Monday, May 30, 2005

Intelligence Operative Shot Dead AGAIN!

An intelligence operative of the Sri Lanka Army was this morning at about 7.50 a.m. (SL Time) in Polhengoda, Colombo 05. Maj Nizam Muthalif, a senior military intelligence official sustained heavy injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. Though police asked the media not to disclose the hospital to which to which the wounded person was taken, they later admitted that he was dead on admission.


Update: I corrected the name. The cop who spoke to me in the morning was a moron who couldn't spell.

Here's a link to the BBC story.

Intelligence Operative in Colombo 5 ? What for? More like murdering swine who has been killing anyone & everyone for decades - so he took a hit. Live by the sword & die by it. Does he drive a 4-WD? Has he got Sivaram's mobile? Hmm - yes the eternal "whodunnit" of the killing fields of Sri Lanka.
funny isn't it? when an army operative is killed - he's a murdering bastard. when a terrorist-supporter is killed - it's a crime against humanity.

Morquendi - thanks for the info. The hypocrisy of the comment made earlier is amazing!
Well you obviously know him to be a totally innocent crime fighting hero - mate of yours I presume - I don't need to be a hypocrite like you - I know what "side" I'm on.

Sivaram was not a terrorist supporter - he was a JOURNALIST - trying to do his JOB & live his LIFE. Unlike you - he did not pretend to be "impartial" - being Tamil he obviously had sympathies - you obviously have yours too - get of your high horse & remember violence begets violence...
Hey what does this guy mean - "thanks for the info
Morq" - what planet is he on - it's all over the news - must be from La La Land...

Morq - of course the Tigers are blamed - but can you find out why - are there any other suspects?

As journalists we need to keep an open mind you know ....
Ohhhhh - look what's happened here - I think those nasty little Sri Lankan hobbits the Nittywhatsis did it!!!

By the way Morq - are you an informer or a Journalist?
This is very confusing.

There is one Anon who thinks Muthalif was a murdering swine...Call yourself Anon A or an distinctive name please :) Thank you...

There's someone who thinks Anon A is wrong and is a hippo! :) If you could call yourself Anon B or some other identifiable name I would appreciate it.

And just for the record, I broke the story online because I was in Polhengoda when the bloody shooting took place. I was just in the right place at the right time.

So chill. It took half a day for a lot of other people to get the story online...

Yes yes, the tigers are being blamed. But the fact remains that no one knows who did it. It's very easy to blame the tigers for these things and then not take the investigation seriously...

And as for a response to the last comment, I am neither a informer nor a journalist, just a simple dark elf...
Hey Ho Morq - the Dark Elf you Know!

Hmmm - not sure but did do a bit of homework - on Google interesting things come up about Morq - hmmm - yes they do ... Yep, I've just been to see a very late night screening of the latest Star Wars & bloody good it was too - when do you think it will get to SL??? OK OK - what's that you say - not for another 10 years - OK OK - no need to swear.

Now as for the first Anon (A) - fair comment - & it seems to tie in with what your saying which is that the Tigers just get blammed, & the murders get away.

As for Anon (B) - well I reckon he's the ningnong who went spastic on the MIA post because he hates Tigers & quite obviously Tamils & Journalists & like all mad right-wing facist racists anyone that doesn't look exactly like him, go to his Church errrr sorry Temple & hang out with his mates errr sorry MONKS! Sorry - couldn't resist.

The thing is if the Tigers didn't have friends - if Sivaram didn't have friends - well no-one would be making a noise & protesting etc. So they do - if the Yanks can keep sending Bill down here to try & sort it out - WHY CANT WE!!!! Mainly because of entrenched racial hatred - in a forum like this - well, it shows. Someone should make a video game - JVP vs SLFP vs UNP vs Tigers vs Muslims vs Monks vs Priests vs Brahmins vs hey it's a free for all. Choose your weapon, your jungle & your next victim.

Glad to hear you're not an informer - as indicated by ningnong Anon (B) - but hmm... not too sure about the Journalist bit. Either way - you're doing a good job.

It's Anon Anon here - you know I tried to give you an MIA cd but you won't take it & ... I did try & give myself a Blogger account but couldn't sign up - probably 'cause of me using a Mac ...??? Hmm not sure - anyway, probably best I don't or I might get shot down like those others ..... GULP - scared - :-#
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