Sunday, June 26, 2005

Homeland etc...

I would like to respond to a comment let by an Anonymous person to an earlier post. He/She was actually responding to a comment left by another Anonymous person.

Primarily I would like to let both these persons know that Anonymous comments are not taken seriously. If you have something valid to say put a name on it. You have the option to use a pseudonym, just in case you're worried about people hunting you down. But there were a few things in this particular comment that I thought needed some clarification.

Thing A:
Again you know jolly well that there was ONE Tamil kingdom.
What I say: No we don't jolly well know anything. What we know about history is what historians with their own political biases tell us. If you want to trust them, go ahead. But don't assume that we jolly well know anything. Same goes for all those people who say we know jolly well that this island was the traditional homeland of the Sinhalese.

Moving on to my general opinion about this whole 'traditional homeland' thing, It's bullshit. Why do I say this? This is based on the same probably-skewed historical data that you quote. According to that what we jolly well know is that both the Sinhala and Tamil people are invaders to this island. So none of these groups can call this their homeland.

The only group who can call this their homeland are the Veddas. But there's not many of them left are there?. I don't see them taking up arms and calling this place their homeland.

Think about it. The fact remains that both the Sinhala and Tamils are on this godforsaken island now. It's not right to ask either group to get out, though that would be the logical thing to do, considering what they have been upto. It's also not right to allow one group to claim one part of the island as their own, or in the case of the Sinhala people, the whole island.

So, this homeland thing is a myth. Move beyond it. Grow up.

Thing B:
The only thing I have to say to Muslims Tamil is that they must remember if not for the sacrifice of the LTTE (and other groups) they as a minority group would have been decimated a long time ago by the Sinhalese.
What I say: Oh really? Do you want to tell this to the Muslims who were expelled from the North by the LTTE? Do you know anyone who was among them? Have a conversation. They'll bring you back to reality. Also go meet the women of Sungawila, a Muslim village in the North Central Province where the LTTE rounded up all the men and killed them.

Let's not whitewash the LTTE. Whatever the LTTE may or may not have done, good or bad, they have most certainly not been champions of the Muslim cause.

Going back to basics! I think I am missing something here. Isn't this war about the races (ie people speaking different languages). Since when has it been a war about religions ( Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam)? For all I know , there are Sinhalese Muslims and Tamil Muslims. Now where have I gone wrong here?

P.S: Not being ignorant about the Muslim cause but I think it will be useful to go back to the roots of the problem!
Hi! was reading your post and couldn't help adding my two cents. this cumbersome link:

should (fingers crossed) take the reader to a discussion on a google newsgroup (soc.culture.sri-lanka) where something was said by one of the posters that i think is handy as additional reference to the above 'subject'. there is a wealth of other useful articles i could have referred to from that site, but this one caught my eye in so much as it attempts to..

i. show the distinctive features of sinhalese and tamil identity whilst;

ii. not discriminating either, and showing the extent to which both are products of similar historical moments.

The article refers mainly to the genetic similarities and not so much an elucidation of the cultural and religious dissimilaries.
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