Monday, May 09, 2005

Lost in photocopying and faxing...

Here's a funny one...

This is how the financial aid to the displaced people is distributed:

The person goes to the Gramasevaka and puts their name down as a affected person. The name is written in Sinhala. Once he has this list for his whole village the Gramasevaka goes over to the Divisional Secretary and gives the list and says these are the people in my village who need the aid.

The Div Sec then makes a photocopy of the list and then sends it over to the District Secretary (along with the lists of all the other Gramasevaka lists from his division)

The Dist Sec then takes all the lists from the various Div Secs in his district and compiles a final list and faxes it to the Treasury in Colombo, and asks them to release aid for that many people.

Someone at the Treasury looks at the list (which by this time is a mangled jumble of letters) and signs it and releases the money to the People's Bank. They then fax the list of names over to the People's Bank.

Someone at the PB looks at the list and opens accounts for all the people using their 'new computer system' (which could mean anything). The names for these accounts are in English.

They open the accounts and then notify the people. The affacted are told they can walk over to the local PB with identification (or a letter from the Gramasevaka if they lost their ID) and collect their money from their account.

But what happens is that when a lot of people go to the PB branch to collect their money they find the name on the account and the name on the ID are very very different. All the passing from person to person and all the photocopying and faxing has fucked things up royally!

So then the affcted person makes a complaint to the manager of the PB and says, 'look here, that ass at the counter is refusing to give me my money because she says my name is different'. Then the manager says 'Oh, that's become quite a common problem. Make an official request to get the name changed on the account and we'll have your account, with the new name ready in a few weeks and you can have your money'. The affected person (justifiably) flips at this point.

I mean, really man, isn't this like the 21st century or something like that?

lol!!It is also Sri Lanka!!!dont forget that...
Oh & stop being so American - just because they are so anti Tigers - what's wrong with you man???

What happened to your balance.

Must be that big boil on your lower left lip.
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