Thursday, November 17, 2005

Four Questions

So let's say Mahinda becomes the next President. That seems to be the sad truth that many of us have to deal with right now.

There is mosr definetely going to be another general election because Mahinda is going to want to consolidate his power in the Parliament.

Four questions.

What happens to Ranil? Who's going to lead the party if he steps down (like we have heard he will) from the party leadership.

If the UPFA and Mahinda manage to scrape through at the Presidential election then are they going to stand a chance at a general election? isn't the UNP much better set to deal with a general election than a presidential one?

But let's say the UPFA does manage to consolidate power in the parliament. Who's going to be the Prime Minister? Who's going to Mahinda's right hand guy? Will it be Wimal? Or might it even be Anura?

And what if the UNP wins the new Parliament? Then what happens to Mahinda? Do we go back to how things were with Ranil and Chandrika? What a royal mess that was! But who's it going to be on the UNP side this time? Is there anyone?

NOTE: To our new resident troll Kesbewa. Say what you want man. You have the space for that. But don't expect people here to respond to your inane questions. We have better things to talk about, and not enough time to waste on people like you.

Ranil could clean some toilets?
Also, I think a cabaret dancer at a local circus might also suit ranil where he can put his penchant for lipstick to good use.
Maybe he could sell male grooming products on tv?

A lot safer too. I can't recall anyone who's been assasinated in Sri Lanka for that particular crime.
Excellent profession suggested there J5. Afterall, they don't call Ranil "Sudu Kolla" for nothing.

If Ranil loses this election he's gonna be finished. At least, let's hope so. For the sake of Sri Lanka
it's sri lanka that's going get finished
can any of you mahinda supporters tell me the exact percentage of votes mahinda got?
Bye Bye Ranil
Kesbewa sounds to be one of those safron robed conners. Maybe he is the one that auctioned his permit!
Ta Ta and so long Ranil! Good riddence to bad rubbish.
so you kesbewa - you think you've got a gem with mahinda have you?

Start up your own blog nitwit & tell us how you think mahinda is going to spend the billions of Tsuami aid sitting in his Swiss bank account -

you are a complete idiot - this election should not even be called yet - it is too close to call but you & your bullies have jumped in their. We know you hate Tamils - but it would appear you'd trample all over any UNP supporter right now too - planning on getting a few of your thugs together to go & beat up a few tonight are you with full police protection - hope you enjoy yourself sicko

I mean - there is something to be said about the way the UNP conducted themselves in this election - the idiot that antagonised the Ltte at the last minute was an idiot - however the whole world knows that Ranil was the better candidate. Either way - this election was too close - seriously there is no clear & out right winner but - so why gloat. You won nothing but an opportunity to run our country further into the ground.
Well suck shite Ashanthi, cos the UNP lost, 'kay?

Now wipe that egg off your face, it's unseemly.
ashanthi - I doubt if it was those words that riled the tiger. They are always strategic in their intent and they couldn't afford another vote for a peace maker without their explicit consent.
only ppl m buffalo is going to trample are the ones who elected him. he will not do anything jvp wants, bc he can't and the government is basically broke. he won't be able to keep any of his promises bc of same reasons.
and he won't even start the war bc of that too, but since ltte will start it anyway, those in northeast will at least get what they wanted. in other word all those who elected him will get trampled.
kesbewa i hope you will be here 3 months from now, you may want to find a new name by then like all cowards .
Strong and harsh words there sittingnut. Although I don't blame you because you spent hours and hours and days and days and weeks and weeks going on and on about how this was the most important election ever, and how the UNP was sure to win and how all the nationalists were gong to be soundly drubbed and that would be the end of all the evil "war mongers" and blah blah blah

When all your pointless drivel was proved wrong by the results of the election.... well I can only wonder at how shameful, embarassed small and pathetic you feel.

So I won't hold it against you.

And yes, like "sittingnut" isn't an anonymous name. Hilarious.
actually i was right most ppl prefer peace and if they were allowed to vote completely freely unp would have won.

after all that help, 500000+ votes no less, from ltte, buffalo got a 187000 lead and a 29000 majority that is pathetic. and he won't last long but in the meanwhile sri lanka will go to the for legged animals who happen to be warmongers. i am concerned about that may be you are not?

as for names i stick with one ppl like you change them often.why i wonder? bc they alway lose in the long run and in this case that is 3 months.
I dont give a shit as long as you cunts are sad. Hehhe..
ashanthi, the resident coke whore is spaced out as usual. muttering about thugs and vote rigging. did you read what the election monitors have said??
Yes sittingnut, the UNP would have won if the sun shone a little more brightly, if it wasn't so windy, if the temperature was a little nicer, if the skies were a little bluer, if the clouds were whiter and if the air was more fresher and etc etc etc

The fact is, they weren't. And the UNP lost.

And once again, "sittingnut" an anonymous name? Do you make a habit of being a hypocrite?
Tell me if you want to know sittingnut's real name etc.
Sure, why not t4011. Is it a "kalu sinhala" name? Or a name befitting a Nut? :-)
as i said ltte made buffalo president, prove me wrong.

my real name is not a well guarded secret. and my blog name always remain the same.

but losers like you have to change their names bc you can't face the facts or arguments when things go against you.
when the buffalo makes you eat your words in less than 3 months you will not eat them but run.
You're such a sore loser sittingnut. Your parents haven't raised you up well have they? It's okay, it's rather amusing to watch you beat yourself up over Ranil's defeat :-)

So what is your name? Afterall, you don't like being "anonymous" so why not let us all know. Or are you going to be a hypocrite yet again?
as they say read and you will find. unfortunately you can't so can't help you even if i wanted to.
when do you plan to abandon your name? buffalo is not helping you is he? even after 1 day.
What's the problem with revealing your true name here at Nittewa? Come on now, don't be shy because you're always on other people's backs about being anonymous so what's the big deal?

Is it that you're a hypocrite?
'always on other people's backs about being anonymous' hmmm.
now where did i kick you before? what was your name then?
anyway do your own work and do not expect handouts. feeding the trolls will stop, now.
Why are you vacillitating and running away from answering the question?

Please let us know your real name.

You have an issue with people being anonymous so one would have thought you would use your real name. But lo and behold you're anonymous too.

If you don't want to provide your real name, and thus confirm your status as a hypocrite I would hope t4011 will.

I would love to know your real name :-)
Dear T4011 and Kesbewa,

You are hereby requested to discontinue this demand. The exposure of sittingnut's name would constitute a genuine threat to his security, just as the exposure of my name resulted in several incidents where my security was not guaranteed. It will not be tolerated on this blog.

You may continue other discussions unhindered as you have been allowed to.
Oh thank you dear Lord and Emperor for being so gracious as to allow me to speak my mind! A little bow to you, and if it pleases Your Highness I would dearly love to due a little jig to please your Great And Mighty Self!

Now just ask your little numbskull of a friend to accept the fact that people use anonymous names and not scream and rant like a maniac about it. Afterall he himself uses an anonymous name, yet has problems with others doing the same. A hypocrite by nature. You can't change people like that I suppose.
morquendi, thanks for pointing that out. i personally did not think about security. in fact if my name is known it will be other ppl who will be under threat (see below). anyway i am going to clear up somethings here.

your contend that my anonymous name is the same as yours and that i am a hypocrite for calling you and your ilk anon nutters.
not so, look at the comment posting box in blogger and you will see three options to post there, of which only one is called anonymous (and in some blogs lower two options are not even allowed, so while i can post in those you can't). so there is a difference between you and i.
why the difference? bc i accept the responsibility of for my comments and anyone can always ask for any clarifications(or just abuse me) regarding them either publicly in my own blog (where nothing will ever be deleted or moderated as i have stated from the first)or privately through the email provided in my profile. in your case none of this is possible. in other words sittingnut can be called to account, while kesbewa can not be so called.
that is why there is a difference below the posting box. bc the blogger knows that ppl who create a stake by registering a blog act responsibly, in the same way that ppl who have property or families act more responsibly in society.
and that is why (as i have said already somewhere else ) that large web communities like slashdot (about /. from wikipedia)(with all their experience) automatically tag ppl like you who have not registered as 'anonymous cowards' and moderate their comments down by 1 point from the start( read about the pioneering slashdot moderation system here).

i have been using the internet long before you, even before there was a world wide web. and i have been using the name sittingnut for over 8 years. if you see someone called by that name in any other service on the internet it will probably be me. i do not run but alway stay put.

anyway what did you find when you googled 'sittingnut' on 20th nov at 08:26 am sri lankan time, clicked on some of the search results, and generally wasted a fair amount of time? :-D. i am not going to reveal any more details about your web surfing habits here, just remember that this is the internet and nothing is ever lost. only you have to do better than putting something in google search box in order to get to them..

as for my real name, it is so common in sri lanka, that even if you found it you are more than likely to mistake somebody else for me ( not to mention bringing danger to that somebody as morquendi says). there are at least 2 or 3 moderately famous(relatively speaking of course ) ppl in sri lanka with the exact name, and countless other unknowns like me. so stick to sittingnut .

so mr.anonymous coward, when do you intend to change you name and run? in 1 month, 2 month?
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