Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Ampara STF Walmart

Someone who came in from Ampara yesterday told me about how the UN officers in the district had found a very large warehouse (about half the size of a football field as I was told) which contains dry rations that had been transported to the area for distribution to the Tsunami affected people.

Apparently the STF which is supposed to be providing security to the warehouse has been using it like their personal supermarket for the past few months! No they don't go around there with shopping carts, but you know what I mean.

Apparently, last week the UN officials in the District spoke to the District Secretary about this problem. They were quite pissed off that the STF was using aid that had been sent to the country to be distributed to the displaced people. It seems the Secretary admitted that there is a serious problem and has now agreed to let the WFP handle the warehouse and distribution of the goods.

According to what I heard the handover is supposed to happen on the coming monday.

Oh my, I guess those poor murdering bastards in the STF will just have to go back to their rations!

Elaborate on the STF - what does it STAND THE F for ...

You know, I've just realised - you are so going around in a small little circle.

The only reason I came across you was because of the Tsunami - you just think that all of us that are concerned know all about your "sinhala" politics.

Well -WE DON"T. Your articles reflect this. You are so arrogant - you reckon you get paid well. These days you know people don't care about MONEY - people care about LIFE.

Well - it's Official, from my dealings with morquendi - Dark Elf - my *$%*$%$*% - HE's a GOOSE.\\

I mean - this is such a GOOSe of an article. it's worse than his stupid little - "why are those horrible Tamils in Tamil Nadu making nasty movies about killing terrorists movies"

It's as if he didn't live through 200,000 of our counrtymen/women being murdered - I mean either he knows his history - or he doesn't.

I think he's on a great bif TRIP!!!
Anon, your points (from what I can understand) seem valid but your argument is poorly constructed. I would appreciate it if you could spend a bit more time on the comments page next time and elaborate what you are trying to say.

The STF stands for the Special Task Force. These are the guys who run the Ampara District. There is a minimal Sri Lanka Army presence in the Ampara District because much of it is controlled by the STF and they do a fucking good job because all the people are scared of them.

They harass all Tamil and Muslim people in the area and treat them like dogs, occasionally burn a village or two, rape a few women. Get what I mean?

They don't come under the command of the Sri Lanka Army or any kind of military code of conduct because they're techinically cops. The STF is an arm of the police force so they don't answer to anyone.

They're just super cops with military training, and with the brain the size of a pea.

But Anon, if you lived in Sri Lanka you'd already know this. So I assume you don't have a clue about the conflict here.

And my commentry on the Indian film industry has nothing to do with this, but thanks for reading that too :)
Err sorry - seriously - I didn't know you were talking about the Special Task Force.

Well - not all of us know everything in this country. Also remember - some of us are told lies.

You are right - I know they do run Ampara. It's a nasty situation. Get's me down a fair bit.

Now - have you decided you want the MIA CD or not? I'll bit and pay for it on Ebay & then we can mail it to you.

And - sorry for calling you a Goose. At least I don't use the F-word and hey you called me names too.

Remember - it's ANon ANon.

Morq, you must be one of those Che Guvera-lovin Revolutionary Tamils. I find your comments very funny. Especially your "They harass all Tamil and Muslim people in the area and treat them like dogs, occasionally burn a village or two, rape a few women. Get what I mean?"

So lemme see - you probably haven't heard of all those systematic killings and murders committed by the LTTE? or perhaps they are justifiable, since you are one more sad-ass motherfucker who licks Prabhakaran's arse?

Fuck you.

It's people like you that make peace impossible in this country. Worse, you shithead - you've gotta continue painting a distorted picture of the country to whoever reads this.

Sad man, really, really sad.
What on Earth has happened here ?^$%%^$
To the so obviously anti-Tamil MORON who wrote the last comment - bullshit you want peace - you need to try another tactic as opposed to racial hatred.

If you are so naive that you think that war means that one side is right & the other is wrong THINK - use your ^%%^ brain & THINK AGAIN. Everyone ends up being guilty - you idiot.

I can't understand why you are attacking Morq & trying to brand him - you certainly are implying that he's Tamil. Well so what - why does it bother you so? apart from your all consuming hatred - I don't get it. I don't think this is the forum for you - PISS OFF!!!

You are the one with the problem - go spend sometime meditating with one of those monks - I'm sure they'll help you calm down.

What an ^%^&%%^&(- hole - seriously there will never be peace in S/Lank so long as this sort of guy is floating around. Regardless of the Tigers & what they do - 3 million Tamils are suffering - something needs to be done. The Sinhalese people are also suffering & being hoodwinked - something needs to be DONE.
As a casual observer to this chaos, I can only but wonder: if there is to be peace, then who will be the first to admit the truth. Only after this process can be started, will the inevitable solution be found: there needs to be three separate, self-governed 'pricipalities' in Sri Lanka just like the kingdoms of for the naive, one for the evil, and one for the brave.....

I agree though - leave Morq alone - he's cool - go hang out with your hate filled mates buddy - you are SAD!!!!
Well when you got terrorists to deal with, what better than the STF. Fight fire with fire i say! Also, one wonders whether LTTE cadres would (according to the logic of this article) have half a pea for a brain. Because as you rightly noted the STF are birdbrains! Touche! But i have yet to witness kamakzeism in the animal kingdom. Nor have i seen them 'pack heat' and get onto crowded busses (thereby inflicting maximum damage on total innocents). that of course is reserved for the ltte, an animal in its own right.

*Mind you, poor showing with the WALMART incident. The stf should be thoroughly condemned for this.
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