Thursday, November 17, 2005

And the winner is...

I hate to do this, but Ranil is going to win. Not that it's a problem. I'd rather have him win than Mahinda.

It's dawn and there's no clear winner. Sri Lankans are not used to shit. We vote, then we stay up all night glued to the TV or the radio trying to see if the horse we backed is going to win and we usually know that before dawn. Not all the results have always come in, but things are pretty clear. By dawn we know if we should be grinning or crying. And then we go to sleep with no intention of going to work the next day. So much the better if the next day is a holiday anyway.

But not this time. It looks like a real tight race. But nothing from Kurunegala or Kegalle or Nuwara Eliya Districts have been announced yet. And when these results are released, there's little chance of them going any way but Ranil's.

The first clue came when the election commissioner was delaying results without any reason. At about 1.45 SL time he held a press conference and gave a lame reason for the delay but promised that things would be up to speed soon. What I think is that by that time much of the counting was already underway and the Government knew that they were in trouble. Not like they could really mess with the elections commissioner, but maybe they were trying to think up something creative.

But the moment the commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake started stalling for time it was very clear that Ranil was going to win. And about an hour ago the UNP agents in the counting centers confirmed that there were confident of a win.

But the results keep trickling out, and there's still no clear winner. But I think Ranil's going to win.

But here's a funny story. Out of some 83'000 registered voters in Kilinochchi, only one person voted. That one person voted for Ranil. So Ranil won Kilinochchi 100%. But that's not even remotely funny. What's really funny is that it took them till 5.13 a.m. to count it. I wonder how many people they had to count that one vote.

you are right, ranil probably will. some ppl are prematurely celebrating a mahinda victory.

that was funny about the kilinochchi poll.div( i said much same in indi' blog) if it was not disgusting.

a lot will depend on eastern votes. ppl in vanni district seems to have voted too. mannar came our aroud 30% voted.

probably the most crucial will be the kurunegala district. as alway it comes last.
Yeah Ranil won alright.
as of now the majority for mahinda is 124,789.whether ranil can cover that from remaining electorates is the question
S/nut - it's not bloody funny - it's a mockery of democracy & a very clear message to both the parties...

Would love to meet the man that voted - any chance we can get his story?

Also - why did it take till 5:30 to count one vote, is the UNP going to have a representative for that state now???

The whole thing is a joke.
Mor just proved himself to be a perfect jack-ass. He knows the Elctions Commissioner's job better than the man himself. He knows who's going to win and who's going to loose. Mor has a nice political blog with a bunch of UNP supporters like himself contributing to it. He must have some "sources" that told him that the kilinochchi man's hand was amputated. Mor probably doesnt know what it has to do with Democracy.

mor is just a fool. His only recognizable quality being, that he is a UNP supporter.

What about sanjay? Oh, he's an NGO Kaakka.
If only you knew how my day was going. I was searching for one thing and I ended up here. Now you see how that might affect me!
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