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NOTE: Contrary to our anonymous friend Anon Anon's belief that I have vanished, I'm still very much around. Yet since I am in India I cannot comment on what is going on in Sri Lanka. I have been following the situation over the past month by reading the news online whenever I can, and also thanks to a steady stream of text messages from my friends. But today when I checked I found this comment left by Anon Anon which I think offers a lot of insight into recent developments. I have edited it a teeny weeny little but the original is available where he/she left it.

If I knew, without any doubt whatsoever who had shot LK (Lakshman Kadiragramar) I would write a story for the international press & make myself millions. It is after all a million dollar question.

If you want a bit of my ponderings on the subject - hey I'm more than happy to throw my hat in.

If the LTTE killed LK - it was not the smartest thing they could have done. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't. LK's association with the JVP made him look like a monkey pretending to be the Sinhala Lion who we all know was born a Tamil. His sychophantic pathetic desperation to become a part of the Sinhala establishment has never made him look impressive. It made him look opportunistic & an outcast. He obviously had a great desire to feel like he belonged. It is a trait shared by many Tamils who live in Colombo and speak broken English, fluent Sinhala & no Tamil.

What did make him look impressive is the classic Tamil hard-working, clever, intelligent erudite way in which as a young man he went to Oxford & impressed everyone. How difficult do you think back then was it for a "Indian" to gain the kind of recognition that LK did. For this he is remembered. I watched him on the BBC on Hard Talk & I too was impressed. He certainly restored the image of the Sri Lankan govt where Chandrika even after Sept 11 when everyone was getting ready to blast all terrorists suicide bombers out of oblivion looked like a goose & spoke like a lame duck - Quack Quack.

LK's association with the JVP has given him absolutely no credibility internationally. Whether they like this fact or not. I find it totally abhorent for anyone to associate with the JVP - sorry. I just cannot forget the horror & terror they brought to this country. It is unforgiveable what they did to us. How they destroyed our peace and tranquility. I despise them intensely for the murderous killing & cold hearted killing they committed on their very own people.

Consequently I cannot tolerate that LK associated with them.

This killing if committed by the Ltte is so obvious - too obvious. So really everyone - and if you've watched the media you will see this - everyone asks - why would they do this right now. The Ltte for the first time (as reported by the BBC) "strongly denied" the allegation. Hey why would they even bother. With bombs going off in London - really at the moment the Ltte is looking seriously marginalised - so - why would they make the situation worse?

If it was someone within LK's own party - well that would look like it was a bit of a blood-thirsly thing to do - but that's certainly what Sinhalese politics is all about.

A lot of the international press has been saying how LK was very popular but there's unfortunately a few things that that they don't know about LK. Because he was the only Tamil in the government he basically was a much canvassed man by way of bribes & favours by Tamils trying to survive in a very difficult environment in Colombo. I think he made a few friends but he also made a few enemies. I think he was greedy. The exhorbitant expenses on his round the world trip are nothing compared to years & years of bribes that he took - well he should not have. Now that's not to say as you ALL so well know that every politician in SL takes bribes that he was unique where bribes were concerned - but he was unique in that he took them more specifically from Tamils. And - sometimes he did not deliver.

His funding of the Karuna group of course pissed off the Tigers but there again - he was not alone in that. Chandrika obviously gave him carte blanche & he organised funding for the Karuna group. So what - the international community will never talk to the Karuna group - rightly or wrongly - they are state sponsered militia. Time and time again politicians like Bush & Blair have realised that it is a mistake to back milita. The media has exposed government sponsered militia who only serve one purpose. The perpetuation of war. The international community where Sri Lanka is concerned are definitely keen to have the situation resolved.

Everyone was concerned that the Muslim Tamils be given a voice & they have. Karuna does not represent them . All Karuna represents is an extension of infighting within the Ltte & now his quest for power. Well - if Karuna wants power I'm afraid he's got an uphill battle ahead of him.

The so called shadowy Prabhakaran seems to get all this loyalty from all over the planet. It is quite bizzare. For someone who has such an incompetent publicity machine - he almost has blind faith & support. You have to ask yourself why.

Ok - a few other theories now...

Was it the UNP - well I have a slight inkling that some of Ranil's uncle's leftover henchmen are very cleverly orchestrating trouble for Chandrika. They can go around shooting people - you don't have to kill very many before everyone is at everyone's throats. I cannot for one minute belive that the UNP are just sitting on the back-burner behaving themselves. They are stiring up trouble too.

It could be the JVP - although they say that LK was one of their own - I think we all know what they are capable of for the sake of the revolution. They may also have decided that he was more a liability than anything as you know he has never been popularily elected to office. He was merely appointed by Chandrika and in fact the only reason Chandrika ever trusted him was because he was "an old friend" of her mothers - hmm - yes well the second most guarded man in the country - second to none except Chandrika herself.

When did young LK come waltzing into the lives of Srimavo & Chandrika? - that's another story. Think about it. He was young, smart, highly intelligent, different to the others and hence totally trustable.

Finally was it some of the other potential contenders in Chandrikas party who are squaring up for a big showdown & did LK have some dirt on them?

Frankly - I don't know. You would think that there would be other people in Sri Lanka that needed more protection than LK. He was supposed to have total protection. SO HOW THE HELL DID SOMEONE MANAGE TO KILL HIM?????.

Does it sound like an inside job to you????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Therein rests the case for the whodunnitandwhydidtheybother?????

Anon de Non de Non

Morquendi's Two Cents:

Well Anon Anon, Spoken like a true realist.

One theory that you might have overlooked and I feel I need to bring up might be by far the most far fetched. I have already been yelled at by a few people for suggesting this, but what about if Jayantha Dhanapala had anythying to do with it? You know the man, the head of the Peace Secretariat, Kofi Annan's best friend in South Asia etc...

OK OK OK, Don't scream at me like that. Yes I like JD a lot. I think he's a great and a very senior diplomat/administrator who could never stoop so low at to have someone killed, but I wouldn't be a true conspiracy theorist if I didn't think of all the possibilities, however absurd they are.

Now here's the deal. The clash between LK and JD has been going on for a long time. Way back when JD was small fry at the UN LK tried to cut him down and curb his rise in the international organisation. The whole world knew that LK envied JD's spot heading UNESCO, and did a lot of things to see if he could get that job himself. When JD came back to Sri Lanka to head the Peace Secretariat LK was openly not very happy about it.

But why now? If it was JD who had LK killed why now? Ask yourself, what's just around the corner? Who's going to be the next Secretary General. It's an Asian's turn next, and if you look at the UN Administration, and where Asians are placed, you gotta admit JD's got a damn good chance of making the job. But LK would never let that happen right? He's screw JD over in Sri Lanka so hard that he wouldn't stand a chance.

Was it worth killing for?

Here's another crazy theory. What about the ex wife or the kids he doesn't talk to? Come on, at least one of them is bound to hate him enough to wish they could put a bullet through his head...

Why does it have to be political? Why can't it be personal? Loads of people get killed for personal reasons like screwing around or land disputes every day. So he was a big shot and his death has political implications, but why do we dismiss that it may have had nothing to do with politics?

PS: Again, I ask Anon Anon to get a bloody blogger ID and contribute to this damn thing instead of just leaving comments! I thought insults would have an impact when I said even an idiot could figure out how to set up a blogger account, but obviously they didn't :) But please, try again.

Ah - there you are you SNEAKY little MOLE! I keep telling you & you are obviously not the Dark Elf with extra long-distance hearing but as deaf, dumb & blind as an ORC - I cant seem to sign up on this site and get a Blog name. I HAVE TRIED & I know it's easy. I think I'm going to sulk now.

I quite like this Blog now so I really want to get myself an ID. I notice a lot of other people leave anonymous comments - I wonder if they have the same problem.

Anyway - this is just a quick comment - will respond in detail latter.

I'd say Welcome back but I'm grumpy.
Errr & one other thing - I'm a GIRL - got it GIRL you know FEMALE as in opposite sex - who's the ^%*%^*%$%^* Idiot now!!!!

PS - I think you have hit the nail on the head - my instinct tells me this was not a clear cut political murder.
"A lot of the international press has been saying how LK was very popular but there's unfortunately a few things that that they don't know about LK. Because he was the only Tamil in the government he basically was a much canvassed man by way of bribes & favours by Tamils trying to survive in a very difficult environment in Colombo. "- where did you get that from Anon de Anon?
His Swiss Bank account statement & his penchant for the niceities in life & the sad fact that in a way this was how he looked after those Tamils in Colombo who tried hard to survive - especially the business community. Everything - as you probably know involves bribes in SL - LK probably started off trying to help his fellow Tamils & then fell into the greed trap.
So I have to take your word for it because you have had a look at his Swiss bank account balance sheets I presume?
Not trying to put you down or anything but I just find this hard to believe. Most of your comments came backed well with strong evidence but not convinced with this one. But I am not ruling this theory out either. Anyway, I shall stop refering to you as 'whoever she is' once i can have a sensible name in hand.
i find two things extremely hilarious here...

first, anon's passionate "I just cannot forget the horror & terror they brought to this country. It is unforgiveable what they did to us. How they destroyed our peace and tranquility. I despise them intensely for the murderous killing & cold hearted killing they committed on their very own people." about 'JVP' appearing in same post which talks about LTTE.

aaand... morquendi who tells indi "Do not become a part of the problem" on his blog because he suggested the LTTE connection proposes that it might be JD who's the mastermind behind this !!!...

rotfl !!!
SpectralCentroid - I only find one hilarious thing from your post(unlike you who found 2 in Anon's). Which group, the JVP or LTTE (for me, both are terrorist organisations. Only difference is that one is formally contesting election [and most importantly voted in!] and the other isn't)was created before the other?
Ok Ok - so today Kadi just after he's had a swim - rich bugger that he was - no need for any Sri Lankan ruppee bribes give as per the very obvious close to the bone expert on this matter - KAVI - is assainated - well ... how about the rest of them tomorrow???

Look the LTTE is just phenomenal. What they do is waltz into Colombo - is it 7 or 5 (whoops no that's where my relatives live - oh yes - Duplication Road now please no killing them - they are Tamils too - oh dear now I've done it).

So here's the scenario - the LTTE walk (seriously it's just that easy) - into all the "high securitly zones" in Colombo and find appropriate bathrooms and murder everyone and anyone until no-one is left.

Well quite frankly if that was the best they could do - why have they waited so long to do it.
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