Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More MIA


Since I had problems with my stash allowing me space and since some Anon guy had problems with me sharing MIA's music I decided to upload short sample clips from 3 od her songs for people to get an idea of what she's about.

Sample of Sunshowers
Dur: 34 Sec
File Size: 169 KB

Sample of U.R.A.Q.T.
Dur: 33 Sec
File Size: 163 KB

Sample of Pull Up The People
Dur: 46 Sec
File Size: 228 KB

And for the Anon who said he'd not read about her 'EROS connection':

She is not connected to the EROS. EROS does not really exist anymore. DUH!

All I said was her father is Arul Pragasam a.k.a. Arular who was one of the early members of EROS. Her first album is named after him, Arular. EROS was one of the groups that threw in their lot with the LTTE in 1990, just in case you didn't know.

Here's a good interview with MIA on pitchformedia.

Maybe we can get one of the aid organisations to donate MIA CD's to you :-)!
I'm going to remain ANON because you have called me a DHU or was it DUH? What's happened to the sense of humour Morq??? Hmmm???

As you know you're writing is always of a fine & lucid quality so I knew were talking about her father. I suppose I might not be as well versed as you with SL political history as we don't all have your type of contacts ...

I don't have a problem with illegal downloading of artists music, I just don't want you to do it - It's UNETHICAL & she's one of us.

Pity I've decided to remain Anonymous otherwise I'd mail you one myself.
So make a fake account and mail it to me. I promise you I won't upload the whole thing. Just a sample.
I meant SNAIL MAIL - you know like good old fashioned "in the POST".

Look I've been in the Music business for decades - excuse me for my principles.

As for a fake Blog Id - I actually created an account - maybe even more than one but I have so many it's a pain. It's actually better if I just be Anon - hey you'll soon recognise it's me.

There might be another way that you can buy the CD - I shall investigate.
PS - as before, also ... snif ... you called me names ... snif :-(

ANoN - ANoN - Oooo - I like that - there you go that's my new name.
OK - smarty pants - if you really want this CD - all you need to do is buy a copy from Ebay.

Go to MUSIC>CD> & type in ARULAR for both TITLE & DESCRIPTION

You can pick one up for pretty cheap - you just got to bid at the right time & of course you'll need a Credit Card.
A) I don't have a credit card.

B) I'm too old fashioned to buy things online.

C) I never buy music. I convince other people, like Santa, to get it for me.

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