Monday, August 22, 2005

Other People's Lives

There's a cold war era saying about the work of the CIA which was very popular among the US military. They used to joke that the CIA's motto should be 'We bet your life'. This was because the decisions that the US Government made based on the information provided by the CIA would directly impact the lives of those serving in combat zones.

What Indi, the JVP, the PNM, the JHU and other war-mongering pseudo-intellectuals in Colombo do not realise, or do not care about, is the fact that if Sri Lanka were to return to war they would not be the ones who would pay the price.

Let us for a moment forget about the people living in the North and East, because as far as the war-mongers are concerned the protection of their lives or their rights is secondary to militarily defeating the LTTE, a bloodthirsty terrorist group. Remember when Albright said that the death of Iraqi children was the price they had to pay for defeating Saddam? Sounds pretty much the same.

Let us for a moment forget about the LTTE members who would die in a war, because as far as the war-mongers are concerned they're terrorists and anyone who throws in his lot with a terrorist group should be killed.

(I will explain why I have done this leaving out later)

Let us think only of our valient, brave, patriotic Sri Lankan Military (dare I call it the Sinhala Army?). If those who shout for war finally get what they want, then it's going to be the soldiers in the front lines who have to do the actual fighting. Indi, Wimal Weerawanse, Athuruliye Rathna and the others will sit at home watching the day's news on TV and notching the score like it was a cricket match.

"Twenty two LTTE terrorists killed in an ambush. Ten SLA soldiers also gave their lives for the motherland in this encounter"

Whao! 22 - 10. What's that come to? That's 12 up for us! Time to go out and have a drink to celebrate this victory boys! Molly's or Clancy's? Or does anyone want to do some karaoke?

That's all it is to them. Those ten soldiers who died mean nothing to them. They are merely statistics. Not real human beings. They did not have mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters/wives/sons/daughters/friends/neighbours. They did not have a home. They did not have a family to feed. They did not have younger siblings or children to keep in school.

The biggest misconception among these people is that the people in the Sri Lankan military have joined it out of patriotism. These soldiers are young men from poor familes in the South who have been forced into service because of the lack of employment opportunities. A consistently failing economy (brought on by massive defense expenditure over 20 years) drives these sons of farmers to join the only sort of employment which requires nothing more than the ability to close your eyes and pull a trigger.

They do not hate the LTTE, they do not love Sri Lanka any more than the average Sri Lankan, but they have to keep their families from starving.

So they join the military and die at the hands of the LTTE or the incompetence of their own leaders so that Indi, Wimal, Athuruliye and the bunch can teach the LTTE a lesson. They will not see their siblings or loved ones die because they live in Colombo, far far away from the war. To them it is an abstract game that must be won at any cost.

I live in Colombo, far far away from the the. I am not willing to join the army. I am not willing to die to defeat the LTTE. I want to live the good life as much as any of these "patriots" do. But that takes away from me the right to gamble with other people's lives, and the right to ask them to die for me.

If I think the LTTE needs to be defeated militarily then I should be willing to do it. How can I live with the knowledge that out there young men who don't want to die, who don't have issues with the LTTE are dying because I shout my ass off online? I don't think I would be able to live with something like that running through my head. If there is a return to war, I should shout out 'not in my name'.

Indi will never join the army. Wimal Weerawanse will never have the balls to pull a trigger. The monks shouldn't be screaming for war anyway!, well at least if they understand anything about Buddhism.

These people who scream for the destruction of the LTTE have not met the women of the Mothers and Daughters of Lanka. They have not met Visaka Dharmadasa, mother of a soldier missing in action, who would easily explain to them what the war can take away from you. They have not met Margret Hewage, the mother of a PoW, who could explain to them how there are some things worse than death. They have not met the Martenstynes who could explain to them how war can leave an entire family in limbo.

They do not care about these people, they care about the politics. Much like the leaders of the USSR sacrificed millions of people to protect their politics, so do these war-mongers try to yell louder than each other that the LTTE needs to be defeated, to protect their politics. Only their lives and their politics have any value to them.

Will these people who do not attach any value to the lives of the soldiers of the Sri Lankan military give any thought to the death of innocent Tamil civilians in the Vanni or LTTE cadres?

Ultimately, they gamble with other people's lives. Because other people lives mean nothing to them.

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Oi - leave it out. I was quietly reading your post when I read the rude comment. I'm fine I'm no longer Anon Anon -

I am from now on forever to be called WOLF MOTHER. What with all the Tigers & Lions & Elephants running around I figured it was important to take on an animal persona. I haven't got a "Lord of the Rings" close by but can you remember if there were any Wolves in the book that were friends of Elves - my memory escapes me.

Thanks for the offer of setting up a Blog for me etc - I'm in the process of setting it up myself so should be OK soon - will keep you posted.

I shall get back to the post now... Wolf Mother formerly Anon Anon.....
The Dogs of War, the Pariahs are at large but they should beware of THE WOLF MOTHER!

It is absolutely ironic, evil and horribly base that the JVP along with mad Monks have been campaigning to get the country back to war. Still it looks like Chandrika has allowed these mangy fangs to roam around the country scavenging for bones & sniffing around the rubbish. Howling for Power & a place in this country's bloody politics. There is nothing noble about this.

As for the LTTE - well I had hoped for a serious investigation into who really did kill Lux Kadi - but all we got is an opportunity for the propaganda machine to shout it's mouth - Indi is a sad example of this. Mainly because he is young - we expect better of him.

Morq mentions women losing their men. Well no-one must underestimate the power of the female mammal to guard and protect her own. I think it's time that a genuine Peace Movement was born in Sri Lanka.

Not one orchestrated by corrupt & mad politicians, Not one that gets hijacked and then used to attack sections of the community but one that genuinely says enough is enough. Stop spending our inheritence and future on arms deals with a nice fat commission in your bank account.

If we go to war again we stand to loose a tremendous amount. We already have very little of our beautifull country left. I hate it when I get emails from friends telling me how dangerous everything is, how poor everyone is, how deadly the roads are, how victims of the Tsunami are still languishing around with absoltuely nothing whilst - both North AND South. Instead some, a very few have all of a sudden got luxury cars and a new mobile phone. How greedy are we - it's just maddening!

I really, really wish that the average Sinhalese in the street will throw of the shackles of evil politics and demand that this country's politicians become accountable. I now it's dangerous but there is safety in numbers.

The Wolf is a cunning, brave and fierce animal. It has a strong sense of who it's pack is and works within the pack to protect each member of it. The Wolves hunt together, they are loyal and became mans best friend.
Most Wolves today continue to be man's best friend but some became the urban dogs of our streets. They have lost their noble instincts & are merely scavengers of our cities - like our politicians. They are not healthy for our society.

Mother's protect your cubs & tell the war-mongers to take the bullets themselves. They are Dogs with no masters except for the lust for a lay & their next meal. They have no dignity and no family. They need to be taken out of our communities.
what war? calm down, let's not get ahead of ourselves. don't you think this discussion is way too premature? don't get excited about temporary and (this is the truth) easily forgettable things like K' killing.
rather talk about some thing that is more probable (like peace talks if any or elections if any).
as fun as making stuff is, I've never advocated going back to war. If you can find a single example of me advocating war then I'd love to see it.

I just think there should be international pressure on the LTTE for killing the Sri Lankan foriegn minister.

If anything, I advocated going back to the Peace Process as it was progressing under Ranil.

If you want a punching bag that's fine, but readers might want to know that you're making things up.
The Empress wears no Saris & her brother is a TWAT.

So can I ask - did Anura Bandi get the posi because he go rid of his only opposition?

Is Anura gay - yes, Is he FAT - yes, is he a Goose - yes - well then?????

More of concern - is a well know Tamil journalist who is now languishing at the Empresses' pleasure someone who might of found this out?

Whilst Indi is now jumping up and down claining that he's not for war - it's about perceptions Indi and you with your rhetoric have not sent the world the right message. You have absolutely no right whatsoever to say who killed Lux Kadi. Unless you can clearly substantiate your sources. I'm sick of people like you waltzing around bullshitting about peace when you have done nothing but support divisons in this country. Don't you dare go running off now and dragging poor ole Ranil into your defence (hair do or not) - I won't have it I kinnda like Ranil. You stand on your own 2 feet and explain your ridiculous assertion that you - no one else but you - know that without a doubt - the LTTE killed Lux Kadi.

I have said this before. Look at Chandrika & all that surrounds her, then look directly opposite & you will see the real picture.

In terms of a desire to gain acceptance from the international community, the LTTE is in exactly the same boat as Chandrika - so - they are not standing directy opposite her. She must gain acceptance so that she can get her hands on the loot - otherwise known as Tsunami aid.

As was repeatedly commented by the foreign "experts" on CNN, BBC etc there are 2 continual points being asked -

AGAIN if this was the work of the LTTE
I posted the following on Indi's blog and copy it here.

My thoughts on Kadirgamar’s murder is that LTTE definitely did it, and they did it with long term intentions even if they knew that it will tilt the International opinion against them(well, that also will be negligable, now that CBK has asked them to come for talks and they have obliged like ducks to water). I’ll put out the reason in point form:

1) If Mahinda Rajapakse is to become the President he would have to muster up the support of JHU and JVP, otherwise the Presidency could and will go to Ranil. And with Ranil as the President LTTE will have no problems whatsoever.

2) If Rajapakse becomes the President via the above route mentioned, then he will be hard pressed to be tough on the LTTE.

3) This will result in LTTE going about telling the International community that Rajapakse is a Sinhala/Buddhist chauvanist Leader for theire propaganda purposes of course.

4) In such an atmosphere the only able person to have tilted the International opinion in favour of GOSL would have been, you guessed it, Kadir.

5) So to overcome such an obstacle in theire way, they had to remove him.

This is the palin truth and the motive behind Kadirgarmar’s killing. Prabhakaran is a vicious terrorist and he will not stop at anything until he achieves his objectives. And what his clear objectives are I am sure even Thamilselvan is not aware of.

One other point is that LTTE is always a step or two ahead of the GOSL and this has been proved once more.

I guess this answers the question why LTTE did it and why now. Of course this does not mean that the country should get back to war. But we should not let LTTE get away with this one.

The killing of Thabrew was significant in the sense that the LTTE had not gone after any Sinhala officer, of the police or the armed forces, in the south after the ceasefire came into effect on February 23, 2002. It had killed some Tamils in Colombo and its suburbs, mainly ex-militants from groups opposing the LTTE, alleged police informants and Army intelligence operatives. These killings, though they involved violation of the ceasefire agreement, had been glossed over to some extent by the United National Front government as the victims were all Tamils.

The killing of Thabrew, however, was perceived in a different light. He had been garnering a lot of information lately about the LTTE presence in Colombo and its suburbs. The ensuing outcry indicates that the murder has shattered the complacency. The apprehension of Madan was another breakthrough. Subsequent interrogation of the assailant has shed much light on the LTTE's motives and modus operandi in Colombo.

Source: The Daily Mirror
07th July 2003

Wolf Mother (geez, what a cheesy name), Morquendi - this is what we're talking about. You bash Indi and brand the sinhalese as chauvanists. There is more likely to be as many casualties in the towns, cities and border villagers. Or have you forgotten the civilians killed in the dehiwala train, central bank bombing, sri maha bodhi bomb etc etc.

The LTTE, like many other similar organizations, attack and then hide behind civilian shields. When something happens, they (and you) cry blue murder.

I don't advocate war. I hate the fat bastards in parliment almost as much as I hate the tigers.

What generates the most hate, however, is how Morq, Wolf Mother and such people seem to be so damn focused on ONE accusation and attempt to whitewash the LTTE. what with your romantic notions of the mighty chola (who got their asses kicked by the portugese and dutch) fighting to re-establish their "mighty" kingdom today.

For chrissake, Sri Lanka threw off its colonial shackles thanks to people working *together* irrespective of cast or creed or animalist bullshit.

Stop whitewashing the tigers and making them look like bloody saints. I think that's what you lot need to do. I'm with Indi on that one.
Well there you go Kevin - you've finally entered into therapy & have admitted that you "hate" - you say you hate the LTTE - but I'm sure if we dug a bit deeper we'd see that you actually hate Tamils.

As for you calling my new Blog persona "Wolf Mother" cheesy - if you'd like to insult me - feel free to go ahead but your going to need to do better than that.

As for your "Colonial" shackles being shook of - well there you are prancing around with a name like Kevin Lomax & telling me you don't have a great big Colonial ton of bricks hanging from your neck - KEVIN.

One last thing for now - I think it's very harsh of you to brand Morquendi someone who has a one-sided opinion about the LTTE or the Tigers or the Tamils. I'm not going to defend myself in this respect because I hope that maybe other people will see that I genuinely am looking for the truth about things as opposed to just saying - "Oh the Tigers did it". Where Morquendi is concerned for all his faults - ie waltzing around India, looking like a horse, scolding me for not getting a blog name etc - I do think he's always going to win the argument LOMAX because he's traveeling, he's broadening his horizons & he's exposing himself to new ways of thinking.

Maybe you resent him because your just not fat enough to be able to do the same like the rest of us diaspora. When I say fat I mean, nice, mannered, attractive, educated, well-liked, intelligent & an all round hero - you know whether you like it or not Skinny Kev ( and Indi) - a bit like the larger than life personal Morquendi became during the Tsunami.

So - as I've said before - bury that ole Sinhala Devil called J - E - A - L - O - U - S - Y & then you might be able to see the wood for the trees.

And as for that joke of an anti-animal/animist comment - get real - how stupid is that.

I love animals - always have done - doesn't mean I'm an Animist - just means I know how to show compassion to other creatures - a very true & profound Budhist belief.
Wolf Mother,

Perhaps something a little more subtle like Akela? But it is not my right to question why :)

Just mail me an email address for you where I can send you the invitation to join Nittewa.

The Wolves don't feature as prominently in the Lord Of The Rings as they do in the Hobbit.
Wolves were of old allied with the Dark Lord; Morgoth bred the two greatest of their kind, Draugluin and Carcharoth, and Sauron was wont to take the form of a great Wolf. The lesser kinds were sometimes used as steeds by the Orcs.

Sorry to inform you that the Wolves were not really pally with the elves :) You seen the Two Towers movie? The things that the Orcs are riding in that one are the Wolves in question, not the White Fang/Jack London kinda meek thing...
Ahhh Wolf Mother, I am your BIGGEST (not FAT big but like BIG,BIG) fan! I just lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrve it when u put indi in his place!
Hi there Morq - lurve your story about bargaining with the poor ole house-boat owner. I did the same to someone in a market in Kula Lumpur - it's very satisfying!

Hmmmm - I hope you appreciate Morq - these are troubled times & so if it's OK with you I won't be sending you my email address just yet - but please bear with me I do fully intend to set up my own blog etc. Do understand - nothing personal just that I'm not in a position to reveal all - just yet!

I hear you loud & clear about the Wolves & of course I've see the movie ... hmmmm - I shall have to change my name again - not yet because of that undernourished Kevin Lomax calling it "cheesy"! I mean he should talk - Lomax - what's that - sounds like something you use to clean the loo!

Hi Dugi - actually I feel a little sad about the whole Indi scenario - truly I think because he lives in Canada & there are literally 1000's of Tamils there that he's carrying the baggage of intolerance with him. He needs to grow up - he's so blind & obviously just swallows everything lock stock & barrell.

I'm going to repeat a recent theory that just doens't seem to want to go away. Lux Kadi is dead & within minutes he's been replaced by the President's - who is desperately trying to cling to power - very own FAT - I mean really FAT - brother, Anura Bundi. Now ... surely even just out of a modicum of respect, surely this could have waitied a little longer ...??? Hmmmmm......
And by the way Kevin Lomax - you want to talk about killings on trains - well how many horrendous times after elections in Colombo when Tamils had to leave Colombo & the only place they had to go was north were trains stopped at Anuradapura & Vavinya & Tamils were dragged out & killed.

In 1986 I stood at the Train station in Jaffna on my way back to Colombo to ensure we got back to catch a flight out to Bombay with my Uncle & Mother. The train was delayed for 2 hours. We went home & came back again. Little did I know that during this time innocent people were being killed. The train rolled in to Jaffna & that is when someone came & told my mother about the bloodshed that had just happened.

2 days before that in the dead of night down a very narrow street, I sat in complete darkness & watched an enormous tank roll past. The tank was so close to the window I could have touched it. Again I knew there had been killings by soldeirs, rapes & beatings all around the streets that we lived near.

We were able to charter a plane & fly out the next day after that horrible incident. Well we are the lucky ones & we know it. But - we have not forgotten who we left behind - nor are we ever likely too.

So - if you want to start talking about indiscriminate murders - be prepared to deal with some truths about it yourself.

You say the LTTE are committing these attrocities - well the Sinhalese Army, under instructions from it's command have carried out orders which the whole world would class as attrocities, do exactly the same. That's war, that's what happens. For every 10 people in Jaffana there is 1 Sri Lankan soldier carry a gun, angry, scared & trained to kill - what do you think is going on in Jaffna Kevin - a tea party perhaps? I think not. It is the HIGHEST occupation of an army anywhere in the world.

Well as I say - that is war. But you tell me Kevin - what do you have to say about that Sinhala neighbour that pointed out where all the Tamils lived in his street to the JVP/UNP/SLFP thugs that came to town after each and every election & committed these very same acts. That stopped the trains & pulled people off & killed them. Ordinary people - like you and me walking down streets & hacking people to death with machetes. I have heard first-hand accounts from the diaspora. Both Tamils & from Sinhalese who took them in & protected them.

So you are worried about the suburbs of Colombo - well they have long been dangerous for all but a few. One might have thought that one of the people that was safe was Lux Kadi - they were wrong.

If you really want to stop the killing - remove the word hate from your language, your mind & your heart.
Yeah - give him heaps - Take a "Walk on the Wildside" Mr LooMax!

Ha Ha!
ha ha.

as for my name:
1992. Al Pacino. Keanu Reaves.
'nuff said. details cannot be found in morq's navel. morons.

Wolf mother, you live in the past. So do so many other tamils supporting the "chola resurgence" in sri lanka. you judge the sinhelese by their past and glorify the LTTE.

and yet you turn a blind eye to the fact that the LTTE's Ceasefire violations outnumber the SLA/GoSL's violations by more than 2000. oh but your sweet little tiger cubs couldn't possibly be behind it, yeah?

we don't hate the tamils. frankly, we don't give a fuck. leave us to live our lives without fear of some maniac blowing himself up and we love everyone - more so if we've had a shot of arrack.

but you people live abroad and carry the luggage of the past with you. Ian (who seems to be a more level headed person) pointed out how many tamils left the country during the 80s. that was 20 years ago. that's done and over with.

you can't expect a country free of thuggery. every country has its problems. the problems in sri lanka are compounded by the fascism of the LTTE, implicitly supported by the likes of you.

so what about karuna and his dudes in the east? are they really just SLA stooges? or are they really people who have -here's the funny part- LIVING IN SRI LANKA who have realised that the LTTE is more about the Prabhakaran Personality Cult than the tamil people?

All of you have - like the teeny little infants you are - started calling names. But answer me this - what do you say about the killings I mentioned in previous posts? Like Neelan? or the countless others mentioned by myself or Indi?

the LTTE "kills those who work hard against us" - Thamilselvam.

You remain entombed in a militaristic little coccoon, praising the battle hardened warriors and their fighting tigress mates... and you advocate the rights of the tamil people and peace for all?


For their to be peace, the tigers must stop the killings. the GoSL needs to clean up its act. extremists need to be educated.
I shall get back to Mr Loomax's blah blah blah comment when I have time - but can I just say -

I've met Keanu Reeves - yes in the flesh, personally - frankly if he read your shit - he be like -

"Heyyyy - what's up dude - you kinda got it wrong - seriously wrong man - ease up dude - you are like SOOO not cool" ....

Now that's Kee speak for - go away you're an asshole - one day when someone takes a pot shot at you whilst you get out of your Cinamon gardens pool & you're 72 - no one will even hear you scream & EVERYONE including Kee is gonna say - "Maaannnnn - we told you so - we told you -

If you think I'm Tamil & hence I must support the LTTE/TIger/Prabarathan - well it's good to know that there are people out there that I can talk to & they know that this not the case...

In the meantime - keep downing that Aarak - you probably need it to numb the pain... you are an asshole. Regardless of where you come from - you would always have been an asshole ....
"we don't hate the tamils. frankly, we don't give a fuck."

Amen to that.

Wolf Mother is screaming like a banshee about the "racism" of the Sinhalese when her own verbal diarrhoea reeks of the shit.
Here we go again, Wolf Mother's tits get all hot and bothered and she starts screaming from the rooftops like a bitch on heat. Take a break will ya? LOL.

In the meantime, pull your little racist head outa your ass, wipe away the faecal remnants from your eyes and take a good look at the world out there: During the ceasefire it's the LTTE that has been killing Tamils - not the Sinhalese, Muslims or the government. Yes, the freedom fighters are doing so well killing their own people. Tamil freedom is sure to come about very soon. Fingers crossed.

BANG BANG!! There goes another Tamil shot in the head by the Tamil saviours, the LTTE.

And hey, instead of being a dumb fuck, it would be good for you to realize that indi lives in Colombo. Unlike your stinky ass he didn't run away from Sri Lanka with his tail between his legs.
"Unlike your stinky ass he didn't run away from Sri Lanka with his tail between his legs."

Are you serious? You're comparing someone who recently returned to Sri Lanka after growing up in the west to someone who likely left under direct threat of harm during the fighting? You call the latter cowardice? Should she have stayed and joined the LTTE?

None of this incessant LTTE bashing is productive, nor will it move anything forward.
Yes I'm serious. Got a problem with that?

All Wolf Mother wants is for everyone to go "awww poor diddums.....had to run away as a refugee did you? Poor little thing." We don't even know whether her ramblings are true or not.

I think they are just made up fairy tales.

Her "freedom fighters" have butchered and killed many Sinhalese, Muslims AND Tamils and is still killing Tamils on a weekly basis.

Trying to whitewash the atrocities of the LTTE ain't gonna "move anything forward" either.
If you think that the SL Army has been the victim since the ceasefire, you are dreaming! I sit around those guys almost everyday and hear how they raped or beat or shot or burned alive one or more Tamils in the last 2 years. They say this with a grin on their faces- desensitized by the violence and commands by their superiors. You losers who read the local newspapers should come live in the thick of it. Here in the North-East. Here in Akkaraipattu. Do losers even know where it is? Not get your info from biased/racist/government controlled media and comment on who is worse the Sinhalese or Tamils, the LTTE or the SL Army. The SL Army consists of someone's son/ daughter/sister/brother/husband/wife/parent rite? Well, it's NO BLODDY different from the LTTE! They are all people! None of us have a rite to judge any soldier from any side till we are on the frontline influenced by some freakin Politician (since neither soldier from both sides has a common language to communicate with since bloody 1956! except us rich hence, mostly educated bunch- excluding indi) joining either the SL Army or the LTTE coz there are no other opportunities and are dirt poor or sick of unemployment or lack of resources or opportunity for education (the story of the Sinhalese in Ampara district n south and Tamils up North). Then well, u get desensitized to this bloody garbage and you rape and kill in the name of a job.
ALL You MORONS commenting on how the LTTE have outnumbered the SLA/GoSL on breaking ceasefire agreements talk asif you been there. Get lost you losers; it's the innocent poor people who are left behind who get killed everyday and the media who make up crap. And it's you cowards living comfortably far away who believe this media propaganda crap and comment. None of you have the guts to be a soldier on any side.

The LTTE didn’t start up coz a bunch of people decided they’d take up a Nation’s Army for nothing! Look at the roots of the ethnic conflict see the inequality, the oppression and marginalization on the Tamils and think what we would have done in that situation. None of this Gandhian peace stuff works in SL coz u are dealing with bloody devils here. I realize that every time I drive down the street. No point bad mouthing the Tamils and the LTTE and any organisation trying to give them a fair go, this conflict isn’t going to go away. If the war breaks or not- you bastards overseas will be clear away from it having a right laugh beer in hand and bitching about either side!
Ohhhh and did you notice that the MUSLIMS are havin a blast makin millions out of the conflict?! The business of war mongering! The number of muslims in teh SLA is 1.2% and those too out of utter desperation. Who do you think wants the war started up the most? Why the hell do you think they are so chummy in the Gov? They are dying to get a piece of SL in the east. Both the Tamils and Sinhalese are gonna get a rude awakening soon, when all hell is gonna break loose with te Muslims killing for power.
What happened to SL? Why can't anyone just live their religion these days? Bloody monks!
Thanks Ananthan

Now this "Anon" guy (seriously all Anon people should now be banned from Morq's w/site - tee hee hee - now that I have a Blog name!) is trying to deny me my life-time's experiences.

I can still see the train station & the train coming in that night in my mind. I won't ever forget the tank because I got into so much of trouble for sitting near the window.

What you people would like is for us to just pretend - that things have not happened. Bad luck some of us have forgiven but most of us will never forget.

Furthermore - it is not I who made the decision to leave SL - it was my father & he never "left" as a refugee. He left because of the introduction of the Sinhala only policy & after one of the very first pogroms against Tamils in Colombo. Where along with his Sinhalese friends who came over to protect him they barricaded windows & doors & waited with shot-guns to protect themselves.

I think Ananthan - you make a very strong point when you say - what would have happened to me, would I have ended up joining the LTTE? I have to say "No" because it's just not in my personality. But then ask yourself the question - would l have survived if unlike my father & his friends & neighbours they did not give the word out to the thugs that came down Duplication Road that if they messed with their house - they would face the consequences.

He had every intention of going back permanently & we did very regularily as we lived in SL for lenghty periods of time.

My sorrow is for the most part, especially when I lived in Colombo, having no idea how many people the JVP were killing & how many of them were killed in response by the government. I remmber a well known Sinhala politician comming to visit us one day. I remember him speaking in hushed tones to my Mother discussing the horror of what was going on.

You think I get upset about things & I wail like a "banshee" etc etc - you should see how angry my mother gets. She had access to information which she never repeated but has obviously never forgotten. It is these life experiences that made both of my parents shake thier heads & leave.

You think I'm making it up - Mr Anon - is that the best you can do - you'd much rather deny me my childhood than face facts.

Tragic - very, very, very tragic.

As for these accusations that anyone who tries to keep an open mind blindly supports the LTTE & the crap that's being hurled at Morq over on Indi's blog it's just ludicrous. Even Indi has come out & said that it is not fair to call Morq a LTTE sympathiser.

No-one who is half human supports war, no-one. What people support is the desire for freedom, to be treated without discrimation on the basis of race, colour & /or creed.

Quite frankly - you don't want to know about Tamils anymore - all those comments about "who gives a fuck" - well what exactly are we fighting about then. We don't disagree. Let us live our lives seperately & you get on with yours. Who is it that is perpetually stopping a sperate/fedral/self-governing what-ever state. If that's what you guys want - vote it in. If you want peace - vote it in. If you don't want anymore suicide bombers - vote this in. Let's fight for peace not war.

Now - how are we going to achieve this when every dog & his cat has a reason to pick up a gun & feels there is someone out there that did him wrong some - hey? EVEN my FATHER had to defend himself with a gun which he was given by his Sinhalese friends on another horror-filled night in Sri Lanka. The only Tigers people knew about those days were the dead ones in black & white photos ... Where did my father learn to use a gun? When he went on hunting trips with his father-in-law & nephew in our jungles. They shot birds & wild boar - hmmm tasty wild boar curry!

Again - this is my history & it is never going to change - you can't deny it - it happened, it exists & so do I.
Dugi - HI! I lurve you guys - have left some comments over on your Blog - please read them.

Thanks guys - Peace be with You & save the ELEPHANTS!!!!

Friends of Nittewa - these Dugi is cool - & don't forget you've all got to start taking those photos....
"Who is it that is perpetually stopping a sperate/fedral/self-governing what-ever state. If that's what you guys want - vote it in. If you want peace - vote it in. If you don't want anymore suicide bombers - vote this in. Let's fight for peace not war."

(sigh). Explaining anything to these people is an uphill task.

Who killed Neelan? Who killed those people favouring a peaceful solution to the tamil cause? Let me spell it out for you: L-T-T-E.

That's what thamilselvam himself admitted - they kill those who work against the LTTE.

I'm not trying to whitewash the SLA. I accept that it was legitimate issues with regard to minority rights that the LTTE used to create a platform for themselves.

I can see why you're so enamoured with their cause. They are fighting back for "your" rights. They are conscripting children, running drugs and arms for "you". Oh please.

The point is, the Sri Lankan government, thanks to international pressure, has held peace talks. I'm not discounting extremist sinhalese morons, but I'm simply, simply pointing out that the LTTE is a terrorist group that no longer fights for the tamils. Anybody who's in the PLOTE, EPDP, TULF is killed. Oh I'm sorry, aren't they tamil?

Violence is the greatest weapon of the barbarian. While some tamil groups have been able to understand this, the LTTE and its supporters have not. Why this is so is obvious - people like Wolf Mother going around like tribal shamans hissing fire and brimstone and talking about the mighty chola. the chola are gone, you stupid woman. they are a dead kingdom. stop living in that tribal past.

But enough is enough. I'm not going to waste my time on some coward abroad. if you want to change things in sri lanka - come back over. then you have my respect. then we'll talk.

until then - go do something useful.
Could anyone explain why these two stories contradict?

Sri Lanka Tigers reject UN charges over child soldiers, urges dialogue(AFP)

18 February 2005

LTTE releases 21 underage youths to parents
24th august 2005
The Mother Wolf raises her head and whines. Whines hard enough for snot to erupt from her nose. Your sob story does nothing to me, O racist one. What makes you think you're so special compared to all those Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils who have been murdered in cold blood by the "Tamil saviours" the LTTE? What, you think you deserve more pity than all those people? You can still see the tank can you? Awwwww poor diddums that must be terrible for you and you must wake up with nightmares covered in sweat...boohooo. LOL. For fucks sake, get over yourself woman. Just think about all those people who were blown to bits on buses, trains, in public places and temples thanks to your "freedom fighters" --- hey, don't forget all those Tamils who are being shot in the head at the moment (or soon to be) as the LTTE "respects" the ceasefire in the way it knows best --- by killing Tamils.

I for one am so glad you and your family left Sri Lanka, because Sri Lanka is all the more better without racist, LTTE loving scum like you. tee hee. You could do one smart thing though - you could hitch your pants up, run to the Vanni, prance around the bushes like all those butt-ugly LTTE women (who look like men mind you!), strap on a suicide kit onto your body and blow yourself up into a hundred million pieces in the best tradition of the "freedom fighters"! Or better yet, bite a cyanide capsule and form and froth at the mouth while convulsing on the groud like a dog with rabies before you go to see your maker - in hell. Ace!

You feel so angry about the JVP for killing people....oh, and I suppose the LTTE doesn't kill? LOL. The LTTE is killing people everywhere to this date. The Tiger never changes his stripes does it? What I do find funny is how the LTTE supporters squirm like cockroaches once the light is turned on and their crazy rantings are exposed. Just look at that Dugi woman foaming at the mouth like a bitch on heat. Dayum that's an ugly sight, but then most LTTE supporters are ugly (both physically and mentally) aren't they. LOL.

The LTTE has been SO good to the Tamil people that it has single handledy killed all their leaders, one by one. Look at the amount of ceasefire violations as ruled by the SLMM and you will see that the "sole representatives" of the kitty cats in the Vanni far outweighs that of the SLA. The "freedom fighters" just love Tamil blood. Not only Tamil blood but Sinhalese and Muslim blood. All it knows is the killing game. The fat fuck who runs the organization --- well, he is a megalomaniac after all.

Might I suggest you read some UTHR publications, before you spread your legs for the LTTE, O racist one? Don't give me the crap that it's "propaganda" because the LTTE never denies any of it. But its supporters sure do go crazy and start throwing tantrums whenever a report comes out exposing the activities of the "freedom fighters."

Normal people, put simply, don't give a fuck about Tamils (especially the racists - who, mind you, form a significant part of the population). Why should they? It's only self-centered, attention-seeking whores like you who think that the world revolves around you and the Tamil community.

Fucking get over it.
Just reading through this I'm kinda getting the impression that there are 2 kind of people the K Lomax/Indi & their Anon aliases hate - the Tamils & Women.

I think it is only fair to say that just because someone makes a comment they don't need to be attacked on the basis of their gender - yeah am I right?

Personally, I would not tolerate comments that attack women in this way, it seems to me that only the women are getting attacked here. I have decided to report them to the Blog administrator as I believe that Morquendi is still travelling through India. It's obvious this guy is remaning Anon because he is know on these pages & he would get sanctioned if he revealed his true Blog id.

Talk about Racist, these comments are like something out of a mad chavanist pig's mouth.

No, I'm not an ugly lesbian Tamil lover. I was merely trying to find out what has happened to Sri Lanka after the Tsunami & Morquendi & Dugi came up - well I certainly know now!
Listen Cleo, exactly why are you runing in to defend the Mother Wolf? She's been a total and outright asshole to everyone who says anything that she doesn't agree with. But now that she's getting a taste of her own medicine you have a problem? Where were you when she was calling other people names and behaving like a fetid little fart?

You should have stepped in with your moralizing a little earlier!
I should not give this woman-Tamil-hating Anon commentator the time of day. However, as it is only Morquendi that can remove his offensive language towards women, I thought I would ask everyone to read this commentary from a very well known Sinhalese gentleman & none other than CBK's cousin ...

Sri Lankan Attack on Norway's Peace effort
Brian Senewiratne

MA (Camb),MD(Lond),FRCP(Lond),FRACP(Lond)
Consultant Physician, Brisbane, Australia

A group calling itself "The World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka" is meeting on 20 August 2004 in Oslo to attack the Norwegian peace initiative in Sri Lanka. The unseen hand of the Sri Lankan Government is clearly visible. If the flyer is anything to go by, it is a blatant Sinhala racist propaganda effort to mislead the international community of the problem in Sri Lankan. It is essential that this misleading information be corrected.

I am a Sinhalese from the majority community in Sri Lanka. However, I strongly support the demand of the Tamil "minority" (better referred to as 'the Tamil people who are less numerous than the Sinhalese') in their struggle to have a separate administration for the Tamil areas (the North and East). I do so because the Tamils have a strong case which I will briefly set out. I also think that such a separation will benefit the whole country since there will be a marked increase in the productivity of the area in question which will flow on to the rest of the country. It makes more sense to separate and develop than to fight and destroy each other in an attempt to keep an inappropriate British colonial construct together.

The Sri Lankan problem is complex, involving historical, geographical, ethno-religious, linguistic, geopolitical, and economic factors, complicated by British colonial constructs, and compounded by local power politics. It is not a problem of 'Tamil Terrorism' which is what the Sri Lankan government would have us believe.

The bottom line is a problem created by the colonial British to address an administrative problem of their making. This has been compounded by a succession of Sri Lankan governments which have discriminated against the Tamil minority to get the support of the Sinhalese majority (74% of the population) as a means of getting into, and remaining, in power. Discrimination of the Tamils has been in language, education, job opportunities and, most importantly, in the developmental neglect of the area they live. There has also been an attempt to decrease their parliamentary representation by Government-sponsored relocation of Sinhalese into the Tamil. areas.

Sri Lanka is a multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual, and multireligious, country. Despite this, Sri Lankan governments since 1956 have declared that it will be a Sinhala-Buddhist nation. This the Tamil minority have justifiably opposed. Tamil protests initially took the form of Gandhi-style non-violent protests. These were met by Government-sponsored Sinhalese hoodlum violence. With non-violent protests having failed over a prolonged period, in 1972 Tamil youths decided to take up arms to achieve a separate administration for the Tamil areas. The Government responded to this by unleashing massive violence on the Tamil civilian population using the Sri Lankan armed forces and the police.

The State has a right to defend itself against armed groups. However, it has no right to do so by unleashing State terror on civilians. The State has a responsibility to protect all its subjects, not just the majority, which is what has happened in Sri Lanka for several decades.

What the government has been waging is not a war just against Tamil militants but against the Tamil people. Indiscriminate bombing and shelling of the entire Jaffna peninsula over several years, an embargo on many items for daily living, food, medicines and fertiliser to the Tamil areas, have made civilian life impossible. This is State Terrorism against an entire people.

In July 1983, over 3000 Tamil civilians living in Colombo and the South were butchered by Sinhala hoodlums whose leaders were Cabinet Ministers. The government did nothing to stop the massacre. This was the water-shed in ethnic relations. This is State complicity in the mass murder of civilians whose only crime was that they were Tamils. The current Sri Lankan President has recently apologized to the Tamil people for what happened in 1983. She does not need to do so since those responsible for this blot on Sri Lanka are still there, now in Opposition. The apology has to come from them.

In the Tamil East, entire Tamil villages have been bull-dozed and Sinhalese settlers moved in. This is ethnic cleansing and State terrorism of the worst kind. The perpetrators who should be facing a war crimes tribunal have instead been sent as Ambassadors!

Thousands of bombs and shells have been dropped on the Tamil areas and civilian property, businesses, schools, markets, hospitals and even places of worship destroyed. Some 65,000 people, mainly Tamil civilians, have been killed, a million made refugees and hundreds of thousands of children made orphans or homeless. 75% of the population in the Wanni (North) live below the poverty line.

In 1995 the Armed Forces launched a particularly irresponsible assault in Jaffna. More than 500,000 civilians had to flee Jaffna dragging their children, the elderly and the sick to escape the onslaught. The scale of the human tragedy was such that the then UN Secretary General called on international governments to assist the uprooted Jaffna population. When the displaced people returned, there were mass arrests of an arbitrary nature. Some 10,000 people were taken into custody without a charge. 900 of them 'disappeared' while in custody, their bodies later found in mass graves.

If the Sri Lankan President wants to apologise to the Tamil people it should be for this and subsequent acts of barbarism done when she was not only the all-powerful Executive President but also the Minister of Defense and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. To promote the criminals responsible and send them abroad as diplomats is more like hypocrisy than an apology.

The atrocities committed by the Government Forces on the Tamils are too numerous to detail here. They have been amply documented in a vast array of publications by international human rights organizations for the past three decades. Arbitrary arrest, detention without trial, killing, torture and rape are common. In year 2000 and 2001, Sri Lanka had the 2nd highest incidence of 'disappearances' in the world. Almost all were Tamils Human rights organizations across the world have repeatedly expressed concern about these violations of basic human rights.

What the Tamils are asking for is an administrative set-up where they can run the area they live in (North and East), and can exist with safety and without discrimination. This is not an attempt to divide and destroy Sri Lanka but to dismantle a flawed British colonial construct. For hundreds of years before the British arrived, and even after they did, Ceylon, as it then was, consisted of 3 separate Kingdoms - a Tamil Kingdom in the North, the Kandyan Kingdom in the center, and the Kotte Kingdom in the South. For administrative convenience, the British unified these three separate kingdoms and centralized administrative and development power in the Sinhala South (Colombo). This disastrous set-up resulted in the developmental neglect of the periphery which included the entire area where the majority of Tamils live. This type of British 'colonial construct for convenience' occurred in India, Malaya, and several other colonies. In India and Malaya these colonial constructs were dismantled as soon as the British left, or shortly thereafter. Unfortunately this did not occur in Sri Lanka, with disastrous consequences. It is imperative that it be done now, if the continuing chaos is to be settled.

One of the results of the developmental neglect of the periphery is that this large area has made little contribution to the economy. There are enormous untapped resources in the Tamil areas including the world's 2nd largest natural harbour. If developmental power is given to this area, with the well-known ability of the industrious Tamil, the increase in productivity of this area will be spectacular. What is necessary are fundamental structural changes, and an abandonment of ethno-religious chauvinism and empty rhetoric. This is what the Tamil struggle is all about.

The right of self-determination for a nation has been accepted since World War 2, a beneficiary being Sri Lanka. More recently, the right of self-determination for a people has also been accepted. Where it has not been, the result has been some of the bloodiest and destructive conflicts of the past half-century. Sri Lanka is a glaring example.

Decentralisation of developmental power to the Tamil areas is not an option, but mandatory if there is to be peace and prosperity in Sri Lanka. It is up to the international community, in particular the crucial aid-givers, to see that this happens. What is necessary is not just 'Peace' but 'Peace with Justice'. To portray the Sri Lankan problem as Tamil Terrorism is not only incorrect but will prevent the correction of the fundamental problem of a centralisation of power in Sinhalese hands in Colombo. Unleashing State Terrorism to force the Tamil people to abandon their right of self-determination will only make a solvable problem, unsolvable.

Those who have supported the struggle of the Tamil minority to exist with dignity, safety and without discrimination, have been branded as 'Anti-Sri Lanka', traitors or even terrorists. It is dangerous to cede to the Sri Lankan Government the right to define what Sri Lanka ought to be. That is for the people of Sri Lanka to decide. Where the Tamil people are concerned they did this in the 1977 General Election when they overwhelmingly voted for a separate Tamil State, Eelam. For the Sri Lankan government to attempt to crush this by unleashing State terror is an exercise in futility and must be condemned by the international community.

A succession of so-called 'Peace-Talks' between the Tamil Tigers and the Government over a protracted period have come to nothing. The current peace has held since December 2001 It is every one's responsibility to see that the peace is not just a pause in conflict which it could well become if the international community does not act. Norway has played a crucial role despite impossible odds to maintain the cease-fire and to help the two sides to arrive at a political solution. Norway's sustained effort must be applauded and supported by the international community, ethno-religious extremists and fanatics not withstanding. If these destructive elements succeed and fighting breaks out again, what the Tamil people will face is ethnic oblivion or physical extermination. The international community cannot let this happen.

The Sri Lankan government's aim is to unleash State terror to intimidate and crush the Tamil people and force them to accept Sri Lanka as a Sinhala-Buddhist nation. This will not succeed. Similar attempts in other theatres of conflict across the world have failed. It is unlikely that Sri Lanka will be the exception. If the Sinhalese people and their government are determined to make Sri Lanka into a Sinhala-Buddhist State, there will be no option to the establishment of a Tamil State, by force if necessary. State terror will only generate Tamil terror and increase the resolve of the Tamil people to free themselves from Sinhala domination and brutality. It is this type of ethnic chauvinism and extremism masquerading as 'nationalism' that has been responsible for most of the atrocities of the 20th century. Martin Luther King said that there is no force more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The time has come for a change in the administrative set-up of Sri Lanka.
That's the best you can do - cut and paste? Read the title and a few lines, that's about it.....the rest was just blah blah blah. Next time pen your own thoughts instead of being such a lazy shmuck.

If you think Brian Senewiratne is unbiased you're dumber than I thought. And he being "well known" - LOL!

He's a CUT N PASTE of my own too!

And mines way more recent that yours!


Tisaranee Gunasekara

August 23

Nobody understands the apocalyptic signs: The continent seems tickled by its own inevitable doom literally tickled to death. The bankers, cardinals and foreign secretaries take the howling challenge of the Horst Wessel song for a joke the writing on the wall for a funny paper�. Smirking, giggling, guffawing they stagger into the abyss.
Klaus Mann (The Turning Point)

It is almost magical the sudden transformation of the LTTE from bloody killers to peace makers, from one week to the next. On the 12th of August the Tigers murdered Lakshman Kadiragamar; barely a week later, they are expressing willingness to have direct talks with the government about the ceasefire. In between (as DBS Jayaraj reports in the Tamil Week) Mr. Thavapalan, the director of the LTTE radio, the Voice of Tigers, declared proudly on the air waves: �an entire nation is rejoicing over the death of a single individual�.

The world has become a little more hostile to the Tigers following the Kadiragamar murder; this blatant violation of the ceasefire, this act of terrorism also gave the pause to the appeasement lobby within the government, who for sometime have been falling over each other to assure all and sundry about the good intentions of the Tigers. After a lull of months, the President in her address to the nation on the Kadiragamar murder openly criticised the LTTE and mentioned the names of some of the other leading Tamils murdered by the Tigers. The Prime Minister shed his �Chinese monkey� policy vis-�-vis the Tigers and openly criticised them for this heinous crime, as did Anura Bandaranaike. In fact Ranil Wickremesinghe was the only leader (apart from the TNA) who refrained from uttering a word of criticism of the LTTE.

For a few days it looked as if Lakshman Kadiragamar did not die in vain and that the government would discard its policy of appeasement and begin to put pressure on the international community to take a harder line on the Tigers. In the new context such an effort could have succeeded, even in the absence of Mr. Kadiragamar. An indication of the new mood was the decision by the UK to ban fundraising by the TRO, subsequent to an investigation by the Charity Commission; the decision would have been taken earlier but the timing of its announcement was obviously related to the Kadiragamar murder.

Faced with problems externally and internally (the Karuna challenge) the Tigers did what they usually do in such situations; what they did post-September 11 engage in a little exercise in lies and deception. The strategy is a tried and tested one: make is seem as if the Tiger is willing to take a step back, be conciliatory and reasonable; offer to talk. A couple of weeks of this and the initial crime will be all but forgotten by the government; instead the focus will be to save the �peace process� by making whatever concessions necessary. And the appeasement process would be reborn, like a phoenix rising from the ashes�

Taking care of Col. Karuna

Oh, let�s be fair by the Feline. I think the Tigers really want to rewrite the ceasefire agreement. Otherwise how can they compel the government to do their dirty and dangerous work for them by taking on Col. Karuna? The rebel has become transformed from a mere irritant to a major problem for the �sole representative�. As last week�s deadly attack in the uncleared areas in Batticaloa by the Tamil National Force (TNF) demonstrates, the sole representative is not safe anywhere in the East, not even in the areas supposedly under its own control. The rebels are doing to the LTTE what the LTTE did to the Sri Lankan Army once; wage a classic guerrilla struggle with �fluid battle lines� move in, attack, melt away. And the Tigers have become the hunted, not knowing when and where the next attack would come.

Recently, when the LTTE, via the Norwegians, put pressure on the government to take on the Karuna rebels, the regime�s comeback was that since the rebels were not in existence when the ceasefire was signed the clause about disarming all non-LTTE armed groups do not apply to them. So now the Tigers seemed to have found a way round the problem: re-negotiate the ceasefire, make a lot of meaningless promises they have no intention of keeping and trick/persuade the government into agreeing to take on the rebels.

The LTTE is quite Mephistophelean in understanding the weaknesses and longings of its opponents and exploiting these for its own advantage. So who knows what kind of promises the LTTE would offer the negotiators and their task-mistress, the President? It is no secret that the President wants to prolong her political life by bringing in a new constitution; it is also equally well known that her possible chief negotiator Jayantha Dhanapala wants to be the next Secretary General of the UN. The critical absence of Mr. Kadiragamar means that the strongest voice within the government ranks against the policy of appeasement is no more. All in all it may not be very difficult for the Tigers to strike a Faustian bargain with the government, with no little help from the obliging Norwegians.

Doubtless the Tigers would make quite a few promises in return, but experience has taught us that Tiger promises are not worth the paper they are written on. Let us say that the public quid-pro-quo is a Tiger undertaking not to engage in any political assassinations. But then, according to the Tigers, they have never engaged in any political assassinations. The killings are done by some other force, always. So what does it cost the LTTE to make such a promise? All the Tigers have to do is to wait for a little while, mow down the next victim and announce solemnly that it was done by someone else just as they are doing about the Kadiragamar murder.

Promises made to be broken

I find it hard to comprehend how anyone can believe the given word of the Tiger after what they did to the Oslo agreement. That agreement was signed by the then chief Tiger negotiator Doktor Balasingham; it was also signed by the Norwegian peace maker and approved by the Co-Chairs. One could not but think that this was one agreement the Tigers could not back out of. And after all, if, as the LTTE maintains, it is interested in peace and winning the rights of the Tamil people, it should have moved decisively to compel the Sri Lankan government to implement the Oslo deal within a mutually agreed time frame. If the Tigers have any interest in settling for a federal arrangement within a united Sri Lanka, they could have had it by now, since both major Southern parties, all Tamil parties and India support the Oslo deal. But what did the Tigers do? Waited for a few months and announced that they are not bound by the Oslo Agreement because there is no Oslo Agreement! And we are talking of a deal which was signed in the full glare of the international media, and with the backing of the international community. If the LTTE can break such an agreement, then it is stupid to place further trust in any undertaking it will give, however solemnly, however publicly.

Instead of falling for the Tiger trap for talks the government should have concentrated on launching an anti-Tiger campaign worldwide, while at the same time reviving the Oslo Agreement; this would have ensured that the effort against the LTTE is not anti-Tamil and cannot be depicted as such and falls clearly within the ambit of the global �war against terrorism�. Discussions should have commenced officially, not with the Tigers, but with the anti-Tiger Tamil parties, to arrive at a mutually acceptable modality and a time frame for the implementation of the Oslo Agreement. Having launched these twin political offensives we could have waited for the Tigers to make the next move. Unfortunately the President played right in to the hands of the LTTE by demanding a review of the ceasefire agreement. The murder of Lakshman Kadiragamar is a clear ceasefire violation, as are thousands of other deeds of the Tigers; the problem is that the Tigers do not accept the responsibility for these deeds. This mode of operation (making promises and breaking them) will continue irrespective of what promises Tigers make in Oslo. The least the government could have done was to speed up the murder investigation, possibly with the assistance of an internationally recognised body such as the Scotland Yard, filed charges against the perpetrators including those who gave the orders and waited for a court judgement. That would have made a refusal to accept responsibility for their crime a trifle more difficult for the Tigers.

If the government is determined to go along the Munich path there are still steps that can be taken to avoid the Tiger trap. One way is to demand the inclusion of issues such as child soldiers in the revised ceasefire agreement. Just a promise by the Tigers that they will not conscript children will not do, since according to the Tigers they never conscript children; the children just come to them and they in their benevolence play the role of the caregiver! There should be a conditionality committing the Tigers to demobilise all child soldiers in a specific time period (such as six months) under International (UNICEF and possibly Amnesty International certainly not Norwegian) supervision; there should also be an internationally guaranteed agreement banning the recruitment of children forcibly or voluntarily, with sanctions included for breach of agreement. It is also imperative to ask, in line with the global war against terrorism, that the LTTE demobilises all Black Tiger units (including the Black Sea Tigers) within a specific time frame (under UN supervision) and give an undertaking never to use suicide bombings in the future. Another demand could be international inspection of the Iranamadu runway. On the government�s side there should be a clear willingness to devolve power to the North and the East along the lines of a federal settlement (via the Oslo Declaration). The LTTE will find it very hard to agree to any of these conditions thereby exposing their nature to the world once again. Unfortunately there is a very real danger that the President backed by the Leader of the Opposition will fall into this new Tiger trap. Though the PM has taken to criticise the Tigers he makes no mention of the need for a political solution thereby making it easy for the President to tar him with the chauvinist brush. Even as the talks with the Tigers commence, the President may try to occupy the moral high ground by adopting the usual stratagem of equating the appeasement of the LTTE with the empowering of the Tamil people. Since there is no political party or prominent personality in the South who is anti-LTTE and pro-devolution, her task will be made easier. The Tigers will be very happy with the resultant polarisation since it will discredit those Tamil moderates who want a democratic power sharing agreement within a united Sri Lanka. And as the murder of Lakshman Kadiragamar demonstrates the Tigers will not rest until they have exterminated any Tamil political party or personality who is or can challenge the Sun God's �right� to rule the Tamils as he wills.
In India after very many decades women are respected . Inspite of the male chauvanistic attitude that sitll prevails this type of behaviours towards women is not at all acceptable.

I am a Tamil woman from Chennai and I am proud of the heritage of our forefathers and mothers. Who are you annon guy? It is true you Sri Lankans hate us Indians and you hate us Tamils even more why is this? We have been saving your government for long long time now.

I think you are a very racist male dominated country we all can see your monks are upto no good. They are anti Hindu also dont pretend otherwise. We are very proud of becoming to be the best democracy in the world. it is shame unlike Moraquandi you dont learn this attitude also. Whilst he is scaling Himalayas you are sinking low like those old LAnka devils.

Sisters think of Mother Theresa she would be proud of you all especially Duugi and Wolf mother these girls are fighters they will not take nonsense. Also let us please spread the word about the killing of the elephant in this butchering manner. It is very horrible.
Geez guys... can we take it a little easy in here. Play the ball not the man ( or woman in this case )

WolfMother can be a little "out there" in her approach at times but why be sexist?

As for racism, since when is critisim of the LTTE the same as racial intolerence towards Tamils?
Firstly - thanks for all the support guys.

Secondly - can you believe the vile denegrating drivel that's been posted? In one clean swoop - someone has managed to insult every Tamil woman on the planet. Now that's one way to start a WAR! And boy oh boy does this not sound like some neo-nazi rhetoric. Oh we are the ugly "black jews of South East Asia" aren't we after all - sorry I forgot!

Holy smoke - where do I START#!@%!@#!@#%

Can you Kevin stop rambling on about the Bloody Chola kingdon. Ask any "high" castse Tamil & they'll tell you that we are all the descendents of Changali the Last King of Jaffna. So what - what's that got to do with anything - it's history, everyone knows it. And Kevin starts accusing me of of living in the past@#!@#!@

I gave more details of a few of my experiences whilst living in SL because someone was trying to say I made them up & deny my very existence on this planet. Certainly I know I am very priviledged & lucky compared to others - I get DAILY accounts about the death & killing ALL over the show in SL - rest assured.

As for me coming back to Sri Lanka - what makes you think I'm not here already & what makes you think that I wont? I assure you Kev that you would be the LAST person on earth that I would ever seek approval from along with your "Anon" friends. Don't waste time worrying about granting me your respect - I definitely don't need it. Worry about the lack of respect that the Whole World Wide Web is developing for you & those you represent. I wouldn't socialise or associate with you in a mad fit.

You & your anon friends are exactly as Morq described - you treat this whole thing like some facist game. I'd like to see Indi make a comment about this disgraceful nonsense seeing as he started this whole thing. Have a read of the revolting comments left by one of his comrades about Morq.

Thanks to Cleo, Maya & Duggi - I'm no great femminist at all - but absolutely I'm no doormat either. Furthermore - Morq - please do not remove the Anon indi/Kev stooge guys comment - it needs to stand. Sorry Cleo but it's about time everyone read the kind of rhetoric & attitude these people have. Duggi knows what I'm talking about. This is what destroys our future.

Ivap - nice cricket comment there. Though, uhmm - what on earth has happened to your Aussie batsmen - the Pomms are giving you a right ole .... I don't want anymore verbal abuse so I'm going to be carefull with the language - beating?

I am possibly a little out there at times - that's a fair enough observation - we'll talk more about that on your blog - which has some great posts too.

As for your trying to compare sensitivity toward criticism of the LTTE & racial intolerance of Tamils (hmmm & boy oh boy have we had the most attrocious facist display of that on this Blog) I think it's obvious:-

Some people are using the LTTE as an excuse to lash out at the Tamils. They have no respect for them, they think their woman are ugly, smelly rah rah rah. This is merely a way of continuing the racist attitude that has torn our country apart.

IVAP - these same people say - "we don't give a Fuck about the Tamils". All I - that would be ME, MYSELF & I, I am NOT the PUBLCIST of the LTTE, is give us a seperate state to get on with our affairs. As you WELL know the LTTE have forgone their desire for a seperate state - well I HAVEN'T. If we can just have a few decades of time out who knows maybe in 20/30 years time it will give us the space both sides need to sort out the pain & the hurt.

Picture this - we could all meet at Aragum Bay (Oh - once we'd shooed away all the nasty peodophiles) & play .... Cricket perhaps, sip a nice long island tea made of fresh coconut water, lime juice & a dash (err no Indi not half the bottle) of Arak???

One thing for sure - it will certainly enable all the different Sinhalese factions JHU, JVP, SLFP, UNP, XYP, TNT, abc, 123 .... to sort out exactly who should be running the country in the south & more to the point who the Sinhalese people want & trust to be running their affairs in the south. It is their right & by golly they should be allowed it - I ask the same for us.

There will be no confusing the issue with those horrible dirty smelly Tamil Banshees - You know - you guys can just work it all out. One party will come through victorious without any of all those people that are so maligned & hated in Sri Lanka today - apparently by the average Sinhala man/woman on the street ...

THE NORWEGIANS (interfering do-gooders - bloody vikings - get back to your snow capped fjiords)
THE LTTE/TIGERS & THAT MONSTER PRABHARATHAN - (Oooo - can't wait to give him some Cyanaide!)
THE TNA - (why they bother in Parliament I'll never know)
THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT - how dare they continue to save our governments with their big naval ships always hovering around waiting to rescue some Bandaranika or other ...
THE DESCENDANTS OF THE CHOLA DYNASTY - yes, yes I know Wolf Mother is the only last direct descendant but they all say that!
ALL TAMILS THAT HAVE LEFT SRI LANKA SINCE INDEPENDENCE - big fat Oxford educated rich well to do diaspora - hardworking, empire building bugers!
THE WORLD BANK - who the hell asked them to come here - Viva la Revolution! Workers UNITE
THE AMERICANS - Bill Clinton can take that Cigar & shove it where it FITS!
THE UNITED NATIONS - Kofi is just a Black Tamil Jew in a nice Suit - he can bugger of too...
All BLACK people - we only accept people that are the colour of a PAPER BAG - GOT IT?! We're all Fair because we are ARYAN!!!!
PRINCE CHARLES for DARING to chuck a TANTRUM (yes well we all know that Charlie always gets what he wants - even if it is the back of a bus errr sorry Camila Parked her Bowles) & go to Batticola
JAFFNA TAMILS - Batticola Tamils are OK - well those few that survived the Tsunami anyway - they will all be allowed to migrate to Canada soon so it doesn't matter. Hey - then as Morq knows they can all start fighting one another there - FABULOUS!
JOURNALISTS (yes don't forget fertilizer for the Motherland Sivaram)
Err - please let me know if I've left anyone off - oh I have - sorry
THAMILCHELVAN - him & his safari suits!
Look there's got to be heaps more
Oooops I FORGOT!!!! The CATHOLICS - hmmm yes there will always be exceptions - Was Lux Kadi a Catholic - yes hence we shot him - OOooops - just kidding!

So - whilst the JHU play eenie meenie mina mo with the UNP (Ranil "hair do" Wickramasinghe) or Chandrika (wheres my Aarak bottle) & the JVP bullly their way forward to the next "revolution' - how about we focus on who's going to get murdered next week ....

Seeing as the Tigers are roaming around footloose & fancy free in Colomgo taking pot shots at all & sundry - hey who would they shoot next?? A monk perhaps, Wimal perhaps - you'd leave CBK to her bottle surely... Hmmm - what about - Ranil, oooOOOO YES my Precious, yes - we can always blame those NASTY little Hobbits, can't we..... especially if he does a deal with the JUH &/or the JVP, yes we can ....

Out there enough for you IVAP :- )
OOPPPS - have just committed a CARDINAL SIN - that was ME that just left that comment - sorry ....
WolfMother - Good, but I've seen better O semi-dinky-di one.

Not a cricket fan myself but it's just unacceptable to loose to the English in anything (monarchy and all you know). I demand that heads roll in this team. I'm more worried about the rugby where the Wallabies are having a season of discontent.
Ah well - it's not a competition you know :-)

So you reckon i'm semi-dinky-di do you? Hmmmm - what gives thou this impression ....????

As for the Rugby not really my sport - too violent for me. I don't like contact sports.

Lovely photos of the snow you had there - it looks like the middle of winter in Norway (dare I say). One thinks of Australia as being a lot hotter. Are you a snow boarder?

By the way - who do you think is going to sell out the peace process/Tamils/Tsunami victims/country in order to do a deal with the devil (JVP/JHU) and win the election?

Given there has been no futher profound evidence come to light re the Lux Kadi assasination - in fact as someone predicted - it's not even a big deal anymore, do you think there will be any more killings in Colombo?

Ahhh - questions, questions, questions - I need answers
Ashanthi - Cause your comments have a aussie feel to them. Thus semi.

I ski, not very well though. Snow is limited to a few mountain ranges in the south east states. Only about two months are usefull at the best of times. It's cheaper and easier to just grab a package deal to the land of the long white cloud (NZ). [ Suggest any futher related discussions on my blog, it's all off topic here]

I don't see anyone selling out the peace process unless they go back to war. It takes two to war-dance. Part of you answer is here

I suspect there will be more killings, though may not be as high profile as LK. Will blog about it when I get some time.
Ivap - I was impressed with your counter response to Duggi re the role of Buddhist monks in SL politics - you made a very balanced argument. However ... ! I do have to say that our monks are just way too bloodthirsty & ... they have NO right to be.

Buddhism does not sit well with the clamour for blood & politics.

This is in extreme contrast to Catholics, (pick any pre-19th century Pope) Protestants (Henry the 8th), Islam (pick a Mullah, any Mullah!) & Hinduism (resurgence of Hindu fanaticism in India as a result of those Mullahs). All these religious institutions over centuries have been actively involved in pursuing the "preach the Bible/Koran/etc with the sword" philosophy. The teachings of Buddha in particular specify a spiritual & emotional distance/enlightenment from the need to vent hatred & anger & therein kill. So I think - this is what Duggi was shocked about. As you well know, our monks have been very active in violent acts against Hindus, Christians/Catholics & Muslims.

You also wrote a post about the impact on young boy's lives when they are "absorbed" into the monasteries in SL. This gravely concerns me as does child prostitution/abuse. The appalling blatant exploitation by foreigners, so openly, on our beaches, in our hotels & right throughout our society of children is shocking. It revolts me AND I DON'T care if it happens in other parts of the world - it's vile & it should be stopped. THIS is where our governements money should be spent. Little "disciples" grow up to become angry Monks & cheeky "beach boys" grow up to be thugs for hire.

One of the saddest things that a legacy of lack of will by the so called "champions" of the Sinhalese people to put aside their evil power-hungry ambitions, is that these disgraceful facts are completely ignored. It is the worst kind of neglect. There is no time for children when the adults are running around behaving like beasts. As for the likes of Kev Lomax, Indi & their so obvious "Anon" aliases - these issues just do not seem to bother them at all.

You speak of the high level of organisation of the JVP amongst the Diaspora. Well it does not surprise me. I suppose people are fooled into thinking that the JVP could become the saviours of SL. Let's face it - most Sinhala Diaspora have left just like the Tamils did - to get away. Realistically, after each "revolution" there would have been a mass exodus of JVP associated relatives. However, there is so little honest acknowledgement about their mad barbaric violent history & exactly what they did - that their activities are now considered folk-lore. They certainly never made the international press like the Tigers do. I have managed to track down that book by Rohan G - "famous terrorist analyst" that he is! It's written badly - but boy oh boy does he have all the gory detials... it is a book that everyone Sri Lanka should read.

So the JVP are beguiling. When one thinks of equality for all & an overthrow of decades of corrupt, oppressive, governments - why not - but they are the same, except they have never had controlling political power!!! What is blatantly clear though is that they have not walked away from their methods & I have nightmares of floating bodies down the Mahavelli Ganga in the not too distant future, if they are allowed to continue. Animal Farm by George Orwell - Back to the Year Zero by Wimal Wiramavanse aka when I grow up I want to be Pol Pot & smoke it too!!

Our best bet - is the UNP without any lunatic fringe associations of those interfering so called "monks" & the JVP. I sincerely hope the Sri Lankans will choose the right path in December AND - I sincerely hope that Ranil lives that long - hey I'm not Joking!

So Ranil - forget your hair-spray, get out there & win the people over. No silly promises, no secret deals, no more crap... get out there & tell the people what you really can deliver for SL.

Ranil - you can start with Sri Lankans an apology for the brutal manner in which your Uncle put down opposition - yes it was in response to the JVP's vicious horrendous contempt for human life - but all it did was create a monster that still walks amongst us. We all need to debate why our country is so blood-soaked. No-one can say that they have no blood on their hands. Everyone is guilty. But why have we bred & nurtured such terrible acts of depravity which occur amongst us on a daily basis. Mainly because no one is ever brought to justice & no one ever says sorry. Oh & of course - it was/has/always will be the Tamil's fault.

Yes I am Tamil, yes I want a seperate state/homeland/ whatever, yes I support the right of the Tamil people to defend themselves from state-sponsored terror, rape & the denegration of women & institutionalised rascism.

But I am also sorry that things got so bad that the Tamil people felt their only option was to blow themselves up, to commit revenge killings & I was unable to do ANYTHING to stop this.

So - think not about the next 10 minutes whilst after you read my comment, you'll probably read a whole heap of "Anon" ones about how it's all the fault of the LTTE/Prabharatha/the Diaspora rah rah rah filled with words of hatred, racist comments about Tamil women & so the cycle continues...

Think instead about the next 12 months & the next 5/10/20/50/100 years ... if we keep allowing our country to go down a path to no-where - hijacked by horror & madness.

We cannot continue like this - something has to change. We have very little choice but lets choose the best option - if not for ourselves, for our children who if they do not inherit our culture of intolerance/hatred & our history of violence will live peacefully with each other forever...
Ashanthi - Where do I start? Not now anyway. I'll reply soon as I'm busy over these few days.

You really should get a blog or join nittewa to put these thoughts across.
As they say Down Under - "No Worries Mate!" It's only Kev Lomax that's unemployed & has all the time in the world to berate all and sundry.

Please don't think you have to respond to my Blogs - it's a free World after all :-) though I look forward to your insight into these issues if you do so...

As for me starting up my own Blog etc - it's on my list of things to do when the time is right...
alright you mangy bitches , i got news for you! You think we are not going into war? You are WRONG. We haven't been swelling days, months, years collecting funds for our brothers back in the north and eastern parts of the island of Sri Lanka (Which i will from now on call TE - Tamil Eelam) for nothing.

Tamil Eelam is not only the north and eastern parts of Sri Lankan island. Tamilnadu of india is also a part of the true Tamil Eelam. But the traitors there won't allow the freedom of the Tamil people in there. but one day we'll all be united and celebrate the union of the true Tamil people of the true Tamil Homeland.

We want Tamil Eelam. It is the only true haven of the Tamil people. This goes out to all the mangy bitches lying in comfort , screwing with white men and all the pariahs in the south of sri Lanka, all of whom call themselves Tamil but are not truly dedicated to the Tamil cause.

I'm pissed because the bitches in this country illegalized our organization and directly got in the way of the Tamil cause by doing so. the British should be supportive of the Tamil people and not objecting to our cause.

Who says we dont want war ? I cant bear to see our leaders in kilinochchi just lying around wasting the funds we collected with our blood and sweat on their own luxuries! All of my Tamil brothers here want our leader to make up his mind about the war and destroy the sinhalese army once and for all. Shooting one bitch here and another there is not going to help cos these bitches multiply like wild rabbits.

Once the war starts this time, it will be quick and victorious. Cos this time we are prepared. The sinhalese government has been making fun of us for such a long time and it is time for the Tamil people all over the world to unite and stand out for the true motherland. The only haven of the true Tamil.

Glory to the LTTE
Dharshan - are you really Tamil - or are you just tyring to provoke another round of abuse on this Blog?
Darshan- you speak pretty good english for someone working as hard as you mentioned to fund the LTTE. Hmmm I wonder . . .
Anyway darshan, every tamil who read your last post wont find it difficult to figure out that you DO NOT belong to their race. It's too obvious. Good luck next time and if you need any tamil names(alias), I am happy to give you some.Oh, one more tip. . .wet your words a bit to make it sound a bit more realistic ok. Even Prabakaran I am sure has got different plans to yours. Do you want me to put you in touch with him?
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