Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Petty Theft...

I just heard from a friend that a very prominent civil society activist recently had their laptop stolen under rather suspicious circumstances.

Now let me yell conspiracy! and say that I think it might be certain elements within the JVP and/or the Patriotic National Movement who were responsible for it. I mention both groups here but there is really no distinction between them. I'll explain that later.

Why do I say this?

A) This person (from whom the laptop was stolen) was one of the people mentioned by the JVP's Wimal Weerawansa in the recent series of speeches seeking to expose the so-called imperialist agenda of the NGOs working in Sri Lanka.

B) The circumstances under which the laptop was stolen. Sorry, can't disclose. There's not much that I don't disclose but this is one of those things. You're just going to have to take my word for it.

C) It's not that easy to sell a laptop on the black market here. Actually, a laptop would be one of the hardest things to sell on the black market. So I don't think it was a random theft.

And of course, I might be completely wrong and it might have been some kudda (drug addict) who stole it for a fast buck. But this, along with certain other happenings in the past few weeks have made several of the bigger Colombo based NGOs step up their security significantly. Ironically, the ones that have stepped up security are the very NGO's that I think should be investigated. The ones that are actually doing good work continue to go about their work ignoring the ranting and raving of the JVP. If you don't have anything to hide I guess you don't need security, right?

Anyways as for the ones who have upped their security, are they justified in thinking the JVP would stoop so low as to resort to petty theft?

Wake up! It was petty theft that financed the founding of the movement! I watch my wallet when I'm with those weasels!

Hmm - stoop so low - you know like slit a throat, rape a child, hang a man, burn a soul - I believe tyres was what they used.

Dear Morquendi - did or did not the JVP do these things???

You know like the rest of the confused souls in Sri Lanka - & I mean only in the South - once you guys work it out - you'll be fine. But ... then again - like those sainly monks (JOKE) you may just get to Nirvana first!

You're all so confused as to where your loyalties lie. Your writing so clearly shows this. Everything from you Sivaram stuff to your working out the rations for Tsuanmi food coupons.

In the end you'll know who's side you are on - that's for sure.
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