Thursday, November 17, 2005

So What?

Mahinda won.

But doesn't it really stink that the PM's office should release a statement saying that they are pleased to announce that the fifth president of the country is going to be Mahinda? Maybe they should have noted that thet only reason they could make such a statement is because Ranil conceded defeat. Ranil's not perfect, but at least he was nice enough to concede defeat. But it was really nasty of the PM and the PM's office to make a statement saying they won, without saying that the only reason they could say they won was that the other guy had thrown in the towel.

But heck, we're going to have to get used to a lot more of this shit if this guy is going to be in power for another 6 years. And the worst thing is he is going to be even worse than Chandrika. Much much worse. We're going to be missing Chadrika when she's gone and this guy is in her place.

Well, I don't have a problem with Mahinda himself, but the fact that he signed those pacts with the JVP and the JHU are really scary. I was actually quite amazed to see him stoop to that level. But he did stoop. And the only thing he proved by doing that was that winning was more important to him than his principles.

But then, like a lot of people have been asking, did he ever have any principles at all? Well, we'll have to hang around and find out.

And yup, if the JVP have it their way we're going back to war. Bloody good if you ask me. Some of the morons out there have just forgotten what it was like. Teach them a bloody lesson to vote a bunch of racist warmongers like this. They get what they voted for. As for me, and as for Nittewa, at least now that this bloody election is over we can go back to talking about real issues.

Haha the UNP lost. Next time tell the UNP not to court the LTTE. It feels great to know that you're annoyed and irrited.

Good on you Mahinda for signing those pacts with the JVP and the JHU.
it is election commissioner who decide.

question is whether mahinda can stay above 50%(now he is just(50.3%)? maybe since attanagala has not come yet.
I'm just wondering why all the UNP supporters seem to be so quiet?
"I'm just wondering why all the UNP supporters seem to be so quiet?"

utter depression?

i dont live in sri lanka but i really wanted ranil to win too... it seemed like an obvious choice from afar... and now i have to forget about any plans i had to visit
But why depressed? Weren't they all screaming about a Ranil victory? Writing pages and pages of how he was going to win, with elaborate statistics and oohs and aahs?
yep, so imagine how incredibly deflating this must be (i guess the final results arent out yet, so things could change?)...
True he could still win.
As for Mr. Wickremesinghe, his strengths are his promises to revitalize the economy and his role as a conciliator, but his greatest liability may be that many Sinhalese feel that he was too lenient with the Tigers while he was prime minister. Tamil voters are critical to his chances, so he would be hurt by a weak turnout among them.
who is quiet? it is still not over
The silence now is quite deafening compared to the banshee-like screams from the UNP camp prior to the polls.
sittingnut: weren't you predicting a Ranil cakewalk some time ago? talking about all the red and blue areas on the map that had sparse populations? well, my complacent friend, adios to all that.

prabha wants to go to war, pure and simple. that's why he prevented about a million voters from using their franchise. but look at it this way: the jvp wants to go to war too. and the people in the south voted for those jackasses. so everybody's happy.

whoop de doo, kiddies. sri lanka's on another ride. god bless chandrika
It's sweet to see the JVP in power. All those who spat at them must be having regrests now. LOL
it's not that anyone is really keen on Ranil - he's no bloody hero but he was definitely the better choice.

There was nothing wrong with Mahinda - except his lousy choice of political whores.

Regardless of why Tamils did or did not vote (we can talk about voter intimidation over the last 50 odd years in another blog - ok - get real & don't tell me it didn't happen this time either ...) the fact of the matter is this ....

There are 100's of 1000's - ie a million Tamils who do not live in Sri Lanka (and have been disenfranchised thanks to generations of thugs like the JVP) who would have most likely voted for Mahinda - so if this group of Tamils had voted - Ranil would have won...

The one man who voted in Killinochi - he voted for all the 83,000 who didn't - so Ranil would have won...

The million that were prevented by the Tigers from voting - if they had voted - what do you think morons - they would have voted for - you & your facist, back-ward, racist, idiots - no morons - they would have voted for Ranil - so he would have won

So - you snuck your arsehole candidate in and yes you have played exactly into the LTTE's hands - as usual you don't have the intellect like the UNP to deal with the Ltte. You also do not give a shit about your country or your people.

The Ltte are not the sole representative of the Tamil people - they are a group that came into exisitence because for decades & decades you have wallowed in your racial hatred of the Tamils. But guess what I have just realised - half of the Sinhalese population voted for Ranil & you are here to gloat, denegrate & display the same depth of hatred towards them...?? God help us all.

You think you are civilized enough to participate in a democracy - stop deluding yourself.

In life there will always be a winner & a loser. If Mahinda did not have the JVP & JHU vote - Ranil would have had a landslide victory because he would have carried all the Tamil votes.

The bullies won this election & peace will take a backburner in MY COUNTRY FOR ANOTHER FUCKING DECADE - so you're going to enjoy the horror that will most likely unfold now are you - that would only be because you perpetuate it, every chance you get. You've been bred like a bunch of half-witted racist arseholes to hate everyone that is different to you.

This election has nothing to do with the Sinhalese or Tamils - it had to do with us finding a way to move on, heal our wounds - just even begin too start finding a better way for God's sake. Instead we have a bunch of hate filled monkeys (oh sorry albiet Aryan of course) in charge by an almost non-existent margin because of voter intimidation in the south which was rampant.

Think now who killed Luxman Kadirigama - ask yourself that question now.

So what Morq? - people are dying thats the "so what?"
Oh lord, yet another raving lunatic frothing at the mouth and screaming at the top of her lungs.

It's quite amusing and I must say rather pleasureable watching these UNP lovers squirm in anger and hatred at having lost the presidential election.

It's not going to change facts and are more than welcome to spend your time stamping your feet and tearing your hair out, because frankly the Sri Lankan people have made their decision and if you don't like it you can always jump in the lake or suck an egg.


PS Mahinda won.
yes mahinda buffalo won, thanks to the ltte. now expect ltte to decide what happens next.
There there sittingnut, remember the LTTE was the chambermaid of the UNP. Why all the hate all of a sudden?
what hate? they just elected the buffalo. that is a fact and i do not like that, may be you do?
How exactly did they vote for anyone when the LTTE doesn't take part in any elections?

Pass the weed please.
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