Friday, November 18, 2005

Mahinda Wins, But Sri Lanka Loses

Morquendi officially recognizes Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of the Sinhala people of Sri Lanka.

He defeated the other candidate Ranil Wickramasinghe by a huge majority in the South (where it mattered) and for the first time we have a president elected solely trough the vote of the Sinhala Buddhist masses. He didn't even bother to campaign for the votes of the Tamil people. He did do a meeting in Vavuniya, but that only for the Sinhala people who live in the Vavuniya area and not for the Tamil people. Mahinda's campaign was driven by the extremist JVP who spoke on each one of his campaign platforms and have shown a committment to returning to war.

Now that he knows that he can become president even without the support of the Tamil people of the North and East he no longer needs them. And the Tamil people of the North and East have every right to not look upon Mahinda Rajapakse as their President. They didn't really vote him in did they?

And the LTTE too no longer needs to take him seriously because he is very clearly not a leader elected with the help of the Tamil people.

While this has been a huge victory for Mahinda, it has dealt a crushing blow to the notion that a united, not unitary, Sri Lanka is possible. We now have a President in the South elected solely by voters from the South and we have the LTTE led by Prabhakaran. The LTTE wants it's Eelam and the orange robed cronies who haunt Mahinda want their Dhramarajya, or Helabima or whatever they chose to call is.

With both the JVP and the JHU being against Norwegian mediation, it doesn't look like Mahinda is going to be able to talk to the LTTE even if he wants to. By bringing back onto the table demands that were there in the mid 80s Mahina has taken the peace process back almost 20 years. Asking the LTTE to completely disarm, etc were ideas that were abandoned after Thimpu. But now the JVP and the JHU want them back on the table, and it's very very clear that peace talks are not going to happen for the next few years.

So, Mahinda Rajapakse is very clearly not the President of Sri Lanka, but the President of the Sinhala people. He did not need any Tamil votes to get there, and he does not owe the Tamil people anything. As far as he is concerned, he is not their president. And to him, the Tamil people of Sri Lanka do not exist, their problems do not exist. The only thing that exists is a pest seperatist group in the North who wants to carve a little bit out of his Helabima and call it something else.

Aah... Sri Lanka, it was a nice idea while it lasted. Too bad we're going to have to forget about it.

And you thought Chandrika was bad?

no, the buffalo is the president of sri lanka(not just of sinhala ppl) bc ltte elected him. he did not get a 'huge' mandate in the south with a 29000 majority and a 187000 lead.
ppl in northeast did vote him in, bc when you do not vote you are basically giving those who vote more power. if 10% does not vote the remaining 90% become the 100%, value of each vote cast increase by 11% . so tamils in north east elected the buffalo at the request of ltte. they will have to live with the consequences.
sinhala ppl voted for buffalo mainly on other issues, as indicated by opinion polls. they will get their consequences in the form of various broken promises and of course bombs too. but ppl who will suffer most will be the ppl who elected him from the north east.
Guys - I think we are all upset, we really need to focus on the facts...

Mahinda did not win this election. His meagre majority was obtained by rigging ballots. As someone was saying well the other side do it too - so it doesn't really matter. Howeverr, he is walking on thin ice. I do believe that the majority of Sinhalese people want peace - not hatred & certainly not more bloodshed.

Also - when you fight an election, you are supposed to go out there & win the hearts & minds of your voters. Pray tell me, is this what either candidate did in the North East? I think not. So before we go blaming the ltte for everything (again) - think about it.

yaroo is right - a known devil is better than an unknown one, however, are these devils really that unknow??? So we had the JVP campainging everywhere with the moustached buffalo & you are telling me that the Tamils didn't "know" what Wimal was ranting & raving about???

As for Ranil - he miscalculated, big time. But there again, if you were living in Jaffna - would you stick your neck to vote for him. Do you think anyone has forgotten the legacy of his uncle the butcher Julius? I think not.

Let us not make the mistake at again pointing the finger at the ltte. Let's look at choice? The Tamils had nothing that won them over, there were no overflowing promises of peace. AND I might add, given that they have no trust whatsoever towards either parties, one has to realize that it was inevitable that we would one day have an election which was totaly voted for by only Sinhalese.

But, Mahinda does not have the heart & soul of his people, he is the one playing fiddle to a minority special interest group who have bullied their way back in & will now destroy what is left of our country.

There are 120 accidents on the roads of Sri Lanka EVERY DAY ... How many people is the GOSL killing EVERY DAY??? through sheer neglect.
Poor Morquendi.... having to accept that Mahinda signed pacts with the JVP and the JHU and then on top of that winning the election. Must be a sad day for you eh?
ltte may not want to recognize the difference between the two areas but the fact is they do not have a free run in the government controlled areas. they sort of control them by stealth. that is why i am always refer to1998 in south same thing happened (and instead of handful of beatings there was real killings) but ppl responded very differently. one does expect better than 1% from ppl who really want to be free.
i certainly do not expect them to have any love for the unp, but this was not about unp or devils, it was about war and peace. and they weighed small chance of death or beating yesterday with more misery all around for some time to come and made a decision.

ranil got 48.4% without the ltte and those who obeyed it. that may not be 50% but that is not 1% either.

as for strikes and disruptions, things were going fairly ok when he had real power until nov 03 and you saw how cbk treated anti p-toms protests by jvp and jhu. there are enough provisions in the law to deal with them, someone has to be willing to use them . buffalo will be weak there .

find break downs here

kesbewa so what is your newly elected by ltte buffaloes plans? i hear he is rehearsing a 50 word speech so as not to stumble as yesterday.
So fuck you lost boy. I told ya we dont need to suck minority cocks. What happened to all your fucking predictions? Haha.. Decisive vote against chauvinism eh? Fuck off and DIE. We won...

Sittingnut, it is really lame that you're only comeback against Mahinda's victory is that he allegedly (according to you) "stumbled on a few words."

No wonder the UNP lost. They concentrated on petty name calling and mud throwing to ensure their victory. Needless to say, it didn't work.
T 4011 - how's your blog going these days - i note you're getting so much traffic & making soooo many friends - it must be dat lingo you always always use - it just soooo gives you away...

kesewatziba - Mahinda, snuck in via the back door (ask T4,,, - he knows all about it) - so tell me why do you hate the UnP. And tell me do you hate 50 per cent of the Sinhalese people that live in Sri Lanka? Are you going to start bullying these people because the supported the UNP. This is what you used to do to Tamils

The false belief about Mahinda Win

There is a false belief that Mahinda Rajapaksa won because Tamil People in did not given a chance to vote.

The entire Tamil population in Sri Lanka stands at 16-17% of the total population of Sri Lanka given the fact that a formidable number of Tamils have left the island and gone overseas.

LTTE did not want the Tamil population to vote because that would have well and truly exposed their false claim that they were the sole representatives of the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka. It would also have revealed exactly how many Tamils are living in this country when the vote counts were done!

Secondly the court order to setup election centers with in one kilometer of defence line closed the opportunities for vote rigging. Any tamil vote given to Rajapaksa would have refelected Tamil people's protest for LTTE's claim.

Under the circumstances, Mahinda Rajapakse did extremely well to rally the majority as well as the minorities to push forward his election campaign and win.
He is a more solid human being who is willing to listen and discuss issues before making decisions. National issues will not be treated lightly by him and he will make decisions with the entire nation in mind & not just a minority interest.

Sri Lanka needs a leader who is patriotic, a leader who will consider the nation as a whole and do what is right for the entire nation. In aiming to do this, his life will definitely be at stake and he needs to take every precaution to listen to his security advisor.

His enemies are not necessarily only the LTTE, but also the UNP and people within, those aspiring to slip into his shoes to take over the mantel. Therefore, he needs to be doubly careful.

We hope and pray that Mahinda Rajapakse gains the strength to unify this country and take it towards economic prosperity. We also hope that he will be able to achieve peace without selling out the country. May his path be righteous. May he also have the insight to choose a proper Cabinet of Ministers who will be sincere and disciplined to lead this country on the right path.
LOL. Yeah I started my blog to make friends. Hahah.. Shut up coke whore.

50% of the Sinhalese didn't vote for Ranil. Who told you that? Another one of your crack fantasies? The overwhelming majority of Sinhalese voted for Mahinda while most of the minorities voted for Ranil.

Hehhe.. poor princess and her swans. Awww...
Dear Ashanthi,

What if those people are going to be bullied? Just what you going to do about it? Froth at the mouth and scream like you usually do?
Mighty lot that's going to do.

And in case you didn't know it is the UNP that has engineered the worst violations of the Tamil people's rights. Heck, they even engineered the Karuna split can caused Tamil on Tamil violence to flare up.

Keep on supporting the UNP!
trolls for buffalo(or is it buffalo trolls?):
no matter how hard you cry, the facts do not change, ltte made your buffalo in to a president. so you too are doing ltte's work. what a sad fate for two sinhala buddhists living outside. don't you think that it's time you accept your second class citizen status there and live out your miserable life.
Who said I am a "sinhala buddhist"? Is this your fantasy sitting nut? No wonder the UNP lost - it jumped to assumptions. One would have thought you would have learnt a lesson from it.
Hehhe.. since when did I become a second class citizen.

You don't get it man. I'm not pro-Mahinda, just anti-Ranil. You could even say I'm just anti-YOU. Coz Ranil isn't really a leader. He's just a puppet of the NGOs.

Anyway, you fuckers must feel pretty good after being fucked in the arse like that by VP. Hahha...

Identified -
Dextr - a Troll who openly admits to being a peodophile
Kebeswatsischmukoo - an re-invention of an older washed up Troll, doesn't have any friends either because practically every Sri Lankan Blogger supported the UNP
Ashanthi, the UNP lost.

Have a nice day :-)
I live in Sri Lanka.

I have never been to the United States of America (thought I have been to Afghanistan which is an annexure actually). Other than for one brief visit to Holland when I was 7 (the JVP was trying to kill my family) I have never been further West than Kabul.

Yes I did obtain my education free from a Sri Lankan school till the 11th Grade. Beyond that I paid for it.

I am from the South and am distantly related to Mahinda on several levels. I have met him on several occasions. I have many reasons to kiss Mahinda's ass. I could gain a lot from it. My ideology has more in common with Mahinda's than Ranil's.

But on the issue of a solution to the conflict I agree with Ranil, and since that is the primary need of this country right now I will support Ranil, and challenge Mahinda's presidency.

Ranil does not know I exist. The UNP has no idea who I am. They do not pay me.
Oh look! The pambaya speaks! And out come the same old droppings we've been hearing for quite a while :-) Kissing ass seems to be a business of yours so I won't question you on it. But I would just like to say that for all your rants and shoutings, nothing has gone your way. Ranil did not win the election and will most probably be thrown out of the UNP (thankfully, blessed be Sri Lanka) and spend the rest of his days crying and regretting the fact that he acted like a total douchebag when he was at the helm. Yes I pity him (though not as much as I pity you and facist little brain that hides inside your cranium) but the man got what he deserved for trying to sell out Sri Lanka. Nothing you can do can change that fact.
Someone above was interested in election statistics/breakups

the best site was

On the subject of free education- "free" does not mean free of cost - costs that are paid for (in part) by taxpayers, both direct and indirect.
you know... a couple of months down the line and in retrospect...

mahinda is an unknown quantity. that may actually be a plus in a scenario like this as opposed to ranil who we all know about(not to mention know his style)

mahinda has strangely- at least to me- proved to be much smarter than any of us gave him credit for. we really don't have a clue of how things are going to unfold, and he's also managed to get the elusive and proverbial "united south"- at least at a superficial level into the equation. so it remains to see how things will play out with these new rounds of "talks"
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Hey Kides,

Look. Dont Fight & burn Your asses For Poilititions.

Well You know what, Both Ranil & Mahinda both are buffalos.

Both Ranil & Mahinda has no talents, has no leadership skills to rule sri lanka.

The only person ever had these talents was Mr.Premadasa.

Unfortunatly "non" of the polititions currantly in sri lanka has no leadership skills or talents to rule sri lanka what so ever.

Remember Sri Lanka is a differant country , To rule this country one needs special Leadership skills like Mr. Premadasa had.

Mahinda & Ranil clearly not the people for the job. & unfortunatly non of the polititions currantly in sri lanka have no such special leadership skills to rule this country.

So guys pls dont waste your time for these buffalos.
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