Tuesday, April 25, 2006

War, Love It or Hate It, It's Here!

Yipee! We're bombing the shit out of the LTTE in Trinco district. Hopefully our aim will be as bad as it was when we were last at war and we'll get a few civilians too.

The LTTE wanted this.
The JVP wanted this.
Mahinda didn't know what he wanted, but he'll settle for this.
The UNP, well, they don't really care (or matter!).

Sittingnut, Sophist and the lot, you boys wanted to teach the big bad LTTE a lesson. Here's your chance. Get out of your armchairs and go join the army. Come on, if you think they're so bad then go fight them yourself.

We're tired of hearing your anit-LTTE bullshit. Now you have the war you wanted. So go out there, and put your life where your mouth is.

Well, hope everyone's happy :) I'm throwing a party.

"We're tired of hearing your anit-LTTE bullshit" - the LTTE attempts to kill the army commander and ur focusing on people's opinions of the LTTE. No condemnation of the LTTE or anything like that eh?

"f you think they're so bad" - so from this I'm assuming you don't think they are that bad?

I'f I hadn't seen the blurb on YA tv on blogging I would assume this was written by a backward 10 year old. From what I've seen on the news this is a "limited retaliatory strike," lets hope it stays that way and the LTTE realises how stupid it is.
Sittingnut, Sophist and the lot, you boys wanted to teach the big bad LTTE a lesson.
where did i say that? or even imply that ? where is the evidence ? is it another case of your empty statments without evidence?
don't put words in my mouth i never said it. its 11.00pm on 25st april 2006 i challenge you to show one instance of that before this moment
but i may in the future.

do you still call yourself a journalist after after making this kind of post ?
btw no wonder you are so happy as you were defending the ltte attacks and tanishing the army even minutes before this attack in moju.
I think the war is here whether we like it or not. I just hope the govt shows enough maturity in not to lettting more incidents like the one that happened last week in Trinco.
i agree morquendi, this is just what most of us wanted deep down...it's the only way the fucking country stays in the news and its the only thing that feeds our treasured so called intellectual conversations over drinks...screw everyone...where's the party?...lets eat, drink, talk, point fingers...and do absolutely nothing about it except take sides!
Guys - this is not, again and again, I repeat, a cricket match.

The most important thing is to stay level headed in a crisis. We all pulled together when the Tsunami struck, we must do the same here. Please.

Not wanting to split hairs but I'm not sure that full scale war has began. Where is the ltte response to air strikes? How can they respond to air strikes against civilians?

Instead of reverting to some closet nationalistic fervour can we all pull together & condemn violence of unecessary proportions on both sides & call for Peace.

No-one has anything to gain from this. no-one.

Btw - does Sri Lanka have conscription to it's army? Do all young & able bodied men & women have between the ages of 18 - 45 have to do time in the army? Or, is it just limited to those who are desperate for a job & get all benefits (such as pensions etc) from the time they join?

One has to agree, if the only people being selected as human fodder for this mindless "war" - are the poor & uneducated, the GOSL is making a huge mistake.
The SL army does not have mandatory draft.

From a politico-military perspective, the govt's response was quite brilliant - despite my initial misgivings about what seemed to be a half hearted kneejerk reaction. It retaliated with controlled air strikes and perfectly timed the end.

Not only did it not face any criticism from countries or organisations of any consequence, several major countries led by USA stood in solidarity with it in condemning the LTTE attacks.

On one hand, the LTTE got a clear and forceful message about the consequences of future attacks. On the other hand, the military and the hardliners felt avenged and satisfied, and isn't likely to resort to disorganised anti-civilian action as in Trinco.

wow. that's a surprise... america condoning airstrikes against terrorists.

it's amazing how sri lankans cling onto america's approval when they're pretty much despised worldwide for their liberal use of airstrikes, their "war on terror", and their basic disregard for humanity.

And while everyone in Colombo feel "satisfied" from these airstrikes, Sri Lanka as 12 more innocent war casualties, and 20,000+ more IDP.
This is war.

It is between LTTE supporters and Sri Lankan Government supporters.

There are no rules like Football or Tennis or other sports.

We have no choice but to deal with it.

Tamils have a history behind them. Tamil culture goes back to at least 5000 years up to and including Harappan civilization. Tamil language is a classical language.Tamils are more ancient than Hindustanies or the so called Aryans. Tamils are proud of who they are. They do not have excessive insecurity to latch on to any other civilization.

Tamils have ruled most part of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesian Islands and all the way up to China and they are certainly capable of handling the little Sri Lankan Government.

Sri Lankan Government and Indian Government are in denial of all of the above.
Let's get it on!

With the latest attack by the LTTE on a navy troop carrier and its escort boats , it (war) is well and truly on now. I was expecting something on the eve of Wesak and it seems to be so. I hope this doesn't cause a communal back lash similar to what happened when the soldiers' bodies arrived back to Colombo in July 1983.

Even though there was no 'process' occurring between the GoSL & the LTTE, I did enjoy the last few years of peace.
its simple...srilankan issue is an internal conflict..so other countries back d ***** off... LTTE are terrorists...so...simple..KILL ALL OF THEM..they want a war...we should carpet bomb the whole bloody place....the end
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