Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why Prabha Likes The PA

It looks like I was wrong. Mahinda is going to win by maybe 50,000. So sue me.

But if Mahinda wins this time it's going to be because Prabhakarn screwed Ranil over. If the LTTE had allowed the people of the North and east to vote peacefully then there is little doubt that Ranil would have got most of those votes that were not polled. So if Ranil loses then it's going to be Prabhakaran's fault.

But hasn't the LTTE always helped the SLFP/PA/UPFA win?

Way back in the Premadasa days they got rid of him so Chandrika could come to power. Then they killed Gamini so she could become President. Then during her re-election campaign they killed some people at her rally and gave her a bad eye to win her second term on the sympathy vote. And now the LTTE's screwed Ranil and given the win to Mahinda.

So, instead of going to the temple to worship some stupid monks who did nothing to make him win, he should take a trip over to Kilinochchi and fall on his knees before Prabhakaran. It's a fact that the LTTE did more to make Mahinda win that either the JVP or the JHU could have ever done. He owes his win to them.

The rantings of a sore loser.
Dude ,
calm down .Ranil and Mahinda both told lot of shit to get elected .(Like all the politicians before them).Why you angry with your favourite sons of soil the LTTE?This falls right into their game plan.They didn't want to make a another Chandrika out of Ranil.When they killed Gamini and elected Chandrika (1994)she was for peace (as she always was) and she carried lot of votes from North and East .Jaffna Tamils mobbed the peace negotiator who went there right after the election.They had Chandrika brand Sarees and bangles.LTTE knew they made a serious mistake .They went right into war in 1995(blew up some navy ships without any warnings) ,painted her as a war monger .
They cannot afford a popular Sinhala politician among Tamils .It will be the end of the seperation dream.This was not a act done simply because Milinda or Navin made a stupid comment.It was in the cards all along .So grow up and get ready for the next round of peace talks and non-ceasefire-not-war.
I'm sure even if Ranil is elected they must have drawn up another plan to paint him as anti-tamil within 6 months.
They are happy about Mahinda being eleted I guess except for one little reason.KARUNA.He will try to get rid of him before any future war.So Morq, if you don't want full blown war happening soon better to keep Karuna alive.
I wouldn't bother trying to explain anything to Morquendi. He's a facist. And facists don't listen to anyone but themselves and their lunatic thoughts.

I'm waiting for the sky to come tumbling down. Just like Ranil signed pacts with the CWC, SLMC, Mano Ganeshan and whoever else Mahinda did the same. It's democracy.

At least Mahinda didn't bend to the dictates of the minorities to carve out racist ethnic enclaves in Sri Lanka.
I am a Tamil and wanted RW to win. The whole country is in a trap due to a shrewed move by LTTE. The margin was small and MR has to play a unifying role even in the South. If his not capable of ding that....Sri Lanka as we know today is slipping into the past.
Don't blame anyone but the "sole representatives"
ltte and its followers will soon get what they deserve.
And so will all those people who spat at the JVP :-)

Morquendi and his little camera are pictured shivering like frightened kittens in a dark and cold room.
"ltte and its followers will soon get what they deserve."

make sure to distinguish between the followers and the coerced
I doubt that will happen Ananthan. You see the UNP has been running a genocidal campaign against the Tamil people for ages. It started decades ago. Can anyone forget July 1983 at the hands of the UNP with Ranil in government? Now that they consider the LTTE the enemy they will probably take out their frustration on innocent Tamils like they have done so many times in the past.
fact of the matter is that most ppl chose not to vote without being actually coerced, just because of some vague threat, if they wanted they could have braved it(like ppl in the south in 1988 when ppl were actually killed) in the cleared areas. they did it in mannar. same percentage (29%) in other divisions would have made the differance, but they chose not to vote.
if you do not stand up for your rights you will not get any.
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