Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bloggers' Peace Plan

As Morq seems to be busy, I thought I'd create the new post. I haven't made any changes to Ashanthi's text. They are a direct copy and paste from the comment she left in the last post. It would be good if Kevin and Ananthan left their posts here again. Alternatively, I could copy and paste them here if that's alright with you guys.

So here goes. . .

I'd like to propose a new topic for us to participate in...I would like us to propose a 10 point peace plan for Sri Lanka. I invite 10 Bloggers to participate...

Morq (of course), IVAP, Sittingnut, Ananthan, Ian, Yaroo, Kev Lomax, myself ...hmmm, alright Indi's allowed to & 1 other person - I said person - not a nutter ...I'll go first ....this is just a draft bear with me ...

1. Trial seperation - Both parties break of any further contact immediately. Withdrawal of troops from Jaffna. Re-signing of commitment to stop picking of potential foes.

2. Seperation to be enforced by a Peace-keeping force administered by the UN - no more rampaging Sikhs please !!!

3. At the end of a 5 year seperation - ALL associated parties must lay down their arms.

4. A referendum to be held in the North & East whereby electorates can decide if they wish to remain within the Sri Lankan framework or set up an Independent state.

5. Based on the above a constituion is drawn up for the North & East.That's a start. Please add in other points.

Now - if you disagree with a point. Name the author of the point & state W H Y. No need for mud-slinging just say Why you think it is inappropriate/does not work/is not fair/or whatever.So - at the end of this excersice we will have our 10 point plan for Peace & be able to submitt it in the upcomming elections via the Bloggers for Peace Party :-) - I reckon it will be better than anything that those rotten Politicians come up with!!!

Again I say - Peace Brothers!!!

Note from Morq: First, apologies to Yaaro for putting this on her post. Nothing else in the post has been changed.

I would like this post to be an exception to the no-comment-is-deleted policy which has been followed so far. By removing ALL* comments which have nothing to do with the argument (including one I put up an hour ago) I hope to improve clarity in the argument[s], to some degree. I hope you agree with me.

*Fred stays for being nice :)

Thanks for counting me in but I think I am happy being part of the audience. However Ashanthi, your first point doesn't seem to be feasible at all from where I see it. We are where we are because of the very same point and am pretty sure that the GoSL (and more importantly the citizens) will not agree to even a trial 'ealam'[if that's what you are implying]. If that were the case, we would have seen Ranil taking this country a step forward in his time as PM. I would suggest, a ceasefire but of course one that lasts for at least 5 good years. When I say ‘good’, I mean not spending time (1) pointing at each other’s mistakes (2) counting who’s breached the agreement the most number of times. Of course neither party will be honest and that is expectable (given their past) however it would be good to have the UN monitor the ceasefire instead of the Norwegians (even though I feel they’ve done a good job so far or at least not a bad one) purely because the JVP wouldn’t have anyone to be pointing fingers at. I still remember reading 2 full-page articles of how Erik Solheim went cheating on his wife. That was the limit!
5 good years would make a significant difference to both camps. The LTTE will have plenty of time to think about other things in life. ‘things’ that don’t require children with guns. They’ve already established a few educational institutions in the north and am sure they’d be more than happy to strengthen their so called extra curricular activities. At the end of the day you have to remember that they [cadres] are humans too and would like to lead a ‘close to normal’ life. So the idea would be to deviate their attention from the usual guns and shells and take them step closer to living life normally When I say ‘them’ again. . .I mean the cadres. The ones who do the actual fighting. The ones who lose their lives in battle. Prabakaran belongs to a generation that will not be able to see anything beyond war and hence I do not expect him to change in those proposed 5 years but of course we have to remember that he also has children and they would also like to lead ‘close to normal lives’. So it is a possibility. It would also be good to bring forward, the elite advisors of the LTTE. The ones with the PhDs from Cambridge and Oxford (like someone mentioned in Indi’s blog) because at the end of the day they are part of most of the LTTE’s major decisions and I don’t see why the LTTE should have Thamilchelvam (an illiterate bustard-apologies for that but I can’t stand that guy) do all the talking. Something he’s done a hopeless job of too.
My two cents. . .

P.S: Kevin, Ananthan and Ashanthi- do paste your related comments from the previous post here.

What do you mean by separation though? Simply no SLA? no government? trial eelam?

are we making this realistic or just idealistic? cause i dont think a lot of those would fly

the gosl would never go for a trial separation, that would be like effectively granting a free state, it would be hard to reverse after 5 years
Good point Ananthan but let's face it - anything is going to appear idealistic when CBK is refusing to bow out gracefully and Mahinda has done a deal with a few devils.

So - maybe this is an idealistic situation but let's try and make it practical. Please put forward your Bloggers' Peaceplan Points - or BPP's. Do it in point form & then we can debate each point.

This is also a project to see if we can find common ground to agree on. Eg - Yaaro & I agree that the peace-keeping force should be run by the UN. (Err as for Eric's wife cheating - you men are all the same - doesn't matter where you're from!)

So - back to my BPP 1
[Trial seperation - Both parties break of any further contact immediately.]

I seriously think this is critical to put a full stop to the vicious cycle of hatred, murders, bloodshed etc.

[Withdrawal of troops from Jaffna and the implementation of Law & Order in the 3 provinces]

UN Peace-keeping force to take over from the Military
To be done in stages over a 6 month period. The GOSL would hand over Jaffna to the UN & leave behind a consultative high command of army officials who may all be newly appointed. This would be done to ensure that the GOSL high command does not constitute any members who may have been involved in violent acts against the local Jaffna civilians. Again - this is critical to stop the suffering of Tamils in Jaffna. In Jaffna - the UN's main task will be to prevent hostilities between the GOSL Army, the LTTE and the civilians. Regular and on a needs basis meetings will be held between the UN, GOSL and the LTTE.

Batticola and Trinco will be slightly different - here the UN's main job will be to prevent hostilities between GOSL, GOSL sponsored military groups and the LTTE. Again the GOSL would maintain a consultative Army high command - but in Batti & Trinco this high command must draw members from the LOCAL - not imported from Colombo - but LOCAL respected representatives from the Sinhala, Muslim & Tamil communities. Again - these representatives will have to have an untarnished record.

Law and Order
In addition to the UN peace-keeping force we would ask the international community to provide us with a Law and Order force - an International Police Force as it were.

This International Police Force would take over in Jaffna/Batti & Trinco and commence recruitment and training of a local Police force. The new Police force would have to reflect exactly the ethnic make up of these provinces.

In addition to training this new Police force on the correct interpretation of law - ie how to issue a parking fine to a Trickshaw .... the most fundemental thing that the Police recruits need to be taught will be ETHICS!!!
Policemen who are in breach of any rules and regulations will be brought before local community reps and appropriately dealt with. Punishment for breaches will be harsh to ensure that a message of zero tolerance of un-ethical behaviour is understood. No Local Police will be allowed to carry arms in the initial stages - again there will be a gradual hand-over from the International Police Force to the Local one. In fact this will not be finalised until after the referendum is held at the end of the 5 years & the referendum is deemed to be fair and equitable.

A well behaved, honest, grass-roots representative Police Force is critical to getting people to feel safe.

Now - I've rushed through this - yes there are holes in it. But the idea is that we start somewhere. So we start with the principal of providing safety to the local populous whilst removing day to day governance of the land from Army hands.

Civilians need to feel safe - I'm a woman I know how critical this is. If we provide the people of the North and East with security that they trust - then they will feel safe. It is every human beings right to feel safe in the land that they occupy.

So for the first BPP - I ask you all to think about how we can provide this in the three provinces.

Thanks Yaaro for starting up this Post - you're a star!
What a coincidence Ashanthi, Lakhdar Brahimi, the special envoy of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, has said the organisation would not replace Norway as mediators!
Just for the record, I am female and hence do not wear suits and have no intentions of cheating on (WO)MEN!:)

P.S: Where is Morq???More importantly, our bloggers!
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ashanthi & yaaro:

this is great and fun. though highly idealistic(may be all great things are) and unrealistic.

anyway here are my amendments

bpp 1 should change to
[Trial separation - Both parties break of any further contact immediately. all armed troops from both sides should withdraw to designated barracks away from main cites]

bpp 2.
[Separation to be enforced by a Peace-keeping force administered by the UN - who will also designate the barracks referred to above and will be responsible for keeping law and order nobody else is allowed to use force anywhere in north and east]

bpp 3
[At the end of a 5 year separation - ALL associated parties must lay down their arms except for the national and newly constituted provincial police forces (consisting of former militants) that will be under the command of the u.n. for a further 5 years ]

bpp 4
[A national referendum to be held within the 5 year period to approve a federal constitution based on the results of the negotiations between all parties - should obtain majorities in 7 southern , northern , and eastern provinces separately to be effective]

bpp 5 ... this one is redundant

bpp 6
[a interim administration to be constituted within one year to carry out day to day administration - it can be similar to the p-toms]

bpp 7
[a truth and reconciliation commission should be constituted on the south african model]

'anything is going to appear idealistic when CBK is refusing to bow out gracefully and Mahinda has done a deal with a few devils.' this is actually a hopeful sign imo. mahinda probably just lost the election.

ashanthi & yaaro:
'you men are all the same - doesn't matter where you're from!' -'I am female and hence do not wear suits and have no intentions of cheating '- with whom do all these men cheat with? or are they all gay?:-)
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Great initiative. I'm from elsewhere, so it doesn't matter what I think, but I hope you keep talking, keep trying to see each other's points of view, rather than scoring points, and rise above all the crap. I hope others get involved in the conversation.
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I love gatecrashing.

Dugi: "Party poopers" - does this insinuate that solving the ethnic conflict is a party game? I must say I disagree with the whole "all your Eelam are belong to us" thing, but someone here does have a point about elitism. Blogging is a hip activity carried out by very few Sri Lankans. Most who do are expats. In general you will find that most of those who seek to 'solve' the ethnic conflict through idle chatter—especially those so enthused as to get sanctimoniously hyper—have the luxury of not living in the mess that this country is rapidly turning out to be.

This is not to imply that those of us sweating it out here have a greater right to formulate opinions or fire out suggestions than expats. But distance is not a good framer of events. Forming an accurate picture is difficult. Even people who live in Colombo and read the newspapers religiously don't really know all that's going on. Over the past few weeks, tit for tat killings in the East have escalated dramatically. Mahinda is so desparate for power that he'd rather risk war than losing to Ranil. Signing up with the JVP and pledging to undo all that Chandrika did to piss them off is abominable from all perspectives. And don’t get me started on Ranil. Politics here can be summed up by paraphrasing Chandrika’s speech a couple of days ago: “We [in the SLFP] do not work as individuals. We work only for the party”. One wishes they’d think about working for the country for a change.

But back to the point. This distance, in terms of space, in terms of lifestyle, in terms of cultural understanding, in terms of knowledge—this is what leads to alarmism, sensationalism and idiocy. The headline of this blog isn’t going to read that Morq has been assassinated for his political views. The country is not that fucked up… yet. No one with the power to rub people out gives a shit what goes on in the blogosphere. Yet this alarmism, which permeates much of what passes for discussion here, cannot separate fact from myth. That leads to sensationalized idiocy.

On the subject of which… Ashanthi, I know I’m not invited to be part of your nation-saving little club, but I really must comment on your peace plan. I think it’s brilliant.

1. Trial separation? Awesome idea. After all, the country’s been fighting for only—what is it now—22 years? I’m sure they’d all like a break. Give those aching trigger fingers a rest. Take time off to polish the firearms and patch the fatigues. Play with the kiddies. Teach them a thing or two about jungle warfare. And then, when play time’s over, uncle Kofi will don his school ma’am dress, and call everyone back for lessons.

2. Peace keeping force administered by the UN? Better than the Sikhs, I grant you. But ever recall those pesky reports about how ‘peaceful’ the peace keepers are? Or Paul Volckner’s report about corruption and inefficiency leading to the abysmal state of the Oil for Food program? On consideration, perhaps not…

3. All parties lay down arms after a 5 year recess? Of course, of course. So simple. Uncle Kofi will exchange hall monitor passes for AK 47s. Or will it be old Dhanapala or that Thai chappie by then? Could be a problem if it’s the former. Apparently—shock, horror—the LTTE think he’s a tad biased.

4. A referendum to decide independence? Excellent idea. I’m sure friend Prabha will ensure it’s free and fair. He’ll be outside the polling booths checking people’s Eelam IDs and shooting anyone else. Efficient bugger, that. There’ll be a 100% voter turnout, and no spoilt votes either. For verisimilitude, only 98% will vote for independence. After all, we must assume at least 2% of the people there are Sinhalese or Muslim.

5. Constitution for the North and East? Drafted, no doubt, by old uncle Thamilselvam. Or better yet, auntie Balasingham and his spouse. I’m sure that the ensuing nation-state won’t turn into the tinpot dictatorship Lakshman Kadirgarmar feared until he was bumped off by those gentlemen.

I could go on and on in this vein. But I won’t.
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you just repeat what we already know. what's your solution?

your only solution seems to be war (and as usual you are a anon). you don't have to go on we know what's wrong with you.

so if you don't have a bpp, post a joke like dextr preferably a short one. and not some post repeating the same thing again and again.
sujith(another anon):
A lot of the people who contribute to this blog seem to think way too highly of themselves - sorry about you low selfconfidence. so all this war talk gets you pumped up, huh?
Well Hello Bloggers!!! This Blogg is going Off - must confess when I read some of the comments - don't know whether to laugh or cry ...

Yes I'm an idealist, & a hopless romantic & yes I want peace for my people - hey & you know what, your people - are actually my people too!

I want peace for my people because I love them dearly - with every inch of my soul & all of my heart. Just as I loved what used to be my country. For a long time now I have been learning things about our people that affect me so much that I will take them to my grave & I have quite a few more decades to go... These things give me nightmares - I've spent a lot of time wondering why, how did this happen to us? At the end of the day - I want things to change & I have to start somewhere.

So - help me. I know if I feel my peoples pain so acutely for them it is a 1000 times worse.

I understand that you all think the BPP is not going to amount to anything - but you don't know what an absolutely determined, strong-willed person Ashanthi is :-) - or maybe you do! So - trust me - your input is critical let's go through this process. At the end of the day we will have something that is real & tangible. Have faith Bloggers...

Just a bit of BPP administration stuff - Sittingnut's BPP points are so far in the best order to debate. Let's stick to debating these points & put in any additional ones - iow - let's build on this & can those that have contributed already please incorporate their points in.

So the BPP needs input from ..
Morquendi (when you are ready)
Cleo (any chance you'd like to come back?)
Indi (let me know if you aren't going to join in)
Ivap (cool mate - when you have time)
Ananthan/Yaroo/Duggi/Kev (you guys have made contributions - anything to add/debate/agree/disagree?)
Sittingnut/Ashanthi (Sittingnut - if anyone comments, can you please respond - I will stay out of the debate till we get input from Morq/Indi/Ivap).

Now - we don't have to limit ourselves to 10 people. Duggi got an invite because she's special :-). So long as people follow the format (boring but necessary) then we can have more input. Yes it's questionable as to whether the additional Bloggers are going to be constructive etc & hey I'm not the most patient person in the world - but in the interests of getting as broad a consensus as possible - what do you think guys?

Re all the other stuff - see below ... and remember - PEACE BLOGGERS! PEACE !!!!
Re the other stuff - some fun & some a pain in the proverbial - but let's deal with it...

To Morq - I owe you big time. I feel bad in that I take up all this space on your Blog. This Blog has kept me going for some months now especially at times when I've been low & troubled by all the harsh reality that surrounds us. I'm really sorry I haven't got myself set up properly. Please bear with me a bit longer.

I apologise to all the established Bloggers for not being set-up properly - again please bear with me.

To my fellow lady Bloggers - peace Sisters.
Yaaro - you're very funny. We'll need to have a chat about Thamilchelvam & men in suits - that's obviously another Blog - away from the prying eyes of cheeky guys like Sittingnut :-)

Onto our prodigal child Bloggers as opposed to child soldiers or child monks ...DAY/DAV/DEX - DDD as opposed to KKK
So - we've inspired you to start your own Blog. That's nice - what's it going to be about - you've listed a very large range of topics - including racism. Now that we all know who you kinda are - are you going to confess to any of the other "base" racial slurs that were left on previous comments? What we can do then is re-direct any Tamil-bashers directly to your Blog. And... you live in Melbourne. Let me guess somewhere out on the western plains in a brand new McMansions estate & you sell spare computer parts in your spare time .... I'm sure you are totally enjoying the freedom that Australia affords you & Australians are going to be thrilled to get to know you better & ever so thrilled that you live amongst them.

We won't take ourselves seriously so long as you don't either - mate...

Sujit - take a leaf out of DDD's book & get yourself a Blogg....

Discombobulator - hey it's a free Blog - l've more than gate-crashed Morq's. Sittingnut & others have pretty much said most of what I might have said. However, I would really like to hear what Morq has to say to you. A few additional points though - you being one our prodigal children but obviously a bit older than DDD & therefore about our age ....

[ idle chatter - sancto hyper] comment -
I think I've stated how serious I am about the whole thing - other's may not be as [enthused] - this is the web - it's all about communication. Nothing to do with whether we are talking about SL or New Orleans or whatever.

You appear very cynical - are you about 25 or maybe your a lot older - can you confirm?

Make your mind up about SL - is it a hell hole or is it "not that bad" - a safe place where journalists can just shout there mouths of & attack sacred cows (don't anyone dare start saying that I'm insulting a Hindu icon) without getting shot in the head. Or ... if we read between the lines - you reckon it's not so bad because it's only Tamil journo's who support the LTTE that get shot & Morq being Sinhalese ain't going to fall into this group?

Don't perturb yourself too much about my sentimentality either - I'm a different kettle of fish to you. Another fact of life - every human being has different reference points - when you're out here in the big bad world - it's a huge playing field - get used to it. Also - it's not just politics that kills young Sinhalese men in Sri Lanka. Drugs, gangs, thugs, suicide kills them too.

You reckon CBK did the right thing & got rid of the JVP. So who invited them in, firstly? That would be Anura & Lux Kadi?

Surely - you know most people don't turst politicians - so you reckon the country's going to the dogs but it ain't that bad - so let's just leave it as is - is this your proposal - elaborate ..

Elaborate on Ranil - don't hold back. It will definitely be something new from you so go for it - maybe you'd be inspired to start up your own Blog too... all you need is a new suit & a new haircut ...:-)

The perspective of Sri Lankans who live abroad - is going to influence life in SL whether you like it or not - so get used to this too. I think you need to accept this.
Dear sittingnut – how you misconstrue!

Let me answer point by random point.

1) I agree that most people who call for war tend to be expats. But I also believe that energetic peaceniks tend to be expats too. The reason for this dual phenomenon is, again, distance. To those who look from outside, the situation here invariably looks worse than it is. Ergo, the discourse that tends to take place happens at either of two extremes. One extreme is that the situation is irredeemable, and consequently only all out war will suffice. The other extreme is that demands of the LTTE must be met, or the country will continue to rot forever. Most moderates understand these ‘solutions’ are untenable. I do not at any point call for a return to war. Read my post again with your eyes open, and I doubt you'll see it that way.

2) I post anonymously. So what, and why not? Does knowing that you are a 33 year old male living in Sri Lanka with astrological signs varying from a bull to a rat, whose favorite movies are all American add anything to the discourse? What people have to say is what matters—and in the public domain. If you notice, Ashanthi is not contactable either. Does that make her contributions (funny though they are) less valuable? Don’t assume too much into the cloak of anonymity, young man, nor extol the virtues of pseudocontactability. Your details do not show your face, nor tell anyone who you are. They just describe you and link to your email. Big deal. I don’t want to be hassled by bombardments to my inbox. In every other respect, nothing differentiates you from me.

3) Pointing out the idiocy in an extant five point plan, even if it is somewhat repetitive, serves to get rid of the damned thing once and for all. That does not mean I am for war—and I doubt that even if you read my post again with your eyes half closed, you will come to that interpretation again.

And now, since you ask for it, my five point plan will follow shortly. I apologize for leaving you all in suspense, but web-crawling is the least of my pursuits.
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Sujit - had a quick look at your article from Lanka web - it's very pro SLFP - before I comment on the article itself I will need to do some research on it... bear with me I will...

In the meantime - this particular post (as Kev Lomax should be berating you about - right about now) is about a 10 point peace plan put forward by Bloggers..

Discombo seems to have come on board - no one has asked you to - but erhmmm ... - well given your very deliberate focus on that monster in the north, & my desire to have a wide representation would you like to join the process? I will need some sort of consensus from the other participants - so guys - is this ok with you?

Sujit - in the context of 2 points put forward by myself & Sittingnut - ie. Removal of troops from Jaffna & a Truth & Reconcilliaton event - I would like to discuss with you the debased almost animal like behaviour of the Monsters from the South - ie. the Sri Lankan army led by none other than CBK & formerly her Mother & before that her Father...yes & of course Ranil's Uncle.

The systematic use of rape by Sri Lankan army soldiers as a means of torturing their victims will one day - shame you just as much as it shames me...

I can't, to this day, reconcile myself that 2 of my country women - both Mother & Daughter - have presided over what makes our country a Pariah on the international landscape.

Sujit - I'd like to ask you to get down to one of those jails & take a statement from some impoverished, half-literate Tamil boys who has just got of a train in Colombo. Then taken to the nearest Police station & subjected to this horror. Approximately 10 years ago I learnt the story of a boy - probably about your age - to whom one of these acts of sheer depravity was committed - he has never recovered & he never will. There are 1000's upon 1000's like him.

The use of homosexual rape to subdue an innocent populous is not unique to the Bandaranikes or Ranil's clan - however, they are in a very dirty elite club. When you think of the fact that in our culture a lot of men still stay virgins till they get married - you get the full extent of how innocent these young boys are.

And - if you think for one moment these same acts have not been committed on Sinhalese youth - you have only to look at how well the JVP has survived to know this is not true. Again - they have their survivors too who have stories to tell - I may not agree with them & I know they were equally brutal - but you, Sujit are standing up for CBK's govt. She was confronted on international TV by the BBC about just ONE of these incidents & it was like water of a ducks back for her...

A Govt has the sole responsibility to treat people with dignity in all circumstances & no matter the provocation - two wrongs don't make a right.

You want to know where suicide bombers come from ... there is your answer & before we start getting any anon nutter comments - I say it is an answer not an excuse.

There is constant reference made to Child Soldiers. No reference is made to the Sri Lankan armed & Police forces' behaviour. When Duggi brought it up I didn't see anyone pick up this thread & respond. I have been reticent - to open this up for discussion - it's not a pretty topic - but in the context of the withdrawl of troops from Jaffna & the East & the absolute need for us to sit down and deal with what we have done to each other - I bring up this topic.

Morq has stated that a lot of the young army recruits are drawn from rural southern villages. I have known these people - I have met them. It is beyond me how these innocents are turned into such debased monsters. Where are our monks, where are our righteous learned Buddhist elite, where are they looking when these horrors are committed - it would appear the other way. Just as they look the other way when with absolute impunity tourists come & buy our children for a few dollars right in front of our eyes.

In the meantime - we take pot shots at each other across the web about who's elite, who's got a right to make a comment, who knows what they are talking about, how ugly Tamil women are & how much aarak did we drink last night, blah, blah, blah - Discombo will get on his high horse & say - they country's going down the tube but it's not that bad ... he'll say that it's pathetic that I get so "hyped" up about it. One day - maybe in his next life, Discombo might be a mother & given that at the rate we are going this war will go on for all eternity - maybe Discombo might have a son who get's treated like a piece of absolute trash...

Tonight - you all have a good long hard think about what's happening at your local Police station, in your army camps, in your refugee camps & orphanages right across our ... beautiful, gentle, Serendipity ...

I think if you listen carefully enough - you'll hear the silent screams echoing very loudly in your ears ... especially if you live - as some of you claim to - right next door... frankly I don't understand how you can be so deaf.
I’m putting my peace plan on hold to answer from my high horse the charges brought against me. Yes, web-crawling indeed is the least of my pursuits. That means: of the things I do each day, web-crawling takes the least amount of time. Is disrespect intended there? Not unless you believe that I am the arbiter of what you spend your time on.

My deliberate focus is not upon the monster in the north, nor the monster in the south, but the monsters in positions of power. It is my belief, confirmed by years of experience at various levels, that the only thing keeping this damned war dragging on and on is corruption. Corruption at all levels, and in all parties.

Lets start with the army. I agree they commit horrific abuses. Don’t forget that they have committed such abuses against the Sinhalese too. Their quelling of the JVP (the ‘forgotten’ revolution) in the 1980s, was unimaginable. School kids who had done no wrong but to be born at a particular time were killed with nails driven through their heads. And I have heard of worse horrors in the north. I have no love for the army, believe me.

At the same time, I hate the LTTE. I have seen the destruction they have wrought in all parts of the country. Tell me; is massacring innocent villagers in Anuradhapura just means for any end? Blowing up civilian indiscriminately all over the country? The monster in the north is every bit as execrable as the monster in the south.

Now lets talk about leadership. What no one really discusses about the war any more is that it is a money spinning machine. Arms cost money. Politicos get rich off the tenders they accept for weapons. The army bigwigs make tons of cash through it too. And by using soldiers for logging and other illicit activities. Corruption is rife in the LTTE too. Don’t believe dear Prabha is a goody two shoes. Given the millions of dollars they raised in the west, don’t you think it would take an exceptionally weak army not to have wrested control of the North and East by now? Just look at Anton Balasingham’s lifestyle. Look, if you can, into Prabhakaran’s bunker. They grow fat off the war just like everyone else. The longer it goes on, the more money they make, and the more innocents get killed.

I believe Sri Lanka is not yet a hellhole. I agree that Tamil journalists sympathetic to the LTTE get killed. I also know that Tamil journalists opposing the LTTE get killed. In fact, just about anyone opposing the LTTE gets killed, as Sujith has pointed out. And it’s not the people you’d expect. If the LTTE could kill the second best protected person in the country, how hard could it be to bump off Comrade Wimal? And yet, any other party that claims to speak for the Tamils get massacred with depressing regularity.

The common thread here is this: journalists who get killed piss off powerful people. Whether it’s the LTTE or the government, doesn’t matter. Morq pisses off bloggers, as do I. I don’t think bloggers have the capacity to bump each other off. Simple statement. That Wimal is under no threat at all proves many things; among them, that the LTTE doesn’t mind hatred being conjured up in the south. It helps them reciprocate in the north and send more and more innocent children to their deaths.

And yes, Ashanthi, let’s talk of child soldiers. Cannon fodder, no? I remember seeing hundreds of bodies after a particular battle once. They were all under 20. The army lost perhaps twenty people. Why did that happen? Because the elite LTTE-ers were standing at the back and pushing the kids forward. The battle hardened cadres are the ones who survive. I don’t need to be born a mother in my next life—though I doubt there is such a thing—to understand what that must be like. I think I’ve seen more than you have.

An army is not representative of its people. Despite this being a democracy, neither is the government. And please, believe me, neither is the LTTE. If you truly believe that the LTTE are a fair representative for the Tamil people, a corollary of that would be that all Tamil people deserve to be shot. I don’t think that’s fair.

It is for these reasons that I believe a peace process involving the withdrawal of the army is a stupid idea. The army may be a monster, but it counterbalances another. To give the LTTE free reign would be to consign democracy in the North and East to a rapid death. It would, to paraphrase Kadirgamar, give license for a mass murderer to become the next Stalin.

I will present my peace plan shortly, but these half-baked assumptions had to be laid to rest first.
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Discombo .. (by the way ... I don't like your name - can you please change it - I know you think I'm a bit of a funny silly goose - but actually I'm a Libran & I like things to have an asthetic sense about them)

OK - I started this - I should therefore deal with it ...

[Lets start with the army. I agree they commit horrific abuses.]
I made a very specific reference to what the Sri Lankan army are being employed to do. Very specific acts that they are commiting on the people they arrest - as & when it suits them.
I will repeat myself - the homosexual rape of victims is a method of torture being allowed to be used by the present Sri Lankan Govt and those of the past.

You don't have to agree with me ... I didn't ask you to do that. What I asked of you - is how come you know this is happening & yet you don't stop it. You vote in Sri Lanka, you live right next door to where these things happen - you know the people that commit these crimes - why don't you stop them?

[Don’t forget that they have committed such abuses against the Sinhalese too. Their quelling of the JVP (the ‘forgotten’ revolution) in the 1980s, was unimaginable. School kids who had done no wrong but to be born at a particular time were killed with nails driven through their heads. ]

My post which happened before yours in reference to the dealings of the Sri Lankan Army with Sinhalese youth -

[And - if you think for one moment these same acts have not been committed on Sinhalese youth - you have only to look at how well the JVP has survived to know this is not true. Again - they have their survivors too who have stories to tell]

So - your point is that you agree with me?

[And I have heard of worse horrors in the north. I have no love for the army, believe me.]

Worse horrors in the North- elaborate.... let's not beat around the bush here - let's get to the bottom of everything.

[And yes, Ashanthi, let’s talk of child soldiers. Cannon fodder, no? I remember seeing hundreds of bodies after a particular battle once. They were all under 20. The army lost perhaps twenty people. Why did that happen? Because the elite LTTE-ers were standing at the back and pushing the kids forward. The battle hardened cadres are the ones who survive. I don’t need to be born a mother in my next life—though I doubt there is such a thing—to understand what that must be like. I think I’ve seen more than you have.]

You've seen more than what I have - maybe & we will never know. Question is - what are you going to do about it? The average age of these kids was 20 - hell I thought you would be saying that it was 14 or maybe younger. So they were callously sent to their deaths & yet when Morquendi made that comment about who was going to end up fighting this next war that we may or may not have - boy did he cop it.

You don't love the army and ...
[An army is not representative of its people]
Yes - you are right - the Sri Lankan army is not representative of it's people - it's representative of it's God awful governments who it's people actually elected...

[Despite this being a democracy, neither is the government.]

Now you're really talking crap - the statement above is mutually exclusive. Why do you waste so much energy defendning all this.

[And please, believe me, neither is the LTTE. If you truly believe that the LTTE are a fair representative for the Tamil people, a corollary of that would be that all Tamil people deserve to be shot. I don’t think that’s fair.]

You need to read what you've just written - its getting silly...

The LTTE are a organisation that has arisen as a direct consequence of consecutive Sri Lankan governments cynical manipulation of the Sinhala populous to win elections by playing the race & religon card.

Now - the consequences of this have been an absolute disaster for the country. However, I sincerly hope Discombo that you will join us in the frivoulous BPP because you want peace.

We will not hold our breath for your joining in the BPP - that's cool. Peace should wait for no-one and it is not the right of a chosen few....
Ashanthi: have you looked up what my name means? Perhaps it’ll help.

First: I don’t agree with you on many things. But I don’t praise the army either. Let’s not get confused.

Second: Why don’t I stop what the army does? How exactly do you propose I do that? Start a rebellion against them? Turn kamikaze and ram myself up Chandrika’s ass? Go up to the army chief and ask him very politely? Conduct etiquette lectures for foot soldiers? I’d really appreciate your suggestions.

Third: What am I doing about the child soldiers? This one I do have an answer for. I’m telling you about it so that you can come here and do something yourself. While I feel bad that those kids are snatched from their homes and sent to their deaths, I don’t feel one whit guilty about it. If the LTTE uses children as soldiers, that shows just what kind of murderous bastards they are. Since you’re more in thrall of the LTTE than I am, I respectfully suggest you put your money where your mouth is.

Fourth: I agree the phrase “representative of its people” does seem rather confusing. Let me clarify. Are they elected as representative? Yes. Do they act as representatives? No. Refer my comments on corruption earlier. The government may be elected, but it rarely acts in the interests of the people. Their actions subsequently, and the degradation evident in their characters, is really beyond the voters’ control. The only democratic option is to boot them out at the next election; but as you yourself pointed out, successive governments do the same thing—due to corruption—so that does no good either.

Finally: the LTTE may have arisen as a response to the actions of successive governments, but they are responsible for their actions thereon. Using suicide bombers, child soldiers, massacring innocent villagers, killing off political opponents—all these point to their character. I don’t believe the LTTE are a fair representative of the Tamil people, and neither do most Tamil people I know. The glorification of the LTTE as a fair representative is a myth propagated outside Sri Lanka, and not within. That’s because the organization has many tentacles working on its behalf. I have no reason to reread my earlier post. Do you understand what a corollary is?
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Ashanthi: the name change is for you

Sujith: you're right about the irrelevance of the last few posts. I apologize.

Ashanthi: temporary truce? I'll get to the peace plan soon...
Oh JOY - Morq's back ....

With one clean swoop the Dark Elf returned to his homeland and restored .... a thick veil of darkness! All the little Nittiwitzis jumped for joy & came out of their secret hidy holes :-) - Oh I know I'm such a "poet"!

Where have you been!!!! And more importantly Where is your peaceplanpoints!!!! Bad, naughty Elf!!!!

Sujit - will you PLEASE desist & refrain from hounding Morq - it is very, very tedioulsy boring. If you don't like Morq &/or this Blog - go & hang out with Indi & DDD

The BPP points we were discussing were BPP1 & BPP7 - go & read them again...& STOP whinning.

Disco Bob - hmmm .... a bit better ... yeah let's call a truce & let's see your BPP points.
Sittingnut - if anyone comments, can you please respond - sorry i wasn't able, but i was busy (actually trying to have some fun offline) to do that. then again you did respond to all comers after all.

i personally believe in unrestricted free speech but i understand your reasons in this case. sorry for going off topic earlier.

disco bob:
sorry if i misconstrued your remarks.

i agree that expats tend to take extreme positions on both sides.

the discourse that tends to take place happens at either of two extremes that is why in this particular discussion we need to be moderate and be constructive and if possible arrive at a bpp agreeable to all as ashanthi originally intended.

Most moderates understand these ‘solutions’ are untenable that may be so, ashanthi herself is the first to admit they are idealistic. but what is the point in being pessimistic as you seem to be (even tough you do not advocate a return to war, i was wrong to assume that). bpp is about hope and we all need that.

I post anonymously. So what, and why not? every body is free to post. but for anons there is a credibility problem. anons don't have to care about the consequences of their posts. of course you and ashanthi and some others take responsibility voluntarily but some don't. its not for nothing that that slashdot(with all its experience) automatically tag anons as 'anonymous cowards' and moderate their comments down by one point at the start. (if you don't know what slashdot is look it up and how its moderation system works). btw don't worry too much about email harassment a good email client will take care of any if there is any.

you are free to trash the current bpp points to get rid of the damned thing once and for all . but please let us know your own plan as promised.

i do think the your old name was better (sorry ashanthi) :-)

ashanthi & disco bob:
i think we have established beyond doubt that both sides committed some of the worst atrocities world has ever seen . so lets not repeat them continuously here and stick to the bpp and the future.
hail to the truce!
Well put Sittingnut - it is all about acknowledgment.

However, I don't want Sittingnuts points to be just deleted... then we have a dictatorship not a consensus & we've all had enough of that!

Disco Bob - can you please work with me here - go through all the points & add in your pros & cons... also - you can add in more Bppps - we've actually only got 6 ... Go on - be a sport :-)

Incidentally - the first thing I realised when I did my Bppps - was how hard this actually is. Especially if you enter the process with a sincere determination to see the other sides point of view... but you have a responsibility to ensure that your sides' rights don't end up lost in translation - It's not easy...

We've come this far & frankly inspite of a few bodgy anon nutters lurking in the wings - I think we are on the right track especially as we now have that sneaky pesky Dark Elf back to keep us all in line ...

Long live our bilateral Blogg Truce declared Midnight, Sunday the 11th of September (!) 2005 in the Land of the Dark Elf, Morquendi where happy Nittewaniwitzis live.

Disco Bob - your name issue - can you come up with maybe something in "Sri Lankan" for "Grumpy but Moderately Tolerant" I know, I know I'm a demanding, silly, goose - you'll get used to it!

Peace Bloggers - PEACE!
Here is my contribution to this flight of fancy. Anyway here goes….

The initial period of this agreement is five years.

1. Both parties break of any further contact immediately. All armed troops from both sides should withdraw to designated barracks away from main cities and agree to an international police / response force to take over operations under the auspices of the UN (They are still doing some good work around the world).

The international force is to be led by another western country other than Norway. Norway is still tasked with monitoring the peace but it becomes part of the international mission. I recommend Australia. They did a good job in Cambodia under similar circumstances as well as other interventions in the south pacific and AFAIK are non-partisan.

Encouraging separation along ethnic lines is just disastrous and goes against all the ideals of the society we seek in a Liberal Democracy. It is also unrepresentative of the pluralism and diversity inherent in the island. Like someone said we live in more progressive times and going back to ethno-centric nationalism would be taking two steps back. Worse yet, just because an individual is slapped with an ethnic identity at birth this would imply they have less or more rights within a given nation, duh? Rather than feeling free to fulfil their creative potentials as individuals they will always have to carry the stigma of the despised other in their heads.

2. The government to seek input into constitutional reform by facilitating public forums where oral and written submissions are to be presented by interest groups and individual citizens. Of course this can drag on so we need to impose some reasonable limits.

By interest groups I mean political parties, LTTE, Tamil Democracy groups, NGOs, Professional Bodies, etc. All submission must be available at libraries, to anyone on request ( by paying the cost of publication and distribution ) and free via the internet.

The GOSL / Constitutional Commission is to produce a report(s) highlighting any constitutional recommendations as well as the reasoning behind such decisions. This would allow it to openly address the issues brought up by any submissions.

These constitutional reforms are concerned with

- Enhancements to fundamental rights
- Devolution of power to regional governments allowing for greater regional governance and responsibility.
- Establishment an office of multi-cultural affairs and anti-discrimination tribunals
- Changes to the executive presidency and length of governments.

Note: This helps the government for the people by the people thingy without going overboard.

3. All forces agree to stop political killings and allow normal (non-violent) political activities in the N&E. This includes the Karuna group in the East.

4. LTTE must agree to,

- Stop the recruitment of children.
- Agree to the return and settlement of all refugees (irrespective of ethnicity) from the N & E provinces.
- Intimidation and violence towards dissidents.

5. The government is required to rapidly escalate the process of reconciliation by,

- Paying compensation to the victims of 83.
- Official recognition the events of 83.
- Start a truth and reconciliation commission for the period since 83 where respondents are to be protected by law. I would even advocate a new crime akin to treason on anyone who seeks, or is involved in, acts of revenge on persons taking part.

War is war and when the rules of war are neglected it becomes a matter of tit-for-tat escalation in acts of impunity. Since this was a period of declared war (post 83), pointing fingers is pointless as it takes two parties to conduct a war. Reconciliation and seeking forgiveness, from society as well as oneself, is all we can hope for.

6. Local council elections to be held in two years time. Constitutional referendum(s) in three years time. Regional elections are to be held in four / five years time.

7. Restructuring of the police force by splitting it into
- A central / federal police force tasked to investigate national level crimes.
- Regional polices forces incorporating LTTE arm of the police too.
- Combined Sri Lankan and UN training of regional police forces in conflict areas.
- Unarmed police unless on specific operations to capture.

Correct me if I’m wrong but would such a proposal require a restructuring of the justice system too?

8. All combatants, active as of the date (or upto a reasonably prior time) of any agreement are to be given the opportunity to qualify for subsidised tertiary education.

- Soldiers / fighters of the LTTE, SL Military Forces, Karuna group are allowed to sit a special tertiary qualification exam in their own native language.
- The cut off marks are brought down to a reasonable amount taking into consideration the applicants accessibility to education while in combat zones.
- The government will subsidise the living and educational expenses of those who qualify.
- Donor funds are to be used to improve the public and private educational infrastructure needed to provide opportunities to those that qualify.
- The medium of tertiary educations would be decided by the educational institution, course needs, etc.
- This is a one off.

9. The GOSL and doner nations will contribute to and commence large scale infrastructure developments in the north and east as a priority.

10. Mine clearing is to be escalated and all mined areas will be cleared in five years time.


For the record, personally I find making such recommendations difficult given that I live overseas. This is for the exact reasons of distance, perception of extremes and disassociation that “Disco Bob” has highlighted in the now deleted posts. I don’t even know if some of these recommendations are currently active.

More can be said but I have left it to 10 points. BTW, IMHO, everyone should be welcome to put in their BPPs. Limiting it a select few isn’t very helpful

That said, I am pessimistic that any such proposal(s) will work in the North and East. I’ll explain my reasoning in my blog some time soon.
oops .. Point 4 should read

- Stop the intimidation and violence towards dissidents
Thanks IVAP - some interesting new aspects have been brought up.

So - we are still waiting on a few more contributers - can we please move onto building on IVAP's BPP now ... thanks guys
Sorry for the delay. Disco Bob is pretty busy these days (I’m alternating what I sign with in the public interest). This is the peace plan post.

But first, a little mythology. This blog is called Nittewa. According to legend, the Nittewo were a group of short, red, furry humanoid creatures that competed with the Veddahs for food. Anywhere between 250 and 500 years ago, the Veddahs ran the buggers into a cave, lit a fire at the entrance that burned for three days, and killed every last one of them.

This is relevant because the Nittewo were exterminated due to a basic economic tussle: fierce competition for limited resources. There are parallels to be drawn with the ethnic conflict. The original reason for the Eelam war is more economic than political. Sure, politics comes into everything and worsens everything, but the real reason for the start of the war was the exclusion of the Tamil speaking population from the economic sphere with the passing of the execrable Sinhala only laws.

(Tangentially let me mention that the original idea was for Swabasha—Sinhala and Tamil both replacing English as the official language. This was hijacked by Bandaranaike, and when he wanted to undo the damage he’d done, he was buggered by Jayawardana, and then killed).

I know that a lot will be said about ancestral homelands and the ideological push for political autonomy. That’s all well and fine, but it’s subsequent to the root of the problem. Therefore, Disco Bob posits that the solution has to embrace economics as well as politics. And therefore, the peace plan (though similar to IVAP’s), has different priorities.

1) The CFA must be maintained, or rewritten. It has to hold. The stakeholders must be made to realize that if it doesn’t work, everyone stands to lose. This involves a tripartite resolve on the part of the army, the LTTE and Karuna’s faction. The army must stop encouraging Karuna; the LTTE must stop its assassinations and cadre build-ups; Karuna will have to stop going after the northern faction.

2) International peace monitors—not an international army, as that would militarize the situation further—should bolster or replace Norway’s weak efforts in upholding the truce. A withdrawal from military positions is unrealistic, and there’s no way in hell the LTTE will give an inch either—each side has too much to lose if the other takes undue advantage. The peace monitors, therefore, need to have significant guts, clout and diplomacy to ensure that the CFA is kept. Significant carrots may need to be offered…

3) For example: if the CFA seems strong enough to hold for a while, the government must get up off its collective ass and start massive infrastructure development in the North and East. After two decades of war, those areas are hollow shells of what any civilization has a right to be. The government must make this its number one economic priority. Remember, the international community has pledged $4 billion to pay for this…

4) If possible, Batticalao or someplace like that should be made the nation’s capital. That will speed things up and prove the government’s bona fides.

5) Banks need to start setting up, money must be made available for entrepreneurial thrust in the North and East, properly funded schools must be set up and agriculture subsidized… The people in those areas have to feel that they have a genuine chance to succeed in life through legitimate means. Hope must dawn.

6) Politically, a devolution of power is absolutely essential. The ISGA will not work, but peace talks must be held to hammer out a viable alternative. This cannot simply be done between the LTTE and the government; other Tamil parties and the Muslims must get involved. (If Islamic militancy takes off, we’re all right royally fucked). Perhaps a federalist system of some sort?

7) The government has to apologize for what happened in 1983; pay compensation, and encourage repatriation. I hear Rohana Wijeweera’s brother is about to make his grand return and take the political world by storm; similarly, those who left the country in fear and disgust after the 1983 riots should be encouraged to return and participate in the rebuilding exercise.

8) Demilitarization, mine clearing, reorganization of the judiciary system, restructuring of the police force… all these must follow in quick succession. (I stole this last off IVAP—it wasn’t in my original plan, but I must say I like it a lot).

9) Corruption watchdogs must be set up all over the place.

And that’s pretty much it. In the spirit of the blog, I’ve kept it idealistic. Realistically I don’t think it has much chance of happening. The cynical bastard/realists version of what will probably happen can be summed up in two words: fuck all.

But we can all dream…
I've been accused of being a bit of a flatterer (and it's obvious I can't spell) so I'm not going to say - Well done Disco Bob! - ooops I think I just did - silly me.

DB - re the last point - one of the things I really want inculded into the bpp - is a huge focus on what's left of our natural resources. I want - an absolute commitment to conserve & protect what we have left of our natural habitats, fisheries, forests & anything historic - be it Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Christian etc...& of course - i reckon there's a few Nittewa out there that would appreciate a little more sympathetic treatment .... not to mention the Vedas....

Now - I note you're all still calling this process a "flight of fancy" & some sort of "dream" - well - we've come this far - so c'mon - let's keep going ...

A few more Bloggers input is needed

Now - we are still waiting on some input -
ivap and discombobulator(sic):
well done!
and the effort put in to the two plans (it is obvious that there was real effort there) is should be highly appreciated.

to get some clarity i am advancing a summarized bpp incorporating some of the proposals submitted so far with some new changes of my own. (some are stolen whole from the others). for reasons and more details refer comments above.

1. cease fire and separation of forces:
a) cfa to be maintained but must be revised. karuna faction should be brought in to the process .
b) to be enforced by armed (required) peace monitors (preferably from u.n. ) . all sides to be confined to current military positions they now occupy. no arms to carried and no force to be used outside the military installations by anybody other than monitors. all military installations to be open to monitors for inspection at any time. gradual reduction of bases by both sides in a reciprocal basis in consultation with monitors so as not to unsettle the military balance.
c) aim for a complete demilitarized situation in 5 years.

2. interim administration
a) interim regional administration based in trinco to be setup within one year (similar to p-toms but with greater representation from other parties muslims, non ltte tamil parties, ne sinhalese)
b) local elections to be held within two years. political activities by all parties to be allowed.
c) massive infrastructure development projects(not limited to ne) aided by donor money to be started (those in ne under the direction of interim administration). they must be properly audited.

3. restructuring and reintegration of security forces.
a) regional police force to incorporate ltte police and some ltte cadres.
b) training and for some time, command of the regional police to be in the hands of the u.n.
c) unarmed police for normal police duty.
d) compensation to be provided to demilitarized cadres to integrate in to normal life eg. land allocations, seed capital to entrepreneurs, special education opportunities etc)

4. constitutional reform
a) negotiations to continue with all parties to reach a agreement within four years.
b) all details of negotiations to be made publicly available
c) all interested groups to be allowed to put forward proposals which should be brought to the attention of main negotiators and the public.
d) a referendum or more to be held in the fourth year to approve the constitution must obtain majorities in 7southern, northern and eastern provinces separately to be effective.
(details of the constitution itself except for respect of fundamental rights is not required in this bpp)

5. reconciliation and justice
a) recognition and compensation by gosl of 1983 and pre 1983 atrocities
b) truth and reconciliation commission on the south african model to be established for post 1983 events.
c) all crimes committed after the revised cease fire is implemented ,is to be properly investigated and criminals to be brought to justice.

sorry for any omissions.

it seems we all felt some embarrassment in putting forward these 'dreamy' plans. so if any body else is not forwarding plan because they are embarrassed to be seen idealistic and unrealistic .. well just be a little bold and silly for once. :-)
Ashanthi, Sittingnut, DB and Ivap - Thanks to Sittingnut for summarizing all your great ideas. Really great stuff. I wasn't embarassed to post for fear of sounding idealistic. This has to start somewhere. I was more embarassed to post for fear of sounding ignorant! :) I didn't want to post because there are [clearly] people who are much more knowledgeable than me who can contribute ideas to this.

The one thing I noticed was that most of the compensation etc. is centered on the Gov't. What about compensation for the people that were affected by the LTTE? Didn't the LTTE kick people out of some of their areas or something? Those people should get their land back...if they're alive.

I also thought about the fact that the LTTE is not elected. People are just chosen. I understand in the present "war time" situation that you can't just let anyone into the "inner circle" of leadership. But assuming our UN peacekeeping taskforce comes in, I would recommend some sort of electoral process in the Vanni areas as well.

On the topic of leadership: This has to be one of the key things that will need to be taught at a very young age. And regularly cultivated as time goes on. I've mentioned that I believe the main problem is due to VERY poor leadership. Why do you have crazy monks running around in politics? Why do you have killings LTTE/Karuna/STF/GoSL/JVP? Many of these groups (I believe) started with good intentions. It seems somewhere along the line priorities of the leaders got mixed up. These are leadership skills and qualities we have should strive to have:

"Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage and sternness."
-Sun Tzu (The Art of War)
Am I allowed to post? I'm an American expat living in Sri Lanka.

Regardless--I think that both ivap and db's plans are excellent, especially with sittingnut's amendments. Would like to add something too:

These plans deal almost entirely with the demilitarization, de-violencing, and democratizing of the North and East. We need to pay attention to islandwide civil society programs that will build on the 'peace dividend' (in economic and social terms) and develop a cohort of citizens who will not stand for warmongering or terror.

We should develop a large-scale civil service program, similar to AmeriCorps (service/job program for young people 18-25ish) whereby young leaders in Sri Lanka are trained to do teaching and community-building work, both in their own areas and in other places in the country--kind of like an intraisland exchange program. People need to develop a sense of Lankan-ness, not just an ethnic or religious identity.

In the 'flight of fancy' spirit, I suggest a program of 3 years, with one year spend as an apprentice in one's own area, training under an experienced volunteer, and then two years at other locations, one very rural, one town or city. There should be competitive but not exclusive admissions, with decent pay and lots of mentoring and supervision. The volunteers can work on all kinds of outreach and education projects, and maybe even form committees or networks internally to share ideas and contribute to local governance.

Likewise there should be shorter programs for professionals and ordinary people to do service and travel projects in locations remote from where they live. Too many Lankans I know have never even properly traveled within this tiny country... think how much difference it made for the A9 to be open, for people to be able to just visit Jaffna.

The beauty of this is that it'd be a gem of a program for funding by the international donors. Everyone loves education, and you can bundle it with job training and rural health projects. It will additionally provide a job, but not a faux permanent one, for the pesky unemployable graduates of the Uni system. The only thing we've got to watch out for is that the bloody JVP (etc) don't turn the volunteers into another student union pawn.

What shall we call it? "Peace Corps" is already taken, and it ought to sound like more than just a peace program.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Excuse my absence from this forum, but I was involved in an accident and can no longer use my right hand, after the surgery involved. Have you ever tried typing with just one hand? Not very effective for a right-hander, typing with only your left hand.

Frankly, I've been just too stunned to add to what's been written here. I stand in admiration of the quick turn around of events, and am quite ashamed of the fact that I even resorted to personal attacks in the past.

Reb, DB, IVAP, sittingut, Yaaro, Morq and especially you- Ashanthi, Well Done!

I'm very interested and will continue reading, but this is most likely my last post. Au Revoir!

As for that fuckwit Dayweed or whatever and his fuckwit friends like sujith whose main contribution to this discussion has been dumb shit like "All your eelam are belong to us":

go away little kiddies. go play with mama or your little toodly-woodlies. Let the intelligent people do the talking. this is for grown up people to talk about.

As we say in sinhala: "Hujja kollo palayang ahakata"

Hi Becky - thanks for your input, you are more than welcome to join us...

Get the impression you are being stalked by a complete & utter nutter. The filth this guy left on your Blog is very similar to the filth that was left here - it's an absolute disgrace.

It might be the Indo Aryan - Dexter (he sure does fancy himself) - not sure - will get my "profiler" to work it out.

In the meantime Mr Anon Nutter - can you please go somewhere else. Leave Morq alone - I don't really think he's even contributed to any of this except for deleting a whole heap of comments because we all got side-tracked. If you want to do some Tamil hating/cursing/filthy swearing/bashing stuff - why don't you visit one of those "Sinhala native language Blogs" - dedicated to such stuff.

And will you P -L-E-A-S-E (&#$%^&#$%%#$^&#$^^)
S - T- O - P repeating Morq's real name - we all know who he is. Seriously - what is your problem. That's how I found this ruddy Blog in the first place.

You're a little bit like the equivalent of a 2 year old that no-one wants to play with. Go somewhere else & you can spend all eternity filled with hatred, ranting & raving about the LTTE. I know who you really hate - you hate Tamils - actually I think you hate everyone! Now the whole world knows just how much. If you think that you are impressing the planet with this stuff - you are Oh so very wrong.

Re the BPP ...
Thanks guys - inspite of all your misgivings, you've all put in such a mighty effort ... I know it aint easy but you guys kick arse, right from the lovely Yaaro posting this in the first place to Disco (confusing, grumpy, cynical) Bob! (Now stop it IVAP I'm not being a flattererer - I'm being honest :-))

I'm still waiting for the mighty Morq to contribute something - though one can understand if he's reluctant to say boo - given this vile crap that's being left on his Blog...

Let's hope that the number of us who want Peace will out-number those that want decade after decade of misery, hate, murder, economic suicide & bloodshed...

Luv You All!!!

(Errr I just lied - don't luv revolting Anon nutter - sorry just can't - he's NOT from the same place I am %^$^ -)
This is just for Kevin from Ashanthi.

Kevin, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Please forgive me - I think I have been very, very un-kind & rude to you. I thought this was why you had not contributed & thought - well what should I expect after my behaviour.

Can you let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I know I'm so far away but still - who knows? Is there someone who can maybe type for you? What do you do for a job - how is this going to affect your livelihood?

We are like a broken family, so torn apart. If only we could be given the chance to get along - we would be just fine.

I asked you to join the BPP because I really wanted to understand where you were coming from - well now I do.

I didn't understand what you wrote in Sinhala - but don't worry about those "morons". If you and I can work together - I know one day we're going to win our Peace.

Dear, dear, God - how I pray it will be soon.

Again Kev, please forgive me.
Ashanthi - thank you, but I guess this is bad karma paying me back for stuff I've done...

And thank you for the offer, but I'm capable of handling myself - thanks mainly to a generous trust fund.

Shit happens. So let's get back to the issues... :-)
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Interesting bunch of posts here (apart from the random lunatic ravings like the last post, which I assume get deleted?). Its good to see that a debate on such a volatile issue as this can down with minimal animosity. Just thought I'd weigh in on Rebecca's suggestions on education, what does everyone think about changing the education system in Sri Lanka to English with Sinhala and Tamil as compulsary languages? This would eliminate classes being split between the Tamil and Sinhala medium and also make us Sri Lankans more competitive in todays global market also taking away the hold the English speaking elite have on the country. Of course this would take fairly long time due to the dearth of quality english teachers in the country but I'm sure it would go a long way in establishing a greater understanding between the Sinhalese and Tamils.
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In the interests of continuity & to keep the Ball moving I suggest we keep all the Posts, Morq - however please can you remove the reference to Kev.

At the end of the day - we need to show how bloody it is to try and get any peace initiatives working.

Furthermore - even through all the filth one can pick out certain issues....

Morq - by deleting Sujit's posting - I haven't been able to go back to the "LTTE kills it's friends article" - which I wanted to get more background on.

Now as for Mr Wimal Weeeramawatzi, is anyone back home actually able to get the great man himself to comment? It would be great to arrange an interview and tell him that people are using his "Socialist" party to vilify & attack Tamils, etc in a racial context... Or - do we think that he's actually posting this utter filth?

Furthermore - in the interests again of responding to critics (not nutters) - an important point has been raised which I would like to debate ...

From the local Asylum by Me WW ...
[You really think we'll get you a 3 billion dollar loan so that you can develop your ass and we and our kids have to pay it off for the next 50 years?]

I am loathe to debate with this schmuk but can someone give me feedback on this. I for one certainly do not think it would be fair for the South Taxpayers pay for development in the North. Now compensation etc - that's a different matter - but one I will comment on shortly. Can we please address this issue. Frankly I would rather we have slow development in the North & East & Peace rather than a further opportunity for lunatic Jealous politics to take over the whole process...

Secondly there is a comment being made on "low caste Sinhala whoels rah rah rah" - Mr WW's direct link to the JVP website would initially give the impression that he is from the mass of ranks of downtrodden proletariat (yeah I've read Marx too) however - he now comes up an issue of caste. So my question is - in the context of the BPP - how inclusive do you think it is. Are we looking to address issues where we are showing empathy & understanding & therby addressing - GENUINE not racial, mad,opportunistic lunatic fringe shit - but GENUINE concerns on a day to day basis of all SL people.

Niren - welcome on board. I'm with you 100% & I don't think it would take very long to get the everyone speaking English fluently. Certainly I would like all Sri Lankans to read this! However, - the language issue is a can of worms - so I would like to had this point over to my fellow Bloggers. In terms of our strong focus on education - can we debate this issue...

Kev - you are a brave man - all the best & stay in touch please. I wasn't offering you money though - anyway as I said stay in touch...

And last but not least - Mr WW - this Blogg & it's contents is flying around the world. You are doing more for the LTTE than they could have hoped for. Is this your intention? If so - keep going, as you would know they'll be reading this too & no doubt thanking you because your crap is now giving them credibility to a whole new generation... whilst pissing off a whole heap of your own people...but hey - thanks for your contribution !

And leave out the stupid threats on Morq - you have the intellect of a primary school bully...

I'm an outsider, but when you look at Wimal's rantings it's obvious that this nut doesn't have anything to do with the JVP. My guess is that someone else in this forum is posting this crap to defame the JVP. Let's not forget that Wimal is at the top of LTTE's hitlist. NGO activists and journalists paid by the LTTE constantly attack leaders like Wimal.

I have a pretty good idea who's doing this (if you read all the posts and see who really benefits from wimal's writings it shouldn't be that difficult to guess) but I don't want to point any fingers.

The only thing I would say is that this is totally disgusting.
anon at 4.15 pm.:
you may be right that mr.ww here is trying to defame the jvp (he did that in rebecca's blog too). but the hilarious thing is he is not far off the mark when he tries to speak for the real ww. anybody who has heard the real one will know this.
as for this joker's identity we don't need to go in to conspiracy theories, just read the previous bumiputhra thread and see where morq's identity issue first came up , compare the writing style and finally check the dextr's(formally known by various names usually starting with d) blog.
Let's not forget that Wimal is at the top of LTTE's hitlist are you kidding! wimal (along with jhu) are ltte's best friends. they will never kill those.

I for one certainly do not think it would be fair for the South Taxpayers pay for development in the North i don't think this is an issue. most of the people in sri lanka are free loaders who get more from the state than they pay to the state and leach off the donors and more productive people. we should leave that topic to some other thread.
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To Sittingnut -
I for one certainly do not think it would be fair for the South Taxpayers pay for development in the North i don't think this is an issue. most of the people in sri lanka are free loaders who get more from the state than they pay to the state and leach off the donors and more productive people. we should leave that topic to some other thread. ]

Oh Sittingnut - I think you are being a bit harsh here. You have to realise that the country has been at war for decades. You can't blame the people - if things are mismanaged.

I'd like to get a bit more feedback from the others - in terms of funds administration & who's going to pay for what - so can we pleae keep this point in.

Sujit - I take it that it's you that's posted that whole bloody article in here - you could have just posted the link & why have you reverted to calling yourself Anon again?

Honestly - this is just ridiculous.

Sittingnut - I haven't had the esteemed pleasure of listening to the real Wimal speak - & I too suspect Dexter - the Indo Aryan - it's a race with only ONE member :-) - but I note that there seems to be certain things that really set the Anon nutters off
1. PEACE - scares them no end!
2. Religon - ie. the "TOOTH" debate (now we've got this anti-Christian crap - it is so irrelevant!!!)
3. Women - (non-Sinhalese ones) be they Duggi, Becky or myself (some sort of latent homosexual, psycho, weirdo, child abuse shit, no doubt)
4. NGOS - White expats living in SL (I mean there's probably less than 2000 - how have we become so bloody racist & intolerant)

Morq - or maybe Yaaro? Can we please have a bit of Blog administration - thanks guys.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PIECE according to Tamil nazis and their white masters

1/3rd of the country

$4.5b+$3.0b loans taken by the government (people of Sri Lanka as security) on behalf of the great new Tamil eelam. Sinhalese will pay off the loans for the next 100 years.

1/3rd of the country (North, East, North-west, including 2/3rd of the coast - described as "it's just sand yo" by Gay Lax Pieris) declared as an exclusive Tamil zone (for the 12% Ceylon Tamils). Only Tamils and Whites allowed to live there. Tamil only official language here.

The rest of the country multi-cultural, multi-religion, multi-ethnic. In order to curb racism, Sinhala demoted from official language. Sinhalese children must learn Tamil and English (new official language, lingua franca) in order to stop being such bloody racists.

Compensation to the families of oh so poor Tamil victims (around 400) of 1983. 1 million dollars each.

Around 30000 Sinhalese civilians massacred by the LTTE with help from NGOs, EU, Church... what who? How can 30000 Sinhalese lives be worth one single Tamil?

Affirmative action to elevate the standards of poor downtrodden Tamils to the levels of pre-1948, ie: 80% of the university students, 80% of the civil servants.

Sounds absurd? Nah... this is what's going on in SL today.
anon(s) – Since you aren't even going to try making a genuine argument / criticism of your own could you please just post the links rather than copying and pasting?

Even dextr's anarchism was a decent suggestion but copy and paste?.

sittingnut, yaaro, morq - These comments are just copies of articles from lankaweb. Looks like someone discovered the site. Can you guys as admins just remove them?

Seriously though, I would welcome some good critiques of the BPP as summarised by sittingnut.
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Disco Bob goes away for a few days and returns, intending to bid a fond farewell, only to find that this blog has been invaded by raving nutters. In hindsight, it was only a matter of time. In fairness, a few of them have provided fertilizer for thought. Like fertilizer, almost all of it is shit. Ignoring the lunatics, the oppressed Sinhalese Buddhist masses, the fake JVPers and that fucking moron who brays like a donkey at other peoples’ misfortunes, I shall get back to the original topic and make a few comments.

First, to Ashanthi. Disco Bob accepts your flattery—if that’s what it was—with a humility unusual for someone who refers to himself in the third person. I agree that our natural resources have to be kept safe—illegal logging, for example, is one of the consequences of the war—and that our historic identity is maintained with due respect for multiculturalism. But this would have to be secondary to peace…

Second, to sittingnut. Thanks for the summary. It doesn’t quite fit my peace plan, but it is very representative and well done. I still doubt that demilitarization on such a strict schedule is possible, and I’m not too confident about UN forces keeping the peace, but what the hell. Better than what we have, I guess.

Third, to the1truecoolguy. I don’t think the LTTE will ever pay compensation. It is, after all, a terrorist organization, and a very corrupt one. You only need to look at the millions of dollars they make each year, through fundraising in the west and involvement in organized crime, and wonder what happens to whatever is left after their military requirements are met. Even to ask for compensation from them would be to grant them too much legitimacy.

Fourth, to Rebecca. The service/job idea is a good one, and one the country is in dire need of. One of the problems that leads to unrest in both the north and the south is the lack of economic opportunity. The education system is unable to impart people with the right skills, and some sort of vocational training/job opportunity is what the thousands of kids who fail O/Ls and then bum around need to get their lives on track. But this may be a different issue altogether.

Fifth, to Naren. Educating everyone in English is where the country seems to be heading, if not for the unfortunate fact that we’ll be compelled to import English-qualified teachers from India, and then all our kids will be rolling their Rs and waggling their heads from side to side… The problem is that most people here have a tendency to despise English as the colonizer’s language, which only goes to show that they’re still in the colonized mentality. (Blaming divide and conquer policies of the British for ethnic tension is another symptom of this). One can only hope that a strong leader will push it through despite the protests of the JVP’s puppets in universities.

Sixth, regarding our Ramani-hair-saloned proletariat suckling Stalin worshipper comrade Wimal (the real or faux). I am in agreement with sittingnut. Hate-mongers in the south are essential to the LTTE’s purposes in the north, and friend Wimal is no exception. The only person who’ll be a threat to him is Wijeweera’s brother-in-law (made a mistake earlier), who’s apparently going to make his grand return to politics. Mores the pity.
Finally, about the taxpayer’s money. Disco Bob has absolutely no problem with taxpayers in the south contributing to development in the north and east. For one thing, the war was fought to keep the country together—forget the atrocities. The damage done and the lack of development there is the responsibility of both sides to redress. In any case the point is moot. The government pays back its loans by borrowing, not through tax payers money. That’s why the country has an elephant of a deficit. Everyone is worse off as a result, but the damage is spread wide, and consequently thin.

To the oppressed, persecuted and hysterical Sinhala Buddhists—two recommendations:

1) Ask yourselves why its so bloody easy to ‘unethically’ convert
2) Ask yourselves if the Buddha allowed racism to soil his teachings

Well, that’s about it. Disco Bob had intended to bid farewell, but he’s going to join the fight against the nutters (if required), instead.
Hi yaaro!! Hi morq!! Hi becky!! Hi ivap!! Ooooh!! Aaaah!! Peace bloggers!!!

The only way to have peace in Sri Lanka is to ban the JVP and the monks' party. Where else would a party like JVP be allowed to contest elections like a democratic party?

Heck they are so racist they actually talk about the unity and the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. I am so depressed thinking about the JVP. Look at what they've done to me Becky.

LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamil people. Ask any Tamil in Canada, Britain, Norway or Australia if you want to know why.

It's the government's duty to make sure that other Tamil parties don't operate in Sri Lanka. This was a pre-condition in the ceasefire agreement.

JVP is the biggest obstacle to peace. It must be banned and then crushed militarily. No one should get into any agreements with the JVP. All JVPers should be made to apologize for the things they have done to us. There should be a truth and reconciliation commission for this.

I'm so sorry about what happened to you kev. If you want I'll send you some money.

Today my Auntie in Colombo 5 said that when she was jogging in the morning a Sinhalese soldier with a machine gun was looking at her. She was so scared she ran back home and gave me a call. This is the kind of discrimination and torture the Tamil people have to put up in Colombo.


Peace out PEACE BLOGGERS~~!!
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dear SPr or whatever the fuck you're calling your sorry ass today: I like your evasion of my second recommendation, and I'm delighted at how you missed the point on my first. Really. Well done. Exactly what I expected from a nutter like you. Such anger, such outrage, such venom. You even use CAPITAL LETTERS for emphasis. Winding buggers like you up is so much fun.

For your information I'm not a Christian, and your evasion is vastly beyond the point. The Buddha never exhorted his followers to look out of the world through racial lenses; that's why, 2400 years ago, there was no Brahmin Buddhism. And yet, now, there is Sinhala Buddhism. Makes you think, doesn't it? Oh wait. I forgot. You don't.

As for the first recommendation. Perhaps the Christian conspiracy has so much success because it is donating cereal boxes and finding people jobs. Perhaps, instead of lurking on blogs, changing your id with each post, and making an exhibition of your sorry self, you should be going out distributing cereal boxes and exhorting everyone to piss on Jesus instead.

Note to everyone that's not a nutter. I apologize for going off track. I hope the admin can delete all this nonsense (this post included), as we're getting way off point.

May you attain Nibbana, peace, and all that crap.
Discombobulator makes a good point. Buddhism in contemporary Sri Lanka contradicts with some values of the original Buddhism preached by Buddha. Morquendi also said something like this earlier when he was expressing his desire to piss on Buddha's remains.

But the thing is.. so what? Does evangelical christianity adhere to the values of Jesus Christ? Does militant Islam agree with the prophet's teachings.

What makes you think that a religion is a static thing that should not change to accomodate today's issues.

Sinhala Buddhism in Sri Lanka is not a religion. It is just an identity.

What SPr says is that you're not a Sinhala Buddhist. And he may be right. Sinhala Buddhism doesn't have much to do with belief in Buddha. If you look at most Sinhala Buddhist nationalists, they do not follow nor make an attempt to follow Buddhism.

Think about Sinhala Buddhism as something different from original Theravada Buddhism. Then you don't need to cry about the plight of Buddhism.

Discombobulator and the rest of the pure Buddhists can be called Christian in the sense that they are culturally Christian despite whatever they claim themselves to be. Sinhala Buddhism does not make a distinction between a Christian who believes in Christ or a Buddhist who believes in Christian (ie: Western) culture.

This ideological intolerance/elitism exhibited by the so called peace lovers is not a surprise. Anyone who does not agree with their pedagogy is a nutter, racist, chauvinist etc. This is the same attitude of George "if you're not with us you're against us" Bush. This is the reason why the peace process in Sri Lanka has been a failure. It has never been an inclusive, pluralist process. There is no input from the majority community, no representation from them in the peace talks and then you act all surprised when they protest.

A peace process has to be multi-lateral, inclusive and democratic. I do not see any of this in the current peace process in Sri Lanka or the BPPs.

Just a thought... don't start bitching at me.
Anonymous: Disco Bob hails you as a thinker and has no intention of bitching. Just for clarification, I’m not a ‘pure’ Buddhist—not religious at all, really—and I don’t bemoan the loss of Buddhism. My point is that the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists use ‘pure’ Buddhism as their rallying cry and confuse Sinhala Buddhism with ‘pure’ Buddhism, and it is often fun to use this against them. Nutters are not defined as people with different views, but as people lacking logic who probably dribble while they type; delight in injuries to others for no reason other than petty hatred; who fan the flames of racial/religious hatred because of their own inadequacies.

Your last point, however, calls for some debate. Inclusiveness and democratic debate are all well and fine—in fact, that is what most of the non-rabid posts on this blog have called for. I agree with you that there is little ‘representation’ from the majority community in peace talks, but this is for a reason. Call me a cultural Christian, or an elitist liberal, but between us intelligent non-nutters, what do you think would happen if the peace process was decided through referendum?

Parties like the JVP revel in the fact that they are educated and the masses are not. The JHU will rely on the peoples’ ancestral dependence on the priest in the temple. The LTTE, likewise, preaches about injustice and brainwashes poor Tamil folk to join their iniquitous quest for Eelam. Politicians who go around most of Sri Lanka and announce that they’re going to reduce the price of bread by ten rupees, and sling mud at their opponents for entertainment purposes, are almost certain of winning their electorate. Nuanced debate and intelligent argument will be laughed by the masses while parties like the JVP and groups like the LTTE pull their strings.

This will not always be the case. That is where education comes in, and a Herculean effort is required to pull that off. But until such time, strong, decisive leaders need to take the country in the direction it should be heading in, and not necessarily in the direction the masses want it to go. I may be elitist, but if you want the process to be as inclusive to the point of pointlessness, then you’re much more of a liberal than I am, my friend.
Good point, but would there be sustainable peace without the trust and support of the majority community.

Let's say you come into an agreement without consulting the Sinhalese and ridiculing their grievances. Fine.. But would there be peace?

Chandrika and Ranil has tried to do this for over 10 years. Have they succeeded?

I've seen Ashanthi talking in other forums about outlawing the JVP. Is this democratic? What would happen if you outlaw the JVP. Would they just vanish into obscurity? UNP did this in the 80s. The result was the death of 80000 of our fellow Sri Lankans.

I do not understand the rationale between pushing for dialogue with the LTTE and trying to suppress the JVP. Shouldn't both of them be in the democratic process?

Let's say you ban/ignore both JVP and JHU and get into an agreement with the LTTE. What would happen. Would the resulting "peace" be sustainable in the long term (even in the short term?)

I want peace in Sri Lanka. But it should be acceptable to everyone. If you ignore one community, be they Sinhalese, Muslims or Tamils, they will not allow the rest of us to enjoy peace while they suffer (or think they do suffer).

This is why inclusivity is important. Peace is much more than signing a piece of paper with the LTTE. I'm talking about the big picture.

Just a thought.
Rebecca / Discombobulator –

While I understand the benefits of the proposed civil society programs it doesn’t have a place in the BPP. Addtionally, the state should not be involved in setting up such programs as they invariably end up being politicized and co-opted. I fear the coercive possibilities of such efforts. What’s to stop any such program from being transformed into something similar to the extremist Hindutva youth brigades in India? However, uncoerced efforts by committed individuals and groups towards local interests and purposes should be welcome though again I am weary of outside influences with vested interests.

Ashanthi / the1truecoolguy – On compensation, what Discombobulator said. Additionally, I don’t think you need to make the north-south distinction here. This is a mess for the whole island thus it should be dealt with as such. As for funds, one would expect the donor rebuilding funds to play a critical role here.

Ashanthi – The issues of caste and downtrodden I believe are best dealt by expanding educational and economic opportunities coupled with the competent enforcement of anti-discrimination, contract, property laws.

I wasn’t sure but are you talking about a welfare system here?

Naren / Discombobulator – Each time I visit the country I am surprised by the increases in demand for English in the villages. This appears to be primarily a response to scientific, technical and business educational needs. Again this is not something for the BPP but I can’t see the need for Singhalese or Tamil lessening.

Anonymous 8:23 AM –

Sinhala Buddhism does not make a distinction between a Christian who believes in Christ or a Buddhist who believes in Christian (ie: Western) culture.

Pardon my ignorance but could you *please* expand on this. My conditioning in the west leaves me unable to gain a sufficient understanding of Sinhala Buddhism from the “inside”.

By equating Christian = Western culture how does the Sinhala Buddhist ideology interpret/define/reject concepts like democracy, rule of law, equality of opportunity, liberty, tolerance, etc?

Also, do you not consider the majority views to be represented by those elected as the peoples representatives? Why not? You might also see that the BPPs call for greater transparency and representation into constitutional reform, though the role of a non-partisan press / media has not been addressed.

I for one would welcome a BPP from you.
Anonymous, 9:34am: good point again. I don’t think anyone’s really serious about banning the JVP or the JHU—not even Ashanthi, who was probably in her hyper mode again. I think it is essential that peace is arrived at first, and this would mean not ‘consulting’ the Sinhalese in the manner you seem to have in mind, at least initially. I say seem, because I’m not really sure what you intend. Discussion? Debate? Referendum? The first two are fine. The last would be dangerous. Remember, this mess exists in the first place because the Sinhalese voted en masse for the Sinhala Only party platform. Manipulation by the war-mongers would ensure a similar result this time around, if that were the case.

The country needs a long term solution, no doubt. But peace is paramount. And in a general sense, the masses are for peace. That is why they voted into power parties that promised peace, and were badly let down. Where problems will arise is if the masses are consulted on the nitty gritty elements of the peace process. Even trained diplomats find hammering out an agreement a devilishly difficult process. What would the masses make of give and take?

Being the cynical bastard I am, my suggestion would be for the government to push through a workable agreement with the LTTE, consulting the Muslims and other Tamil parties in the process, and then tell the masses that it’s good for them and that bread will be 10 rupees cheaper from tomorrow. There was unease when Ranil got the CFA signed (without consulting anyone), but there was no agitation until Chandrika whipped it up for her narrow political gain. Point being that the masses never agitate unless manipulated. How the JVP can be stopped from manipulating them, of course, is the question. I doubt that the UNP and the SLFP have quite the grassroots level organization they do. Perhaps others will have some ideas on this? Disco Bob confesses temporary blankness.

Let me add one last point. If peace does prevail even in the short term, and sound economic management is brought in, then the lot of the people in this country will improve. A better standard of living will show them that peace is a good thing. Demagogues find it easier to whip up frenzy in the starving. Anger is easier to tap on an empty stomach. If people are better off due to peace, extremists on both sides will have less support. That’s why I put the economy at the very top of my BPP… Peace is nothing without prosperity.

And, by the by, I too would like to see a BPP from you, or a more trenchant critique of what's already up here. Point by point, preferably.
Anonymous 9:34 AM - I do not understand the rationale between pushing for dialogue with the LTTE and trying to suppress the JVP

Banning the JVP would be the worst mistake. They have been forgiven, and as long as the JVP do not revert to violence I cannot see any reason to suppress them or the likes of the JHU.

To use a much abused cliche

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"
Just to let you guys know that only Morq will be able (and has the admin rights) to delete the irrelevant comments. However, I suggest that we COMPLETELY IGNORE the comments as I am sure that our jobless Anon friends will definitely find time to come back and post that nonsense again. So my approach would be to IGNORE irrelevant comments and continue with the BPP. Stick to the topic and not quote or comment on these silly posts. Keep it going guys.
Just quickly

- is Ashithan a parrot? That was not me - get yourself another name - Honestly !!!!
- if Anon's that are not nutters wish to make valid contributions can they please call themselves something so that we recognise them - I think we are dealing with a mass murdering, schizophrenic nutter - when's the Full Moon :-) - they'll be out in force then!
- It is estimated that approx 250,000 people lost their lives in the 2 JVP "revolutions". It is also estimated that over 100,000 Tamils have been killed. Actual figures may be higher, coupled with the trauma of a natural disaster we are dealing with a lot of human suffering - which schmucks take advantage of...
- another Bpp point - may well be the 11th - hey let's go for 12 - an overhaul of the laws governing how we deal with extremism and a strong focus on the introduction of anti-discrimination laws with a specific body set up to deal with complaints.

I'm on the move at the moment myself - so just scanned through comments - Disco Bob - thanks for the support Sittingnut & IVAP (blast those pesky POMS grrr) & thaks everyone else except silly Anon's & I think a silly Ashithan who's trying to sound like me - I think I've become an anti Anon big time.. :-)

Disco Bob - why were you going away...? Hey c'mon DB - don't agree with everything you say - but we've got lots to talk about - so please stay. Besides I reckon Sittingnut & i will be able to convince you to get a Blogg name too. Certainly when I have mine I'm going to need all the help I can get - also - I absolutely have to know your star sign I reckon you are stubborn - so possibly a Taurean or Capricorn?

Will read through points more s l o w l y.

Morq - I can put up with all manner of racist slurs about myself - but I find attacking someone on the basis of a physical disability just revolting - can you please do some admin & I know you are PRANCING around (sorry about the CAPS DB) but when you have some time - your Blogg needs you ... not to mention those long-suffering Nittewa....
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Errr - just quickly again ...

Oh Yaaro - you are a breath of fresh air... agree with your proposal on how we deal with Anon's - however, some of them do have valid points & DB seems to have the patience to debate them.

I also don't want to give impression (although some Anon guy has already accused the BPP of this) of being exclusive. In a sense we are exclusive because we share the Morq/Nittewa blogg space - but you know does it bloody matter???? At least we are trying!

Gosh - I find myself taking on board other peopls points of view & trying hard to accomodate their perspectives - I mean would any of this be possible if we hadn't all got on board & attempted this excercise?? I've learnt so much!

Ok - I've got to go now apart from which I'm a bit cranky since I read that comment left for Kev - Yaaro it I just missed it & it's a real pity we couldn't get Morq to delete it straight away before it was read by everyone. Really sickens me. Also that comment about Morq's mum - it's just foul...

Also - re the environment - DB this is a particularily important issue for me - so hope youwill still be around to debate this issue in due course ...
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anon nutters(or nut?) seems to work in sudden bursts.
anyway as requested by ashanthi if any anon is willing to contribute constructively, as the one who was debating discombobulator(sic) seems to do, please give yourself a name.

government to push through a workable agreement with the LTTE, consulting the Muslims and other Tamil parties in the process, and then tell the masses that it’s good for them i think that would be big mistake. there is enough support for peace and the present presidential election will prove that, if negotiations take place without proper public scrutiny it will be easier for warmongers to stir up the masses . that doesn't mean political leaders should follow the masses it means taking a stand and explaining it openly to the people and addressing their concerns honestly and getting their support. if ranil is president (almost certain imo) it will be much easier next time around.

I doubt that the UNP and the SLFP have quite the grassroots level organization they do they have(unp does at least) but unlike jvp's they are not controlled in a authoritarian way, which i personally think is all for the better in the long run. authoritarian organizations usually fall apart once they loose momentum. i think the jvp peaked last year and it will be downhill for them from now on.

any way people please put forward more bpps and as yaaro says ignore the anon nutters.
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Yaaro: I shall ignore the nutjobs as you suggest, although I quite enjoy discombobulating them.

Ashanthi: I was going to go away, and I probably will in a day or two, as web-crawling is still the least of my pursuits and the others really need more of my attention. But who is to say that Disco Bob shall not some day return? It’s been fun.

ivap: I’m not too sure civil service programmes don’t have a place in the BPPs, for the simple reason that they can be used for developmental purposes. They don’t have to be state sponsored though; if a business chamber were to take the matter in hand, that would be much better. I should correct myself in my earlier post. I said “most people here have a tendency to despise the English language…”. It’s more accurate to say that the JVP controlled student populations at university level are the ‘anti-kadda’ crew. The demand for English is there in the villages, but providing adequate supply is difficult.

sittingnut: many things—

I was more satirical than serious regarding pushing through the peace plan and then telling the masses what had happened, but I think there’s a grain of workability there too. The masses agitate only when someone makes sure they do, but after a little time, they cool off and forget all about it. The protests against the P-TOMS is a case in point. All the processions by both the JVP and the JHU came to a grinding halt pretty much soon after CBK told them all to fuck themselves and got the agreement signed. It has become an issue again due to the presidential elections and Mahinda truckling to all and sundry, but for quite some time there it was not even talked about.

Let’s agree to disagree about grass roots organization. The UNP is popular in big cities that have a strong business community (basically Colombo and Kandy, which they always win), but outside the urban areas their popularity is low. This is because they go for laissez faire economic policies that ignore the huge chunk of the population in agriculture. Refusing to tax agricultural imports is one thing, but not subsidizing fertilizer is another altogether. Under the UNP regime, fertilizer prices soared up to almost a thousand bucks. The UPFA won the next election by promising the masses that prices would fall dramatically under them. And they did, although the cost of everything else went up.

On the other hand, the JVP used the tsunami to their advantage by stealing most of the donations sent by ordinary citizens and pasting party logos all over them. They essentially hijacked the distribution process and convinced the coastal belts that only they cared about suffering proletariat. Then, after agitating against the P-TOMS, they nobly quit government to trumpet their incorruptibility—or, more honestly, to hide the fact that they’d done absolutely nothing productive while in power. All the while, their propaganda machine is in full swing.

Who has the better propaganda machine? The UNP appeals to the middle class and aspirants to upward mobility. The JVP appeals to the poor, less educated and downtrodden. This is a poor country with more of the latter, and the JVP have better speakers to boot. I have serious doubts that they'll be on the way down any time soon.

I hope anonymous of 8:23 and 9:34 returns, as his/her/its points were intelligent and interesting. I must also admit that I find Ashithan amusing. We shouldn't take all this too seriously, methinks. Sorry, Ashanthi…
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Who are the administrators of this blog?
I think it's unfair for some peoples' comments to be removed just coz one or two people are against the said opinions.
What kind of fair argument is that?
Very Sad.
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More admins.

Yaaro and our two new contributors Sittingnut and Ian now have admin status. You guys may now delete comments on this post which deviate from the topic.

The usual every-comment-stays policy stands for all other posts.
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Well well well - haven't things quietened down a bit - now that we've all "Given Peace a Chance"

Just wanted to say that am working on a comprehensive document to post. It's not easy - I have to tell you...

So - I have to say - don't know you guys from a bar of soap - but you've been amazing...

I'd like to hand back over to Morquendi his Blog - he's a very generous soul ....
Discom.....this is why its "easy" to convert:

Join us in Prayer

By Rob Gowland

The Guardian, November 5 2003

I had a very interesting talk with a journalist from Sri Lanka the other day. Among other things, he spoke of the spread of fundamentalism on the island. Oh, not Islamic fundamentalism but Christian fundamentalism.
It seems that Sri Lanka has been invaded by a multitude of reactionary Christian fundamentalist churches from the USA — Baptists, Assemblies of God, and a lot of others.

They are all lavishly cashed up, and they pursue the same tactics.

The most popular method is to go to poor villages or poor urban areas, and display an interest in how the people are coping with poverty.

Then they encourage everyone to "join them in prayer".

The next day, when those same poor people get up, they find on their doorstep milk, fruit, packets of food, children's clothes etc. Like the poor cobbler and the elves, it seems like a dream come true.

A day or two later, the Christians return, asking innocently how things are going, has anything interesting happened?

Then they make their big play: the goodies left overnight were in fact left by the Christian God in answer to their prayers a day or so earlier.

Having demonstrated that their religion actually works, they set about signing up recruits.

Of course, it's a simple coupling of bribery to credulity, but with lots of money at their disposal the fundamentalist Western Churches are able to produce tangible benefits for people who have nothing.

Small wonder that with such blatant huckstering tactics, the Christian fundamentalists are making converts in a big way. And not just among Hindus and Muslims.

The fundamental churches are making inroads into the followers of mainstream Christian faiths especially among the Catholics.

The areas these Christian fundamentalists choose in which to dispense their largesse in order to win converts are the traditional strongholds of the left.

But while the left is urging the people to stand up for their rights, the US Christian fundamentalists are handing out cash and goods, in plentiful amounts.

It's immediate, it's tangible, it's "real", and it's now.

Buying converts in this way must be extremely expensive, but for the very right-wing US fundamentalist churches, saving the poor of Sri Lanka from the evils of Islam or Communism (or both) would undoubtedly be regarded as money well spent.

There is probably a US government department — several, in fact — dedicated to fostering and supporting just such activity.

It is after all merely a variant of the good old US political tactic of "pork barrelling".
Admin stuff

I have printed out most of this Blog & copied it to a Word Doc for compiling.

Could one of the Admin Bloggers delete the following - Ashithan 6:48AM & Abel 8:35AM

Thanks a lot!
sorry to have missed out on some good new stuff.

one thing: ashanthi, i am NEVER becky. rebs, reba, reeb, reebie, becca, becks, beckster, re-beckham, re-bhakaran (no, really) but not becky. it's not allowed.

disco b, sorry for using all caps for emphasis, but really. never.

abel: i've read the quoted article and the thing your segment shows glaringly (and accurately) is that Buddhists aren't converting! thus the feared tragedy is a mere figment. if anyone wants to claim that anticonversion legislation is being pursued on behalf of hindus, muslims, and catholics, i will gladly argue you into the ground. the only conversions that political parties care about are Buddhist-->anything else.

so yes, there are all kinds of Protestant leeches running around with boxes of swag for poor folks. the article, as i recall, presents NO evidence that the goody-box story is true. to me it sounds suspiciously like:

a) one of the exaggerated anecdotes that are a fun feature of everyday socio-political gossip in sri lanka ("the conflict was and is a conspiracy by the catholic church;" "sri lanka will be a muslim country in twenty years")

b) a blatantly condescending view of the mental powers of poor people. wtf, fairies and elves? most grownups know that God works in, um, mysterious ways--regardless of how you seek contact or what you need. this is a major theme of all the religions practiced in Sri Lanka. so, yeah, the people seriously fall on their little brown knees before the white American Baptists missionaries?

i don't buy it. conversions are more complicated than the article suggests. gross undervaluation of the spiritual and intellectual ethics and capacity of poor people is disgusting colonialism. people are smart enough to take the goodies and nod politely when the American nutters start yapping about Jesus.

as for my proposed education/job/service program, i've been giving it more thought on the government issue. the thing is that in such a heavily socialist country it is fantastically difficult for a comprehensive and finger-in-many-pies-ful program (sorry, vocab failure) to exist apart from direct govt oversight. for example, just look at tsunami rebuilding: tons of money, tons of goodwill and hope, yet too many cooks (organizations running stuff) and lots of squabbles about whose domain and whose responsibility.

i agree that safeguarding it from political meddling would be, um, important. will think more on how to do this. maybe independent administration?
Rebecca - thanks for the correction - I get the point :-)

Am starting a Post on my Blog to pick up threads on Conversion, Converts & the Converted.

Let's move this there - I think we still have room (errr & now the space due to our Admin guys) to continue futher debate on the Bpp...
My, that article seems to have touched a nerve with you Rebecca. Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists do not create entire organizations to go around the world converting all the "heathens" and "pagans." All what this Christian fundamentalism is doing is destroying religious tolerance and harmony in Sri Lanka by unethical and aggresive methods of proselytism. Perhaps you are going on the defensive because you yourself are American? Well maybe you need to take a look at how your own Christian fundamentalist countrymen and women are running about trying to convert all the little "idol-worshipping" Buddhists and Hindus of Sri Lanka and lead them to the "real" God (if he/she/it really exists at all).

Please open your eyes to what is happening instead of trying to fool yourself by saying "I don't buy it" - this is the exact sort of arrogance shown by Christian fundamentalists and their crazy evangelists who think that all Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims will burn and rot in hell for eternity.

Yes, the nasty evil Buddhists in Sri Lanka and the nasty evil Hindus in India and Nepal and the nasty evil Muslims in Indonesia are making it all up and the Christian fundamentalists are the nicest, most lovable, peaceful and tolerant people on planet earth who are being savagely persecuted by everyone else.

Righteo Rebecca!

Do have a look at:

The Next Tsunami Coming to Sri Lanka is a Religious One

By Christian Eckert

May 23, 2005

While traveling through Serendib, the island that was once quite rightly compared with paradise on earth, the now tsunami-shattered Sri Lanka is crossing a great gap of grief.

A few weeks ago my colleague Lalith Ganhewa and myself were almost equally shattered towards the end of our three week trip to Sri Lanka, as we came upon the more or less disguised (in parts also massive and direct) attempts of Christian fundamentalist groups to convert native Sri Lankan Buddhist and Hindu tsunami victims into born again Christians.



Don’t use aid to proselytize, Christians urged

As relief finally arrives in places devastated by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi, Christians have been reminded that they should not use aid as a cynical tool for winning vulnerable people over to their religious convictions.

Tom Palakudiyil, who has run the international agency Christian Aid’s response to several emergencies in Asia, says in Third Sector magazine – a journal for charity professionals – that using humanitarian assistance as a lever for proselytism is “morally questionable”.

He goes on to express concern that some aid agencies in different parts of the world are “using religion as a tool to gain an advantage over others”, declaring the tactic “a caricature of the message of Jesus”.

In January 2005, some missionaries were accused of exploiting tsunami victims in the sensitive Indonesian province of Aceh.


I am going to post a comment i have already posted in ashanthi's blog but i think this topic should be debated there instead of here.

all religions(buddhist,christian, islamic, etc) are by nature exclusive because they are built on irrational supernatural beliefs. you either believe it or you don't. but if you don't, the believers(not all but the losers with nothing else to do) feel that they and their religion is insulted etc. this is the root of the problem.

people are free to convert others or to get converted for whatever reason. period.
so instead of trying to interfere with rights of others you should probably try to some converting yourself.
as you say lets agree to disagree.

any way here are some clarifications:

i think governments should be as transparent as possible, because we are, for all our faults, a democracy (therefore peace negotiation must be open)

propaganda only gets you so far. lets not forget that even in hambantota unp gets vastly more votes than jvp. and i still believe jvp lost momentum last year but this can only be proved at a general election . we will have to wait.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
OK - am doing this a little back to front - what do you expect ! However, there's method to my madness - you'll see soon enough...

bpp 5 - Truth, Reconciliation and Justice
a) recognition and compensation by gosl of 1983 and pre 1983 atrocities
Recognition of ALL violation of Human Rights. This is to be throughout the whole of Sri Lanka, if the GOSL is going to say Sorry - it needs to say sorry to everyone for everyone. I don't want the GOSL just saying Sorry to the NE. Everyone has suffered.

b) The Truth, Reconciliation & Justice commission will be administered by representatives from the International community - this includes NGO's, Peace monitors, the UN, the EU, the GOSL, the LTTE, the Karuna Group (I have misgivings here - state sponsored para-militaries are not normally included) and the JVP.

This mission will run for 3 years &/or until finalised. It is absolutely imperative that we lay to rest ALL grievances.

Year 1 - conduct of an extensive fact finding mission. All parties will be able to put forward statements with cases. All cases to be documented.
Year 2 - cases are presented to the Commission. As each case is presented it is to be assessed and where compensation is required, it is to be paid out.
Year 3 - cases to continue and rehabilitation of perpetrator & victim to commence using compensation paid out.
Year 4 - ongoing rehabilitation to continue, preparation of Public Report on Truth, Reconciliation and Justice for Sri Lanka.
Year 5 - we will attempt to wrap up the mission, however one has to be realistic, it could take years and years for some people to come forward. In the interests of attempting to lay our demons to rest - we need to always keep the door open so that victims feel they can step forward.

bpp 6 - The Administration of Compensation.
- Year 1-2. Compensation is to be paid first and foremost for loss of life, grievous bodily harm, torture of any kind & human suffering especially taking into account mental suffering.
- Compensation is to be given firstly to those suffering currently from any of the above. It is then to be paid to those who have suffered in the past.
- Year 3-4. Compensation then to be paid out for financial losses. Frankly I think given that most expat Tamils (I'm going to make a sweeping statement here) are on the whole an economically well-off group, they will not be jumping up & down for this type of compensation. In any case I think our focus should be on human suffering & again I say in order to lay our demons to rest, compensation must be paid to each & every Sri Lankan.
- Year 4-5. When assessing financial losses, compensation for loss of livelihood will take precedence over personal property. In this way we can focus on compensating communities as a whole & returning the community back to normal. For eg. Restoration of fishing, farming & trading rights.
- Years 1-5. With respect to personal property I think that what people would like would be assistance to access lost title deeds - not the sort of thing one remembers to pack when you're trying to save your wife & kids from murdering scum.

Where will the money come from?
- Contributions from private funds, aid organizations and international governments.
- Obviously the GOSL will contribute however, I think realistically & to prevent political blackmailing financially the GOSL will contribute little.
- What the GOSL will do - is say Sorry. They will ensure where members of the GOSL past & present they do not obstruct the process. Remember that realistically the GOSL will face an election within this 5 year period. Given our politicians penchant for trying to manipulate situations we need to be mindful that the process does not get hijacked.
- All other groups will be subject to the above.

All crimes committed after the revised ceasefire is implemented, is to be properly investigated and criminals to be brought to justice.
- Agreed.
- Year 1, 2 & 3 - initially we will have to show zero tolerance to breaches. This needs to be backed up with intensive re-training of the Army, the Police, cadres and government officials &/or where re-training is not possible, recruitment of new staff to fill these posts.
- Re-training will focus on ethics, tolerance and anti-corruption.
- Year 4 & 5 - focus will be more on anti-corruption & actual on the job training.
- In effect we need to value our law-keepers and reward those that show high standards of behaviour. - The Army, Police force & Public Service need to become attractive employment opportunities as opposed to a last resort option for poor rural youth.
- When training younger recruits, Honour & Discipline needs to be well & truly the order of the day.
Sittingnut - following on from my Blog - re ashitan 10:08 & 10:48 I think - please delete his broken heart...

ashitan - get a new job, haircut, suit & girlfriend...
hey yaaro thanks for visiting my blog and u have a swell blog :) wow! Very patriotic and I must say I have long talked abt War, Peace etc in SL - my frustration is that the war never ends no matter however much we talk here or anywhere else...what really needs to de done is something DONE than talked abt...

Anyways it's good to come up with ideas cos discussing brings em up...

There is a lot of hogwash talked these days about 'federalism' and 'giving a devolution package to the Tamils' as being the sure path to peace and all the good things that come with it.

On the bandwagon are - starting from the top - the Sri Lankan President (outgoing! thankfully!), some Sinhalese journalists and pundits on the payroll of NGOs who are singing louder by the day for their supper, some psuedo-intellectual wannabes from the country's universities and the country's elitist business community who would not hesitate to sell the country for an additional dollar.

These windbags have done such good job of building up a case for the burial of democracy in the country and installation of a new experiment - a federation - so much so that a those who talk about federalism and ‘devolution packages to Tamils’ are seen as the good guys while those who talk about a 'unitary state', 'sovereignty' and pluralism within a democracy are termed by the international media as being the 'hardliners,' 'Sinhala Nationalists,' 'communists,' ‘Sinhala chauvinists' etc etc etc.
Abbas you seem to imply that things like pluralism, democracy and sovereignty are diminished in a federal state, what's your reasoning?

There are many strong, developed nations that operate under a federal system (eg. Canada).

Before dismissing federalism, try to find out exactly what it entails. It's not a stepping stone to independence, it's an effective and (relatively) fair way to share authority and resources between regional and national levels of government.

It's an ideal solution, it forces compromise by its very nature.
Thanks Chandrae - i've never seen you over at Morq's Blog before.

Your input is much appreciated, I'm not sure that becoming a part of India will bring peace to Sri Lanka - however, great to have your prespective...
Quoted from :

A socialist solution to civil war

The Socialist Equality Party, along with its predecessor, the Revolutionary Communist League (RCL), is the only party that has consistently opposed the civil war. We demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Sri Lankan military forces from the North and East as the only way to lay the basis for a genuine and lasting peace. In advancing its program to end the war, the SEP is guided by one overriding principle: the necessity for the working class to establish its political independence from the bourgeois parties and the capitalist state.

It is an illusion to believe that peace can be achieved under the auspices of Wickremesinghe or Rajapakse. On the contrary, ordinary Sri Lankans, as long as they remain tied to the UNP and the SLFP, will face the ever-present threat of war. Only the working class can provide a lasting solution-by appealing to the downtrodden rural masses, by unifying Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim and Christian in a common rejection of all forms of communalism, chauvinism and separatism and by developing, on this basis, a mass revolutionary movement for a workers' and farmers' government.

The SEP opposes the maintenance of the unitary state by force of arms. Such a policy not only attacks the democratic rights of the Tamil people, but leads inevitably to the domination of militarism and the undermining of democratic rights throughout the country.

At the same time, the SEP opposes the LTTE's demand for a separate capitalist statelet of Tamil Eelam. This demand articulates, not the interests of the Tamil masses, but those of the Tamil bourgeoisie, which, like its counterparts in other national movements such as the Palestine Liberation Organisation, the African National Congress and the Irish Republican Army, wants to establish its own relations with global capital for the exploitation of the working class. Were the LTTE to take control of the North and East, it would immediately begin appealing to global investors to establish mutually beneficial arrangements at the direct expense of Tamil workers.

Likewise, the SEP opposes the various powersharing schemes that have been proposed as part of a "peace" deal. These plans have two common features: communalism and contempt for democratic rights. They all involve the imposition of an unelected, communally-based interim administration in the North and East that will collaborate with Colombo in implementing the dictates of global capital. At the same time, the institutionalisation of divisions between the Muslim, Tamil and Sinhala communities will inevitably lay the basis for future tension and conflict.

To create the foundations for a genuine democratic settlement, the SEP advocates the convening of a Constituent Assembly charged with drawing up a constitution and settling all outstanding issues of democratic rights. The SEP's proposal has nothing in common with the cynical exercises conducted for drawing up the 1972 and 1978 Constitutions, which Rajapakse wants to repeat after this election. A new constitution that genuinely expresses the interests of the majority must be drawn up by an assembly of representatives of ordinary working people, elected openly and democratically by and for them, not by cliques of capitalist politicians behind the backs of the masses.

The establishment of a genuine democracy is impossible without the separation of church and state. This means ending the status of Buddhism as a state religion and withdrawing all state subsidies to religious organisations. It requires the abrogation of all repressive and discriminatory laws, including the legal barriers that continue to deprive plantation Tamils of their full rights, together with the ending of the Public Security Act, Emergency Regulations and the Prevention of Terrorism Act.
Thanks Anon from the 25th of Oct - well you haven't really joined in the peace blog - we all do know this stuff.

I seriously don't need anyone to edit post copy for me - can you identify yourself & please join in the debate.
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Some Powerful Underground Groups want to begin 3rd World War for their worst intentions. World should remember that religion Islam is a religion of Peace Security, Fraternity and Love. We Muslims are not concerned with any sort of Terrorism; Terrorists are only using the name of Islam. Likewise people using the name of Islam to pretence are not Muslims. They are only Terrorists. I, Agha Dilbar on emergency ground want to present solid suggestions to International Community, regarding their policies on War against Terrorism, Can be saved from Economic Crisis, I should be given a chance to make Open Speech and Dialogue, on the leading TV News Channels to eliminate Poverty, Unemployment and Lawlessness at International level. 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I am putting on alert, UN, Head of States, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels, International Newspapers and Magazines, Universities, Think Tanks, Amnesty International and welfare NGO’s all over the World, that afterThe3rd World War the Progress and Prosperity of all the Rich, Developed, Under Developed, Poor and Backward Countries of the World will become a dream In the wake of their Economic Crisis.3) Current Powerful, Rich and Developed Nations should keep in mind, That Even if they conquer the Weak Poor and Backward Nations their Armies Will Have to face an upended Gorilla War in the occupied regions for the Next Five, Ten or Twenty Years, which might result in the destruction of? Their Defense Power and Economy. Here is a live example of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq.4) According to Agha Dilbar strategy, the entire giant disputes of the World Like Palestine, Kashmir Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq could only be solved Through UN Peace Force, after making it the strongest force in the World. I am positive that instead of using the wrong tactics of power in solving The above mentioned disputes of the World, will try to solve these amicably Through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity can avert World Terrorism and 3rd World War. Agha Dilbar ’s Urgent Peace Letter No.4)Subject: Agha Dilbar’ s request to Rich and Developed Nations not to crush Underdeveloped and Poor Nations with State Terrorism or by starting 3rdWorld War .As per my research the State Terrorism in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq may cause of 3rd World War and Hundred Times Suicide Bombing all over the World. My message to UN is to crush the State Terrorism Through UN Peace Force in Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya. Also in the war affected areas. UN Peace Force should make practical efforts to solve Disputes with Table Talk, through Friendship Progress and Prosperity; All over the World .I hope the UN would be successful by implementing my Great Peace Plan, Friendship, Progress and Prosperity in disputed countries all over the World. If UN failed to bring Peace in these countries then 3rd World War and World Terrorism would be resulting in death of Twenty Crore People and Complete destruction of World Economy. Remember as per my research the next 3rd World War would not be an Atomic War, but it will be fought through traditional newly invented Dangerous Weapons. There will be no doubt that Developed and Rich Countries Forces Equipped with newly invented Dangerous Weapons will win the 3RD World War. In case of starting 3RD World War, Developing Countries and their Survival Countries involved in the long Gorilla War for their survival. Resultantly the World Community will totally collapse. Therefore in view above stated positions, the Developed Countries, possessing Fatal Weapons Should, instead of conquering the Under Developed, Poor Countries by Force, May achieve the goal through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity with the help of UN, so that permanent World Peace should be brought. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.5) Subject: New Revolutionary Planning to eradicate the worst Economic Crisis at the International Level I Agha Dilbar present new revolutionary planning to the World Community to Eradicate the worst Economic Crisis. After the implementation of these Suggestions all the Developed Rich Countries and Underdeveloped Poor Countries will enter in a new golden era of Friendship, Progress andProsperity.1) According to new business strategy of Agha Dilbar, all the Developed and Rich Countries of Europe, America and Asia will contribute 1% of their Annual National Budgets as a free aid to the Underdeveloped, Poor Countries for their Education, Health and Agriculture projects.2) In future all the Developed Rich Countries will make a final Decision to Produce commercial loans in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education at The rate of 1% Interest.3) In future all the Developed Rich Countries of the World will get the50%Profit of all the commercial projects installed in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education fields, of poor and underdeveloped countries. Rest of the 50% profit will be spent on the welfare projects of Underdeveloped Poor Countries in the fields of Health, Education, Agriculture and Industry etc.4) Moreover Developed Rich Countries of the World will bound to pay 50% of their earnings in Gas, Oil, Electricity and in the projects of minerals like Coal, Steel, Jewels, Gold as royalty to the Underdeveloped Poor Countries of The World.5) In future Developed Rich Countries of the World will make a treaty Through BOOT, according to which Under Developed Poor Countries will Provide Free land on 20 years lease for the commercial projects in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Education etc. Under the BOOT_ Treaty all the Investors of Developed Rich Countries will Hand Over their Business Assets, Buildings, Machinery and Transport to the Undeveloped Poor Countries after 20_Years Free of cast.5) After above said business strategy, introduced by Agha Dilbar in Future may avoid World Terrorism and 3rd World War on its implementation. This Plan requires the Rich Developed Countries to invest on big commercial Projects In the fields of Agriculture; Industry and Trade in Under Developed Poor Countries to promote Friendship, mutual Progress and Prosperity. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.6) Subject: Agha Dilbar Great Peace Plan to give the command of forces of All The countries UN Peace Force to decide War against any TerroristCountry.1) Under the resolution of UN Security Council, to control the coming 3rd World War and World Terrorism, to make the UN Peace Force the most Powerful Force of the World. Following rules and regulations will be acted upon.2) In future UN Peace Force would be given the command of forces of all The Countries and UN Peace Force will decide whether to wage a War against any Terrorist Country or not.3) In future UN Peace Force will be Independent to take any timely Action against Terrorist Country.4) Under the UN Security Council Resolution, UN will take the charge of all Armament Producing Factories of the World in future. And in the said Factories the production would be curtailed to 25% only, and the rest of 75%Production would take place in the form of Cars, Buses, Trucks, Tractors, Trains, Ships, Aero Planes and Latest Machinery.5) After tacking the charge of all the International Forces, UN Peace Force will convert 25% of army into UN Peace Force, and rest of the 75% will be? Be Appointed to build, Dams, Canals, Roads, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Sports Complexes, Heavy Industries and projects of Oil, Gas and Minerals. 6) UN Security Council will pass a resolution, under which it will take of all the Weapons of Mass Destruction into its custody and will dispose of gradually in future, peaceful use of Atomic Power would be promoted In all the countries. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.7) Subject: The Powerful, Developed countries should not initiate the 3rd World War. The rich nations in spite of their victory will have to face the Destruction of their Defense Power and Economy in the Long Gorilla War.1) According to Agha Dilbar s research on War against Terrorism Rich and Developed Countries of the World should never take an emotional step of Initiating the War on the bases of their Defense and their EconomicPower2) If their exist such few Terrorist Countries, then to destroy such Countries War should be fought from the platform of UN Peace Force .3) Rich and Powerful Countries should remember that due to state Terrorism In Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq the bloody events Like 9/11 could take hundred times in revenge.4) If Rich and Powerful Nations do not take a positive and strong step To Stop the State Terrorism in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya through UN Peace Force and instead they start aimless 3rd World War, then their would be Hundred Times more Suicidal Terrorist Attacks in revenge.5) According to Agha Dilbar s research, in the wake of 3rd World War, Twenty Crore innocent people will fall prey to death .6) In the wake of expected 3rd World War Rich and Powerful Nations in Spite of becoming victorious will have to face a worst Gorilla War in theNext5, 10, 20 years, which will destroy the Defense and Economic Power of Victorious countries.7) According to Agha Dilbar s Research, World Terrorism and Suicidal Bombing Should be rooted out through UN Peace Force or through Table Talk.8) It is the best Advice to Rich and Powerful Nations from Agha Dilbar That Instead of staging 3rd World War they should keep the veneration of the Global village and its people and try to solve the disputed problems Through UN Table Talk and take the step of Friendship for mutual Progress and Prosperity. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.8) Subject: A New Plan of Agha Dilbar for solutions of disputes between Enemy Countries instead War or Terrorism and convert them to promote, Friendship Mutual Progress and Prosperity1) The disputed issues should be resolved through Table Talk instead of War or Terrorist Activities, between enemy countries.2) The enemy countries should launch mutual Cultural Shows on permanent basis.3) The disputed enemy countries start on large scale mutual Import /Export Facility on BarterTtreaty.4) The Disputed Enemy Countries should provide mutual Scholarships to their Talent Students on equal basis.5) The disputed enemy countries should sign Mutual Pacts to construct Schools, Colleges, Universities and Hospitals for welfare purposes.6) The disputed enemy Countries should sign pacts for reducing the Arms and Engaging their Armies for construction of Dams, Canals, Highways, Bridges, Sports Complexes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Airports, Sea Ports and Heavy Industries.7) The disputed enemy countries should co-operate to finish Terrorism In their countries on equal basis.8) The disputed enemy countries should start mutual Economic Programmed for giving Jobs to Doctors, Engineers, Mechanics, Electricians and Labor on equal basis in their countries.9) The disputed enemy countries should sign mutual pacts to construct Dams, Canals, Motorways, Bridges, Five star Hotels, Airports, Seaports and Heavy Industries. With the help of above Agha Dilbar plan the disputed enemy countries would be able to solve disputes and stop War and Terrorist Activities. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.9Subject: According to Agha Dilbar s research, what type of acute? Horrible and dreadful problems, World Community will have to face during and after The coming 3rd World War.1) If UN fails to avert the coming 3rd World War, which would be fought with Traditional Weapons, under these circumstances, World Community will have to Face the following expected terrible results.2) Powerful and Rich countries after making continuous attacks and Capturing At least four countries within the next few months, the 3rd World War would start Formally and it will continue for the next one year.3) In the coming 3rd World War, the allies of Powerful Rich Countries would Be Hundred in Number, and the Weak and Poor Countries against these Would also be Hundred.4) In the coming 3rd World War, around 20 Crore Innocent People would fall Prey to death, and about 50 Crore would get crippled.5) Due to the 3rd World War, about One Billion People homeless and Jobless after destruction of their cities, and they will have to live a Nomadic Life In the open places for the next 5, 10 or 20 years.6) During and after the 3rd World War there will be a 75% decline in The Business of Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Tourism, Import and Export in The Next 5 years.7) After the 3rd World War, there will be a chain of Bloody Revolutions In The Rich Develop Countries and Poor Underdeveloped Countries due to Inflation, Unemployment, Lawlessness and Corruption.8) To avert all these terrible consequences of the 3rd World War, I Agha Dilbar request UN and World Community to instead of making the Global Village a Fire, Terrorism and War, they should try to solve the burning Issues through Table Talk or UN Peace Force in a Friendly, Progressive and Prosperous way . Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.10) Subject: A Grate Peace Plan for UN and International Community to save The World coming on 3rd World War I Agha Dilbar put a Great Peace Plan, War against Terror, for the sake of World Community. I appeal UN to act upon my Great Peace Plan Unconditionally for the sake of World Peace.1) All countries of the World should make the strongest UN Peace Force.2) UN Peace Force should be given full authorities for the sake of World Peace in Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sari lanka and Nepal etc where Peace Plan may be implemented war effected areas and all administrative authorities may allotted to the UN Peace Force till the Peace Restored completely4) I Agha Dilbar am afraid that the World Community may enter into the3rd World War, because of such disputes among the above mentioned Nations, are Acting may induce the bloody war. Which can increase losses of life and Economy Hundred Times. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.11)Subject: World Community must support the Great Peace Plan of Agha Dilbar to stop the horrible, dreadful 3rd World War and World Terrorism1) For stopping the 3rd World War, which may erupt as a result of? Retaliation in Philistine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq State Terrorism, the World Community should support Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Mission. For this purpose, peace rallies should be organized in all big Cities as the next 3rd World War may take 200 Million innocent human Lives, besides crippling 500 Million People and starving, homeless One Billion People in addition to carrying inherent danger of Economic Crises.2) The World Community should awaken International awareness for making The UN Peace Force as the strongest Peace Enforcing Body having its control over Armies of all UN Member Countries.3) Apparently, Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Mission is a weak but truthful Concept, which with the help of World Community will compel the strong And Superpower armies to surrender before UN.4) The World Community should keep in mind that their support of this Great Peace Mission will change the 3rd World War and World Terrorism into Friendship Progress and Prosperity then the World will enter into a new Golden era. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.12) Subject: Next 3rd World War is the Oil and Economic Interest War, which Will Bring numerous International Revolutions between the Conquers and Concurred Nations1) World Community must remember that next 3rd World War is represented Religious War. Infect above mention war is the Oil and Economic Interest War.2) Next 3rd World War is the Oil and Economic Interest War, which will bring Numerous International Revolutions between the Conquers and Concurred Nations.3) International Anti-war demonstrations will play historic role to Stop the 3rd World War.4) The beginning of 3rd World War will prove strong grip of bureaucracy on the Democratic Institutions.5) The suspension of 3rd World War will crush the strong grip of International Bureaucratic Institutions. Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.13Subject: Agha Dilbar’ s Practical Steps for Peace Mission and International Community Awareness1) All the vehicles throughout the World should affix a sticker saying "Peace not War"2) Posters with the same slogan," Peace not War" should be displayed at all Public Places, like Shops, Showrooms, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and Factories.3) World famous Singers, TV, Film and Stage Artists should present Songs, Stage Shows, Dramas and Films with this theme," Peace not War"4) World Fame commercial and industrial organizations, Banks, Mills, Import Export and Insurance Concerns should advertise with this slogan: "PeaceNotWar"5) At International Level, Amnesty International and all the welfare NGO,S should organize public rallies of "Peace not War"6) The affected classes of World would be affected, 3rd World War, like Laborers Farmers Students, Women and Children should hold rallies in support of" Peace not War"7) The Social and Political Activists Teachers, Advocates, Politicians Intellectuals, World Famous Players and Social Workers should send E-mails(With a copy through International News Papers and Magazines) for Stoppage of War to those Head of States who are preparing for War.8) According to Agha Dilbar s Thesis, the only solution for preventing The Next 3rd World War is that the UN should be converted into the Worlds Strongest Peace Force instead of baseless speech forum. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.14Subject: To stop the 3rd World War all the Anti-War Countries should make use full strongest Media Radio, TV, Internet and Newspapers1) Anti-War Countries should make appeal for Peace not War the peace Loving People of the World.2) Anti-War Countries should prove their propaganda; the Superpowers of the World are fighting for the security of their wrong Economic, Oil andPowerInterest.3) Anti-War Countries should tell to the people of the World through their Media that next 3rd World War will become the cause Death of Two Hundred Million Innocent People and make Five hundred million People disabled.4) Anti-War Countries should tell the International Community that next3rdWorld War will become the cause of One Billion People Homeless and Unemployed. In this way they will live in Nomadic Life for the next5, 10 or20 years.5) Anti-War Countries should tell the International Community that next3rdWorld War will become the collapse of 75% International Business of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Import Export. In this way all Rich and Poor Countries of the World will become the cause of Inflation, Unemployment Lawlessness and Corruption with consequences of Bloodshed. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.15Subject: A few Powerful Developed Countries want to Enforce Law of Jungle (Might is Right) after Conquering the World, International Community should Stand against it, Like an Iron Wall1) For controlling the Oil Resources of World, a few Developed Countries are Planning to enslave the International Community through next 3rd WorldWar.2) World Community should resist this move of Powerful Countries, who are Launching 3rd World War through false propaganda of Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction.3) The recent announcement of these countries has proved their Falsehood That they will not hesitate to form a new International Organization, if UN Security Council does not support their War Mission.4) The World Community must continue Peaceful Rallies for stopping the3rdWorld War, so that 200 Million People can be sued from Death, 500Million>From being Crippled and One Billion from Starvation and becomingHomeless.5) The World Community should act upon Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Plan by Establishing Anti-War Peace Force under UN Control.6) Agha Dilbar appeal to International Newspapers, Magazines and TV News Channels that my Great Peace Plan is printed / broadcast on urgent Basis, so that World Community must know it for stopping the 3rd World War. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.16) Subject: Stop War against Iraq for the World s Peace). 1Aghd Dilbar am warning the Developed Powerful Countries to stop the War against Iraq, which can Cause of next 3rd World War any time.2) UN to make strong action to stop the War against Iraq or UN will Break any time.3) World Community should start Peaceful Demonstrations immediately against War on Iraq otherwise 6-Billion People will become the victim of Worst Economic Crisis.4) Developed Powerful Countries after winning the War against Iraq, will be Engaged in long Gorilla War next 5, 10 or 20 years which will destroy their Defense and Economic Power.5) If the present War against Iraq continues 100% Suicidal Attacks can Take Place in Revenge.6) To stop the present Iraq War, it is Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Plan UN Peace Force goes in Iraq immediately for World Peace.7) In case War against Iraq continue, there can be 100% Increase World Terrorism and Suicide Attacks which can cause the complete destruction of International Economy. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.17Subject: World Community must help War Effected, Injured Iraqis1) Agha Dilbar appeals to UN, Head of States, World Red Cross that on Humanitarian grounds practical steps should be taken to help thousands of War Effected Iraqis.2) World Community should send Doctors, Nurses and Medicines to Iraq on Large scale and on Urgent Basis.3) Immediate Food is needed for thousands of War Effected Iraqis.4) Immediate steps should be taken for provision of Drinking Water to Hundred of Thousands of People in War affected Iraqis.5) UN and Red Cross Aid distributing Teams should be immediately sentToIraq.6) Human Rights Missions should be sent to Iraq for inspecting Prisoners of War are being dealt according to Geneva Convention or not.7) UN Network should be immediately established in Iraq for Distribution of Aid, Medicines, Food, Drinking Water and Tents etc.8) Agha Dilbar specially appeals to all Muslim Countries and International Welfare NGO S that immediate help to Iraqis be given in shape of Food, Medicines and Tents etc. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.18) Subject: Collation Forces after ceasefire in Iraq must go back to their Homeland, in other case Collation Forces after conquering Iraq will Back to Their countries with fifty thousand Dead bodies (Research by Agha Dilbar 1) After horrible and dreadful bombardment of Collation Forces in Iraq the Worst sentiments of International Community can take place against Collation Forces all over the World.2) Continuous horrible and dreadful War in Iraq will cause deaths of 5LakesIraqis and 50_ thousand Collation Forces in a long Gorilla War.3) Agha Dilbar advise Collation Forces they should not conquers Iraq for Iraqi Oil, in this way they can loose their Defense Power and Economy.4) Collation Forces can conquers Iraq after killing 5-Laks Iraqis, in Consequences, 100% Suicide Attacks can burst throughout the World against Collation Forces.5) Collation Forces decision to double their army in Iraq for their Victory will prove them a next Vietnam War.6) Collation Forces, keep in mind that Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Iraq cannot solve with Brute Force, in this way 9/11Type Incidences can take place against Collation Forces all over the World.7) Above-mentioned international disputes, Collation Forces should solve these disputes with the help of UN Peace Force, through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity. Agha Dilbar’ s urgent Peace Letter No.19) Subject: According the rule of Might is Right, Collation Forces Conquered Iraq and than threatened Syria, Iran and North Korea.1) Collation Forces are blaming Syria, Iran and North Korea to Collecting Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism.2) Now Collation Forces have started horrible and dreadful planning to Attack Syria and than Iran for their oil Resources interest.3) UN can become helpless, if Collation Forces kept on capturing many Weak and Undeveloped Countries one by one.4) Collation Forces want to make slave all the countries of the World with The new Jungle Law. (Might is Right) 5). World Community should Convert such Collation Forces to UN Peace Force as Strongest force of the World.6) Peace Loving people of the World should solve their disputes not with Brute Force and Terrorism. They should solve their differences through Friendship Progress and Prosperity with the practical help of UN Peace Force. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.20) Subject: The dream of Collation Forces to enforces Law of Jungle in World through use of power/cruelty will be resisted by World Community, as People all over the World have arisen and by becoming united they will crush Collation Forces in Iraq.1) For capturing oil resources of Iraq, the Collation Forces have started Aggression and worst bombing. People all over the World should condemnIt.2) The aggression and cruelty, which the Collation Forces have started In Iraq is a plan to enslave the poor and weak nations. The World Community should take practical steps to stop this in Iraq.3) Agha Dilbar advises the Collation Forces that World can be conquered through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity instead of aggression andCruelty.4) The dangerous plan of Collation Forces to dissolve UN, which they have Prepared under influence of force, barbarity and cruelty, UN should Resist It with the help of World Community.5) The Collation Forces, for capturing oil resources of Iraq have started Mass Killings of thousands of Iraqis. Iraqi soil will revenge it and The World Super Power will get humiliating defeat like Russians in Iraq.6) World Community must condemn the false propaganda of Collation Forces that they are doing it for freedom of Iraqi people.7) The Collation Forces must remember that in retaliation to state Terrorism against Philistine People, a tragic incident like suicide attack of 9/11Took place. It is possible that in revenge of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq, many such like incidents may reoccur and never ending process may start. Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.21Subject: The Collation Forces through massive War Power trying to Enslave of Poor World. How to stop them? 1) Recently the Collation Forces have started War in the name of Iraqi Freedom its only solution is that the World Community by making a UN Peace Force the most powerful body should take immediate steps to control the Plot of Collation Forces for starting 3rd World War.2) The World Community, through powerful media, i.e. Radio, TV Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, should start media propaganda for Public Opinion building.3) The World Community through Economic Boycott of Collation Forces, should Hit their Economies through Media.4) The War Crimes of Collation Forces in Iraq should be made publicThroughMedia.5) The World Community should move to Intl Court of Justice against Collation Forces for damage to Iraq, People of Iraq and for withdrawal from Iraq.6) The Poor Countries, especially those with Oil Resources who will be First Targets of imperialist motives of Collation Forces, should start Campaign Through UN and other international Forums for their immediate Withdrawal and Establishing Democratic Govt in Iraq. Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.22Subject: A new plan by Agha Dilbar to curb World Terrorism, Suicidal Attacks And for permanent restoration of Peace.1) The present strategy of Collation Forces to fight against World Terrorism and for stopping of Suicidal Attacks by attacking on Poor Countries, is resulting in further 100% Terrorism.2) The sufferings people of Poor Countries, massive killings of their Innocent people, loss of proprieties and source of livings is making them Customized to Suicidal Attacks.3) This strategy of Collation Forces to attack on Poor Countries one by one In the name of curbing Terrorism, may result outbreak of 3rd World War at any time.4) The Collation Forces must remember that their continuous attacks on Poor Countries are generating Bloody Rebellions, Civil Wars and long Gorilla Wars with possibility of devastating World Economy.5) According to Agha Dilbar's Great Peace Plan, the Collation Forces And all Countries of the World should hand over their Army High Command to UN_PeaceForce.6) According to this Great Peace Plan proposed strongest UN_ Peace Force of the World should resolve International Disputes (As such Kashmir, Philistine, Chechnya. Afghanistan and Iraq etc.) Through Friendship Progress and Prosperity instead of Military Actions for curbing Terrorism and Suicidal attack. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.23Subject: Agha Dilbar s new plan "United States of the World" should Immediately adopt this Plan for Defense of Poor Nations and Welfare ofTheirPeople.1) The World Community with the help of France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, other European, Asian, Arab, African, States should form an Institution like Nato and European Union.2) The Headquarter of this proposed Institution (USW) should be based at France or Germany and its Head should be elected annually through Voting of Member States.3) This Institution (USW) will take all actions including Military, Economic, Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Educational and Cultural under the Principles of UN.4) USW will ensure Regional Safety and Defense of its Member States.5) USW will take immediate and practical steps for assurance of SingleCurrency.6) By abolishing Travel Restrictions, USW will encourage Tourism among Member States.7) USW will encourage Free Trade by abolishing Tariffs.8) For Economic, Industrial Agricultural Commercial and Educational Development of its Poor Member States, USW will provide technology and Confessional (@1%) Long Term Loans.9) USW will establish Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, and Sports Complexes, Motor Ways, Dams, Canals and heavy Industries in its PoorMemberStates.10) USW will take measures to control Environmental Pollution in itsMemberStates.11) USW will resolve Regional Disputes of its Member States through Table Talk, Friendship, Progress, Prosperity instead of War and StateTerrorism.12) USW will take steps for reduction of Armaments and Atomic Weapons throughout the World.13) The Member States of USW will establish common banks, Airlines and Shipping Companies.14) For making Brotherhood among USW member States, Govt Level Concessions will be provided to Cultural Groups for Traveling, Hoteling and Entertainment Shows. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.24Subject: Collation Forces should remember that by their conquest of Poor Countries People of the World, instead of getting Peace, will become Victim of Suicide Attacks.1) By following Agha Dilbar’s principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity the World Community can establish permanent Peace in theWorld.2) Instead of relying on Supper Powers, the World Community should Hand Over, Command Forces of all countries to UN Peace Force, after making It the Mightiest War Power. In this way the UN should be the Global VillageSupperPower.3) USA, UK, Russia, India and Israel must remember that use of Indiscriminate and continues State Force in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine will result in 100% Increase in Terrorism instead of Curbing it.4) The Collation Forces must forgo their dream of Capturing the World Through use of Force-they should remember that in this age of I.T. when World Is becoming A Global Village, the outdated rule of "Might is Right" of Previous 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th Centuries will not successes.5) I Agha Dilbar sincerely believe that only by adopting Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity the Dream of World peace will Become a Reality after 5, 10, 50,100 years.6) The Collation Forces should not be mistaken that they will become a Cause of Peace and Progress after Conquering Poor Countries one by one; Rather Suicide Attacks World Over including Collation Countries, long Gorilla Wars will destroy World Economy.7) Collation Forces also remember that controlling World Terrorism by Enslaving Poor Countries (as Afghanistan and Iraq etc) Through War Machinery, killing of thousands innocent people, destruction of cities and Villages and eliminating employment sources, a new greater series of Suicide Attacks has started which can be controlled by abandoning use of BruteForce.8) World Community, Collation Forces, UN and Head of States all over the World Powerful Media, Radio, TV, Inter Net, Newspapers, Magazines should Propagate Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity for Establishing of World Peace.9) Collation Forces must remember that capturing Poor Countries one by one will start 3rd World War. Collation Forces overseas consists of 2 Million Army, Fighters, Aircrafts, Navel Ships, Airfields, Latest Destructive Armaments, Is destroying World Economy. In retaliation to this, a never-ending Chain of Suicide Attacks will start engulfing the whole World Economy, Especially in USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia.10) UN must stop This Indiscriminate Use OF Force by Collation Forces of the World it will have to face a fate like its predecessor the "LeagueOfNations".10)The Collation Forces should not forget that naked use of Military Force The World Over is 100 times destroying World Peace and Economy. For get Rid of World Terrorism and Suicidal Attacks, only Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity can make this World a Haven. Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.25Subject: The World Community has started March towards Peace in the Light of Agha Dilbar's Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity.1) It is a pleasant news that Pakistan-India are preparing for talks to resolve Kashmir Dispute.2) Israel and Philistine are going to hold talks as per President Bush's Road Map instead of War and Suicidal Attacks.3) Russia has also agreed for talks with Chechens Gorilla Fighters.4) Keeping in view these facts and for strengthens peace process in the World. Agha Dilbar Appeals to Collation Forces to gradually withdraw>From Afghanistan and Iraq and under an International Agreement, UN Peace Forces should be deployed there till Normalcy.5) India, Israel, Russia, USA and UK must remember that as per research of Agha Dilbar in present Global Village Age, Peace is not possible by Conquering Weak countries on the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction and by State Terrorism, Mass Killings and destruction of Means of Production, rather use of Brutal Force will increase Suicide Attacks 100 Times resulting in Failure of World Economy. Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.26Subject: UN Peace Force should be displaced till Restoration of Peace In Internationally Disputed Arias of Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq.1) As per Research of Agha Dilbar for stoppage of Guerilla War in Internationally Disputed Arias like Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq and for fully resolving other disputes. These Disputed Areas should be put under control of UN Peace Force.2) After taking control these disputed areas and bringing Army, Police and Administration under Command of UN Peace Force should resolve all Issues Through Table Talk in the light of Principles of Friendship, ProgressAndProsperity.3) UN Peace Force after taking charge of Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya, Will order Indian, Israeli and Russian Armies to Vacate these DisputedAreas.4) Similarly it will Order Collation Forces to Withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq and go back to their Homeland.5) UN Peace Force, after taking Control, will conduct Free and Fair Elections in Afghanistan and Iraq within 2-years and will Handover Govt to Winning Political Parties. However UN Peace Force will remain thereTill3-year for full Restoration of Peace.6) According to Proposed Plan of Agha Dilbar, UN Peace Force will Remain in Deployed in Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya for 5-years after signing of Peace Agreements Disputed Parties Groups and it is expected Normalcy will Return that Period.7) It is hoped that UN Peace Force will succeed getting rid of Long Gorilla Wars and Suicide Attacks in the lights of Golden Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity with the help of UN Peace Force. Agha Dilbar, s Urgent Peace letter No.27) Subject: UN Security Council, through a Resolution for permanent World Peace will Order to Reduce 75% in the Defense Budgets of all Countries.1) UN at the International Level will Order the following Solid Steps To Maintain Peace and the Removal of Poverty.2) Under UN Orders, all the Nations of the World will renounce officially in the Reduction of their Defense Budgets 75%.3) Under suggested Defense Budget Plan, all the States will Reduce 75%InTheir Armies Sea, Air War Fare in the Production and Buying of Ammunition. According to Suggested Agha Dilbar s Revolutionary Plan, all the Nations will be bound to Spend their Savings made by Reduction of 75% in their Defense Budget in the following Plans. A) According to UN Order all the States will be bound to Provide Free Medical Aid Facilities to each and every Person. B) According to UN Orders all the Govt. Will Provide Free Education Facilities to each Person in future. C) According to UN Orders all the Govt. will Provide UN Employment Allowance to each Person till the age of 60-Years.D) According to UN Order all the Govt. Will Provide Old Age Allowance To Each Person after 60-Years till Death. E). According to UN Order all the Govt. Will Provide 20-Years Soft Bank Housing Loans to each Person. F) According to UN Orders all the Govt. Will Provide 1%Interest Bank Loans for Trade, Agriculture and Industrial Projects. EmailAgha Dilbar, s Urgent Peace Letter No.28Subject: Throughout the world, UN should install, autonomous Institutions, UN Privatize Commissions (UNPC) to remove Poverty, Unemployment andCorruption.1) To privatize all the Govt Institutions in a transparent manner, Under the following rules and regulations of Autonomous Institutions will beEstablished.2) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) in all the countries will perform their duties as autonomous bodies.3) All the Executive Employees of suggested institutions (UNPC) will be recruited on Merit from other countries.4) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) during the next 5-years shall Privatize all the Banks, Water and Power, big Industrial Projects Health, Education, Agriculture and City Corporations etc in a TransparentManner.5) Throughout the world all the countries will not Privatize their Defense. Currency and Telecommunication. And they will run under GovtControl.6) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) shall be Privatize on such terms and Conditions that they will have to carry the same Businesses. In case of Violation of Rule, UNPC will take back these Institutions without anyPayment.7) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) shall be bound to sell all the Govt And Semi-Govt Institutions through their Stock Exchange in Shares.8) To bring forth the Suggested Institutions (UNPC) Decisions shall be Taking By Voting in the UN General Assembly.9) By establishing the Suggested Institutions (UNPC) at the International Level, the Privatization of all Govt and Semi-Govt will help in Alleviating the Poverty, Unemployment and Corruption all over the world. Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.29Subject: According to UN Security Council Order, all countries would Allocate Two Present (2%) of their National Budget for UN Development Fund (UNDF).1) Suggested UNDF would be used for the following Development Programmed to Eradicate Poverty and Unemployment from the Developing, Backward andPoorCountries.2) Through UNDF Dams, Canals, Railways, Motorways, Heavy Industry and Five star Hotels will be built in the Backward and Poor Countries.3) UNDF will be spent on Oil, Gas and Mineral Projects in Backward andPoorCountries.4) UNDF will be spent on Schools, Colleges, and Professional Institutes, Universities, Hospitals and Sports Complexes will be Constructed in Backward and Poor Countries.5) Under Suggested UNDF Latest agriculture Farms, Poultry Farms, Cattle Farms, Fish Farms and Export Processing Zones would be built in Backward and Poor Countries.6) Suggested UNDF would be spent on Population Planning in Backward andPoorCountries.7) Suggested UNDF would be install Airways, Banks and Shipping Companies In Backward and Poor Countries.8) Under UNDF following Basic Industries would be installed in Backward and Poor Countries.1. Steel Mills 2.Car, Bus, Truck, Tractor industries 3.Textile Industry 4. Tires, Tubes and Shoes Industry 5. Medicine Laboratories 6. Engineering Industry 7.Electronic Industry 8. Computer Industry 9.Dry Milk Industry 10. Tin Pack Fruit Industry. Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.30) Subject: To abolish Kick Backs at International Level, UN Anticorruption Commission (UNAC) should be established.1) Under the UN Resolution UN Security Council would be established, UN Anticorruption Commission (UNAC).2) Suggested (UNAC) would be authorized at the International Level to Take Stern preventive measures to control the Contacts of Kick Backs.3) Suggested UNAC would be authorized to take Hand over the Kick Back Cases Of Govt Officials, Ministers, Govt Contractors and Head of States to The International Court of Justice.4) Suggested UNAC would be authorized to charge Govt and their Head of States who would be found guilty of taking Kick Backs in the big Govt Contarcts.5) Suggested High Power International Institution (UNAC) would Confiscate All the Black Money made through Un-Fair Means, and giving all such Cases of Inappropriacy to International Court of Justice, it would help in Awarding The severe punishments to all Head of States, Ministers, High Officials, Smugglers and Traders who are found guilty in Corruption.6) Through the suggested UNAC, by eradicating Kick Backs and Black Money, it Will keep to remove Poverty, Unemployment and Terrorism immediately Throughout the World. Please Note: Donate Funds for International Peace Campaign for conveying message of Peace Through Friendship Progress and Prosperity by International Revolution Movement, in a better way 1000-Time more. We need Funds urgent basis. Please Send your Donations to Bank Account: Allied Bank of Pakistan, Lahore Branch: Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore No.0688Account: Agha Dilbar Account No. 01100-5809-2Agha Dilbar founder International Revolution Movement Central Secretariat64-Neelum, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Pakistan Thanks for using this service Please E-mail these Peace Letters to your friends for the Welfare of Humanity Thank you for your Participation. We appreciate your Contribution for Humanity (Live with Dignity and Dye with Grace. Guide Line from Agha Dilbar)____________________Please see our message in internet search Website no-1 aghadilbar no-2 aghadilbar2
Errr... who's the nutter above?
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if we went this way sri lanka would be pretty fucked up right now, since the tigers never really wanted peace anyway! lol@ ancient losers! :P
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