Wednesday, June 15, 2005

JVP Leaves Government

The JVP announced today that it had decided to leave the UPFA Government. They say this is because they have not received a favourable response from the Government to their demand to withdraw the proposed Post-Tsunami Operational Management Structure, better known as the Joint Mechanism.

They have said they will bring together dissidents from the President's party and other parliamentarians to form another alliance soon. They have not yet stated whether they believe this alliance will be able to control Parliament. I seriously doubt if anyone major in the SLFP/UPFA is going to leave the party to join the JVP, but the JVP seems confident that they can win over some people.

Now that the UPFA no longer has the required number of seats to be in Government, it's upto Chandrika to see if she's going to broker a deal to get the support of the UNP even for a short while to sign the Joint Mechanism, or if she's going to dissolve Parliament and go for another general election.

Right now with the JVP out of power, god only knows what they will do to destabilize the situation in the country. What makes them scary is the fact that now they have infiltrated the Police and the Military way more than they had even back in 71. I know this is just a very paranoid thought, but if they decide to use this strength and maybe go for a coup or something like that, it just might work for them. But failure there would mean the end of the JVP so I don't think they're going to walk down that road just yet. They still have a few political options left, but if Chandrika is going to get the help of the UNP to get the Joint Mechanism through Parliament then all the JVP's shouting would have been pointless. As it is, all their protests seem to go into one ear and come out the next, for the President.

IT's a terrible thing. The political parties are like vultures circling aruond a carcass.

There's a dangerous atmosphere building here. Chandrika is concerned more about her place in politics than a common sense approach.

This is compounded by the JVP and their hold on the general public. Like it or not, they have a major influence on the majority of Sri Lankans. They tap into their innermost fears and insecxurities. The end result is a misinformed public who have no source of impartial information.

Ideal fodder for the plans of the JVP, SLFP, UNP or basically anyone else interested in causing havoc.

Pirapaharan is laughing his head off right now, I'm sure.
OOOOooooooohhhhh - whats an in-secx-urities when it's home!!!

Why worry that Pribaharan is laughing the WHOLE world is LAUGHING at you!!!! Which IDIOT would invite murdering monster's like the JVP to form a coalition - Chandrika deserves everything she gets - you think she'd have some family pride.

As for the "common" idiots brainwashed by the JVP's mad blatantly rascist propoganda who believe their BULLSHIT - well how I would love to see what happens to them if those bastard JVP take over - MY GOD - imagine the dead bodies this time round ...

First ... the JVP would kill everyone who has ever been opposed to them, then all the journalists (those still alive), then all the educated professionals, then all other religous leaders of other faiths, then hey look they are actually Stalin/Lenin/Marxist indoctrinated commrades so - they'd get rid of those pesky ugly Buhhdist monks (boy are they ugly - must be those shaved heads - I prefer my men with hair!) then having killed the monks - YOU GUESSED IT!!! All the remaining Buhhdists will get very upset when all their monks get killed - so they'll start protesting so ... JVP will have to KILL ALL the Sinhalese!!!

WHoo Hoo - then next thing you know - they'll be all these Sinhalese refugee camps set up in Eelam - my, my, my & you reckon Pripharan will be laughing. Don't worry about him - I think it's time people start worrying about themselves & what these murdering fools are going to do.

The Tamils will have their seperate state one day - it is inevitable - not because the Sinhalese give it to them - but because they are prepared to fight & die for it. Because there are 2 million of them living all over the world and since the Tsunami EVERYONE now knows the circus that is Sri Lanka and sympathy is growing for the Tamils daily. When the world sees mad monks getting involved in politics, Chandrika letting the very people who killed her father & husband into power who then turn around & now say they will kill her too, desperately needed aid being held up because of petty racial politics - the World can well understand why the Tamils want a seperate state - CAN'T YOU?????!!!!!!!!!

VIVA la REVOLUTION - let the KILLING BEGIN - hey third time lucky for the JVP.
the World can well understand why the Tamils want a seperate state - CAN'T YOU?????!!!!!!!!!

This is bloody hilarious :) I totally get what you mean.
Hey I missed this one - Morq you are not being paranoid - we all know what evil happened before because of the JVP.
It's obvious they have the Police &Military on their side but if they try a coup - India will invade & give them a good ole rollicking - which is what they deserve.
A_non A-non
Alternatively, the JVP may well come into power on the back of a sinhalese majority and actually do a good job of it! What is certain is the support of the sinhalese majority; unlike the present predilection the LTTE finds itself in! tsk tsk, what is this, the Hatton National Bank?

And ms "those pesky ugly Buhhdist monks".. the JVP consists of hardline Buddhists, not starry eyed university leftists (circa. 1971); a sensible reason, if any, NOT TO KILL BUDDHISTS. But top marks for the comedy routine, you'll need it when tiger pistol gangs move into wellawatta.


# as a side note. shouldn't you be more preoccupied with Karuna V praba? After all, the result of that little 'tiff'/blood bath will make for a timely addition to the two feature articles on the JVP; which you also read on this site (you have naive written across your face girlfriend). In the interest of good journalism this incident/set-back (embarrassment?) should equally receive its due 15 minutes of fame; in keeping to the espoused views about *unbiased reporting (which i just made up then, cos im not really sure if anyone here is actually espousing them).

And what sort of set back are we referring to? The type that involves a so-called guerilla menace that can't decide who's steering the ship, ironically, in the middle of a ceasefire, and with next to no encouragement by the 'chauvinist sinhalese' state! which brings me to this proverb: you can't have your eelam and eat it too. Wouldn't you agree comrade?
*btw do u suppose Chandrika would let the JVP into office if she truly believed they killed her husband? Wait,..THATS CRAZY TALK!!

..and you'd be right.
j2K5 - is this your code name for "I'm a DUMBASS JVP supporter"
You need to read a book man - "Sri Lanka - A lost Revolution? The Inside Story of the JVP by .... ROHAN GUNARATNA.

You're dreaming & spitting out rubbish at the same time - kinda like a sleep-walking Zombie. Oh the "starry-eyed leftist JVP of the 70s" - why don't ya tell that to all the folks still alive who experienced killings like my family. How they've changed NOT???- you AssHOLES are getting ready for another revoution with a few monks in tow.
You're so caught up in your own shit man it makes me wanna puke. Ya think you can take the higher moral ground because you reckon you have a Sihalese majority - you're FUCKING WHACKED - hey or you otta be. Hope Chandrika kicks your Asses man. If we didn't have sickos like you running around, man there'd be no Fucking LTTE or tigers or Karuna-group or whatever. You've got as much a majority as George Bush does in this country.
My family got out coz my Aunt was married to a Tamil & they lived over here in the States. Yeah man that's right - there's a whole heap of us who have Tamil relatives man & your kinda attitide gives us the SHITS.

BTW - Morq - don't agree with everything you say but keep on keeping on man - good to get a debate going where people don't get shot at speaking their mind. Sorry man - couldn't name myself - can't get past the first sign up page - so you should look into it - I'm on a MAC. Just letting you know & the JVP AH above that I ain't afraid to name myself - my family left Ceylon a long time ago coz of the horror my g-parents experienced one night in a small village near Negombo. Sorry this guy just hates Tamils & anyone else if they ain't just like him. Have fun in India man - trippy dude!!!
Hey - when you do get the Blog name thing sorted out dude - I'm gonna be

J-V-P SHOT MA FAM-I-LY for all the other A/holes who wanna bring em back.

Picture this - (an extract from the Rohan G book)
"Southern Sri Lanka - A slain mother of four children from Hakmana. Man you can tell she was rapped before they shot her."

I'm gonna scan the picture in for you dude - you need to see it. Read the extract below - there's more comming ...

"The JVP punished those who opposed them. Hit teams of the JVP military wing stormed the residences of politicians, government officials, members of the Sri Lankan Security Forces, supporters of other political parties, and those who defied JVP orders, of the state, etc..."

Who you gonna blame for this SHIT man - "Starry-eyed leftie commie students" - HELL NO - it's you guys the same AH's as before.
YEP: Anon Anon here again ...

In support of the guy before me I've heard of that Rohan Guneretne book & that picture he's talking about sticks in my mind. It gives some very graphic desciptions of the killings both by JVP & the Police to control the JVP.

I'm not sure Chandrika can whack the JVP given as I think I've said shes shit scared of them & they've openly threatened to kill her.

If anyone else has read the book - please let me know where I can get a copy of it. In fact if you list it on Ebay & tell me - I will buy it.

Anyway Morq not sure how you read these older comments left for your older articles but I've left another for you on this whole matter.

As for j2k5 - seriously you seem to think that the Karuna group have supporters & credibility. This habit of tinpot dictatorships buying & paying for their own band of counter terrorists is an old old trick. And it isn't lost on anyone anymore. The South African govt did it in Mozambique & Angola. The Americans dit it in Nicaragua, Iraq, Afghanistan, everywhere really. It just back-fires at the end of the day. The horror that Chandrika unleashed both with the JVP, the monks & her hired guns - Karuna's bandits, the "circus" will bite her in the proverbial.

Also - you know I like Morq coz - although he does fancy himself a bit - he's running this Blog site really well. You on the other hand have just written your comment 'cause you obviously think you needed to do a bit of LTTE bashing. I think you just have NO IDEA how much all of us are determined to have our basic human rights restored. Sure we live a vastly more wealthy, safe & happy life & lifestyle than eveyone back in SL. But that doesn't mean that for one minute we have abandoned those we left behind. AND - I know my Sinhalese friends who regularily tell me about how they've suffered & how they've got family who are still stuck in a cycle of fear, poverty & bullying. I mean just look at how ridiculous the whole Tsunai thing has been.

So j2k5 if you really care about your people - learn to accept certain things. I know I've grown up in a country where the Sinhalese people have developed an over the top nationalism. It's good to be proud of what & who you are - but it's taken way too far when people are killed. I respect this & the Buddhist religion. I don't respect murdering swine who incite racial violence for political gain. Don't be fooled you're only going to perpetuate the shit & get over your barely concealed racism towards Tamils.

ANON de NON de ..... NON
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