Friday, September 23, 2005

It's the Seafood

A lot of Sri Lankans who live abroad, as well as some who live in the South of Sri Lanka are under the impression that Sinhala persons cannot live in Jaffna.

First let us look at where this idea comes from. It's something that the Sihala Urumaya and other groups led by the likes of Maduluwawe Sobitha have been shouting about for years. None of these people have ever been to Jaffna, and have no intention of doing so. So they have no proof on which to make the statements they make. But they make them anyway, because they know it provides good argument material for all the Sinhala racists who hang on every word they say and salivate when the speakers at these meeting justify their hatred against the Tamil people.

Now, reality check. Sinhala people cannot own land in Jaffna, or anywhere else the Thesavalamai property and inheritance laws are applied. Not only Sinhala people, but also low caste Tamil people, and Tamil christians etc are also not able to own land under these laws. Atv the moment, to the best of my knowledge the laws apply only to the Jaffna peninsula. This custon has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with the upper caste Tamils protecting their turf. It has not been a contributing factor to the ethnic conflict in any way, and though it is a system that encourages inequality and discrimination based on caste, it is no worse than the Kandyan property and inheritence laws that apply to all the people who live in the Kandyan region, and the Islamic laws that apply to all Muslims in Sri Lanka, particularly those living on the East Coast.

But quite a few Sinhala people do live in Jaffna and they have not been hunted down and killed by the LTTE, nor have they been discriminated against by the Tamil people living in the peninsula. If the pro-war groups were to go to jaffna they would see this with their own eyes.

Performances and exhibitions by Sinhala artists are welcomed in Jaffna. Even if the LTTE does not like it they can't do anything about it because the people of Jaffna flock to the scene. In 2002 Prof Sarathchandra's Maname was performed in Jaffna and half an hour before the show there was not a single seat free. I find Maname boring, but the people of Jaffna (being more cultured than me and open to new experiences) obviously didn't.

But that wasn't the biggest hit in the fest. It was a short play directed by Jerome De Silva about a Sinhala soldier who is killed by the LTTE and in his dying moments shows compassion to a LTTE cadre. When preparations were being made for this everyone was worried that the crowd would react badly to the story and we would all be chased out of town, or worse. Some people even suggested against performing it at all, even after having brought the performers all the way from Colombo. But we were very very wrong. During the play the crowd remained silent and no one was able to gauge their response. As the curtains dropped the crowd erupted and gave the performers and the director a standing ovation. I don't think Jerome has ever got such a response in Colombo.

Last year a group of artists from Colombo and the South who went and displayed their work together with artists from Jaffna also received an above-expected response from the people of the region. The purpose of the show was to see how artists from the South and artists from the North viewed the war and the impact of war differently through their work.

So, all you have to do is go to Jaffna, to see that the people there are not hostile to the Sinhalese. But the people who do not need solid proof before shouting about things they don't understand will continue to say what they say, and there's little we can do to counter the misinformation spread by them.

Moving on, there's also a story going around about how Sinhala students were chased away from the Jaffna university. The real story is that in the intake of 2004, there were 10 students who refuse to take the University of Jaffna. They never even went to Jaffna. They just refused to go to the University of Jaffna stating security concerns. Only one of them was Sinhalese. The rest were all Muslim.

The people who were most puzzled by this were the Sinhala students who were already studying at the University of Jaffna. They're still there, and have been there for over 3 years. They did make a press release saying that they faced no security threat in Jaffna and that they were wondering why those 10 students wanted to stay away. The only explanation for th actions of those 10 is that it was a carefully calculated political play encouraged by a group who wanted to create the image that Jaffna is hostile to Sinhala people. Too bad they could find only one Sinhala student to volunteer for their little gimmick.

Actually the only person who would have a problem living in Jaffna would be someone who has issues with an abundence of good, cheap seafood!

So Sanjay Senanayake, how many Hindu priests in the peninsula run around big stone dicks and cunts, half naked? And how many people crawl on the ground to worship these mounds of genitalia? I'm sure there are plenty of people around who would like to piss on them just like you would like to piss on the Buddha's tooth. Could you also provide some information on the paedophile racket being run by Hindu priests in the area, the national child protection authority recently arrested a Hindu priest and the orphanage he ran because the children were just used as sex slaves for his pleasure. Thanks.

Oh and how many Hindu priests's dicks did you suck while you were in Jaffna?
Morquendi - that was just FANTASTIC....

Jaffna does have the BEST seafood in the WORLD

(ohh sittingnut - please forgive me for the capitals)

In fact - I think that this is what the Norwegians are after - yah I know big nutter type consipracy theory - but I reckon they our fish stocks :-)

I've heard the fish are jumping out of the sea saying "eat me, eat me, eat me" - It sounds silly in English but makes sense in Tamil...

I think Astrocyte works in the "how to make the whole world think that the Sinhalese are the most racist people in the world" department...just not sure who's employing him...
You really need to get over your "everyone is out to get the Tamils" mentality Ashanthi.

Ask Sanjay how to use a lingam and yoni for pleasure, and to get rid of that frustration.
PS - my very, very best friend is Sinhalese. I would die for her. She is one of the nicest people on the planet. We grew up together & became such close friends. I mean I have other close friends but because she was Sri Lankan, other friendships just don't feel the same. It's like blood is thicker than water. I stayed with her parents whilst I was studying away from my family. They treated me like their own child. I was taught how to cook, how to sing Baila songs, I was taught simple things about Buddhism.

I have had conversations with my Aunty & an Uncle of mine & they have told me, that their closest friends are Sinhalese.

When I was getting married, I had not seen my Sinhalese friend for 15 years. I tracked her down in America & sent an invitation to my wedding to her. She rang me on the phone & we cried because she could not afford to fly over to my wedding. My Mother offered to pay for her ticket to come to my wedding. But, she was too proud to accept that, which I understood.

Do you have any idea when you put out all this hate, how much damage you do? Do you know how sharp the blade is that has torn me apart from all my people. Do you know how much I miss what I have lost.

If I & my Sinhalese best friend had been allowed to live in Sri Lanka - she would have been at my wedding. You have taken all these things away from me.

This shit that idiots like astrocyte & Dextr the Indo Aryan & the chain around my neck ashitan/amal or whatever propogate is just so pathetic. I feel so sorry for some of the people I know who try and mix out of the whole racial context. It's so difficult.

I am trying to forgive you - but I assure you I will never, ever forget. Because I am all alone. I am surrounded by friends, a husband, a fantastic life & a wonderful future. So why do I feel like the lonliest person in the world.

Because you have robbed me of my people & all because you are evil & cruel. You dare to do this in your God's name. I assure you, your God, Buddha knows me & he knows how much you have made me suffer.
Oh god Ashanthi that was such a tear jerker and I couldn't help myself from bawling my eyes out after reading it. not.

No matter what you say you've been peddling the same sort of hatred that your friend Sanjay has been doing for a long time. You are so utterly ethnocentric than you don't life a finger when people are attacking and degrading Buddhists but when someone says something along the same lines about Hindus and Hindu priests you suddenly jump into the argument utterly outraged and shocked to the core. Do you see the hypocrisy of your actions? It's okay to give it out but not to take it? Is that your philosophy?

Please don't mouth empty words about your "best friend" being "Sinhalese" and so on and so forth because it just comes across as pointless bullshit made up to justify your shaky stand.

Talk about the "damage" that Sanjay Senanayake started and then start preaching to me, OK? Identify the root cause - your religious bigot of a friend Morquendi - and then take steps to solve that instead of crying and whinining when it comes full circle.

Yes, I robbed you of your happiness....yadda yadda blah blah....please, get a fucking life instead of acting like such a douchebag. I didn't even know you until a couple of days ago.
Yes I am crying and feeling sorry for myself so piss off & leave me to it.

Morq - no more articles about the fish from Jaffna please - you really set me off there.

I'm going to ring my BEST friend in the WHOLE world who is SINHALESE & tell her about THIS SHIT%!@$!@#^$^@#$^@#$^@$%#
PS - no I don't hate you & I'm not racist but I am very, very angry. I think that's worse
Glad you admit being an utter loser. Ring your "Sinhalese" friend and tell her about how you've been supporting a religious bigot.
astrocyte - in the human language there is a concept - it is called humility.

you need to learn this.

I tell you what - I sincerely hope I am not talking to Dextr - I hope you are someone else. Thing is - Dextr has a blog Id - so I just would not engage him.

You on the other hand are - well - you're stalking me...

I am upset & it's nothing to do with you. After all - you haven't gone around after an election in Sri Lanka for the last 50 odd years & bashed, raped murdered Tamils - have you? Your surname is NOT Sennanyke, Bandaranike or Wickramasinghe is it?

I don't personally know Morq - so I can't say that he's my friend. He went to India recently (as of course you know) and he actually caught up with some Bloggers that visit his Blog site. I would never do that. So don't worry your little brain - Morq and my relationship will be strictly in cyberspace. Yeah - I kinda stand up for him if I want to. You hate it - well you are hate personified.

Don't think for one moment that I am ashamed to cry. I'm a woman - we cry all the time. We cry because men like you are destroying all the things that we hold dear.
astrocyte - you are not fit to touch the feet of my Sinhalese friend - kindly refrain from even talking about her.

I don't need to tell her anything - she knows. We don't talk about this shit - we don't need to.

But - we do regret, bitterly that people like you have and continue to drive a sword between us.

As I said before - I am trying to forgive but I will never forget.

So when I ring my Sinhalese friend - I'll be talking to her about the tasty fish in Jaffna - not you & your crap. She'll laugh and say - the fish is good but Ashanthi your Mother was the best cook in the world.

You know - you can't take these things away from me.
I just called my Sinhalese friend I told her everything you've said to me and my people. We cried together for about an hour on the phone.

She said people like you make her ashamed to be a Sinhalese and that she wishes she was a Tamil.
Look who's burning the midnight oil - poor sad devil. You've missed the whole bloody point.

Just for the record - I did not write the above comment.

about property in jaffna:
from what i know lots of trespassers are presently occupying other peoples property it seems. (no, i am not referring to the army). somebody will have to sort out the mess soon.

you are not forgiven :-) will send a hanky as punishment.
Very good point. There is a giant crater in the middle of my property & it is totaly overgrown with really thorny bushes. it's being encroached on all sides.

As part of my bbp 6 (I think) I have said that in terms of compensation for property we are going to need an army of lawyers to sort out who owns what. In fact I know that some returning residents have had to pay to get their property back!

Still - who would care if we could have peace - I wouldn't.

sittingnut - you are a seriously cheeky so & so.

Sorry to everyone for getting teary - but hey you guys must be used to me by now.

It was that talk about buying fish in Jaffna that really set me off - MORQ!!!!
er....Morq, something doesn't sound right about the Thesavalamai and Kandiyan laws.

Do these "Property and Inheritance Laws" only apply in the context of "Personal Laws" (ie. family related property matters)?

Also, do they apply to the Sales of Land, Commercial transactions, Contracts, etc?

I've read some of the original Thesavalamai laws online but I haven't been able to determine if some parts of it are invalid under the current general laws.
For some reason I think deleting comments left by the “duplicate Ashanthi” might make more sense?

Astrocyte AKA Dextr- take it easy dude. It's just a bloody blog and it's just a bloody article. You are entitled to your opinion but hey, take it easy on the words. If you think Morq is no gentlemen when he says 'pissing on the tooth relic', what makes you think you are one ? Chill and contribute constructively. That's what Nittewa's about. Don't want to preach here but I thought it'd be nice to have some good constructive criticism, like the old days!
Aiaiyo.. I'm not astrocyte andavanai. But I can make an educated guess about his identity. Andavanai muruga...

Ashanthi is gaypride.

Oh yeah dudette. You take it easy as well. Hehhe.. *Evil grin*
Yaroo don't waste your time - it doesn't matter who Astrocyte is - he's on ice - we only have one evil grinning child to deal with now - that kinda a suits you Dextr - maybe you should change your name to Devlin Dex?

I'm not Mr Gay Pride & I DONT live in Melbourne. Truly, relax. Also - if you want to go around verbally abusing all & sundry (Morq, Keshi, Sittingnut, ...) you're going to get shit back - compris stupido?

Now calm down & stop being a prima donna. I hardly think anyone (ie. Mr Gay Pride - who's probably from Sri Lanka) is going to threaten you & then actually carry out his actions. You'd have all the evidence in the world to prosecute him & Australia isn't Sri Lanka.
You'd both go to jail together & live happily ever after!

Anyway -he, Astrocyte & ashitan have all vanished - that happens in blogs too. It's only you we have left!

You like Sri Lankan food - well how about you give us a gourmet recipie for fish curry - c'mon let's see how Sri Lankan you really are...
I don't eat fish. Yuck. I guess the smell of fish reminds you of your mother's lap. Haha.. Eat shit and die bitch.


Btw, I'm not Sri Lankan. Sri Lanka is a myth. I'm a Sinhalese.
I agree Sri Lanka is a myth - sooner it's burried the better.

So you don't eat fish - well how about a chicken curry then? Surely - or are you a closet Brahmin as well & you only eat vegetables???

Btw - just worked out it must be about 7:00am in the land of Oz - don't you have to go to work or Varsity or something?

I reckon you've just woken up, had your first smoke, seen a few stars & now starts the paranoia...tsk tsk tsk

I'm very very sorry to disappoint you Mr Gay Pride is not Ashanthi ... I hope you can stretch your brain to work that one out ....
Nope.. I eat meat. Any kind.

I've got 2 weeks holiday. Why do you think I'm so bored??

I'm too broke to buy smokes. Sniff some coke for both of us.

Oh hey btw did you hear that MIA's dad is a prez candy for some stupid party?

It's good because it'll break up the Tamil votes. TNA has ruled out fielding their own candidate and obviously expects the Tamils to vote en masse for their Ranil. So what we need to do is to use the Tamil racism against the Tamil racists themselves. Ranil is trying really hard to get some Sinhala votes by talking about ancient kings and even backtracking on his federalism or death stand.

It's really easy to make the Tamil racists "disillusioned". Hehhe... Here's a golden opportunity.
Ohhh Dirty Devlin Dex - now you're getting into the Nittewa mode...

So - poor ole Ranil is coping it from you because of some ancient kingdoms. I mean the thing is - he's a politician. He's bloody going to get on that platform and say whatever it takes to win an election.

OK - so who do you think should win - come on put you mouth where you ... mouth is...

As for MIA's Dad - the word was he's dead - so - given she's not sure who he is - who knows who this guy is :-) But either way - good on him. I'm sure MIA is going - Euwww yucky my father's going to become a politican - hey who would blame her. Listen don't worry about the TNA etc - there is an extremely important point that escapes most Sri Lankan's about the "Tamil question"

To win an election, democratically, one must be able to attain a majority vote. Now - I wish to speak about this in depth on my blog later.

Now as for your 2 weeks holdiays - have you been laid off work & are you saying you're a coke addict too? Geez - I know your only 20 & you've got lots of brain cells but take it easy ... I can tell you're a bit of a party animal but seriously - don't go too hard. What did you do go and blow all your dosh on the first night.

Yeah, right then you came home & started letting rip at Morq & me & all & sundry...Ohhh - silly boy...

BTW - the lack of nicotine in your system (as well as the dope) must verge on painfull. I absolutely loathe smoking but I do know how tough it is not to be able to smoke. My father smoked ciggies like a chimney.

Yeah - OK I can see why your on a bender. Still your language has been just vile & not called for.

If you only eat meat (ie. cows meat - not fish or chicken) - well hope you're getting a feed somewhere. Might be time to move back in with the folks. I'm afraid a lot of 20 somethings have to do this these ain't cheap if you want to be independent...

You will I'm sure have to tone down the language & the attitude... but at least you won't be hungry...
I would like SL Gunasekera or General Janaka Perera to be the president. Mahinda Rajapakse's nephews and I used to fight a lot in school. But I would go for Mahinda over Ranil any day. Not because I like Mahinda, but coz I don't want Ranil to win. But if Karu was the UNP candidate I would vote for him.

MIA's dad isn't dead. That's bullshit.

This is good. TNA obviously wants all Tamils to vote for Ranil. But Arudpragasam can break up the Tamils. Don't forget that Ranil was an ardent Sinhala nationalist in the 80s and even in the 90s. Even right now he's trying to woo the Sinhalese by talking about ancient kings and other crap. If we can use all this against him we should be able to make the Tamils sufficiently disillusioned in him and and many of them will vote for Arular.

Unless the LTTE kills Arular first that is. If they could kill Gamini Dissanayake to make Ranil the UNP leader, I don't think it'll be hard to kill Arular to make him the president.

Beef is yummmmmmmmm btw.
We're all ardent nationalists really - you've only got to read these blogs to figure that out.

OK - so you've named your candidates of choice, however - who do you think is the better candidate. Question is - you might have bashed up Mahinda's nephews (I don't know always getting into scraps - blood thirsty bugger aren't you!) - but is he the best possible person to govern the country?

What do you want for your country in the next 12mths, 2, 5, 10 years. Voter responsibility is so important in Sri Lanka. Tamils have been dying for their right to choose who they want for decades.

The debate about who the LTTE has & has not killed is a whole other post. When it comes to Sinhala politics are you telling me that there have been no political murders committed by Sinhalese factions?

Again - am throwing this open to all bloggers - who is the best candidate & why. Specifically - what's the dirt on Ranil (apart from the fact that Chandrika hates him, he's got a boofy hair do & he seems to have the Tamil vote)

I doubt very much that Arular will get many votes. MIA has barely been released in Sri Lankan - Anyway if he did - fab, let him. It shows a new direction in politics.

PS - re the meat curry - OK this is for a post on my blog - I'm going to do a cooking post - will need you to come up with your very own special Sri Lankan based of course reciepe with photo. It needs to have one special, unusual method of cooking or ingredient.

Sorry to other bloggers (OHhhh I'm going to be in such trouble with IVAP :-)) - he's always scolding me - I'm kinda used to it now ...)

Back to dirty devlin dex the beastly carnivore - I think I've given you some homework - now get to it!!!
ranil is going to win this anyway.
just check the numbers.

i wrote something about this in my blog and why i will vote for him as things stand now.
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