Wednesday, May 18, 2005

JVP Hatton Office Raided

I didn't see this in the papers today so I don't think it's broken yet. Or maybe no one's interested in knowing what went down, but it seems the JVP's Hatton office was raided by the police sometime yesterday or the day before yesterday. I have been trying to contact someone over there for more information but have yet been unable to do so. Sorry.

It seems there was a protest in one of the estates about some labor related issue and the JVP head honcho for the area had been involved in it. But now it seems the JVP is trying to play it down and say it was just a routine search. According to what I heard the cops didn't even have a warrant!

I guess all those JVP buggers got used to cops jumping into their houses and offices in the late 80s :)

But right now they don't want to create a stir because they don't want to piss of H.E. (that's Her Excellency you asses!). They would generally put their foot down and say they are a part of the Government and they can't be treated like this blah blah. But now seems to be not-the-right-time for them.

You'll hear more about this (if there's anything more to say) when I do.

Is this why they have run of to Japan - I can't believe how they go around saying that they feel for us poor people & then they go to Japan & stay in big hotels & we have to pay for it. What a joke. They didn't even go as Ministers. Long live the revolution - my foot!
They are all the same in the end - give them half a chance & they turn into great big fat feral cats. Soon they'll start bumping off their opponents like they did the last time when their leader went mad & turned on his comrades.
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