Thursday, November 17, 2005

Swearing In

Mahinda is swearing in as the new president today at 6.

Let's see if the UNP can stop it so they can ask for their repoll.

CHANGE: Because of a shift in the nekatha (auspicious time) Mahinda's swearing in has been scheduled for tomorrow (19th November 2005)

Is this constitutional ?
Looks like it is

Assumption of office.

32. (1) The person elected or succeeding to the office of President shall assume office upon taking and subscribing the oath or making and subscribing the affirmation, set out in the Fourth Schedule, in Sri Lanka before the Chief Justice or any other Judge of the Supreme Court.

(2) Upon such assumption of office the President shall cease to hold any other office created or recognized by the Constitution and if he is a Member of Parliament, shall vacate his seat in Parliament. The President shall not hold any other office or place of profit whatsoever.

(3) The President shall, by virtue of his office, have the right at any time to attend, address and send messages to Parliament. In the exercise of such right the President shall be entitled to all the privileges, immunities and powers, other than the right to vote, of a Member of Parliament and shall not be liable for any breach of the privileges of Parliament, or of its Members.

Yep Mahinda is the Prez.
let the buffalo be the president. then we can poke fun at him until the next general election.

did you listen to his acceptance speech at election dept. he muddled up at least 5 sentences. that is worse than me. :-)
Well, least he doesn't wear lipstick and pretend to be a man like the other presidential candidate.
yes, he is just horned animal.
I don't see a horn expect smile of victory.
yes, the buffalo won and this buffalo can smile (he probably got those last 29000 because of the smile), but he is still a buffalo.

Official Final Result: PM Mahinda Rajapakse beats UNP candidate Ranil Wickramasinghe by 186,327 votes.
you don't get it. he got a majority by around 29000. what matters is his votes over one half of votes cast, as the commissioner explained. if he didnot get those 28600 odd votes we will still be expecting results.
You don't get it:


PM Mahinda Rajapakse beats UNP candidate Ranil Wickramasinghe by 186,327 votes.

And sorry to burst your fantasy but we ain't waiting for the results anymore. We already have them
Sittingnut- I think it's important that you realise that the Tamils in the north were subtly forced to boycott this election. And the Tamils in Colombo did vote. If you have a look at the numbers from Colombo West and Colombo East (Wellawatte, Bambalapitiya etc), mainly Tamil dominated areas, Ranil had a clear majority. Much better than Colombo Central where you would have expected the sinhalese to go all out in favour of Ranil. The LTTE want war.Period. However,they can't speak for the 700,000 tamils they dictate terms to in Jaffna (although they claim to). Thought I should leave this comment cos I read one of your comments (in another blog maybe) that went in lines of . . ."the tamils didn't want ranil hence they shall have war" .

But it was so disappointing men. Was up all night. Does anyone know anything about the Thondaman issue. Apparently the JVP forged his signature and drew up a letter that said that he had changed his mind and now supports the UPFA instead of the UNP and apparently that he was out of the country to confirm in person. But Thondamen had to come on TV to clear the air. This was yesterday apparently. That's such a typical JVP thing to do.
yes, the results are up, buffalo won the presidency by 28623 votes thanks to the ltte.

yes, colombo tamils voted for unp they always done for sometime, but some did not and numbers add up. if you compare the last years results and this you will see there should have been more(esp compared to the increase in other poll div).

i did not say 'the tamils didn't want ranil hence they shall have war' but i said ltte and it's followers who followed it's boycott did not want peace and they shall have war. in fact i said that more or less before the election here on 13th and here on here on 8th.

as for ppl being forced to boycott that may be true in ltte controlled 'uncleared areas' but not so in others, if they has the courage to defend their rights they could have voted (ppl in the south did that in 1988 when jvp boycotted and killed ppl who voted first) even a percentage like mannar's (29%) in other polling div.s would have made the difference.

ltte wanted this outcome they will get the consequences
Your threats against the LTTE are getting lamer by the thread sittingnut. Why not follow the UNP doctrine and bend over as far as you can and take it like a man? Hey, it worked wonders for Sri Lanka according to the UNP supporters and since you're such a die hard fan why not give it a try.

Appease away!
i don't accept warmongers on both sides you and buffalo it seems accept them whatever the side.
Unlike Ranil, Mahinda presented his ideas firmly and stood by them throughout the election campaign.

Ranil on the other hand was busy selling different stories to all the factional leaders he encouraged into his bed -- federalism for the Tamils, automomous regions for Muslims, using the term "united" in Sinhalese areas instead of "federalism" and so on and so forth.

Besides that, the UNP used religion as a divisie force to gain votes at the expense of religious harmony.

It deserved to be defeated.
ningnong care to elaborate your inside information, or maybe just shutup
Keseschumkowatzinutter - the UNP used religon did they - oh Gee how interesting... right you are so clever, hmmm yes, religon in our country is used by only the UNP to divide, bully, discriminate & kill people - just the UNP, not anyone else ... right gee "ningnong" (what is a ningnong?) you are soooooo smart - I want to hear more

Fxxxxing Idiot - truly, where the hell is Morq - can you delete this schmuk he is sooooo irritating

Mr Anon above this comment is correct - Morq was supportive of Mahinda.

Morq I wish you would state your case when these pricks come along here & start talking crap...
The UNP used religion as a divise force in this election just to gain some votes. It didn't give a damn about the effects it would have on Sri Lankan society. It went on a scare mongering spree among Christians, using churches to spread their propaganda and hiring certain Christian priests to do their bidding. They wanted to cast Mahinda as "anti-Christian." Then to capture the Buddhist vote all of Ranils portraits (like in the website) were superimposed on top of Buddhist temples and a retarded promise to build the "biggest stupa in the world" (LOL!) was made.

So yes, the UNP used religion to divide the Sri Lankan people and gain some petty votes.

So much for having Sri Lanka's interests at heart.
buffalo will reap the religious divide he himself created inspite of his conciliatory speech yesterday (these trolls have no idea that buffalo changed his mind and broke his promise to jhu yesterday) get a bloody transcript and read.
he will break others too. trolls will stay around for that i am sure.
None but the UNP created the religious divide during the election. The UNP tried to play on fears and demonise the "other." Thus, the party deserved to lose the presidential elections. If the UNP were in power it would use religious divisions to further it's own goals and strengthen its power. The island does not need that.
pot calling kettle black - you & buffalo mo go suck eggs (err rotten smelly ones)

s/nut - do you think buffalo mo will release a movie starring him & his mo? :-)
Thanks for that typical UNP comeback Ashanthi.

Imagine if people like this were running our country.

ha,ha ashanthi that was a good one. :-)
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