Wednesday, June 01, 2005


We have a report from Ninthavur in the Amparai District about anothe case like the one that we reported from Galabodawatta in the Galle District.

The Government officials in Ninthavur plan to buy a coconut plantation for about 1700,000 Rupees (that's 17 lakhs) an acre. This is rather overpriced for land in that area but according to a source the land being sold is owned by several persons who are very close to a local politician. And the owners have gotten their friend to approve the valuation which puts this plot of land at more than it's market price.

So they are going to sell this land to the Government for resettling the Tsunami displaced people and then make a profit in the process.

But why did I say this was a story like the Galabodawatta tragedy? Because this is prime coconut land, and the Government will clear the whole plantation, uprooting over 1000 coconut trees. Again, just as in Galabodawatta, the people who worked on this plantation (mostly informal labour) will receive no compensation. The owners of the plantation don't really care because they're sitting in Colombo and making a profit on the deal.

the story of Sri Lanka. Terrorists in the North. Idiots elected to power in the South.

Everyone focused on just serving their own narrow needs.

but seriously Morquendi, what do you suggest we do?

I mean, the main political parties - SLFP, JVP, UNP, JHU, TNA, SLMC and CWC - are more concerned about their little perks than the country.

There's no use in supporting the LTTE just to have a dictator's dreams realised.

the poor will always be the pawns. the sons and daughters of poor families - irrespective of race, caste or religion - have died for what?

to help put a dictator on the world map?
to save Colombo and its bloody aristocrats so that they can fatten their purses?

it can be so depressing sometimes...
Anon, or Anon Anon...

Guys, come on, please get names :) Just call yourselves some interesting names and stick to them. Like when you click on the 'other' thingy below the 'leave a comment' box you can put in any name you want! PLEASE!

Otherwise this gets very very confusing.

As for what we need to do about this, well the only tangible and realistic thing we can do at this point is to vote Mahinda Rajapakse into power!

He's got a few black spots on his record, but nothing as bad as the others. I know I've trashed him on this blog but he's an OK guy, really.

Hopefully things won't turn out like when the whole country voted Chandrika into power the first time.
frankly, I was really crushed when Kadirgamar wasn't made PM. But I suppose MR seems to be not too bad an option.

But do you think he's got even half a chance? what about that fatso Anura?

And let's not forget that guy who's recently published a book on two subjects he hasn't the faintest idea about.

with the "family connections" they've got, don't you think MR has less of a chance?
OI MORQ - that was not me .... gosh - can't you tell my writing style by now - AND I told you - read comments previously - I tried to get myself a name but I can't. This Anon guy is a new Anon - not like that other nasty Anon- he's a nutter!!!

Have one question about land being taken over etc - why isn't anyone protesting. You know it's time to tie yourself to the coconut trees etc. What about those pesky Monks - so called champions of the Sinhala people - why don't they go on a fast??? or something???

As for MR - what are his black spots. Anura will never be elected because he's gay and fat.

As for Kadarigama - he's Tamil so how's that going to work - he's also a goose - a clever one you know been to Oxford etc ... certainly managed to hold his own on Hard Talk compared to Chandrika!!! But - you don't need to have a long neck to be a Goose!!!

Yes - MORQ (you goose 2) - this is Anon Anon.

How about MORQ for president - have you murdered anyone - if not - I'll vote for yo - there - it's settled - MORQ rules OK!!!!
I mean - corruption I can deal with, laziness, stupidity, alcoholism, affairs with other ministers, showing up to work late, giving all the jobs in the public service to your friends & relatives - but MURDER - that's the one that REALLY gets my GOAT!!!!

Yep - it's me again - ANON ANON
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