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Transparency International - PPPR - Report 02

The report released by the PPPR of Transparency International Sri Lanka on the 10th of November 2005. You can download the pdf here.


The Programme for Protection of Public Resources (PPPR) monitoring
and investigating misuse of public resources in the Presidential election 2005, held its first press briefing on 3rd November 2005.

Report No 1 of PPPR was released on this occasion. When politicians elected by the people for good governance, and State officials entrusted with safe custody of State resources continue to betray that trust and misuse these resources for private advantages in the election, quite apart from the massive loss to the State, the election ceases to be free and fair and thereby distorts the result of the election. It is ironical that while on the one hand the State spends over 900 million in order to ensure a free and fair election, on the other hand that very purpose is defeated by politicians and State officials who misuse State resources for private advantages. It has to be borne in mind that in such a scenario the cost of the election too is rendered a loss.

General observations:

With the tempo of the election campaign mounting, it is gratifying to note that the public outcry to desist from misusing State resources is also mounting. The media is reflecting this mood quite appropriately. The misuse however continues and a trend is observed where many politicians and State officials are using subterfuges to conceal the losses to the State.

State resources continue to be misused at Temple Trees, inter alia, for treating participants attending political propaganda meetings.

Specific Abuses:

We give below some of the typical abuses verified and confirmed by our investigators since our last report.

01) Official Residence of Leader of the Opposition

State owned building at No. 30 Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, which is allocated to the leader of the opposition for his residence, is being used exclusively for his election propaganda work- Media meetings etc promoting his election are held in this building using all facilities such as electricity, and Police security, all at State cost, although the election campaign is a private matter.

02) Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA)
PPPR has reliable information about the hiring of 10 vehicles for the use in the Presidential Election campaign of the P.A Candidate. This information is supported with documentary evidence.

Confidential inquiries made by PPPR investigators have revealed the following facts:

A quotation has been called and a decision taken to hire 10 vehicles on monthly basis with fuel and drivers from M/S Wiranga Travels and Tours at the rate of Rs 70,000/- per month for 3000 km and Rs 20/- for every additional k.m and to release the advance of 50% (Rs 350,000/-). All this has taken place on 21-10-2005 and a cheque drawn in favor of Wiranga Travels & Tours also on the same day pending SLPA Board approval, on
the orders of the newly appointed Chairman SLPA through a Management Committee appointed by him. As there was no current account in the name of Wiranga Travels & Tours, a cheque has been drawn in favor of its proprietor MASC Ranaweera on 24-10-2005.

Although the payment is for the hire of ten vehicles on a monthly rental basis, confidential inquiries made by PPPR revealed that the 10 vehicles in fact have not been supplied by Mr Ranaweera to the SLPA. High secrecy is maintained in connection with this transaction for no bona fide reasons, giving credence to the information that this is an exercise to utilize State Resources for the PA election campaign by devious means

03) Prime Minister’s Media Unit.
Vehicle NoWP GE-3621 hired for official use of the Prime Minister’s media unit was being used for the election campaign of the P.A. candidate. On the night of 03-11-2005, on its way to an election propaganda meeting at Nawelepitiya scheduled for the next day, this vehicle went off the road and rolled into an ravine at Ruwanwella with about 08 persons of the Media Unit and a Police constable attached to the Prime Minister’s security division. The vehicle is extensively damaged and the occupants seriously injured.

The vehicle was found to contain stocks of campaign materials (Mahinda Chintanaya in Tamil) and a stock of large photographs of the PA candidate promoting his election.

04) Mathugama Crematorium
The Crematorium belonging to the U.C. Mathugama is being used by UNP supporters for their election campaign. Printing machines, welding plants etc are stealthily brought in to this place by night and posters, cutouts etc promoting the election of the UNP candidate, and mud slinging posters against the PA candidate have been printed, prepared at this place using its facilities including electricity.

05) Social Services Ministry
Vehicle No 65-2675 belonging to the Social Services Dept. is being extensively used by Mr S.M. Chandrasena, MP for Anuradhapura District Deputy Minister Social Services and his Supporters for the election campaign of the PA candidate and to intimidate and threaten supporters of the UNP candidate.

Vehicles bearing nos. WP-GU-5003 and WP-GU-5005 belonging to the Milco have been seen used for the election campaign in Nildandahinna in Walapone electorate.

(a)Gampaha Municipal Council
On 02.11.2005 the Prime Minister who is the PA candidate in the Presidential election, attended a function at Yakkela to declare open a Water Scheme. Elaborate arrangements were made for this ceremonial opening which was given an official status. But the function turned out to be a political propaganda meeting.

Fire brigade vehicle No 227-0959 belonging to the Gampaha Municipal Council, with the crew of fire fighters, was in attendance at the venue of this meeting. No payments have been made to the Municipality.

(b) C.T.B. Depot Gampaha
C.T.B breakdown vehicle No 22 Sri 9659 was also in attendance at the venue of the above mentioned function.

(c)Road Construction and Development Authority (Maga Naguma) Truck No 26 Sri 8664 belonging to the RCDA Ratmalana was used to transport material for the stage and seating accommodation at this meeting.

08) Department of Agriculture
Vehicle No 58-3694 belonging to the Department of Agriculture Peradeniya was used to transport organizers to an election propaganda meeting of the PA in Kandy Town on 31-10-2005.

09) Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau
Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau building at No. 234 Denzil Kobbakadu Mawath Koswatta, Battaramulla, had been in existence and third occupied since 17 January 2005. On 3 November 2005 there was a much publicized function at State expense where the Prime Minister ceremonially declared open this same building. As it turned out to be, this function was really another front for the election campaign of the PA
candidate at State expense.

10) Gampaha Police Division
Police truck No 42 Sri 9591 belonging to the Gampaha police Division was used to transport components of the platform for the election propaganda meeting of the PA at Teldeniya on 05-11-2005.

11) Advertisment Suppliment of Lake House Newspapers
A special supplement which was published in the Daily News on Monday the O7th November 2005 carried wishes for the success of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse in the Presidential election. 08 Public Cooperation’s have advertised in this supplement.

1. Development Lotteries Board
2. Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation
3. State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka
4. Urban Development Authority
5. “Maga Naguma”
6. Ceylon Shipping Corporation Limited
7. National Equipment and Machinery Organization
8. STC General Trading Company Limited

PPPR inquiries revealed that the advertisements were paid for by the relevant advertisers costing approximately Rs 947,600/-. These Corporations are funded partly by Government and partly by their own business ventures. Therefore it is clear that these Institutions have used Public funds to promote the election of the PA candidate, to the detritus of Public Resources.

PPPR is greatly encouraged by the Public response and media support.It is now appropriate to canvas the appointment of a Commission of Inquiry to identify the patterns of misuse of State Resources and to assess the extent and also quantify the losses

We acknowledge the benevolent gesture of the Canadian International Development Agency in supporting the efforts of the PPPR. This illustrates Canada’s commitment to the promotion of good governance and democracy in Sri Lanka.

We also acknowledge the support of MTV, SIRASA, and Shakthi.

Sgd/Tassie Senviratne
Director of Investigation

C.S. Jayadeva

10th November 2005

The Sri Lankan TR office is full of UNP members/supporters. TR has no credibility with ordinary Sri Lankans.
Security Forces Attack LTTE Cadre

Ilakkiyan of the political Wing of Amparai Sea Tiger unit was attacked by the Special Task Force (STF) soldiers Yesterday while he was carrying out his political work.

Ilakiyan was traveling from Thirukovil towards Aruhamai at 10.00 am yesterday morning. STF soldiers standing in guard at their security post in the area stopped the LTTE cadre. Ilakiyan produced proof of his status as an LTTE cadre. The STF soldiers ignored this and severely attacked him.

A complaint about this attack has been lodged with the Amparai SLMM branch.

02 February 2005


Quote of the Day

"Rather than idleness of people, it is the activeness of people that turns the wheels of the struggle. "

- Velupilllai Pirabakaran, National Leader of Tamil Eelam

Memory Calendar

7 civilians shot dead by Brainless Sinhala Buddhist Chavunist Thugs

Seven civilians were shot dead by the Sri Lankan Police in Thampalakamam, in Trincomalee this morning around 6.00 a.m. in retaliation to an attack by the Liberation Tigers on some police force in the area last night. The incident occurred in a village near Thampalakamam called Pokkuruni. 7 Civilians were dragged to the police post and were shot dead there. One civilian escaped with injuries.

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Of the 27 Tamils who were hacked to death in this premeditated murderous venture, twenty two were below the age of nineteen and they were in their early-teens when they were arrested in the streets of Colombo, Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Vavuniya. It is no secret that almost all these children were taken into custody because they were poor and that they were Tamils. In my two recent visits to Sri Lanka, I was able to meet some of the parents who said that their children were arrested and kept incommunicado for over two years in spite of the vain efforts made by the International committee of the Red Cross to verify their whereabouts.


""""""""""""" - 'The Sinhala political organizations and their leadership, which are deeply buried in the mud of Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinism, will never be able to comprehend the political aspirations of the people of Tamil Eelam. None of the major Sinhala political parties are prepared to recognize the fundamentals underlying the Tamil national question. None of the Sinhala political organizations is prepared to accept the northeastern region as the historical homeland of the Tamil-speaking people, that the Tamils constitute themselves as a distinct nationality and that they are entitled to the right to self-determination, including the right to secede. - """"""""""""""""""""""""

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================================================= LTTE is a politico- military organisation, which is fighting for the right of self-determination of the Tamil people =================================================
If you bothered to find out about TI you would know it's headed by J C Weliamuna who has proven that he's not in the UNP camp. I suggest you do a bit of a background check on him to find out how and why.
i don't believe violence, fraud and abuse of state property have any effect on the result especially when the electorate is large as in present case. of course it is always better if none of that happens.
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