Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Closing doors...

Dammit they're making life even more difficult for people like me.

TAFREN just manhandled the Ministry of Environment to give all their researchers a gag order. Everyone who's even kinda working for the Ministry of Environment, even the freelance environmental consultants who are working on the Post-Tsunami Environmental Impact Assessment (PTEIA) have been told that they cannot speak to the media about anything they do.

Just a few weeks ago I tapped a fairly big source in the Central Environmental Authority for some info on how TAFREN is disregarding their suggestions (read full tale here). Now it seems TAFREN's Mano has woken up to the fact that even though he can gag their people and stop them from talking to the media, he really can't stop people from other Ministries, Departments and Authorities from talking to the media. I don't know whose arm he had to twist to get the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to gag their people, but gagged they have been.

The freelancer I spoke to was very very pissed off that he couldn't give me anything 'on the record'. But he promised me a tell-all interview about the PTEIA the moment his contract with the Ministry is done.

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