Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Guess Who's Back?

A few nights ago I was watching TV and who do I see on a Patriotic National Movement stage, shouting about the links between Ranil and the LTTE and defending Mahinda Rajapakse? None other than our old friend S L Gunasekera.


No one remembers him? That founding member of the Sihala Urumaya. That hero of the Sinhalaya who thought 'there are enough racist Tamil and Muslim parties in the country so let us try to even things out by starting a Sinhala one!'.

Take a trip down memory lane. Remember how he was later kicked out of the Sihala Urumaya because even though he was Sinhala, he wasn't a proper Sinhalaya because he was not a Buddhist? That defining moment in the Sinhala Buddhist ideology? When Champika and Tilak hid their little powergrab behind the statement that to be a proper Sinhalaya one had to be a Buddhist.

S L Gunasekera cried at the press conference. Sihala Urumaya was a party he had helped found and as far as he was concerned he was a proper Sinhalaya. He was not a Buddhist. So what? He'd occasionally have a scotch and soda in the evening. So what? These were the two things he cried about. I'm talking real tears here. Streaming down his face.

But now he's back out of hiding! He's standing on an PNM stage and defending Mahinda. Stranger things than this have been few. One good look at his face and you know the shot in the evening has turned into a bottle by now. I guess being a political exile can do that to a man. But let us not judge him on that. It's very clear that's he's but a shell of the 'hero of the Sinhala people' that he used to be. Another washed up has-been, being dragged out so that Ranil and Mahinda can put them on a stage and squeeze them dry.

Wonder who else is going to crawl out of the woodwork to stand by the two candidates as the elections get closer.

So SL Gunasekara is a Sinhala Christian fanatic steeped in Sinhala Christian ideology and Sinhala Christian supremacy? Is that what you're saying?
No I'm saying he's a washed up has-been who's irrelevant.

I just find his presence on election stages funny.

I don't really care if he's Christian or Buddhist or Zoroastrian or Martian... he was a Sinhala nationalist politician who helped create the Sihala Urumaya.
He was hardly in hiding as you say. SL is behind the North East Sinhala Association in case you don't know.
So SL Gunsekara is a racist, anti-Tamil, supremacist Sinhala Christian?

How about this guy Upali Cooray, is he also a racist, anti-Tamil Sinhala Christian supremacist:


...There are the peaceniks like Jehan Perera and the so-called National Peace Council, who have sought to justify every abduction, killing and ceasefire violation of the LTTE. Funded by foreign countries and drawing fat salaries, they seek to justify the indefensible. They have used their ill-gotten funds to sow confusion and wear down our defences against terrorism. They scream about the need to repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act while keeping mum about the 300 murders, thousands of cease fire violations and hundreds of child abductions the LTTE has committed since the so-called ceasefire came into effect in February 2002. They have sought to prettify the ugly face of Prabhakaran’s barbarity. Jehan is not the only Lord Haw haw. There are many others like Jehan, and as long as the gravy train from Norway and elsewhere keep lining their pockets, they will blame everybody but the LTTE for all the human rights violations in our country.
Ol' SL? Behind that rag tag group who calls themselves the North East Sinhala whatever? Gimmie a break. S L Has never been seen at a single NESA event and they have never spoken of him. The 'leaders' of NESA have a vague idea of who SL is. Perhaps SL has been going around telling people that he's the driving force behind them, but in fact he has done nothing for them.

For your information the North East Sinhala Assn is funded and maintained by the JVP through their long time support base in Trincomalee. I suggest you talk to the JVP office in Trinco about this.

It really bugs me when snotty little brats who live thousands of miles away pretend they know what's going on in Sri Lanka.

You left for greener pastures? Fine. NOW STAY THE FUCK OUT AND LEAVE US ALONE!

Thank you.

If you want the pro-peace groups in Sri Lanka to shut down and go home and let the whole country return to war, then I suggest you join the army.

If you want war, fight it yourself. Or show the world what a coward you are by shouting for war and then letting some poor farmer's son die for you.

I also suggest you look up the origin of the word Peacenik. Perhaps then you will stop using it in this context.

I agree that the pro-peace lobby tends to ignore a lot of the ceasefire violations and human rights violations carried out by the LTTE, but that does not mean that the work they do in this country is not essential.
aren't you yourself exaggerating s.l.gunasekera's importance by attacking him in this way?
He was important, and is no longer so.

DS Senanayake was important, is no longer so. But if someone were to bring him back from the dead and put him on a election stage then I would wonder what he was doing there.

(I would also be wondering why a dead person was up there, but that's beside the point)
Dear me, that was good fun those many moons ago. When he got booted out of SU, I did feel a bit sorry for the bugger though. I would think that experience alone would have convinced him of the dangers of exclusionist ideologies but seems like this chap's a bit slow on the uptake.
God you're a fuckwit Morquendi.

Just because one would like to slap Jehan Perera's face it doesn't mean that one wants a war to come into being. What fucking drugs are you on and what fucking world are you living in?

It's absolutely HILARIOUS how whenever anyone critiques your little homosexual friends like Jehan Perera and that utter fuckwit Sunanda Deshapriya you get all defensive and angry. Is it because they pay you to suck their dicks or what?

If you want peace (or is it piece?), then why don't you try and clamour for the separation of Sri Lankan into two separate, distinct countries? Because that is SURE to bring peace to the island, isn't it asshole? And we can all live happily ever after.

Your comments and verbal diarrhoea are welcome.
Aww shut up you homosexual dickwad. NESO broke up with JVP a looooong time ago. Jayantha Weerasekera (who Morq's paymasters are trying so desperately to get rid of) dissed them so bad during the 2004 elections.

In 2004 he wrote a book about the ISGA and stuff. And he was always there with the NESO peeps at their press conferences in Colombo.

He's a nice bloke and I like him. I hope he sues your ass for blasphemy and puts in in jail where you belong.

Go stick your finger up your arse and hop across the town. you cocksucking bitch.

Yeah mate, go suck Jehan's lily dick till kingdom comes. Maybe then you'll get your salvation.
Imagine you really could sue someone for blasphemy? Or that lawsuits could result in jail terms?

whoo whee
As a matter of fact, you can.

Iran issued a Fatwa against Rushdie after he wrote Satanic Verses.

Greece recently almost jailed this cartoonist Gerhard Haderer for insulting Jesus.

In Sri Lanka a webmaster was sued after insulting Buddha in his website. So yeah, Morq better watch out.
Chapter 272 of the Massachusetts General Laws states

Section 36. Whoever wilfully blasphemes the holy name of God by denying, cursing or contumeliously reproaching God, his creation, government or final judging of the world, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching or exposing to contempt and ridicule, the holy word of God contained in the holy scriptures shall be punished by imprisonment in jail for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars, and may also be bound to good behavior.
Dude - easy on the anit-overseas Sri Lankans mate. You're a well travelled Sri Lankan, you know - travel is important. We didn't choose to leave. When I say we - I don't include Dextr in the royal we.

Are you gay? If so gay bashing is a very, very serious crime in Australia. I think Dextr could get a seriously severe fine or even jail sentence for it. Also, I'm sure he must work with some gay people, wonder what they would say if they read the anti-gay stuff he writes

Sydney is the worlds 3rd Gay Capital. They've got the Mardi Gras there I believe Dextr lives on the trashy outskirts of Melbourne, borders on destitue poor, contemplates having sex with 14 year olds and is an all round loser. No Sri Lankan success story here. No eligible bachelor here. Oh but he is a racist little pig with an even smaller dick and of course, he supports the JVP - which will probably become a banned terrorist organisation one of these days and just can't seem to get any you know like anything. In 20 years time, Dextr is going to be so left behind by all of his fellow expat Sri Lankans that hes going to be pissed off even more.

So Morquendi, I think you need to squash this little bug, do you have any friends who live in the poor suburbs of Melbourne? Probably not but if you did, I'd be giving them a call - you know a some nice boofy gay guys - send them round to give Dextr what he really wants. All that stuff about 14 year olds - you know when a guy can only think about that size, well look he's 20, his ain't gonna get any bigger.
I did admire SL for one thing, he seemed a man of principle.

If I remember correctly, he was kicked out of the Sihala Urumaya because he refused to go to temples to offer flowers (as part of the election campaign)

He said he was an atheist who did not visit temples and refused to do so an got kicked out.

I do not agree with his policies but I will always respect a man of priciple.
I must admint, I'm a bit confused by Astrocyte. Not pro-war but not quite pro peace either?
Faggot vomit. Yuck
Why do we fight, why can't we all get along? Dextr and astrocyte, do not hate the gay ("the gay," as my mom says), dextr search your soul and find the dextr who loves Elton John and Michael Jackson. What would MJ and EJ say about your tirade against the gays. Make love not war and put some more shrimp on the barbie mate and no, that's not a homosexual reference.
Dude I don't hate all gays. One of my best friends is a lesbian/bi and I know some gay blokes as well. But that doesn't mean I approve of male homosexuality.

I just don't like this particular faggot who apparently wants to lick my arse with his AIDS infected tongue. Maybe he can get married to Morquendi and leave me alone. Morq has a lot of experience abusing little boys orphaned by the Tsunami. Both of you can suck Prabhakaran's balls of while Ashanthi fingers his anus. Feeling horny yet boys?

Btw, SL Goon is da man. He should be the president.
question: what gives away a closet gay?

answer: gay bashing.
And thus spake Dextr with forked toungue..

"Dude I don't hate all gays. One of my best friends is a lesbian/bi and I know some gay blokes as well. But that doesn't mean I approve of male homosexuality."

Dextr - you are soooo hypocritical. Do you really think your ozzie gay/bi friends would accept your LAMO excuse given the way you have attacked Morq? Truly? Maybe they aren't really as gay as you :)

Put some fancy red high heels on & step OUT - ooops sittingnut is watching - out - of the closet.
So all gay bashers are gay? Haha.. This is really really nice. The faggots now say everyone who doesn't like them are closet queens. What a lovely faggotty way to stop people from bashing them. Who'd want to be called closet homosexuals eh?

Anywayz I don't hate gays. I don't like them either. I don't give a shit about them unless they want to "own my arse" like gaypride aka ashanthi.

Yep ashanthi=gaypride.

Ashanthi is a ugly fat crack whore or a faggot who thinks he's a woman. I dunno.. Ashanthi sounds like a whinging gay bitch to me who got fucked by his dad in the ass when he was 13. Ashanthi/gaypride and Morq should get married and jump off a cliff.

Sittingnut should shut the fuck up like the little bitch he is and suck his nut. Eat shit cock boy.
Who'd want to be called closet homosexuals eh?
gay dextr maybe.

I don't hate gays. I don't like them either.
so you don't like yourself. we knew that already. otherwise you won't be here bothering other ppl for no reason.
Hehhe.. go suck a banana if your feeling horny.. cockboy.

Sittingnut the faggot crusader. LOL.. Do these queers really think that calling us closet homos is gonna stop them from getting bashed? Haha.. Typical faggot mentality.

Sittingnut likes to suck juicy nuts when he's bored. His favorite is the smelly hairy nuts of ashanthi aka gaypride, the crybaby fag from melbourne.

Cocksucking libertanian up your ass. Haha... Eat some cock and shut the fuck up bitch.
my, such graphic language. wonder how dextr developed such a imagination.
Dextr - lay off the whacky tweed - talk about paranoia...
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