Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bomb At Army HQ

Apparently there's been a bomb explosion outside the Army HQ in Colombo. Priliminary reports say one important commander has been killed, but the military spokeperson was unavailable for comment right now.

More on this later.

Update: The explosion occured outside the Army Hospital. Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka is among the injured. Hospital sources say one person dead and the Commander is being taken in for surgery. Ten people have so far been admitted to the Colombo General Hospital.

Update: Slave Island Police says the explosions apppears to have been carried out by a suicide bomber. Military sources say a female suicide bomber carried out the attack. Journalists are not being allowed access to the site now.

Update: Hospital says the number of dead has gone upto 6.

I think this is the work of JVP/JHU. They are looking regain the ground they lost recently at the local govt elections by inciting communal violence.
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I agree with Ms Anonymous.

First of all, the army commander didn't die. Only some insignificant soldier boys did.

Secondly, the LTTE is committed to the ceasefire and doesn't benefit from wounding (important: not killing) the army commander.

Heck, I would even say the army commander himself is behind the attack.
hmmm...quite an interesting not to mention plausible conspiracy:), also why hasn't anyone questioned the fact that the media was not allowed on to the site of the blast...don't you find that quite strange?
I think this is the work of the Republican Party... but do they use suicide bombers? Oh shit, maybe the CIA then? Let the conspiracy theories unfold!!!:) Get ahold of yourselves people - listen to yourselves, some of you!!! Some of this shit sounds fucking ridiculous - just like this shit that you have just read... so perhaps think before you make foolish utterances... or should I save my breath?
Or may be, the Army Commander himself was carrying a bomb in his car and it blew up accidently. It was just plain coincidence that the pregnant woman just walked towards the car to say hello to the Commander and she got caught in the explosion. Poor girl feel sorry for her. She shouldnt have died.....
I think the army commander's wife planted the bomb in the car. Everyone knows she's sleeping with the navy chief.
Booo - more silly anon's.

Fact is though - we don't know who's killing who in good ole land of the fucking arrogant & stupid Sri Lanka.

The mob mentality has been well and truly stirred up by some - "let's go in their & get Prabharahan, let's just bomb the whole of Jaffna, let's kill, kiLL KILL"

Sure - go ahead, you'll have Peace in no time, no time at all.

The problem with a lot of this mob-mentality psyche, is that it does not know how to differentiate between Tiger & Tamil & Terrorist & Paramilitary & Propaganda & Politics & Bullshit. So like a rabid dogs, the blood rushes to the head & then vengence sayeth the nutter, vengence is MINE.

In the meantime, those that have actively campaigned for Peace for decades and made modest but genuine grounds are now looking at where they were 15 years ago.

Is it because we're not educated, no, is it because we're not religous & oh so divine, no, is it because we hate each other & just want an excuse to kill each other - it would appear so.

This war is not about Sinhalese vs Tamil, Buddhist vs Hindu, Arayan vs Dravidian - it's about pure unadultarated hate. Hate fuels our society, without it we couldn't breathe.

Sickening, just sickening.

Having said that - thanks to both Morq & s/nut for not displaying those revolting pictures of bodies blown up everywhere. I threw up about 3 hours later - just couldn't get it out of my mind. But I have to add the way you 2 clowns have been acting, it's the only thing I'm thanking you for at the moment. I suppose Indi's hoping to increase his blogger hits by displaying such visual aids.

I ask all of you & us to show restraint at a time like this. If you have nothing to offer that will help the situation, do nothing. Go mediitate & pray instead of spreading more hate.
I stumbled on to this blog, so please don't misunderstand my intentions.

I agree with Ashanthi's post, but why is that it is always the other party that has to change to achieve peace?

We can't do much about others hatred, specially of those who are born in to it, and then not know who to believe because of the way things stand.

But what about stoping hatred at home?

I am not sure Ashanthi comes across as someone who would try 'peace' if the roles were reversed.

If it is just to win an argument that's fine, but at what cost to oneself?

So why not lose hatred yourself, even when you are *certain* they are the one's full of hate?

Then maybe, maybe.

I still hope against hope.
Thanks Anon above - truly, truly I wish you Anon's would get blogging Id's - or is it because you already have a blogging id & wish to be disguised?

Firstly - violence, breeds violence, hatred breeds hatred & all "sides" at this point hate each other.

Secondly - how quaint it appears the entire peacefullness of S/L now depends on Ashanthi losing her "hatred". Well would that it were as simple as that ... dear Anon, it ain't.

I don't even live in S/L - my ability to effect change is limited. Hence I ask this months biggerst nitwits - Morquendai & sittingnut, who let's face it DO have 1000 times more influence than you or me, Anon, to step up to the mark & lead the way.

You are assuming that when I mentioned the word "mob" I was referring to Sinhalese. That was your assumption, Anon above, not mine.
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Just mal - I wouldn't bother too much either about the trio of anon's making light of the fact that the whole thing could be a set up.

Logically a suicide bombing is the stupidest thing the ltte could do. Everyone is always crapping on about how smart they are. Well - why would they make such a stupid blunder.

Similarily Kadirgama's execution would be a stupid move for them. It is essentially what got them banned from the EU. So why would they do it?

I reckon there's probably a whole heap of angry young men out there (some Tamil & some not) that would like to give the SL army hierachy a good kick in the pants. Essentially you can do anything in SL, so long as you make it look like the ltte did it.

People - bloggers in this case as a group who just assume the obvious are not living in the real political landscape especially when there are so many players.

It's a vicious cycle & I'm afraid the ltte have only themselves to blame becuase of their haunting past.

However, just mal, the most important thing now is to try & re-create a Peace agenda. It needs to be done - any suggestions?

Err... I ask you because Morquendi & s/nut have gone balmy in the head & are not even speaking to me now.

Ivap - be good if you could make some positive suggestions in the light of this new horror.
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