Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who Said WHAT?

After all the bullshit and the rantings here's some real news.

The UNP has not officially conceded defeat. This is from the UNP office. They have not yet conceded defeat.

So where did Mahinda's campaign secretary Dulles Alahapperuma get the balls to make that statement announcing that Mahinda Rajapakse is going to be the fifth President of Sri Lanka? I don't know. All we know is that he did make that statement. The statement said that Mahinda had beaten Ranil by over 125,000 votes. All the other people that we have spoken to over the past few minutes have also told me that Mahinda has won, but it seems to be by a margin of about 60,000 to 70,000 votes.

So right now all we know is that the office of the PM and his campaign secretary Dulles made that statement without knowing what they were doing. This is the first time that a presidential candidate has declared themselves president before over 20 electorates are yet to be declared.

So we all have to sit around and wait and watch.

I don't think Ranil is going to win. But it's damn strange what the Mahinda camp is trying to do. Are they actually afraid of losing? So much so that they want to pull this trick now and hope no one counts the last bit of the votes? Are they trying to do a Bush?

You're the one who said the UNP conceded defeat.
it is election commisioner who decides. and lets be careful if mahinda goes below 50%, one never knows.

btw attangala has already come (my mistake) so that means..
some body shold put up all the poll div.s that has not realesed the results officailly. the damn election dept website is too slow. other websites all too late.
in fact lanka academic cumulative figure are wrong(and thus the percentage) bc they have not added up the third party candidates votes for most poll divs. which means they may have a higher percentage, and the main candidates lower on
sittingnut try this website it's the best:

remember to press the refresh button now and again
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