Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Humor: The King Of Trincomalee

There's some real bad shit hitting the fan right now that I'm glad Sittingnut is providing us with some entertainment. Let's have some humor.

A follow up to my post on how uninformed and ignorant and generally silly Sittingnut is being:

Sittingnut thinks having some property in Trinco makes him the sole representative of the people of Trinco! All hail the Monarch of Thirikunamale! He doesn't even claim to have travelled there anytime in the past 6 months, instead just points out to the fact that we don't know if he did. I'm willing to bet he didn't go to Trinco. He just sat in his armchair and his servant couriers ran all the way down with messages. Attaboy Sittingnut!

The fact is Sittingnut, we don't care. Whether you went to Trinco after the recent trouble or not, what matters is that you did not write about it, nor did you care to report on what you saw and heard and experienced. And then, when some people who did go write something about it, all you can do is trash them.

And what exactly do you plan on proving by hollering that you won the argument, and that I conceded defeat, even after I had posted this? Are you trying to prove that you're retarded? I didn't say it. You did :)

Why don't you do something constructive? Be nice. It might save you from that popularity blackhole you're in :)

how pathetic can you be! is this the only one ngo wallahs can put forward ?

you claim to be a journalist and still fail to understand the basics of journalism.
since you are obsessed with my going to trinco and devotes a whole post to that argument (which btw show how you are unable to answer the valid questions or arguments about the biased and plagiarized report from centre for policy alternatives.) i will spell it out to you and what is more i will post it as a post so i dont have to makes it again and again as you continue to repeat it.

i did go to trinco on 16th and yes my employees and friends were eyewitnesses but that does not make me or my accounts of their experience any more believable to others. to do that i have to produce those witnesses to other people's scrutiny. i am not in a position to do that . as such i have no right to ask people to believe in a report based on those unsubstantiated accounts. since when i write i hope to be believed i do not write such a report. i am certainly not going to pass judgment on others using such unsubstantiated accounts either

what is true about me is also true about others. if they cannot produce witnesses and evidence to other's scrutiny they should refrain from producing reports and passing judgment. if they do and do not produce the evidence when challenged, they open themselves to charges of unprofessional conduct. that is what your friends did with that report, they passed judgement on the military based on nothing.

what is more their account differs from all substantiated accounts of the trinco riot published in local and foreign media with evidence. and as i have shown from its internal evidence it was biased in the extreme. this is not surprising since there were also questions about representativeness of those taking part and the methods used to collect the 'facts'.

in addition to all that it has been shown with examples from the text itself that the said report was nothing but a plagiarism of a post by pro ltte blogger jeyaraj.

as i said you failed to come up with counter argments for any of those arguments raised by me even in moju so yo come up with this. :-)

anyway i am glad that you got your juvenile fun. you are right you did not say i was a 'retard' you just posted it and as you know very well i thanked you for it

so thank you again. do call me whatever name you want. you are even free to believe whatever you think of me, i don't mind.

btw i did not know ppl look for popularity in blogs. do you ? that may explain lot of things :-D
Right - the 2 of you can stop this bullshit, what on Earth is the matter with you both.

Are you both having some sort of a "blogger fight" Indischimindi style to bump up your blog ratings.

Will you please both refrain from mudsling on the blog. It is just awful given what is really happening.

I tell you what if you were both in the same room as me, I'd give you both a smack around th ears.

STOP IT#$%&$%^#^$%* AND REMEMBER ... please.. people are scared, they are in pain & they are dying.

No-one looks good when war gets to this state.. both of you, show some respect.
Cool show!

Sitting nut and a falling nut!

Watched over by a shreaking nut.
Oh Pathetic Morquendi..
where are you coming from...you are So lunatic like those old guys of the ISU.
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