Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Aksharaya Trailer 01

Aksharaya Trailer 01

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Ganda gahana Handagama,,Hukalama mariyan.....
Han(gan)dagama is most probably born to a prostitute and a pervert. so hate the sacred relationship between a mother and a child. because all basterds hate their mothers.
හන්දගමයට වැහි නැති හෙන වැදීයන්
ammata uba hikuvada yako?
handagamaya witharak nemei mey kunuharupa film eke act karana ravindra randeniya athulu baala mahalu hama ekatama uparima dhaduwam niyama karanda oney.freedom of speech kiyana concept ekath vikurthi karana hadagama wage kaalakanninwa punaruththapanaya karanda oney
han gadaya, umbayako geenith wikunagena kana ponnayek.
lejja nedda pakayo, thota ammakenek nedda? salli nethnam paare hingakaapan.
Ado Hangandaya...Umba Kavuda Ammata Hukana Adahas Dunne...Tho Honda XXX Films Walata..
My gosh, the suddhawantha rela have spoken out!!! Look at their anger, talking about sacredness and all the shit. This shows the plight of Sri Lanka and the mentality of our spectators. Why do we have such filth as 'fucking your mother'? That's the first thing we throw out if we are angry at some one, even if it's someone's own mother. Why??? Because that's where the fantasy reaches its extreme height: fucking one's own mother!

We need to be open, NAKED, and honest if we are ever to understand the mean, meagre hells we are in. We see how these Upasaka ralayas behave when they see a female and we daily witness their behaviour in buses, trains and other public places. When Handagama talks about them, make them blatantly visible, it's like 'nayata andukola'!

Go on Handagama, be even bolder and more courageous. Cleansing such a great pit of holi-shit is never going to be easy!

Ma nivatta abbhikkama!
Hear, hear. Well spoken. We have more and more sexually abstract weirdos in our society and fools who hide or pretend that there is nothing like phedos, forced incest forced prostitution and sexual harassement where ever you go in our country. We need the media to open the eyes of the masses. Naturally, in the correct way and not with the intention of putting oil to the fire. Art could be used to educate people but we need to see if the spectators or the audience is intelligent enough to grasp the real message.
The angry insulting language in many of the above comments suggest that Handagama has touched a sensitive spot in people -- exposed a dark side that they would rather have left hidden. Such animosity might just be a sign that he has succeeded as an artist.
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