Friday, November 18, 2005

Free and Fair Election?

This is for our new resident troll Kesbewa and anyone else who believes that Mahinda won the South fair and square.

Despite whatever PAFFREL and CMEV says he did not. We all know why PAFFREL's been saying that the election was free and fair. Let's see if PAFFREL is one of those NGO groups that the JVP comes down on. I bet not. Why? Because the leadership of PAFFREL has always been pro-SLFP/PA/UPFA and it's been a good tool for the blues to use whenever an election comes around. All you have to do is look at PAFFREL statements over the past few elections to see which way they lean in the political spectrum.

Mahinda did win the South. There's no question about that. But just how much did vote rigging effect the result? Well, not much really. But then, the margin between the two candidates is not much either is it? So did the vote rigging in the South have an impact on the result of the election?

I think it did.

So what evidence do I have? I personally witnessed large scale impersonation and ballot box stuffing in several areas in the Beliatta electorate. Particularly in the Aranwela MV polling booth. This was carried out by Southern Provincial Council member D V Upul and his gang. This same gang were responsible for beating up an independent monitor near Beliatta junction later. A few miles from Beliatta, in Getamanna too large scale impersonation and intimidation of voters was taking place in both the polling centers in the area. The UPFA supporters all gathered outside the Getamanna Vijaya MV.

In Tangalle vehicles without license plates bearing stickers of Mahinda were crusing around. There were many reports of polling booths in Tangalle town and in the interior having their ballot boxes stuffed. Mahinda Rajapakse's son Namal who had earlier brought his gang to Tangalle for the election was primarily responsible for this. Namal is only 19 years old, but is already turning out to be quite a thug. We saw that when he gathered thugs from Mt Lavinia in the vicinity of his school St Thomas' College. He's already got his own crew and no longer needs daddy's bodyguards. So much for everyone who says Mahinda's boys are nice guys.

There were similar reports sent in by election observers from Kalmunai, from Hanguranketha, from Kuliyapitiya. There are several reports that have been put out by the various groups that were monitoring the elections and if you compile all of them you can get a good idea of exactly how the UPFA engaged in election violence and ballot box stuffing. The violence and intimidation perpetrated by the PA+JVP+Allies was widespread, and was seen in all parts of the island.

If the margin between the two candidates had been larger by maybe another two or three hundred thousand then maybe all this rigging would not really have changed anything because Mahinda would have won anyway. But the margin is only 186,000 votes. And even if they stuffed a few ballots into each ballot box they could make that figure. And I believe that if this election had been truely free and fair, even if we don't count the votes in the Jaffna, Vanni, Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts, Ranil would still have won.

So think again before you claim that Mahinda won fair and square.

Go on, bark and say he won. Yes he did win, and you may shout that out from the rooftops. But don't claim he won fair and square, because he did not. But know who you are electing into power. He is a man who blatantly encourages election violence in his own electorate. His own son has been seen stuffing ballot boxes there. Election monitors get beaten up there.

This is a man who has shown no committment to democracy or democratic principles. This is a man who over the past few months has shown that he is willing to sacrifice anything to become the president of this country. This is a man whose personality now reeks of a powerhungry dictator.

If this is the guy you're going to trust to run your country then there's something seriously wrong with you, and maybe you deserve a leader like that.

Well WHY the BLOODY hell did Chandrika choose him#$@@@#$^@#^$%@#$%

Look at what that stupid bitch has left us with an arsehole thug with a monster son in training, the JVP & the JHU.

This is her legacy to our country - i hope she rots in hell

As for voter rigging - well they both rig votes in the areas they control - however, big mo had more resources at his disposal...

Here's the harsh truth - did Ranil reach out to the Tamil voters - no, well he got what he deserved then.
buffalo doesn't have a mandate that's clear.

sooner somebody defeats him in parliament the better. and we don't have to wait long before jvp bails out, may be they will last longer than last time, but they will certainly bailout. they are after something else after all.

btw i don't think he will go for a general election if he has any sense, the way our pr system works they will get the same no of mps with jhu mps split between the two. (in most districts 55% and 65% get the same no of mps).

but the basic fact is clear, most ppl chose (by a slim margin in the south, by a large almost 100% margin in the north) war. they, both north and south,(and us too) will probably get it .
s/nut - yes of course the commrades want their bloodthirsty revolution, morons, as for the JHU - if I were them I'd be scared. The commrades have a deep hatred for them which I suspect they are keeping well hidden until the moment is right to strike.

i don't know if we will have war - let's now wish it upon ourselves...

the ball is very much in the ltte's court - one can only hope they will show restraint, but even as i write these words i have a sinking feeling in my stomach...

have you accepted my nomination s/nut :-)???
ashanthi - Have you been following the politics. CBK didn't have much of a choice. The party chose him and to be fair he is a good organizer who can get the votes. In politics that matters.
ivap - she & her family have ruined Ceylon & now Sri Lanka

Well good organiser - why he pays his thugs on time?

C'mon you know what I mean...

Anyway - I don't want any of them in power anymore - you & sittingnut start a party - we need fresh faces with BRAINS!!! not moustaches & teeth
sittingnut - I realise this is a big disappointment and it's trying times, thus your ranting about people choosing war. Give it a break mate. Particularly about the people in the N/E.

It's easy to apportion blame by saying people did not take up individual responsibility but as you are well aware reality, in the absence of collective action, is a choice between a bullet and a vote. I know what I'd choose.

The only way people in the north-east could have felt comfortable is by non-violently approaching one of those blockades would have been if they had enough numbers. Probably about 50-100 would be enough. To do that it would have required some form of organising at the grassroots for collective action. IMHO, this is where the NGO body could have played a part given their ability to move in and out of the conflict areas. If I recall corectly there is a precedant of such organised action being taken when the ratwatte clan were running riot.

Anyway, my point is, you can’t blame the people for the individual choices when living under the gaze of the tigers and their intelligence apparatus. Without some form of non-violent collective action it’s impossible to expect people to wrong foot the enforced boycott.

Tell me, would you approach a roadblock like this unless you were convinced that it would set an inspirational example of individual action ?
it was not just the ltte watching - the army, split between both parties were watching too - they continue to commit attrocities in camps & you know this... lets hope the UNP army supporters don't take it out on Tamils, remember it never stops & Tamils are the meat in the sandwich.

So they keep their heads down & try & avoid trouble

That one man who voted in Killinochi voted for all of us - as I said before...& he voted for Ranil because Ranil represented some hope. Remember - he did not vote for Ranil because Ranil shook his hand ...

The Sinhalese who now have a govt that they are not happy with must think why their country is so high-jacked by extremists

Sittingnut is entitled to be angry - but Ivap is right. He didn't blabber on like Indi about the UNP - he was an honourable campaigner & I campaigned with him.

I just thought Ranil would win anyway - I was shocked when he lost - I wanted a big decisive victory - I didn't think we would be facing a narrow rigged defeat!!!
The bitch is nuts.
Interesting PERSONAL ANECDOTE there Morquendi. And afterall, you're the most trustworthy person on the planet aren't you? And we should all believe you. Who are you kidding dude?

Unfortunately for you the world and other Sri Lankans have accepted that Sri Lankans have voted in Mahinda as their president. Yes you can't believe it and yes it hurts your insides so bad that you want to bawl your eyes out and hurl out accusations at the winning party but in the end you're going to have to swallow your hurt and accept the fact that Mahinda is the president of Sri Lanka and shall be so for the next six years.

The same old accusations of vote rigging and impersonation and whatnot get bandied about by the losing party after every election. It's nothing new at all.

It's called being a sore loser.

Next time ask the UNP not to cast its lot with the LTTE.
who's this new idiot troll, Morquendi did not support Ranil, he supported Mahinda

Hence his big spat with that prat

to everyone else in this blog, good on you for all your efforts
i am not talking about ltte controlled areas, those ppl very well can't do anything. but the fact is most ppl in north live under government control and under cfa ltte is not allowed to carry arms there. of course they control them by stealth but that is still stealth. and i think it is reasonable to expect more than 1% in those areas. besides did anybody actually die for voting there?

Tell me, would you approach a roadblock like this unless you were convinced that it would set an inspirational example of individual action ? - well the link does not work. but there are no ltte road blocks in government controlled areas. but there are 'tigers and their intelligence apparatus' there i admit. as for individual action, when jvp was killing ppl who voted in the south, my mother was the first to vote in our polling booth as usual ( she said she was the first on thursday too), just 100m from a place several ppl were killed few days earlier. lots of others voted, less than usual but satisfyingly enough. and there was no coordinated collective action, my mother (i was too young to vote) just asked me to come with her that's all. if she wanted to set an example it was for her children only. some example n-e parents are setting don't you think?

a choice between a bullet and a vote - do you know that sounds similar to something premadasa said after that election, i think -'ballot defeated the bullet' or something like that. i remember we had to listen to that on bbc radio since jvp exploded the electricity transformer in front of our house.

and why go back that far? did not iraqis vote in sufficient nos in january inspite of a similar boycott?

i think they should have thought what the army will do to them when the war starts and voted to get rid of the army from north.

ppl ( at least a large minority of them) have to do what they believe is right, not to set a example but bc it is the right thing to do. other wise they are not ... ppl imo.
s/nut - I have a great admiration for the steely character that your Mother has. I can tell you have gained a just sense of right & wrong from her.

However, not everyone has that same spirit - not after years & years & years of being put down...

there were no guarantees made to the Tamil people, there was no substantial & honest confirmation to them about removing the occupying army from their lands, there was nothing... let's be honest. I also repeat that in the govt controlled areas, the Tamils had just as much to fear from the army because Mahinda's army supporters knew that they would be voting for Ranil - you have to take this on board.

Now what I am asking is to try & put yourself in the hands of a beaten down, pushed around, down-trodden, possibly raped mother, who is all but living in a concentraion camp & who knows full well the consequences for her child in the event she voted...

On the other hand, I know only full well from stories similar to the one you have just told of how petrified people were of the JVP. Millions of miles away, when i speak to any Sinhalese person, they speak of the JVP with revulsion for the attrocities they commited. All in the name of some bloody philosophy which they borrowed & swallowed like lap dogs. Tell me, do you know what the figures of the overseas postal vote was from these Sinhalese people? I have to tell you they too must have voted for Ranil & one wonders where there votes one. Again, this is why I am so surprised.

So - yes people should have voted, we are all sad they did not but you have to accept this & then you have to get down there & work out how you are going to change it...

33 is young - especially as you will be 38 by the time the next election comes around. So c'mon keep your ear to the nose grind & get to WORK!!!!
sittingnut here is the link to The
ivap, thanks for the link.

ashanthi, i don't think army would have interfered, they after all let them vote for tna in 2004. and defense ministry prevented a fraud attempt that tried to use captured army deserters to vote for buffalo.
what will happen is that in future nobody is going to trust the voters in the north east. unp which imo was right to campaign on peace and economic reform, probably will not change its policy, but will get by and prevail without ne voters.
by this cowardly boycott ne voters wrote themselves out of any solution that will eventually prevail bc they won't tally up, literally. they will get a solution dictated to by ltte and/or government and it will certainly not be a democracy. but then that's what they deserve.
sittingnut - please, nobody deserves the lives that Tamil people are living in the NE...

I note none of us had time to acknowledge that there was an earthquake of a 6.3 on the reichter scale near Ache...

I know you are angry - but do not blame the Tamils for not have to stop this. When we have all recovered I would like us to "sit down & have a chat" about how minority votes do not cotnribute to democracy ...

please don't think for one minute I do not understand what you mean & how you feel - but i really want you to think about those people in Jaffna that you think you had a right to ask to vote for Ranil ... For too long in Sri Lanka politicians have thought that they had a God given right to demand votes. This has been by virtue of caste, creed & kind... Well these politicians have taken Tamils for granted. You may say that Ranil was different and I know deep down inside every Tamil on earth would like to believe this - but were those of us who could vote prepared to take the chance for Ranil's sake?? No - sorry - why should they.

Frankly, I think that because of the association of Mahinda with the JVP most people thought that Ranil would win anyway - truly s/nut - I did!!!

I want you to do one thing for me - I want you to take a deep breath & put yourself in the shoes of a Tamil, living in Jaffna for the past 33 years...
Most people? Yeah your blog mateys.Haha.

You're just dumb.
u ppl think mahinda won the election because jaffna didnt vote?
so do u think that they didn't want mahinda to come to power?
talking about 19 year old namal and election violence, how can u prove that he stuffed ballot boxes? and he brought set of thugs from ML.
as far as i know he never involved in elction violence nor gang fights upto date plus he is an excellent rugby player who respect sportsmanship and a person that thrives on challenges.
yes we all see him as an upcoming leader of mother lanka who can make a difference for a better future for our youths.
namal has just been visiting the area I live in Australia...he came horse riding with two body guards..he seemed quite respectful and polite..
oh ya last poster, go kiss MR and his familes feet. LMAO. Better future my balls.
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