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Lonely Planet Guide to LTTE Terrorism

Sticking to the Lonely Planet is perhaps the best way to restrict your holiday to things that other people before you have done. Nothing new. No expanding of horizons, which to me is what travel is supposed to be all about.

For instance if you take the LP:Sri Lanka, you'd be shocked at the number of really cool places that have been left out simply because whoever was covering the island for the book didn't think they were cool enough to appeal to the average traveller. It's just a book meant to protect the image of Sri Lanka (or any other country) in the way orientalist thinking shaped it for the west. It's a warped reality.

A lot of people also seem to follow a LP like guide to LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka.

let's look at what sparked off all this recent anti-LTTE slogan-shouting. Lakshman Kadiragamar's killing. We still don't know who did it, and everyone I've spoken to in Sri Lanka thinks it was an inside job, and says this line of thinking has an ever increasing number of followers. Since I am not in Colombo I have no right to comment on this any further.

But let's have a look at how people have responded. Let's look at a few generic statements.


The LTTE kills alternative Tamil leadership, and is therefore incapable of being a part of the democratic mainstream and needs to be crushed militarily.

Seriously, that's nothing new. To anyone who's had their eyes and ears open in Sri Lanka for the past 20 years this is a painfully obvious fact. From the assassination of Doraiappa to forced assimilation of the other armed Tamil groups in the mid 80s to recent killings in Colombo, this has never stopped.

But, we didn't hear them shouting that when the leader of the EPRLF, best known by his nickname: Robert, was killed in Jaffna.

We didn't hear them shouting that when the Media Secretary of the EPDP Balanataraj was killed outside 'House of Fashions'.

But we did hear them saying pretty much the same thing when Neelan Thiruchelvam was assassinated.

Why is that?

In the first place Lakshman Kadiragamar was not an alternative Tamil leader. Find me ten Tamil people who would have voted for him, and I'll dance naked in front of Town Hall. Maybe he did have aspirations of being a great Tamil leader, but they were just dreams.

Neelan Thiruchelvam (a good man whose killing is unforgivable) never wanted to be a leader of the Tamil people. His life's work was about trying to push everyone towards a negotiated settlement, and he most certainly would not have accepted the JVP and JHU using his killing as a big stick with which to beat the LTTE.

But this was a brilliant opportunity for them to shout out to the world 'LOOK, THE LTTE ELIMINATES THEIR ALTERNATIVES!!!'

To acknowledge the EPRLF, EPDP or any one of the other groups involved in active anti-LTTE politics in the North and East (themselves not without innnocent blood on their hands) is a little dangerous, because any one of these groups could provide leadership to the Tamil people. So let the LTTE finish them off one by one and we won't utter a word. 'The fewer Tamil leaders we have around here, the better it is for us' seems to be the motto for the right wing Sinhala nationalists.

So they distract Colombo and the rest of the world from one of the most terrible crimes perpetrated upon the Tamil people by the LTTE, while elevating nobodies and unwilling people to the level of the leaders of the Tamil people. Right out of the LP Guide to LTTE Terrorism.


The LTTE are terrorists because of the Central Bank bombing/Dalada Maligawa bombing/Dehiwala train bombing/Town Hall bombing/murder of monks in Anuradhapura etc...

OK, the LTTE did do all of this, and that makes them literally 'terrorists'.

But these bombings carried out in Colombo, Kandy and the other frequently used examples are, to me, poor indicators of the LTTE's terroristness. The war mongers in Colombo do not care about the dozens of Sinhala and Muslim villages where entire families were massacred by the LTTE in the past 20 years. From Gonagala in Amparai to villages like Sungawila in Anuradhapura, and in a countless number of villages in the Mahaweli settlements the LTTE have murdered thousand of innocent men, women and children.

But the war-mongers in Colombo do not care about these people. Because the LTTE trying to blow up a fucking fake tooth we crawl on our knees to worship is way more serious than them hacking to death an entire village. To them the LTTE blowing up a few airplanes in the BIA is more important than the systematic abduction and murder of hundreds of Sinhala and Muslim farmers in the East.

The Wimal Weerawanses, Athuruliye Rathnas, Maduluwawe Sobithas, and now Indika Samarajeewas keep going on and on about these few incidents to tag the LTTE as terrorists because these are 'high profile' incidents. They make for good press and everyone knows the press loves gory pictures. If it bleeds it leads.

This only proves that these pseudo-patriots care not about exposing the true nature of LTTE terrorism, but about furthering their political agendas on a 'LTTE are terrorists' platform. To do this they do not have to go to the East to speak to Sinhala villagers affected by the LTTE. Those guys don't give good soundbytes for the cameras!

So again, they distract us from the real nature of LTTE terrorism so that they may reap the benefits of the political fallout. A warped reality that we swallow whole simply because it's much easier to digest. One more from the LP Guide to LTTE terrorism.


And there you have it folks, that's me trying to understand the Lonely Planet Guide to LTTE Terrorism.
Co-authored by Wimal Weerawanse, Athuruliye Rathna and Champika Ranawaka.
Layout done by our own Indika Samarajeewa.

I believe the LTTE to be a group that frequently resorts to terrorism. But I also believe the Government of Sri Lanka also engages in terrorism. More debate on this later, just wanted to let those of you who read this know that I'm not the run-of-the-mill GoSL loving LTTE basher.

Nice to have you back. It was getting tiring dealing with shamanism.
"Because the LTTE trying to blow up a fucking fake tooth we crawl on our knees to worship is way more serious than them hacking to death an entire village."

What a sick thing to say. I'm ashamed at your religious bigotry and hatred. For millions of Sri Lankans the Tooth Relic is venerated and worthy of worship and who are you to call it "a fucking fake tooth"? I'm sure you have a lot of hatred towards Buddhists but this is just beyond low Morquendi.

Your writings are generally interesting to read but I can't believe you would stoop this low to get your message across.

Disgusting to say the least.
Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. We're sick of your animal-hating, anti-Tamil, anti-women friends.

Fine Wolf Mother if you don't want the rude comments left by K-Lo & his Anon friends to be removed but would be good if Morquendai would show some leadership like Ananthan and IVAP.

I posted the comment by Brian because he is a grand old Sinhala gentleman, those of us who know him can vouch for this. Only to have an article from one "Tisaranee Gunesekra". Am in the process of tracking her down, I'm sure she'd be most embarrassed that her name is being used in association with the garbage your friends dished out towards Tamil women.

Over to you Morquendai.
Oh dear, here we go again. Before this Blog launches of into another barrage about "The Tooth" would just like to stress that my comment is squarely pointed at K-Lo and his Anon friends.

I have no issues with Indi as he at least had the decency to apologise.

Again, I say, over to you Morquendai, this is your Blog after all.
I do hope you didn't mean the "Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" with regards to the Tooth Relic and Moequendi's comment about it, Cleo.

I got to this particular page through the website just then and had to say something after reading Morquendi's comment.

If this person Morquendi - whoever he is - has the decency to respect the different religious traditions that exist around the world (and in Sri Lanka) I'm sure he would edit out his comment or apologise for descending into religious bigotry and hatred.

I don't know what religion he follows (if any) but any practicing Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or Muslim wouldn't be proud of his hate.
Have to agree with "observer". Your comment on tooth relic is completely disgusting. Your writings are usually interesting, but have to say that you stooped to a very low level with this comment, Morq.
It's not a wise thing to use filth to describe and put down any religiious faith.

ivap: respect, dude.

which side of reality are you from?

animal-hating, anti-Tamil, anti-women?

(a) I don't hate animals. I have no idea what gave you that impression. Judging by the majority of Morq's posts, I assumed that the people who comment were above attempts at tribal shamanism, which went out of vogue with the gradual evolution of the human brain. I *do* take issue with people whose main occupation with a debate is taking up screen space with tales of wolves.

(b) I love women. They are by far the more interesting half of the species. If at all there was any attack, it was directed at one person who for all I know rattles skulls and wears wolf skin. Oh yes, I also used the term "stupid woman". Why you should be offended by this term is beyond me - perhaps it describes you too?

(c) I have no issue with Tamil people. When I say I don't give a fuck about tamils - perhaps I have been misunderstood. It means that being tamil - or sinhala, muslim whatever is really not the sort of thing that I particularly care about. Your ethnicity/religion is not a matter for me to judge you on. translated: "I don't give a fuck".
I *do* however, have a problem with the LTTE and their supporters. I *do* have an issue with the nutcases who call for war, especially those abroad. Terrorism is just a dirty way of fighting a war.

Cleo, you need to re-read the posts in this blog. You speak of moderateness and ask for understanding, brand others as haters; but yet when somebody makes a perfectly valid point about disrespect towards religion, you say: " Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

There's a word for people like that: "H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E".

And here's a little idea that just occurred to me as to why there are so many LTTE supporters out there in Canada, Aussie, UK etc:

"JAFFNA TAMILS - Batticola Tamils are OK - well those few that survived the Tsunami anyway - they will all be allowed to migrate to Canada soon so it doesn't matter"

So, if the LTTE continues its armed "struggle" in Sri Lanka, more and more tamil people can claim an ethnic conflict. In turn, tamil people can claim asylum and leave easily for the greener pastures in the west.

And what happens when the conflict is over? ta ta to all the easy visas?

hmmmm... maybe the whole Nittea conspiracy thing has finally gotten to me too....
From Ashanthi's previous comment:
We cannot continue like this - something has to change. We have very little choice but lets choose the best option - if not for ourselves, for our children who if they do not inherit our culture of intolerance/hatred & our history of violence will live peacefully with each other forever...

Ahhhh.... so despite the heavy use of animal names and generally immature comment, you do have something interesting to say...

I must concede, on this point, I agree with you totally.

Which brings me to my point. The state has made its mistakes in the past. So has the LTTE. Peace is not just the absence of organised warfare.

Just as there are NGOs and sinhalese professionals pushing for greater accountability in the south, there needs to be more noise directed against the wrong deeds of the LTTE by the tamil community, especially among the diaspora which is responsible - voluntarily or under duress - for their funding Before anyone launches a tirade, kindly note - for the benefit of Cleo and the like - that yes, I am here accepting the rather obvious truth that the two main parties in this decades-long conflict have both committed their various crimes.

Once there is a proper cessation of violence and assorted name-calling, there should be greater dialogue on how the country should be run. This is a matter for young people to decide, as we will be the ones to live in the new, unified Sri Lanka, which ideally might have a federal power sharing system.

Corruption is everywhere. There will be no utopia, but a land free of the JVP and the LTTE is something I'm willing to work (and vote) for.
Again I really don't wish to talk to Mr K-Lo or his alias anon friends but just to clarify, my comment "can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen" was directed at you K-Lo & only you.

I had just left my comment when I noticed the comment by "an observer" at 1:42AM. My comment, if you notice K-Lo was left at 1:52AM. I did not read the comment by "an observer" we would have been writing our comments almost simultaneously.

I know nothing about "The Fake Tooth" and I then immediately left a comment, at 1:58AM to qualify this.

I have no comment to make about "The Fake Tooth". I think you are all frustrated because Morquendai is not responding. Kindly refrain, especially you K-Lo from trying to start another attack on another women Blogger.

I haven't bothered to read any of your other drivel because you bore me.

So again, LOL, Get out of the Kitchen and Back to your Cave, you brute...
I haven't bothered to read any of your other drivel because you bore me.

The mark of True Intelligence - NOT listening (or in this case reading) the other person's view before talking(or in this case typing).

Ahhh.. what would the world be without such immaturity and Attention Deficiency?
Kevin Lomax!#@@#!%#@!%#%@@!#^#@#%@

- are you unemployed? You have the biggest chip on your shoulder - you were born with it. You can't scold & denegrate people because they don't want to read your comments. What is wrong with you?!@!@!

I think you really gooffed there with acusing Cleo of making any comment about the TOOTH. Surely you are intelligent enough to understand that the TOOTH is very specific to only SL Bhudism?

What do I say - you don't have to have a long neck to be a GOOSE!!!

Just because Cleo isn't interested in your comments you start personallly attacking her. Again - I am no femminist I think Cleo has a point. It's a pity because really I think, most Sri Lankan men - have a very good reputation normally with women. Certianly, for a start they tend to be well educated, earn lots of dosh & every SL Mother who has a daughter wants to snare them!!!! Yep I remember the days when the most interesting thing to read in the SL daily newspapers was who had been proposed to whom.

Well - let's not go there again - it makes me sad because as I say little did I know that 250,000 people where being killed in the space of just 5 years. It is our history & it's also our present reality - only fools think it is out Past. Our Past are things like our colonization by the Dutch, the French & those pesky Poms (hope you beat them at the cricket too IVAP!) and things like the Chola kingdom.

Hmm - can't really see Kev Lomax & Indi falling into the categories of being on the eligible bachelor list. Kev because he's a female Blog Basher & Indi because he's married to his Aarak bottle - have a flick through his photos - you'll see what I mean!

As for you trying to make out that you are for peace - well you & your friends are certainly not showing that on this Blog!!!!

I agree with you Cleo - I too cannot comment about the Tooth. Of course I have heard this from other people too & all religous artifacts can be questioned. I don't want to get into that issue at all - but I must say Morq has made quite a stong point with his post. It's up to him anyway to respond to his crtics about that comment ...

So .... (big breath of FRESH AIR) - MORQ - will you STOP prancing around India & get your sorry arse back to SL & keep this Blog up-to-date. Stop flirting away over there - looks like you've got a "lass" in every port (!!!) & you are having way too much fun.

There is an election on the way.

Ps - thanks IVAP for that link - it was very funny to read some of the comments. I am heartened that there is such a lively discussion going on in SL - hmmm thought of course there are always a few "nutters" floating around!
By the way - I would like us all to spare a thought for the people of New Orleans & Misissippi.

They may not have lost as many lives but they too have just experienced the terror that Nature can unleash.

Send them your thoughts & prayers....
I would just like to say that respect and veneration of relics is not unique to Sri Lankan Buddhists. Most if not all Buddhists respect and venerate the relics of the Buddha and various Buddhist saints/monks.

Please see:

Singapore's Chinatown to build 53 m dollar temple for Buddha's tooth relic,720,0,0,1,0

Relics of the Buddha reach journey's end,209,0,0,1,0

Sacred Buddha relics on show,977,0,0,1,0

Ancient Buddhist relics on exhibit in New Orleans,400,0,0,1,0

Heart Shrine Relic Tour in Los Angeles,1318,0,0,1,0

Rare Buddha relics exposition in Czech Republic,24,0,0,1,0

Respect and veneration of relics is not unique to Buddhists either, many Hindus and Catholics also have relics that they hold sacred. I wonder whether this Morquendi character will degrade and ridule them also?

I do hope Morquendi will be kind enough to comment on his hateful outburst, which I sincerely hope he penned down when he wasn't in a right state of mind.

The issue isn't whether he believes the relic in Kandy to be genuine or not, but in the depraved manner he refers to it and the Buddhist practice of paying respect to it.
MORQ!!!!!- Why haven't you commented??? I am shocked at the way you've referred to the relic! It's not you is it?
morquendi's gratuitously offensive comments about the tooth relic and war mongers exaggerated outrage against high profile terrorist acts have the same root - a desire to get as much attention as possible for political benefit.
Dear "Ashanthi" - we were never colonized by the French!
And I must say your attitude towards other religions is pathetic. Relics are held sacred not only by buddhists but by many other religions as well.In any case you don't critizise another religious faith,whatever your religion is,in such lowly language.Surely however much "heart" you have towards "Morquendi" you must agree his comment on the tooth relic IS disgusting!

Hope there will be an apology from you "Morq".
I will repeat myself again ....

I am NOT in any position to comment about "the TOOTH". I know nothing of any substance about "the TOOTH". I did NOT make the comment about "the TOOTH". This is Morq's Blog - he made the comment. I might be Tamil - but you can't blame me about Morq's comment about "the TOOTH". I do NOT wish to get involved with any discussions about "the TOOTH".

I have no, n o, NO, N O, none, NONE what-so-ever comment to make about THE TOOTH.

So if you want to pick a fight - pick on someone else - because you are not the only ones that read this Blog - many others do too - & you are now appearing to be very, very .... Hmmmmm..... let me think know - hmmmmm - desperate to - pick a fight.

As I said before - I HAVE NOOOOOOOOOO COMMENT TO MAKE ABOUT MORQ'S COMMENT ABOUT THE ................ T - O - O - T - H!!!!

Even if I did know anything about the TOOTH - I still would not engage in any comments about. I - ME, MYSELF & I - have NO isseus about ..............................

THE T O O T H .....................................................................

Never have & never will do ...............................................
And as for us never being "colonized" by the French - I've read a Barbara Cartland about it & she know more than you so I'm sorry - I believe her.

Besides - so what if you think we weren't - as far as I'm concerned they DID colonize us.

If you can't learn to accept different points of view - bein venue s'il vous plait ... ici, ici - mon dieu!
And finally ... I would like to say, again - will you all spare a thought for what the people of New Orleans are going through - nature has not taken as many lives as she took from us, however - they have felt the fury & devastation of nature & they are suffering just as we did .... so send them your prayers and your thoughts...

We must learn, as a nation to stop at least now and again and comtemplate the suffering of others ... never forget how the world reached out to us, it was unprecedented in human history - we have to show that we do not just think of ourselves day in and day out ...
And as for us never being "colonized" by the French - I've read a Barbara Cartland about it & she know more than you so I'm sorry - I believe her.

Barbara Cartland as an expert on Sri Lankan history, notably its colonization by... the French.

Despite much historical evidence - the colonisation of what was formerly Ceylon by the Portugese, Dutch, English respectively from 1505 to 1948 pales in the face of the period of French rule, as detailed by Barbara Cartland, renowned Romance novelist and her voracious supporter, Ashanthi. Both of whom, it seems are much better authorities on the subject than anyone else.

I apologise for everything that I have said to you before, Ashanthi - I did so under the impression that you were an intelligent young lady. Evidently, you are neither intelligent, nor judging by the words you use, are you a lady.
I am sitting here in front of my laptop - which fortunately survived Kev's last silly splog - laughing away....

Ok - I've stopped now ...

Let me give you a few facts (no more laughs, all very serious now, I am)

1. Yes I am young .... you are obviously rather old
2. Yes I am of the female human species - Morq was getting this all a bit confused before - actually I was getting so desperate that I was going to post a photo of myself - hey may still do so because it seems that one has to repeat oneself about a 1000 times on this Blog (groan - read "TOOTH" comment)
3. I started reading Barbara Cartlands when I was 8 & I stopped when I was hmmm.... about 14 - moved straight onto Tolkein.
4. If you know anything about Sri Lankan women - we all read Barbara Cartlands .... voraciously.....
5. I have had my IQ tested - also interestingly at 14 & I scored 144 on the Mensa test.
6. Sorry if my language offends you - but I think you under one of your aliases take the cake.
7. I have said this before - but I obviously need to say it again - my sun don't rise & my moon don't set on your approval. Your opinion of me means absolutely nothing.
8. You should apologise to Cleo for accusing her of something she did not do - err if you consider yourself to be a gentleman that is.
9. Do you have a job and your own Blog site - this one only seems to cause you stress - go back to your own space - might be better for you... just a friendly hint...
10. Whether the French were in Ceylon (hmmm - Ceylon - where does that word originate from - hmmmm). ..... for a while or a long time - we were a very small community back then and they, like all colonial visitations had an impact on us. The point was - which none of you or your aliases bothered to acknowledge is that this is our PAST and we need to move on from it.

We do have the power to change our future, to improve the lives of those of us who are suffering regardless of caste, creed, colour or culture. Rather than rambling on about the Chola dynasty - tell me (oh no - maybe I should not say this - oh no this is a mistake ...!) tell me what you think we are going to do with our present dynasties...

We have a few old ones & a few new ones ....I loose sleep not over the Chola dynasty or whether the French were in CEYLON for 5 minutes or 500 years but on what traumatises Sri Lanka today.


the inability of supposed educated, "intelligent" men who can't see beyond the front of their noses...
Errrr - sorry I forgot one last thing Kev -

You need to get yourself a sense of humour!
Neelan and Kadir are not "alternative" Tamil leadership. They basically looked after themselves at the expense of the Tamil people and unfortunately paid the highest price for it. These two could have honestly worked for a peaceful settlement of the ethnic conflict using their positions. However, they failed to do that in any meaningful way.
woah singlese accepting their own ppl make mistakes... gr8 but now u have to start looking for real fact...for instance if ltte did really massacred muslims and singlese farmers... ur government is known to have exagurated the truth and created false propagenda.

even during the last leg of eelam war 3, srilankan government nvr did relse what was happning in the battel fields or how many soilders they had lost. So how can 1 trust anything the singlese government says?
lawl..sinhala people are fucking fags.
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