Thursday, June 02, 2005

FYI: What Morquendi thinks about politics in the South

Just for the record, if someone wants to know about my politics (very briefly) :

I like Mahinda Rajapakse, I think he should be our next president.

I kinda like Chandrika, but it's on and off, sometimes I think she's ok, sometimes I think she's nuts. But person to person, she's got presence.

I don't like the JVP, and think Wimal needs help. I don't think murderers should be in Parliament.

I don't like the JHU, monks shouldn't be in politics.

As for the UNP, they are no longer relevant. They just don't get Sri Lanka or Sri Lankans. Ranil is a good diplomat, not a good politician.

These are my personal opinions, and have no impact on the work I do. Actually I wrote them down because I want someone to argue with and tell me why I'm wrong. I like getting pissed off when people tell me how wrong I am.

I'll share my personal opinions on the LTTE and the ethnic conflict later.


That was very interesting. Especially since I find myself in agreement with you (nothing endears someone to another as much as agreement).

Have you got any resources on all the killings of intellectuals perpetrated by the JVP? I think its timely to put those titles back on show. After all, if they're so against the LTTE and terror tactics, shouldn't we also point out their past?

As that kind soul from Nazareth pointed out so succintly: "Let he without sin cast the first stone"
Morq - are you sure about Mahinda Raja... - I want 3 reasons why you like him.
As for Chandrika - come on - get of the grass - the old girl is a nutter & suffers from trauma - you said before. She needs to go on a long long holiday, with one of her many obliging male minister "friends" & a tasty bottle of Whiskey! Send her on her way - please.
The UNP - will never be irrelevant - internationally whether you like it or not - Ranil has the numbers. Shame his uncle Jaywardene went on such a killing spree but Ranil has friends as does his party.
Now - the JVP - I agree with Kevin - show the dirt - show some photos better still of some of their victims - talk about how they turned on themselves.
100% with you on the Monks - they are the laughing stock of the Buddhist world - especially when you see them marching around with 6 year old boys & the caption reads - Buddhist monks & their "disciples" protesting about blah blah blah - I mean really - if it were Catholic priests with those boys there would be a multi-million dollar class action by now! Buddhism is a great religon - it does not deserve such vile hate-filled evil connections which murderous fanatics claim as a reason to act without impunity.
Yes I suppose the Tigers need a section all on their own - however it's interesting that you are comparing a revolutionary/freedome fighting/guerilla/terrorist organisation to the political parties above. It's a bit like comparing apples & .... coconuts.
Still - it is your BLOG & you can if you want to!!!
KEVIN! THANK YOU! Finally now someone has a name!

As for comparing the LTTE to these parties...well Anon I didn't mean to compare them in any way...they're not in the same league...wait, they're not even in the same GAME! :)

I don't think I can state my opinion of the LTTE and the groups involved in the ethnic conflict in one line...

I will dedicate an entire (short) post to why I like Mahinda...
Err waiting - all these posts are promised & none delivered - I suppose you've been out partying. Hey so have we - hence it's so late over here. Meeting some very interesting people these days - yes we are.

As for Mahinda - go ahead and do some posting about him but if I find out he's murdered more than 3 people and that you are related to him - well I'm NOT going to vote for him and you're credibility is on the FLOOR ... ok ....???
hey! where are those posts?
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