Thursday, September 22, 2005

Drunken Monk

I'm coming home a little late one night and at the top of the road the van has to stop because people are putting up Buddhist flags for some ceremony or the other at the temple. Well, at least they're being a little considerate and waiting till the traffic drops to do these things.

What really bugs me is the fact that all the people putting up the flags are drunk. These guys could hardly walk straight.

These were the kind of guys I would not want to mess with. If they want my vehicle to stop so they can put some flags up, I stop. If they want my vehicle to stop so they can pee on the road, I stop. You know the type I'm talking about.

But, why is that it's the same bunch of people in the town who get contacted for all the little odd jobs?

When a politician wants some posters put up it's these guys who're called. They're given a hundred rupees and one meal per person and a bottle of arrack to share. They do their job. It's also the same guys who do the politician's dirty work in terms of pulling down banners and hoardings of rival party people.

In times of elections, when extra muscle is needed then these guys are even used to intimidate people on polling day or do whatever it is that the local politician wants done. Again, they get a hundred rupees, one meal and a bottle of arrack. Sometime they even settle for a bottle of Kasippu (moonshine).

It's the same bunch of guys that the monk in the local temple calls when he wants some flags put up. Doesn't anyone find this objectionable? That the so-called Buddhist monks in our temples also obtain the services of the same thugs and lowlifes that the politicians use for their dirty work? These guys are most certainly not putting up flags out of love for the religion or for the temple. They're doing it because they're getting paid. The monk doesn't pay them with a sermon.

I wonder if the monk gives them a bottle too? I think the guy in our temple might because I have seen him walking about town drunk in the night. One of the biggest jokes in the small town outside Colombo where I live is that the head monk in the temple can drink more than anyone else in the area. But he doesn't look like the drunken monks in the Chinese martial arts movies :) But that is not the story here.

Actualy there's no story. Just a gut feeling that drunk people putting up Buddhist flags is wrong. Maybe I'm the one who's wrong.

What do we do when the lines between our politicians and our clergy begin to vanish?

I drink.

Does that make me a lowlife scumbag? I would hope not.

Get off your fucking high horse, please.... you're embarassing yourself.

According to Morquendi, in order to "put up Buddhist flags" you must be

(1) Be Vegetarian
(2) Not drink
(3) Not swear
(4) Not listen to music
(5) Observe sil every fucking day
(6) Read Buddhist books from dawn to dusk
(7) Go on pilgrimage to India every year

and so on and so forth.


Drunk people are human beings to, asshole!
Your point Morquendi?

Plenty of Catholic/Christian priests drink alcohol out of habit. Infact part of Church ritual involves drinking alcohol as a substitute for Christ's blood. Lutherans and Anglicans have always used wine for Holy Communion.

So enough with the Buddhist bashing please.
You're not a Buddhist, so why do you give a shit?

The last time I checked, Buddha didn't say you shouldn't drink. That's why he opposed Devadatta who wanted all these strict laws. Buddhism is a free religion.

It only "advises" that you shouldn't get wasted. Sura meraya madja pama dattana does NOT mean you shouldn't drink at all. Buddha's friends like that king dude used to drink as well.

We don't care if our monks drink or not. Why should you?
Just wondering . . .how does one become a monk? Can anyone who has a liking towards being draped up in orange qualify to become a monk? Or does it have anything to do with spirituality etc? As far as I know it had something to do with giving up “worldly ties/attractions”. Shows how much I know I guess. . .
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Well Yaaro, in case you're wondering, all you need to become a Hindu priest in Sri Lanka is to go half naked all day, be of a certain caste and mutter prayers around a big huge stone lingam (dick) and yoni (vagina) day in and day out while rubbing oil on the heads of all the devotees. Add to that hanging on hooks and rolling on the ground, walking on fire and priecing your tongue with spikes, pins, needles and all sorts of sharp objects. Oh and perhaps sleep with a few temple prostitutes as well and store arms and ammunition for the LTTE and provide bedding and bunking for LTTE cadres on suicide missions.

Do you think there is any spirituality there?
Good one mate.
Dextr alias Astrocyte-was that an "attempt" to answer my question? Try harder!
Nope yaaro. That aint me.

Argh.. you're such a confused little girl aren't you? Hehhe..

As for your question, I don't think you have to give up any ties, worldly or intergalactic to be a monk.

There are two types of monks in Theravada Buddhism. The kind you're talking about are the vanavasi (meaning residing in the jungle). They just meditate all day and don't do much else. The other type live in the temples and they are allowed to have all sorts of ties and bonds and whatever. I hope that answers your burning questions.

By the way, what do you think about the important issues that this astro dude (it's not me) has raised. I find these little rituals of your religion quite amusing. Why do you need to worship genitalia like this?

I have nothing against anyone drinking alcohol. Heck I used to be one :) I'm not bashing Buddhists. I'm just wondering what it means when monks begin hiring thugs to do their work.

If you want a good example of someone bashing something, then read what astrocyte has written. He clearly needs to see a shrink. The way with he insults the oldest faith in the world is unacceptable. But it comes out of the ignorance and the intolerance that has been displayed all over Sri Lanka by him and his Sinhala nationalist/racist brethren.

Dextr on the other hand is a typical case of the Sri Lankan who left the country because they sought greener pastures, and now seek to reclaim their Sri Lankan-ness by spewing shit online. Having run like a coward when the going got tough over here, they now regret it. But at the same time they don't want to leave the luxuries available to them in London/Toronto/Melbourn/Wherever and come back to do their shouting here. There are many like him who scream for war while sitting thousand and thousands of miles away in front of their PCs, safe from everything a return to war would bring to Sri Lanka.

If they had any sense they would realise that now that they have run like the cowards they would are, they should shut up and leave the rest of us alone. But they choose to proudly display their ignorance like our buddy Dextr.

If you want to know why Hinduism incorporates the worship of the Lingam and the Yoni then I suggest you do a Google search fot it. You seem to be good at Googling a lot of other things so spend your time online doing something productive, like learning about another religion instead of asking inane questions on a blog.

Education and awareness lead to understanding, and if all the ignorant people like you learnt a little more about other people and cultures then maybe you would understand them a lot better and there would be a lot less xenophobia in the world. (In case that word is new to you I suggest you Google that too.)

Our buddy astrocyte clearly has no understanding of Hinduism and is happy making rash derogatory statements about it simply because he wishes to insult it.

Now, if an outsider were to look at the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka they would say something like: "They're all funny lookin' bald chaps in orange robes who sexually abuse the little boys who join the priesthood and also spend their time trying to screw all the females who come to the temple to offer prayer. They also sit on their asses all day and do nothing except getting the random blowjob from whichever little monk happens to be around that that time. They are more often than not gluttons, and don't have the faintest idea about Buddhism. Most of them also have their own favourite local prostitute for when they get tired of screwing the little boys. They also have running accounts with the local liquor store."

But we would know that to be a wrong picture. Not all the monks are like that. There are a handful of decent monks around. This is exactly what astrocyte is doing. He is spewing a lot of shit about something he does not know or understand.

Unfortunately there are too many people like you and astrocyte out there, who don't take any time or make the effort to learn about anything, but trash it anyway, as if you were gurus on the subject. If the Government of Sri Lanka spent some more money and developed a Educate Xenophobic Morons Plan to deal with people like you and astrocyte then perhaps we would have a lasting solution to the problems in Sri Lanka.

Yaaro can answer that question if she so chooses.

To the best of my knowledge the worship of the Yoni and the Lingam have to do with the worship of fertility. This is something that is stronger in Hinduism than in other religions because Hinduism is older than other religions and is more directly derived from the Mother Goddess worship which dates back to the stone ages. Fertility has always been worshipped by all cultures and peoples. It is fertility that you celebrate each april if you're celebrating New Year in Sri Lanka. Thanksgiving is a fertility celebration. Each and every culture on our planet has a fertility celebration tied in with our harvest times. It's one of the core ways in which all religions and cultures are alike.

That is what little I know, and since I am not an authority on these matters I suggest you do some further reading.

Please, no more inane questions. Google's out there for a reason. Generally Google is for smart people who know that they don't know everything, but even morons can make use of it sometimes. Have fun :)
Oh eat shit morq. What kinda fucked up name is that anyway Sanjay. Or was that Sanjaya? You think Sanjay is way cooler hey mate? It sounds more Tamil. God you are so pathetic man. Call yourself Sanjay Shanmugam or something.

If the people wanted "your" peace, then why the hell did they vote for the JVP and JHU in 2004? Don't forget that a 40 day old party got almost the same number of votes as the Tamil National Alliance. So who do you mean by the "rest of us"? You and your P$E$A$C$E mateys? What about that wacko Ariyaratne of Sarvodaya? I heard he thinks he's the modern Gandhi.

How do you know that the monks hire thugs to do their shit? Did you go and ask them whether they are thugs? Haha.. I guess it takes one to know one.

From what I've seen, the kids from the Sunday school or whatever volunteer to do all that stuff. Do they look like thugs to you? Is that why you wanna kill them? The only guy I know who has to use thugs is that Venerable Ass-aji bloke from your peace gang.

Btw, my uncle who was a military officer got murdered by your people. And my school almost got bombed as well.

At least I don't write for dollars. It's nice to see you talking about tolerance and sensitivity after you wanted to piss on Buddha's remains. Jeez man, are you talking out of your arse?
Fertility eh? Then why do they need to mutilate themselves like that?

Xenophobia hey? Then how come so many Tamils live in Colombo but no Sinhalese are allowed to live in Jaffna.
Dextr, your inability to respond with the a logical countr-argument is an indication of your immaturity and ignorance. Normally I would stop this debate at this point because I don't think anything can be achieved by arguing with someone slightly more evolved than a chimp. But in your case I think I will make a slight exception and give you one more opportunity to resond like an adult, which I am assuming you are, at least by age, if not by mental state.

By 'the rest of us' I mean all those of us who chose to stay on in Sri Lanka even when the going got tough. I have more respect for Wimal Weerawanse than for you because at least the man stays in this country. I would actually have a lot more respect for Wimal Weerawanse if he went and joined the army, but he won't. Somawanse Amarasinghe on the other hand will leave if he ever feels a bit of heat.

To answr your second question on thugs, it does not take much to know the neighborhood thug, if you know the neighbourhood. I'm assuming you were brought up in a rather protective home in Colombo 7 and are therefore not very streetsmart. I wouldn't really expect you to understand what I'm talking about.

So your uncle who was in the army died? Well my deepest sympathies to you and the rest of your family. You know first hand what war can do therefore you should be among the first to ask for peace. Instead, blinded by hate and immature feelings of vengence you seek more war to kill those who killed your uncle and thereby further strengthening the cycle of violence.

Just to clarify, your uncle was not 'murdered', he probably died on duty. The military engages in the business of death. Giving it and taking it. Everyone in the military knows that they might die. Your uncle knew that, so when it came I bet he was not the least bit surprised. At least he had the balls to join the army and do something without just spewing rhetoric online. Pity he has a nephew such as you. I don't think he would have been very proud of you. Sorry. Bitter pill to take down, but that's the truth.

And the almost bombed your school? How could they? How terrible is that? Which school is this? Ladies College? Guess so.

Anyways, the Sri Lanka Army and Airforce have destroyed hundreds of schools in the North and East. They still continue to occupy many schools and deprive children of an education. This is one of the most basic rights of humans. So please forgive me if I don't cry when you tell me your sob story about how the LTTE almost bombed your school.

I suggest you seek post trauma counselling.

Self mutilation as an act of devotion is not practiced only by the Hindus. I'd have thought you'd at least have read Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code'. Guess I was wrong. When's the last time you touched a book anyway? 1st grade?

Moving on, again I suggest you Google for information on self-mutilation. You will find it widely practicsed in Christianity and Islam.

As for Sinhalese not being welcome in Jaffna, well, I suggest you go live in Jaffna and find that out for yourself. Have you ever been to Jaffna. I bet not. Why not? Afraid they're going to shoot you? Wanna know a secret? They don't give a flying fuck if you're Sinhalese or Martian. But all those Athuruliye Rathna and Champika Ranawaka speeches that you listen to don't tell you that do they? That is because none of them have ever been to Jaffna either. Please don't parrot out what you hear in public speeches made by these racists, unless of course you're immature enough to believe them to be the sole authority on these matters. A person with any sense of judgement always seeks to clarify these things for themself before making statements like yours.

As for Sinhalese not being able to 'own' land in Jaffna, that has nothing to do with race but with the Tamil system of property exchange which is based on ancient out-dated principles. Why it is still practiced today is an enigma. Even most Tamils, particularly lower caste Tamils are not able to purchase land in Jaffna.

I suggest you come on down to Sri Lanka and go to Jaffna before you make such statements.
And if you really think the Buddha's remains, which are suposed to be about 2500 years old now, are still around then you REALLY need a reality check.

Dude Dextr, willing suspension of disbelief is for when you're watching Disney. Not for life in general.
Dextr mate - you don't belong in our country. You need to fuck off home and hang out with some beach boys man.

you're so obviously racist. Tell which pub do you drink at got a couple of mates that would like to meet you.

guys that bash gays we kinda like to bash them back. deakin uni - theres a pretty good gay network there and as for your little mobile phone company well shouldn't be hard to track you down.

you hate these Tamils yeah? Well I reckon you should get out of our country and piss of back to where you came from. you probably look down you flat brown nose at us too.

watch your back

Morquendi and Yaroo - don't worry I aint racist I just dont like gay bashers. we''ll deal with this peice of shit but seriously us ozzies should not have to put up with him
Dextr- I still find it difficult to believe that you aint astrocyte! But that's no problem. All the same. More comments. Would welcome more decent comments though. It’s like this guy wants to pick a fight. Never mind. Immaturity.
About the yoni and Lingam. Most words in Tamil have more than ONE meaning. I am not so sure how it is in Sinhala but I would think that it is the same (correct me if i am wrong). Lingam which comes from Sanskrit means 'a symbol' of the beginning and the end. Where it all began and where it all will end. . .in Shiva (for Hindus of course). It also means 'dick'. It is widely misinterpreted as being the same, which is NOT the case. The Vedas clearly differentiate the two meanings however most North Indians do tend to think that it does refer to the sexual organ. That, I never understood. It’s like Theravada and Mahayana. But Buddhism is Buddhism.
Will get back to this later (in a bit of a rush now).

Honestly, I never knew that you get the two kinds in monks. . .the ones who can lead normal lives and the ones who can’t. So what percentage of the monks in SL belong to the Vanavasi kind?
Redneck poofter mafia is after me now? Haha.. Bring it on faggots.
I think yaaro's got dextr by the ... :-)

She's onto you DDD - looks like you're going to finally get some action from that gay pride guy... ouch! by the way your middle name isn't ashitan is it?

Do you hate gays as well as Tamils and American NGOS and well the whole planet?

Morq - you are in SOOOO much trouble - WHERE are your comments for the Peace Blog. Oh & are you gay? If so just say so - we don't really care.

Errhmm & by the way - not wanting to sound like I know it all - but the original meanings of Lingham & Yoni - in Dravidian - are male & female CREATION forces - not sexual - CREATIVE. The meaning of these words is then translated into the fascinating story of how Shiva starts to dance, from his third eye springs Kali, who destorys everything in her midst but then gives birth to the purest being in the world.

Now - I ain't no expert on Buddhism - however, I do believe that the concept of attaining Nirvana is an interpretation of this story.

After the dance of life (Shiva) death follows (Kali) but if you danced like magic and let go of all material goods including the possession of your body, when the darkness of death befalls, you will become a purer soul.

Shiva & Kali are connected by means of the life force they give. One male, one female - hence the sex organ association which is man's simple interpretation of a complex concept.

So Dextr - (who by the way has a peanut for a brain and an inch for a dick) - you poor little migrant living in the western suburbs, you poor sad impoverished underaged sex offender. Deakin University - Ha Ha - what are you studying there - how to be an Indo Arayn closet child molestor. Oh sorry I forgot - it's how to sell mobile phones.

Morq might be gay but he's more than twice the man you will ever be.

I agree with Mr gay pride - GET OUT of Australia - you RACIST FUCKING PRICK! If you were back in Sri Lanka one of your own Indo Aryans would have sorted you out a long time ago. Got some moronic illiterate JVP friends have you - well get back to the slums of Colombo & wallow in your own little miniature gene pool. Your father & mother have taught you how to hate really well - good on them & so you think you should carry on this crusade in the land of Oz. Well - I reckon they're onto you ...

As Mr Gay Pride says - ... watch your back ...
I don't know the exact statistics but there seems to be a substantial number of the vanavasi monks. They mostly live by themselves or in small groups and don't normally have anything to do with lay people. Some of them live in caves. The normal (gramavasi) monks who live in temples take part in ethnic/party/religious politics and I don't see anything wrong with that as long as public is alrite with it. By public I don't mean Morquendi and his dollar peace thugs.

I do understand the concept of lingam worship and I don't really have anything against Hinduism. I just don't like some Hindu practices like child marriage and self mutilation. Buddhism and Hinduism are not that different after all.

I don't see how the fact that Sinhalese are not allowed to live or own land in the North could be shrugged off as a quaint old custom. It is so not. Morquendi can probably live in Jaffna without any trouble considering the asslicking he's done for the LTTE. In case you haven't forgotten, the last Sinhalese student at the Jaffna university was decapitated and had his intestines dugged out by your nice sweet Tamils in 1983. Ranil's government tried to send some Sinhala and Muslim students to the Jaffna uni and they were threatened and chased away by your oh so tolerant Tamil student mobs who want to keep Jaffna uni for pure blooded Jaffna Tamils only. On the other hand, Tamil students study in all the universities in the south and even celebrate the Nazi inspired Pongu Thamil crap.

I don't know what this gaypride dude is gonna do when he finds me. Blow me kisses. Haha.. I'm so scared of this pooftah thug. Come on mate, how can you AIDS infected little freaks do anything to me? Your insides are probably rotting away now. Crawl back to the shithole where you live and suck your own HIV+ cock. Fucking pedophile go back to jacking off to kiddie porn will ya? One thing I agree with the Christian right is on the necessity to eliminate this gay menace from the face of the earth.

It is not true that monks in Sri Lanka use thugs at all. This is just propaganda spread by Morquendi and his peace $$$ hawks.
thanks for the support . another saying we have down under Mr Dexter your arse is mine.
Lol.. or was that a Ms Gay Pride? Hehhe.. This pooftah sounds so much like Ashanthi. Is Ashanthi a dyke? Or a faggot who thinks he's a girl? A size 6 girl. LMAO

For the record, I live in Chadstone. I hope you get enough money to get by from centrelink. Good on ya.

Why the fuck don't you go and get fucked in the ass by a couple of your illiterate LTTE buddies? All the JVP MPs are graduates and not like your uneducated bloodthirsty Tamil thugs. Stop howling like a hippo in heat.

Your kind is a curse to any civilized western country... coming here as refugees and sucking off the welfare system like pigs. It's the same in melb, toronto or london. You can't even stop your barbarism here. Just look at how many Tamils are getting killed by other Tamils in Wembley. Oh god!

Just click here and you'll see what I'm talking about.

BBC news search

Jeez bitch. You refugees fucking live on my taxes. Haha.. Fucking beggars.

Sorry to disappoint you DDD - I'm not gay & I don't sound like Mr Gay Pride. Now that I finally have a Blog id - I'm very proud of it & am quite intolerant of anons. I don't have any gay friends & I'm not lesbian. However, unlike you I'm very, very tolerant of other people except fucking racists who rape underage girls.

Ah Chadstone - Mr Gay Pride has definitely got your arse now. So you think that Chadstone is a wealthy suburb because of a fancy Westfield that was built there some years ago. Hmmm - OK but you're probably just renting! It's you that tells everyone how you work for a company that values you so little it doesn't even pay you. There you are living in the land of Oz & you still don't have any workers rights. No wonder you're trying to resurect the JVP. Poor undervalued loser.

As for the continuing racial hatred that you are sprouting against Tamils I notice you're not really attracting many comments on your immature blog posts... poor dear. In fact I think you're assuming anon names there too & leaving comments behind yourself. Oh such a loser.

You don't seem to be able to engage Morq o?
You are a disgrace to your own kind & if i find it offensive when you call yourself Sri Lankan & Buddhist I wonder how real Sri Lankans feel.

Crap on about who's shooting who in London. It doesn't change a thing. Morq isn't welcome in Jaffna - he's Sinhalese - just like you. Who can blame the way the people of Jaffna hate the Sinhalese after what they have suffered at the hands of a brutal vicious army that uses rape to subjugate people.

Why should the Tamils of the North & East be denied their right to freedom because of anything that the LTTE has done. It's irrelevant. If idiots like you had half a brain, you'd put it in place in a flash & make the LTTE irrelevant. But that's just it isn't it - you've been brought up with only one thing for dinner - racism & you don't have a brain or a shlong do you???

You reckon that the JVP are intelligent because of attending a Sri Lankan universtiy - where all you have to do to pass an exam is be Sinhalese? You think a degree from Peradanyia is worth the piece of paper it's written on? Think - yes you should try it sometime - think about it. Oh sorry I forgot, the JVP got their masters of fanatical leftie shit degrees from Nth Korea - whoo hooo I'm impressed...

You are displaying to the whole world the true meaning of what a Sinhala Buddhist is. I keep saying this - you're doing the LTTE a huge favour - keep it up.
Monks have been dealing in buggery & thuggery - not all mind you, but enough - for decades.

When all those whiteys come back to Chadstone - they'll be looking you up too, won't just be Mr Gay Pride. In his country it is illegal to incite violence against other creeds or gays. So crap on about the welfare system - you've landed yourself in a hole & so long as your nemisis Morquendi doesn't delete your comments - you can be sued for what you've been saying under all your silly other names...

I may be angry, sad & sometimes miserable about how Tamils have been treated in Sri Lanka. But it will never ever make me become the racist arsehole that you are.
Oh god I find it hilarious how this utter fuckwit Morquendi preaches to others.

He screams: "Our buddy astrocyte clearly has no understanding of Hinduism and is happy making rash derogatory statements about it simply because he wishes to insult it." But oh, Morquendi is quite happy putting shit on Buddhists, Buddhists and Buddhist monks whenever and however he pleases. Isn't this the same guy who said that he wants to piss on the Buddha's tooth? Apparently what I say is "unacceptable" but his complete and utter religious bigotry towards Buddhists and Buddhism is "acceptable."

And now this moron is worried about "rash derogatory statements"?

LOL! Some people never cease to amaze me.

Dear Morquendi, keep your anti-Buddhist hate mongering to yourself and then maybe you won't have to listen to others putting shit on what you hold sacred. Capiche? If not, be prepared to take the same shit you dish out. Don't start screaming like a little whiner when you get a taste of your own medicine because that just reveals what a two faced little mongrel you are (don't worry this has already been well established a long time ago). You think you're right and everybody else is wrong? Got news for you dipshit, it doesn't work like that.

Now why don't you go and shove a nice little lingam into your mouth Morquendi and suck hard? Is Sanjay Senanayake your real name? Maybe then you could go around and suck the dicks of al those butt ugly half naked, uncivilised Hindu priests who simply love fondling the genitals of little boys and girls who happen to come to the temple. I'm sure they spend all their time rubbing their asses up and down on those huge stone dicks and licking all around those yonis whenever they feel like it. And when they feel hungry they butcher and torture a goat to death right in the temple premises and savour the delicious flesh while they mutter prayers to an elephant headed god, a monkey god who runs around with a burning tail, a goddess who has a necklace of human heads stained with blood and so on and so forth. Wow! So much Sprituality!

And hey maybe you can get a nice cup of milk, run over to the stone lingam and lovingly rub the milk on the stone dick just like all those Hindu priests do and sing "ejaculate!, ejaculate! ejaculate!" because that's what it represents - Siva cumming inside a kovil - in all his glory mind you. And then, just like your little pedophile Hindu priests you can lick up all that Siva Cum and down it all with a nice cup of cow piss. I bet your mouth is watering now Sanjay, and looking for the nearest Hindu kovil which is also known as a bastion of prostitution, pedophilia, homosexuality, masturbation and you name it. I'm sure all those Hindu priests are busy perfoming the Kama Sutra on each whenever they feel bored.

For extra excitement you can join your homosexual hindu priests in rolling on the ground and looking like complete fuckwits with turrets syndrome, hang on hooks and go "whopee!!" and walk on fire and stick knives into your tongue and cheek and run around like a bunch of uncivilized, primitive pieces of shit.

Just like you want to piss on the Buddha's tooth, I want to piss on on God Ganesh's face and perhaps fart on Siva's face. What do you think? I'm only following your philosophy here Sanjay a.k.a The Religious Bigot! I know you're too busy shoving that lingam up into your ass and moving it in and out, but perhaps you can spare sometime when you're not bussy sucking some Hindu priest's dick to answer properly? Remember to wipe that cum off your face.

(This is what the Hindu priests in Morquendi's quaint little town love doing to little boys as well -besides masturbating with lingams that is.)
Oh shut up bitch.

When did I ever say Chadstone was a wealthy area haha. LOL. What's with you and showing off your money? God...

What's so wrong with living in the western suburbs anyway? Haha... Millions of Aussies don't have houses of their own and they pay so much taxes so that you and your family can live in comfort. At least fucking appreciate that bitch. You dirty ungrateful cunt.

Hehhe... alright alright. You're the more popular blogger. Happy now? You're wealthier and you live in a penthouse in the middle of the city and you have a mercedes sl65? What else..? LOL what a sad bitch.

How can a racist Nazi Tamil chauvinist thug like you who has been supporting the murder of thousands of Sinhala and Muslim children call me a racist? You live in a civilized country now although you are not civilized. It's scum like you who give a bad name to all Tamils.

As that homo said, If a faggot bashes me I'll bash him/her/it back. Unlike in Tamileelam, the law works both ways in Australia. The law doesn't protect pedophiles like in the Tamileelam.

I'm not a JVP supporter and I don't give a shit about them. None of them studied in North Korea and it is not a leftist party to the best of my knowledge. But I think they are heaps better than the uneducated racist little thugs you have in your LTTE. I don't think the JVP needs to impress a worthless piece of shit like you at all. Hehhe.. You think the world revolves around your retarded fat ass and the sun shines out of that rotten cunt of yours?

I appreciate your concern for my not getting paid but at least I don't live on a pension. I pay my taxes and I don't owe anything to any government.

Now start bawling and cry on that fag Morq's lap. Fucking brainless cow.

LTTE racists do the exact same thing they do to Sinhalese and Muslims in Sri Lanka to other people in Wembley and Toronto. Look at the Tamil gang violence in those two cities. Why is that happening? What have these people ever done to them?

Hundreds of Sinhala children have been murdered by fanatical LTTE bitches like yourself. You should be in jail for the terrorist/genocidal propaganda you're spreading.
Wow - such detail Astrocyte - you've obviously been there & done that!

Sounds like you're from Australia too - is Dextr an Indo Aryan friend?

Btw - I do agree that Hindu priests have been guilty of abuse. Astrocyte - you could have just said that in one sentance. No need for all that pornographic stuff - yuck. And don't attack Hindu Tamils and their festivals. These are ancient - yes maybe a little primative customs but - they have survived for millenia & will do so long after you are dust...

All religous institutions, especially ones that are dominated by men, tend to have a whole system of absue hidden behind a facade of taking the higher moral ground. It is very tragic that these men have power & authority over young people. Again, as I have said before, in the name of ALL religons terrible evil has been committed.

Astrocyte - Morq has very clearly stated he is not an LTTE supporter. He is Sinhalese & comes from a Buddhist family. He's entitled to be critical of his people & his religon. His language is a little colurful at times - but you take the cake. So you know, pot calling kettle black???

I am very critical of my religon & like a lot of young people not in touch with it. I'm also very critical of my own people, but I do love them & I want them to be free.

Free of the kind of horrible predjudice that you have just displayed. You clearly show that you hate Tamils, their Hindu customs & you are using racist language & denegrating another race.

Who do you think is going to respect your views. Sure you've probablly got yourself on your side (the power of 1!, Dextr & my ole pal ashitan... but this is an international arena. If you really want to win the war (so to speak) you have to engage people.

You have just shown that you are an abuser of people. Yeah sure - you're not a Hindu priest molesting little kids - but you sure do know how to abuse Sri Lankan Tamils....

Again - I have to say, you want to stop the LTTE, well you got to stop hating us Tamils - whether we're butt ugly or not :-). Sorry matey, there's no other way. Astrocyte - I want you to dig deep into your beautiful heart & love thine enemy....

Well - think about it at least...

Duggi, Ivap - GO SWANIES!!!
Dear Ashanthi,

Why do you find the need to defend this religious bigot Morquendi? He has explicitly stated that he is not a Buddhist so it isn't "his religion."

He has rubished and degraded Buddhist practices for quite a while now, how come I didn't see you jumping in to say "hey, don't do that?"

Please stop being so hypocritical, it's ugly.

And let me get this straight: you only care when only Hindu Tamils are being attacked and don't give a shit if any other religious group are being targeted?

Look how he reacted when Hindu priests were spoken about in the same derogatory manner in which he refers to Buddhist monks. He had a heart attack and shit his pants. He needs to pull his head out of his ass and you need to stop trying to stop defending a complete religious bigot like Sanjay Senanayake.

Call a spade a spade. Otherwsie I'm not going to listen to your preaching. Preach both ways or don't preach at all. It's simple really.

Sanjay Senanayake is a fucking religious bigot who is completely anti-Buddhist.

What goes around comes around.
I don't have issues with Buddhism. I have issues with the perverted Sri Lankan version of Buddhism, which i consider to be far far away from the real thing.

Go ahead, say I know nothing about Buddhism. I know very little, but the truth is that I probably know significantly more than either of you.

Me being critical of what's wrong with my religion in my country is called being self-critical, something I believe everyone should be. At least a little.

Trashing other people's religions and cultures when you have no idea about them is bigotry. That's you: astrocyte and dextr.
Fuck off Sanjay.

Now you know more about religion that everybody else? LMAO. You really think you're top shit don't you? Well, maybe next time you're stuck between the legs of a Hindu priest sucking cock, you will think about how high your dignity lies. It's quite incredible really, how high your head is stuck up your ass. If you could only remove it and look at the religious bigotry and hate mongering that you spew, the world - and Sri Lanka - would be a much better place.

Out of your own admission you're not a Buddhist. So what's with the fucking "my religion" bullcrap? Time to pull that lingam outa your ass before it does you more damage. I'm sure that just as you like pissing on the Buddha's tooth you love shoving Ganesha/Hanuman/Siva/Kali Amma's head up your anus and then taking a laxative. I mean, that's what you like to do right? Maybe you can join your "spiritually developed" half-naked, homosexual cum pedophile Hindu priests in rubbing little boy's genitals to your heart's content. Why look at all those people crawling on the ground to worship a dick and and a cunt! (I'm using your imagery here to describe people venarating the tooth relic)

Keep your religious bigotry to yourself and then you won't have to hear from others. Otherwise be prepared to taste your own medicine. That's quite easy to understand I think.

Now fuck off instead of preaching to others about being decent. Practice it yourself and then think about providing "advice" for others.

Your religious bigotry towards Buddhists - to use your words - is "unacceptable." So please don't be preaching to others like a hypocritcal bastard, it rings real hollow.

Okay Sanjay Senanayake?
Astrocyte - if you carefullly read through Morquendi's Blog - that he is courteously allowing you to invade with really foul language & a multitude of disgusting personal attacks on him - you will notice that I regularily give Morquendi heaps.

I have also told him that I don't like his language but sometimes I too have been really pissed off & let fly. So I can't talk. The other thing is Astrocyte, I've even asked Morq to not list MIA's music and he listened.

I've teased Morq about being gay - he's ignored me & rightly so. His sexual preferences are personal. Do you have the capacity to respect this? I mean I don't want to know where you get your end in!

He has always behaved like a gentleman. You are behaving like - a dog - sorry.

You need to remember this - you are being given the priviledge of coming into this Blog & being allowed to insult the owner of this blog to the umpteenth degree. I have to tell you I would not show you the same patience - I'd be deleting you left right & centre.

Now you want me to scold him about what he's saying about his religon, his people, his beliefs, on his own blog whilst expressing his own views about the frustation he feels about his own country.

OK - just for you Astrocyte - here goes ...

Morquendi you are a #!@!@##@!!@#@#$% - how dare you speak your MIND. You know bloody well you live in a country where people get SHOT for saying what they think....I suggest you, well you (I'm furious now) you just bloody &*^&^*)&^*^&*)^&*). Got it!@#!@#@!#!@##!@. If you ever, ever express yourself & your opinions about your people & your country & your monks & your &%^(%^&%^&%^& I will personally get over there & ^&%%^ YOU - GOT it????

OK Astrocyte - I've scolded him - he's probably never going to speak to me again. He hasn't done his homework re the Peace Plan & let me tell you he's in bloody big trouble about that - lazy bugger...

I think it's rich that you reckon it's "ugly" that I'm giving you grief & not Morq. In the past I have wanted to wring his neck - not to mention ^%&%^%&(&. And I have - but he's taken it.

You on the other hand are a problem child. Now - what I want to know is are you going to spend the rest of your life walking around with the biggest chip on your shoulder, propagating hatred against others & generally being an all round Goose.

What say thou Astrocyte - btw I kinda like your blog anon name - otherwise I just wouldn't talk to you...
Dear Ashanthi,

Thanks for the verbal diarrhoea. The only reason you're standing up for Sanjay Senanayakeis not because he is a "gentleman" - a gentleman he is most certainly NOT because gentlemen don't swear their head off and degrade other religious traditions and practices in the manner in which this cock-sucking asshole does, but because you perceive him to be a supporter of Tamil nationalism. So get of your fucking high horse and grow a spine and point out what is wrong all the time, not just when it conveniently suits you and your agenda. If you want to speak up for a religious bigot, you're free to do so but don't expect me to support you.

I don't give a flying fuck about your flirting with Sanjay and frankly I don't want to hear it.

Now listen up again - Sanjay Senanayake has explicitly stated THAT HE IS NOT BUDDHIST.

So what the fuck is this "his religion" business? Do you have trouble understanding simple English or are you really a dumb shit? Are you an anti-Buddhist as well? Well keep your hate mongering to yourself instead of spreding your vileness around.

Now if you would like to join Sanjay in sucking some Hindu priests dick then please be my guest. I think Sanjay loves Sai Baba and wants this Hindu God Man to rub some oil on his genitals - if he has any that is. And if you would like a big huge stone lingam or yoni to salivate over contact your nearest Sri Lankan Hindu temple. The Hindu priests there will be willing to provide you with extra large sizes if you so wish I am sure. Make sure it has been used for the Kama Sutra practices so followed in these temples, because you don't want all those ugly stains spoiling the shine of The Genitalia.

Keep supporting your religious bigot of a friend, Ashanthi.
astrocyte - it's a bit harsh of you to bring the Indo Aryan child abuser Sai Baba into this cesspit of hatred and vulgar language. Can I please ask that you do not blame the poor Tamils of Sri Lanka for his conduct!!!

Now - can we please make up our mind about SS-Morq. Is he gay? Well possibly, he's erhmm - well he's not particuarily handsome - I've seen his movie with the donkey - so erhhmmm given I'm married, will never, ever meet him - why would I be flirting with him???

Also - you're kinda starting to hold back a bit, but um - do you think you can wirte a comment without using the really horrible language - is it possible?

As for the bigot stuff - look let's agree to disagree - one mans bigot is another man's opinion - capiche?

I'm treating you, err - I guess because you are at least human - with respect. I hear what you say, I take it on board & I accept there is truth in your opinion.

However, you need to meet me half way. In the end this is not about your hatred of Morq - "the religous bigot" it is about your fear that you are going to be a nobody one day. Because, your culture of hatred towards the Tamils of Sri Lanka, will be your downfall.

Don't worry about the downfall of the LTTE, you worry - and we're going to back track now, you worry about your heart. What's in it. I hope you're not Dextr & only 20. If you are, frankly I'd like to give your parents a bloody good talking to. Well - actually - I think someone should give your parents a good talking to anyway - because it's plain for all to see - they have bred a monster - & I don't need to put that in CAPITALS.
Oh - and for the other problem child Dextr - this is not a competition. I'm teasing you because you - well you deserve it.

The Tamil gang thing - well again if you read Morq's Blog, he's been telling everyone about it in India!!! T

What do you think - you think we don't know it's happening - surely we'd be the frist to know.

But - does it mean that Sinhalese people have a right to abuse Tamils??? Does it mean that we should not have peace in Sri Lanka?

So - the LTTE is responsible for killing Sinhalese and Muslim children. OK - I hear you - let's put a peace process in place & let's prosecute them. In fact you & I can go to that trial where evidence can be presented & we can hear it with our own ears. What we need - is the opportunity for this to happen. Hey - I'll probably cry & you & astrocyte & ashitan (ie. me, myself & I) will probably abuse me for being - oh you know - so weak because I show emotion for other peoples suffering - but - hey I want to hear it. I want to know exactly who's done what to whom.

You will of course come with me and sit and watch Tamil people tell you what horrors they have experienced at the hands of young men who have exactly the same mindset as you do. Won't you?

Fact is, the word Genocide is currently not applied to Sri Lanka. Chandrika is bloody lucky about this. It should be though.

Now - re Chadstone - so ... you are renting? Well I guess you are a student. This has nothing to do with how rich I am - it has to do with that big slice that's missing of your left shoulder.

The JVP stuff - I'm very, very glad to hear you are not a JVP supporter. Don't waste your breath trying to patronise me about Sri Lankan politics.

As for welfare - erhmmm - I think you know that you are totally talking rubbish there. Don't worry about people on welfare. At your salary level, you don't pay enough tax to contribute to Centrelink dole payments. Hey, you're only 20 - you shouldn't have to.

What you need to worry about is your very fucked attitude & how obvious it is that you have problems.

Hey - I hope you come good Dextr - I hope you come good. Don't be so intolerant - remember you are Sri Lankan. I am soooooo proud to be Sri Lankan. You should be too & with that comes a certain sense of how we conduct ourselves. You know - we are special and we are different.

Anyway - what are you doing loitering around Morq's Blog - how come you weren't out there watching the Swanies. It was an amazing game. I'm tied to the computer - have been for weeks because of work. Took a break though to watch the match - only to come home to your shit.

Hope you're out there being a 20 year old and not a racist schmuk who hates Tamils and has a big boofy gay guy trying to track him down in Chadstone! Sorry - you know - Morq has got some serious friends. I mean really - that is just so funny - your arse is mine...

OK OK - peace mate - peace.

LOL... Ashanthi aka gaypride. Butt ugly Tamil faggot from Melbourne. Thinks he's a laydee.
Dextr/AKA Astrocyte- Getting back to the Gramavasi monks. So I take it that it's this lot who are in the Parliament nowadays? So is engaging in the country's politics allowed by the books for the gramavasi monks? (Before you start coming back to me with foul language, just like you to know that there was no pun intended. A genuine question).
Please give it a break will you? I'm not astrocyte. What's with you and ashanthi/gaypride?

As for your question? Hmmm... I guess?!? *stupid smile*

See the thing is, the vanavasi monks adhere to the values of the genuine Theravada Buddhism and the rest don't.

What we have come to know as Sinhala Buddhism is represented by the gramavasis or ordinary monks. Vanavasis are only interested in self actualization/enlightenment/nibbana or whatever you call it. They have no interest in the community around them. Btw Vanavasis do not necessarily have to live in the bush. You can find them in those meditation centres everywhere.

Religion is not something static. It should change to accommodate the needs of the society. Sinhala Buddhism is not something that was created by the JHU. It's been around ever since Arahat Mahinda brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Buddhism is supposed to be pacifist. But the monks had no qualms in helping Dutugemunu's campaign against the South Indian Tamil invaders. Theravada Buddhism is not a religion, it's just a philosophy, where as Sinhala Buddhism is much more than a religion, it's a whole way of life.

Anyway the point is, the vast majority of the Sinhala people do not trust the major political parties in Sri Lanka. This is the void that the JHU is trying to fill. If the Buddhists don't have any problem with that why should someone like Morq be so concerned about it?
Ah! At last .. apart from continuing to bong on & indulge his paranoia you've stop all the pornagraphic crap...

Anyway the point is, the vast majority of the Sinhala people do not trust the major political parties in Sri Lanka.

Very true & understandable.

This is the void that the JHU is trying to fill.

Yes of course but - why are they so fanatical? Don't you think that if we had a moderate monk party that they would easily carry the whole country with them. I might be Tamil & I might want a seperate state, but I don't want Sri Lanka to loose it's unique Buddist associations. I don't have any issues with the Tooth. I do have issues with the preaching of hatred day in & day out resulting in misery for all concerned under a "we're so holy" mantle.

If the Buddhists don't have any problem with that why should someone like Morq be so concerned about it?

C'mmmmoooonnn, Morq's entitled to express his opinion. You are too - so long as you do it constructively. Surely you are learning this at your college? It's the most important thing one learns at Varsity - how to agree to disagree...

I know you're only 20 - but you are old enough to make a useful contirbution to this argument. Without the foul sick stuff you've been sprouting.

So - get back to us on why you think the JHU have choosen such a fanatical platform as opposed to a moderate one which would mean that they could possibly win the whole electorate. Is it because moderate monks are split fairly evenly between the Mahinda & Ranil. The only choice left in order to win power is to back the JVP. Given the maxist platform that the JVP is supposed to represent - is it not ludicrous that their "strange bedfellow" is a hard-line religous party?
Huh!!? It's sad that you have to depend on Tamilnet for all your informational needs. Stupid bitch..

JHU is no more fanatical than the evangelists of America or the RSS of India.

Very few monks support Ranil or his party. Those who were with his party are the ones who formed the JHU. Other influential UNP monks have joined up with the JVP.

There are no major ideological differences between the monks who are with Mahinda/JVP and those belonging to the JHU. They just appeal to different sections of the society.

No one except Tamilnet (which is trying soooo hard to suck up to the American neo-cons and the Christian right) thinks JVP is a Marxist party. It's a Sinhala Nationalist party with some token Tamil/Muslim MPs. Wimal Weerawansa got the second highest number of votes in 2004. People who voted for him are not Marxists.

The main difference between the JVP and the JHU is that the JHU is an openly Sinhala Buddhist party while the JVP makes some attempts to pretend to be multi-cultural etc. JHU is overly idealistic but the JVP is very pragmatic and opportunistic.

Bottom line... The whole point of the JHU's existance is that they are not trying to look moderate in the eyes of a fanatical Tamil racist such as yourself. It's the same as a Sinhalese not thinking of the LTTE as being moderate.

JVP and JHU can co-exist nicely because those die hard UNPers who may hesitate to vote for the JVP would vote for the JHU. They complement each other in that sense.

A similar question... isn't it funny that all these socialists/marxists/moderates/libertanians and other assorted nuts can recognize the mono-ethnic totalitarian LTTE as the sole representative of the Tamils and support their demand of carving out 1/3rd of the country to be an exclusive Tamil zone and yet call for banning a democratic party such as the JVP?

Anyway, don't be a party pooper now alright. You were much more fun when you were cussing me with your "mateys". Don't disappoint me now ashanthi.

If you aren't gaypride then your husband is. LOL.
LOL right back at you - I presume you have a free internet connection - well looks like we are in for this stuff for the next 2 weeks...

Listen - leave out the name calling will you - I don't care what Mr G/Pride threatened you with - if you called me a bitch to my face I'd skin you alive.

As for my hubby - well I don't know Dextr, he's one of these very easy going guys. He ... errr .. does not listen to Elton John or Michael Jackson as a few of his favourite things - so you've never gained any cred with him.

The racist anti Tamil shit - well I suppose like all people who've never been exposed to that stuff - he's shocked - but he's had such an easy life - he needs to be shocked. So - don't worry about hubby - he's cool.

Re the other stuff you left - which is very lopsided - still I hear you and there are points there - I'm afraid I'm going to take a back seat now and ask that others make a comment... I'm just not sure whether you're being a racist facist immature prat or you've actually got a point.

Given you have insulted all and sundry not sure that anyone will respond - but I graciously bow out - and look to others to comment.

Remember - drink lots of water - might help with your nervous condition... - no I'm not being a bitch - I'm being ... well ... mildly sympathetic & that's the honest truth.. When I'm being a bitch - I'll let you know & then you can hurl insults at me no problemo!
It's truly sad. Ashanthi, I've been following your points all the time - from the start where you were so anti-Sinhala to the point where you seem to have matured beyond that point, to understand the bigger picture and see the truth in inclusion and reconciliation.

Clearly, the morons Dextr and Astrocyte have managed to pull you off that higher level you got to with their childish antics. Please don't demean yourself by dropping to their level. Dextr is obviously a misguided child with serious inferiority complex issues - why do you give him more than his due by even answering his nonsense?

My best wishes to Yaaro - you have maintained a clear head and tried to get more information on the topic at hand, despite the idiots at play.
Also, Dextr has got it wrong regarding the monks - which is understandable, he probably didn't fit in at his college of learning nor has he probably even been to an actual place of worship. The Vanawasi monks are a thriving community today and this is witnessed by the large number of meditation centers (Ashrama) established in Sri Lanka. They practice buddhism - in a manner that perhaps Sanjay (Morquendi) would be impressed to see - and see no reason to further petty causes like nationalism. Much in line with the great teacher taught.

Dextr, astrocyte: you represent all that is wrong with buddhists in/from Sri Lanka. As a buddhist, I am ashamed of you two.

Dextr - I'm sure you were kicked out of Ananda, but that is immaterial - no one there even remembers you - it's amazing what greener pastures and dollars can do for a little ego like yours. Years of being nothing at a major school of learning must have taken toll on your frail ego. Please consult help - and take of the reference to the place of learning. Your association with it tarnishes what is already a fragile reputation.

astrocyte - so much hate my friend? What is your agenda? Please don't tell me that it is to further the cause of buddhism or the sinhala people. You seem to do an excellent job of doing the opposite.

the sinhala people are a proud race, irrespective of their religion. Through centuries, nay, millenia of conflict and cooperation with our Dravidian neighbours we are greater than ever before - but if only as part of a global culture.

Perhaps it is difficult for you two to understand this, what with your blind madness that has you roaring around like madmen.

I suggest Panadol and some sleep. But for Dextr, I think there is no hope.
Dharmapala - from the start where you were so anti-Sinhala

Now please - this is not the case. I assure you Dharmapala (can I call you dp?) I think I have illustrated this. I am absolutely worse than livid about some of the acts that have been committed by Sinhalese in the name of Buddhism & by evil politicians - that is not going to change. You should be too.

Clearly, the morons Dextr and Astrocyte have managed to pull you off that higher level you got to with their childish antics. Please don't demean yourself by dropping to their level.

I take your point and apologise... I was a bit exhausted from so much work, I'm only human & I make mistakes. But I think Morq should be scolded for writing things that make me so nostalgic too... How come you're not scolding him..???

Anyway - I think we've turned a corner so let's move on. Why don't you have a blog id???

Would love us to explore the whole concept of Ashrams. Unfortunately I think they have this image of being where Europeans & Americans go to hang loose and learn tantric sex - well anyway I'f be glad of
some detail on how they operate these days in SL

I prefer a good stiff single malt whiskey shot with some honey & a twist of lemon to knock me out :-)

Now as for no hope dirty devlin dex - he hasn't had a nicotine fix for 24 hrs - show some mercy...

Errr - not sure about astroshmuck but dextr is there any chance you might apologise to all for your lunacy? I think we're all owed one ... hmmmm????
I know I am very late in the day, but I could not resist the temptation of commenting here. I notice that very few of the commentators here seem to have any idea at all of civility in public discourse. Arguments drip venom - and are often simply assertions of racist sentiment presented as fact; abusive epithets are hurled around like the arrows of Arjuna. A person's sexuality is their own business and not a matter of public debate.
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