verify without depending on 'gut feeling'.

Prabath of Nidahas says 'Yesterday night, [the LTTE] murdered Lakshman Kadirgamar.'

Hold on, the Government of Sri Lanka has not formally accused the LTTE of the assassination, and the LTTE too have not issued a statement taking responsibility for the deed. On the contrary they have issued a statement denying any involvement in it. So why do Indi and Prabhath both make statements like the above?

Because I am not in Sri Lanka right now, I have been relying on online sources for my news. When I got my call at about 11.30 SL time I was sitting in a dingy little hotel in Paharganj, New Delhi. In the hours following the incident I managed to find a computer and thanks to friends who kept me updated with the occasional call and constant text messages, I followed the story as best as I could.

Over the next what became clear was how many people, especially those online, were quick to condemn the LTTE for the assassination. True, the LTTE are the most likely perps. But note: most likely, not definite. To state that the LTTE did carry out the assassination, without a shadow of doubt, as both Indi and Prabath have done, is to ride on the anti-LTTE bandwagon that forms each time something like this happens. Political groups like the JVP, JHU, PNM, media like the Island and the Divaina, and a whole host of other interests at various points in the political spectrum come together to shout down the voices that say 'hold on, how do we know for sure the LTTE is behind this?'

The work that they do in propogating such a black and white image of what is going on in this country can only damage Sri Lanka's standing in the international stage. These people are not shouting out the truth, they are shouting out what they want to hear, and what they want the rest of the world to hear. Truth means nothing to them, and in the same way the American War Machine uses CNN and Fox TV, it is the loudest voice that gets heard, not the truth.

To blame the LTTE for this incident, when there is no clear proof of their involvement (well, at least no proof that will stand up in court) is to jeopardize the peace process unnecessarily. The LTTE could use and does use such propaganda to show that world that the Sri Lankan Government and the Sinhala people are not rational (I'm not too sure about this myself), and are prone to judge and convict the LTTE and the Tamil people on purely circumstantial evidence.

This either-you're-with-us-or-against-us gung ho attitude displayed by Indi and Prabath is distressing and I strongly urge them both to show a little care when they comment online about something as serious as this in the future.

Fortunately there are also quite a few people who seem to have a firm grasp on reality. Hats off to Mahangu, Scourge, Ian and Anush for balanced commentry. Keep up the good work, the only way to counter misinformation to make the truth available, and the fact that even a few people are trying to do that gives me hope.

The papers I checked today are all citing the assasination to the LTTE, as is the government. Even Mahangu's post mentions them as the most likely culprit.

The problem in the international community is the amount of respect and even Che Guerva chic the LTTE gets, despite being a totalitarian terrorist group. I'd say that Sri Lankans appearing irrational is a lesser problem. The greater work is Mr. Kadirgamar's - exposing the LTTE for what the are, even in death.

There's a time to tolerate the LTTE as the only peace partner, but there's also a time to call a spade a spade - as Lakshman Kadirgamar did.
There is a time and a place for everything.

What you are saying, and what indi is contradicting, is that the LTTE are the representatives of the tamil people. Well done, Sanjay!

Let us all join hands in anarchy. Let's bring back the law of the jungle and reverse whatever advances of civilization that we have hitherto managed to make.

The LTTE has, over the past 22 years, been nothing more than a terror organisation. It may have been born of legitimate claims - and I certainly cannot deny that the tamil people have been denied many rights in the midst sinhala nationalism - but they have evolved into a toxic plague. This plague feeds on the support of those of the tamil diaspora, who enjoy their lives abroad, seeking "asylum" so their kids can study in "elite" schools, earn in Euros, pounds or dollars, while kids as young as 12 in SRI LANKA - WHERE THE BLOODY PROBLEM **IS** are brainwashed and "educated" in the art of death.

So when anyone who is a tamil speaks against the LTTE, they have died. funny, yeah? When Taraki was killed, you blamed the government. So whom do you blame for Neelan? for Sivapalan? A Amirthalingam? Mrs Sarojini Yogeshwaran?

When Kadirgamar is killed, you still blame the government.

The same government, that albeit clumsily, tries to hold on to some semblance of democracy. The same government that has to deal with not just a political opposition (again, quite clumsy), but also the opposition of its people. Unlike the people of the proposed state of Eelam, most of us have the power and the ability to criticise our government.

Our government (I'm using this term to refer to the elected representatives of the people, not any part in particular) is subject to the wrath of the people. They must bend to its will. That is why the cost of living can topple a government as easily as a revolution.

What will Eelam give? A load of tamils educated and fattened in the greener pastures of western countries to come over and rule? What democracy will they have?

Those in the diaspora call out for democracy and equality. The likes of the silver tongued devils thamilselvam and balasingham speak with smiling faces, but they can't hide the truth.

The LTTE is no longer the representative party of an oppressed minority. It is the extension of the personality cult of Vellupillai Prabhakaran and his Chola delusions. It is the haven for barbarians and Tamil chauvanism. It is the very reason that extremism in the south can still exist.

Don't be an apologist for the LTTE. If nothing else, the very fact that they could seem to be the last to gain from this cold blooded assassination would be enough for them to use. Their propaganda machine is strong and well supplied by the Norewgians... and it would seem... you.

The LTTE has not targeted the Sri Lanka Armed forces alone - they also targeted innocent civilians - in the hundreds. I refuse for even one moment to believe that these butchers can ever be representatives of the tamil people. I have known far too many gentle tamil people to fall for that one.

Perhaps you should talk about why the LTTE has child soldiers, who have no opportunity to study in a school, while their mighty leader sends his kids to university...?
"LTTE considers the right to self-determination to be a basic political right of the Tamil people, and that is why it regards its struggle as a struggle for fairness and justice."

"A short notice on the concept of basic political rights; if a free Tamil state is seen to be a basic political right for the Tamils, one could argue that not being killed by political activists is also a basic political right. But if this is the case, then LTTE is breaching one basic political right, namely the right for innocent people to live in peace, in order to achieve another, and a rather controversial, political right, the right to live in a free Tamil state. This casts some doubt on LTTE’s respect of basic political rights."
yes, this is not some innocent argument we have between ourselves. this is a deeply rooted and serious issue. one cannot irresponsibly claim to know the culprits who were behind the murder of a very important man. yes, one needs to use tact if one is trying to convey accurate and informative reports of the situation to the online public.

i read scourge's, mahangu's, ian's and anush's blog posts on this, and i must say they are all very well done.

to remain alert to honest information and impartial if one has none, is probably the best and most useful thing in times of turmoil.
First of all, I wish to condemn the assassination of Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar with my fullest strength. It was a terrorist act. We all must condemn terrorism. But I need some help.
Can somebody please show me HOW exactly the late hon. Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar "exposed" the LTTE for what they are?(with your sources and references of course). Please explain how did it happen. What was the situation prior to the "intervention" of Mr. Kadiragamar and what happened after his involvement. How significant was his role? What are the significant changes? How do you describe them as significant?
And... in addition please show me HOW exactly did he change the "attitude of the international community" toward the LTTE? I'm curious. I won't buy statemets. Only ratinal and logical explainations will be accepted. If there is someone who can explain how did it happen, I will be much obliged. I'm sure there are millions of very intelligent and politically educated people who know how he did this. Thanks.
Hmm - I see what you mean Morq. Seriously folks it really is too early to claim that the LTTE committed the assasination.

Regardless of how much some of you wirte that you love "gentle Tamils" years of discrimination converted these descendents of the "Chola" kingdom to hardened determined fighters who will stop at nothing.

However, the reason for their success is that they have been very strategic. This was not a strategic move especially in light of the London bombings.

I really do urge you like Morq to dig deep & look for the truth. Honestly guys the whole thing is just far too obvious to blame the Tigers.

Inid - your comment starts with "The papers I checked today ... citing the assasination to the LTTE ..." Are you seriously trying to tell me that you believe everything the press writes - come on get real. As for "Che Guvera chic" - have you read the JVP's website - I suggest you get over to it right now!

And Kevin - I see you have a particular dislike for the Tamil diaspora. Please remember that not all of us are totally Tamil or Sinhala - some of us are mixed. Also remember that everyone has the right to walk away from an unjust government which discriminated against them. Millions of people all over the world look for a better life for their kids. Maybe when you have some you will understand what that need is. I don't think you can say that Morq is a champion of the Ltte either - I think that's ridiculous. I have never got this impression.

I appreciate Kevin that you are bitter about the Ltte - but to blame them for the mad behaviour of Sinhala politicians for decades and the mayhem & murder & corruption is ridiculous too. Come on - are you telling me that Prabaharan (bugger did I spell that right this time!!!) single handly gave birth to the likes of the JVP, crazy umbrella wielding monks, the ruling 2 elite famils that ruin this country & the total chaos that the country has been in for decades? Again - if you don't like the LTte - fine but don't stretch the truth that far - it kinda makes you look like a goose!

What we want to do here is get to the bottom of who killed LK & why. I'm with Electra too - open your minds guys or you risk sounding like state-controlled media repeating the rhetoric & trying to shove it down someone's throat.

Get over the hate guys & let's see if we can pool all our resources together to get to the bottom of the truth.

And again - my apologies for not having a Blog name - I can't get one - I don't know why & I'm SICK of Morq scolding me about it - sniff - sulk - grrrr.... Other people leave anon remarks - they don't get scolded. It's not fair and I am a GIRL - he can't seem to remember that fact either - more grrrss & grumpiness. Cheeky sod coming back to his Blog & giving me grief - GRRRrrrr
here's something fron NDTV

Even the evidence is now piling up against the LTTE. The Sri Lankan police has told NDTV that it has conclusive proof that the Tamil Tigers were behind Kadirgamar's killing.

The police gave NDTV more details of their investigations, saying ballistic and forensic reports had been carried out on bullet casings.

A sequence of events pieced together show that Kadirgamar's attackers had been living in an adjoining house overlooking his swimming pool for at least two days.

The snipers had used an improvised tripod, tied with a cloth to the railings of a bathroom window, a vantage point, into the minister's house. A 7.62 mm rifle was used to shoot the minister at least three times.

The weapon has not been not traced, though investigators found cyanide caspules and bullet casings from the area.

The police have now nabbed dozens of suspects and are matching the DNA and fingerprint samples picked up from the tripod and bathroom window. The police say this is conclusive enough evidence that it was the LTTE.

"The LTTE used similar tactics when they killed someone called Robert in Jaffna two years ago. We have collected all the DNA samples and now have dozens in our custody. It's only a matter of time before we narrow down the culprits," said Chandra Fernando, IGP, Colombo.

President Chandrika Kumaratunga has now called on the international community to sit up and take notice.

"The LTTE has denied involvement in the murder. Their denial contradicts the facts and our knowledge of their long held desire and repeated attempts to murder both my Tamil cabinet colleagues," she added.
"MISinformation" - This post is pointing out the fact that within hours, without any hard facts, some bloggers were immediately blaming the LTTE. That's all. There's nothing to argue about. You have to admit at THAT POINT IN TIME those posts were just spreading rumors.

Lomax said: "When Kadirgamar is killed, you still blame the government." I didn't see anyone blaming the government? When trying to find a culprit in any situation, most people ask themselves who has a motive and who stands to gain from this. This was what was considered in the previous post here. Before jumping on the bandwagon and laying blame on the obvious choice think about it...

"What will Eelam give? A load of tamils educated and fattened in the greener pastures of western countries to come over and rule? What democracy will they have?"

Kevin, I, being a "tamil educated and fattened in the greener pastures of western countries" found this a little offensive. Keep in mind, most Tamils wouldn't have left their beautiful country if it wasn't for all the shit and discrimination going on (I know my parents wouldn't have). Do you seriously think it would be our goal to come back and rule the poor people in Eelam if there was peace?? Come on now...get real.

In the end, as I mentioned in my blog: I wouldn't be surprised if this was a government conspiracy, but on the flipside, although this would be a stupid move at this junction in time, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the LTTE's doing either. Let's just wait for the facts to come out...
Thing is 1truecoolguy, facts rarely come out of these things. If memory serves me well I don't think the LTTE has ever claimed responsibility for any assassinations, and nobody has ever found any undeniable proof of their involvement in any of the murders (as in those of the military intelligence guys). So we probably won't ever know, and I'm personally sick of giving the LTTE the benefit of the doubt. I've tried a million times to do so but they just come back and bite me in the arse. It's time for that rabies shot :)
Ddm-I agree with you that facts will never come out. The same with many other murders for eg- Sivaram's murder and should I even say kumar ponnambalam's murder. SPUR which seems to have a list of 'Prominent tamil leaders killed by the LTTE' has included Ponnambalam. Now what kind of a joke is that huh? I think we all know that CBk was behind the mess. I guess that wasn't too easy to pass on to the LTTE easily because nobody would have believed it if she did that at the time. However this one (Kadirgamar's) is too easy a thing to pass on to the LTTE if we take their past records into considerations. If the JVP or even the UNP are the culprits this time , they will get out of the mess very easily.
As for Kevin's comment- "When Taraki was killed, you blamed the government. So whom do you blame for Neelan? for Sivapalan? A Amirthalingam? Mrs Sarojini Yogeshwaran?" I wouldn't hesitate to say that the LTTE were behind those murders Kevin. That's for sure. Rajiv Ghandi and Muthalif - LTTE for sure. And yes, they've never confessed to any of their murders and that's what they do all the time so you can't go with their 'strong denial' act either. However Lakshman's murder is a big mystery and I am finding it difficult to believe that it's the LTTE. I am NOT ruling them out but I am not ruling the others out either.
"What will Eelam give? A load of tamils educated and fattened in the greener pastures of western countries to come over and rule? What democracy will they have?" fattened in the greener pastures huh? What happened to all the wealth the tamil people were robbed off in 1983? The Sinhalese (by this I don't mean the whole sinhala community, but the extremists of the time) who shamelessly not only killed but ALSO stole from the tamils in 83. My parents lost their OWN house (yes their own ancestral home) + vehicle and had to start life from scratch. You can't blame them for leaving the country. What about the Sinhalese (not loads, I admit), educated and fattened in the greener pastures of western countries? How come no one talks about them. Their claim for asylum in those countries is a joke. I have personally dealt with some cases. So be a bit more thoughtful before spilling nasty remarks. About Ealam - I am sure the whole tamil community living in Jaffna is aware of how it would be if there were ever to be a separate state ruled by the LTTE. I am sure they've all thought of that, considering the fact that THEY will be the ones living there. My personal opinion is that it will be absolute hell if the LTTE were to rule the tamils there but I feel that the tamils would prefer a 'known' devil to an unknown.
" Perhaps you should talk about why the LTTE has child soldiers, who have no opportunity to study in a school, while their mighty leader sends his kids to university...?" I so hear you on that one Kevin. Well said.

Now indi's comments are a bit of a joke. As Anon De Anon (or whoever she is ) pointed out since when did the national dailies ever come out with the truth? And NDTV. . .now that's the limit. NDTV or MDTV I am sure we have enough sense to think this one out. Yes, the snipers are an obvious link to the tigers but hey I think we are all well educated enough to see beyond that. Again, I am NOT implying that the LTTE did NOT commit this murder. What I am saying is that this time, they are not the only possibility. It's not one of those 'obvious' murders everyone makes it out to be.

Anon de Anon- About Kadirgamar taking bribes. He doesn't need the relatve pennies that comes in the form of bribes you are referring to. His ancestral wealth is enough for generations to sit down and have good meals without having to earn their daily bread. Do not make wrong accusations. However, the rest of the article is very good. You should start writing in Nittewa too. It will be good to have impartial views.

OK - next question - were there Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Well there were but by the time George Bush got there - there weren't - so NO there weren't and he should NOT have invaded IRAQ.

Maybe madame Chandrika needs to pay attention to this.

Did the LTTE kill Kadi? How come it was so easy for them to do so? Every Tamil man that gets off a train in Colombo is under suspicion. So this must mean that these buggers were just swaning around Colombo & they got these orders - finally - to do Kadi in.

Again - why? Why now - given how easy the whole thing was to do. And really the house that was rented next door from Mr & Mrs Colombo Tamil & the left behind capsules of cyanide - truly this is just a joke.

I think someone has been watching too much CSI or LAPD.

Can I ask - do we know who killed Sivaram? Hmm - any fingerprinting or capsules found at that scene? Have we arrested those dogs who wrote that "fertilizer for the Motherland" letter? Oh & blow me down has anyone found that mobile phone? Truly it reminds me of that scene from Jurassic Park when the dino had swallowd the mobile - GULP - RRRRrrrrriiinnng Ring.

How come we hear all these stories about how inefficent everything is in Sri Lanka & now we're all of a sudden got the best Police force in the world! Except of course if you are poor, from the wrong side of the fence, a journalist who doesn't regurgitate the party line, Tamil and you have a matter to report to the Police - they won't even give you the time of day.

This is really beginning to look like a farce. Sorry - we need some proper investigations - Morq I think your holiday has got to end - get back & see what you can find out.

By the way re the anti-Fat- Tamil-diaspora comment - it actually sounds like Kevin Lomax has got that eternal Sinhala devil in his belly - it's called Jealousy. It's that horrible evil Jealousy that started all of this in the first place. The fact that he's so skinny & thinks that anyone who is not malnourished is fat just goes to show how hard it is to get a square meal in Colombo these days. Also - what does he think the Sinhala people do when they go overseas - they put on a bit of weight too - I know a few - they're certainly not malnourished!!!

Again I ask - please - can someone do a bit of digging & get to the facts. I'm sure if we gave one of those sleepy guards that were hanging around Kadi's house somking weed & drinking Arak a couple of hoppers they'd be happy to spill the beans. If the LTTE has done old LK in - well they obviously don't give a shit that everyone knows given the dramatic clues they left behind. If they were going to leave cyanide capsules behind why didn't they just keep quiet & not bother to deny the whole thing?

I don't know - I smell a rat ....

Truth not bullshit - Anon Anon!
Forgot to commend Lohan on his very wise remarks on the significance of LK's so called contribution to Sri Lankan politics.

Hello Kavi
Are you having trouble getting yourself a Blog name on this site too? Please don't refer to me as "whoever she is" - I'm a bit sensitive about the whole thing. My friends reckon I am unable to give myself a name on this because I have a Mac.

Now re your defence of Kadi not taking bribes because he was a seriously wealthy man via his inheritance. Hmmm - debateable. Remember bribes don't always have to be in a monetary fashion.

Right now there are millions & millions of Tsunami aid dollars up for grabs.

Remember tha LK had very strong links to the west. If we couple this with what Morq has tried to bring to light I think we see a far more complex picture which is more likely to explain a complex situation.
Interesting comments, but some (primarily the ones spilling with hatred for the LTTE) verge on hysterics without really attempting to discuss the issue. There's a pretty stellar debate here that began immediately after the assassination; read it in addition to what everyone's saying here.
Anon- I just don't think he was the kind of person who was interested in money. More interested in what people saw him as and he didn't come across as greedy man either.
Anyway, I am still waiting for a reply to Lohan's comments/questions which need to be addressed by the intellectuals in the SL blogosphere.
Kavi - darling- are you a Gemini, are you Kevin's twin - move on let the man have some space.

I certainly was not very impressed with his twadle but don't expect him to respond. It's not quite the way Blogs work you know. People work, their busy, they go out & party,

On the other hand - I really think us Bloggers can get to the bottom of this. It's looking very, very simple.

There are clues, there are facts & there is as Morq bless his cotton socks says - there is misinformation.

At the moment Chandrika & her supporters are crying the loudest - look directly opposite and you will see who committed the murder. Don't look at the country - look at her directly and what stands opposite.

As for Kadi not "being interested in money" - well he must have been a very special politican not to - possibly the only one on Earth. I tell you what - Kavi - I'm going to need more than your words on this Blog to believe that.
Huh? Didn't get the bit about give Kevin space. When was Kevin involved in my last comment? I shall assume that you meant lohan but I wasn't asking him anything either. I was asking the rest to answer his questions.
No, I am not Gemini!
About bloggers having to solve the LK murder- that's the best joke I've heard in some time.
Almost forgot- yes there are clean politicians in the world. G.L.Pieris is another. You have to know them to believe it.
Sorry for the mixup there with the names - though I think my overall sentiment is that Kevin or Lomax or whatever - unless you have some real information - leave it out.

Hence I say - MORQUENDI - get back here & find out the truth.

Glad to hear you are not a Gemini - they do tend to be a little Schizo if not carefully look after.

And as for the Clean politician that you know please don't start a campaign here - I am not in the mood.
So I take it you are a Gemini!
Oh no I am not campaigning for anyone. just thought I'd give you another example. That's all.
You are my dear - I don't need any names of so called honest politicans.

And I don't know what you know about astrology - but that's cool - that belongs to another Blog site and just to confirm I'm not Gemini and therefore not Schizo!

Anyway Kavi - I'm goint to give you the same advice that Morq gives me - get a life and get a Blog name.
Some quotes from thamilchelvam's press meet today
Kadirgamar "had 24-hour security," he told Reuters. "So if in the end someone had been able to infiltrate into that set up and meticulously carry out a killing, definitely there is an inside element in this matter."

"The collective Tamil thinking and the judgment... of the man is that he is a traitor," Mr. Thamilchelvan said. "This does not necessarily mean he has earned his death, because it is not just Mr. Kadirgamar who did this."

"An eye-for-an-eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth is not the concern at the moment when we are strongly committed to the ceasefire agreement," - that I am sure he did not truly mean!

"We are seriously interested in the ceasefire agreement."-that sounds like a desparate plea!

Want to know if the LTTE have ever discussed any of their previous murders to this length? Any info on this one?
I am a Gemini and would like to inform all people that I am against astrological stereotyping! Anti-Gemini hate speech will not be tolerated!

I'm going to start an Anti-Anti-Gemini club! Then all you Gem haters beware!!!
Oh Morq you are always on the wrong path - even if it is traversing the Himalayas.

I'm a Libran with Moon in Aquarius and a rising Gemini. So HA! So you might be a Gemini but I appear to be one to all and sundry. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are all air signs consequently I have an air trine in my chart.

I also have Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio and Saturn in Pieces. This gives me a Water trine in my chart too.

Now - draw yourself a circle, insert 2 equilateral triangles opposite to each other & what do you have
the Star of David!

It sort of makes me a bit of a soothsayer. You know - I see the wood for the trees, the wank for the shank & the bull for the shit.

I want my own Blog - grumpy - this is mars in sagitarrius - Mars, the God of War in Sagitarrius the half man half horse Warrior!!!

Of course - I'm a girl though so - have to tone down the ole Mars in Sag!
Not bad . . .I am impressed. So what else can you teach us? How about capricon? anything on that?
Kavi the Mountain Goat - Capricorn

It's all about that song - "The Long & Winding Road" - I can hear it in my head - Paul McCartney singing away.

Hard working, quiet, studious & carefully picking your way through life walking up the mountain.

A little bit ponderous and grumpy - sometimes that song starts to sound like "The long & whinning road".

Brooding & dark with a tendency to depression.

If you really want to know about yourself you'd have to give me the date you were born, where & what time. Also, like all soothsayers of ancient times - I want to know why you can't sign up with a Blogger account & how come Morq doesn't give you a hard time about it. It's not fair - unless of course - you are Morqs "special" friend ....
Sorry to take this even further off topic but about Blogger: even if you don't have a blogger account you can still enter a name when you make a comment.

Below the comment entry box where it says "Choose an Identity", click "Other" and enter a name there.

It's hard keeping track of things when everyone is named Anonymous
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OH ALLELuYIAH - HOW FABULOUS - I shall be NAMED - thanks so much Ananthan - gosh I am a Goose. Unlike that silly ole himalyan trekking Morq - we have someone with a brain to help me out. I feel liberated. You must be one of those "fat-Tamil-diaspora" who get's to eat breakfast in the morning - hence you're SO smart unlike that skinny Kevin Lomax.

By the way - getting back to the crux of the matter can someone please give me the birthdates & time of birth - if possible - of the following so that I can conduct a comprehensive Astrological investigation into the murder of Lux Kadi - he shall so be known from now on.
Lux Kadi
Weeramasihghe (sorry it's late I just can't spell - but I mean that lunatic from the JVP)
& of course last but not leastthe man with the fancy hair dos - Ranil

Thanks - of to bed now - ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

From hence forth Anon Anon de Non shall be know as ...... hmmmm ..... eerrrrrrr.....
as frar as i know this is from a very reliable source(we can take it as inside information). The LTTE MURDERED LK! confirmed. So there goes all our theories!
as frar as i know this is from a very reliable source(we can take it as inside information). The LTTE MURDERED LK! confirmed. So there goes all our theories!
anons offering inside information and splogs. great!
was just going through the comments after a while and saw what ananthan said and what anonymous girl replied to it. i dnot think anonymous that need to get all sarcastic with ananthan cos he was just trying to give a helpful suggestion, no reason for u to get formed and cut his head off with uncalled for scathing remarks. if u have a chip on ur shoulder get it trimmed elswhere without trying to be smart with people who just want to be helpful. btw i dont have a blog either but that doesnt stop me from writing my own name. keep things clean and lets discuss the issue at hand.

hey morq hope ur doing fine macho..
Dayan - I totally was NOT being rude to Ananthan AT ALL - I have only ever been rude to Morq about my lack of Blog name situation. I am very sorry to all for being so silly that I never thought to click the "Other" button - PLEASE do not make such an assumption that I was being rude to Ananthan. Also - if you have been keeping an eye on this Blog - you would have noticed that when I want to be rude I certainly know how to.

To Ananthan - please accept my very sincere apologies if I have in anyway offended you by my comment. I was absolutely NOT being sarcastic as Dayan is saying - I am a Goose for not working it out - thankyou for helping me. Morq has tried to help but - I haven't quite got to that stage yet - essentially I need to get onto a PC.

Now quite rightly - let's move on - who has got some real information and I mean - NOT from state sponsered media - but who has got some REAL information on WHO committed the assasination on Lux Kadi.

Can I also pose the question - just thinking out loud - Lux Kadi gets killed and now Anura Bandi (Bundi) is in his boots. Even before Lux Kadi's body is cold ....

I wonder ....
I know it wasnt an insult, i've been following this blog for a while so i'm aquainted with your way of writing (it's very entertaining btw)
Thanks Ananthan - then you will know that I'm quite sensitive & don't like being scolded - snif :-(

I'm glad you find my comments entertaining - I am serious though about the issues I raise ....
hey didn't want to give the impression that i was scolding you, just wanted to point out a scene out.. and ask morq, if i want to scold somebody they know i'm scolding them :) so cool scene wolf mother.. and yeah i did notice ur comments earlier but there i guess u were giving as good as u got so no worries on that count.. and have to agree with ananthan, very entertaining :)keep it up..
Thanks Dayan - it's 'coz I'm a girl I suppose - I must say I think I owe everyone a BIG apology - especially ole Morq because now I know why anonymous comments get so anoying %$$%$$^&%

So - SORRY MORQ - there I've shouted it out from the top of the Himalayas!

Guys read the other comments being left by all these Anons - yep I'm coping it good & proper! That's OK - as you say I can give as good as I get - I'm just not in the mood for world war 10 at the moment - it stop's being fun & becomes a chore.... BORING....ZZZzzzz

We're watching Texas Hold'em Poker at the moment - excellent stuff, whilst playing the game too. You know - how Sri Lankan is that - playing cards! I've been told to let you all know too that I have just cooked the most AMAZING prawn curry - and my friends don't particuarliy give a damn whether it's Tamil or Sinhala! So really life is good - can't complain ... :-))

By the way - everyone should take a look at Dugi's blog - it is so cool (apart from the article about an elephant being cut up into pieces - me being the "animist" that I am - read the blogs from Loomax - you'll understand was obviously not happy - these guys take some amazing photos...

I'm hoping to organise a bit of post Tsunami fund-raiser sometime in November & have a friend with a super printer that we could use to blow up the images - so guys - especially you Morq - take photos & send them over to me (yeah, yeah when I get my blog - we'll be able to do all this) ... Now - I don't want to promise you guys ANYTHING - we may raise a very small amount. However, if I can pull this thing of properly & get some very high profile people along to the event - no, not Keanu - even bigger, then it could be HUGE. But - I make not promises.

Still - I would LOVE for everyone to see a bit more of my beautiful country that I miss so much - and to also see that inspite of all the trauma there is human spirit which always shines through. Just as it did in the immeadiate aftermath of the Tsunami.

I've heard enough complaints loud & clear about big aid organisations are not getting the dosh out there to the people - so for every photo you donate to this event - I will send the funds raised from your prints to your nominated grass-roots NGO. You only have to submit one photo & it needs to show/depict a Tsunami success story - yep - start taking photos now!

Errr - I'd better just qualify that - NO Looomax & (hence I thought he lived in Canada!) - you CANNOT nominate the JVP or "if I had a fan or an umbrella I'd shoot those naughty Tiger boys" funds for your donations.

Yes we are about to have some cashew nut biscuits ( yes I baked them!) for dessert with a cinamon palm sugar syrup coating & of course Wattalapam - yeah that's right - poor ole me just cause I'm a Ceylonese woman - where is my place in this world - the bloody Kitchen - hey somethings never change ... : -)

Have a Fab w/end Folks - I'll be back next week to clean up a few spills .... hmmmmm .... where's my rolling pin ....
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