Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Army Commander Dead?

Official Army sources say Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka who was injured in an explosion today, is out of danger. However one source at the hospital says he is not out of danger and he has been taken in for surgery. An unconfirmed report from the Command office of the Army HQ says he's dead.

Regardless of whether the Army Commander is alive or dead, the explosion today remains the biggest attack carried out by the LTTE since the ceasefire agreement.

How is the Government going to repsond to it?

This is getting worse. Something needs to be done.i think the government is tolerating too much without taking any action against it. LTTE is preparing for a major raid and this peace talk time frame is put into good use by them to strengthen up their force.. sooner or later it is likely that they will go back to war. Country is hanging by a thread..im really sad about this situation.
This is a classic case of a Tiger will change its stripes! They used the ceasefire to fortify themselves and now that they have everything in place have resumed their quest for eelam with a vengence. The West should help us out and the Govt should really once and for all stop this menace.
Army has responded by bombing LTTE areas in Trinco and surrounding. Let's hope for minimal civilian casualty.
just heard about the airforce raid at Trinco LTTE camp. I think its time airforce showed some power to the tigers!. hope we have minimum casualties from that. and let the tigers learn a lesson
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