Thursday, November 17, 2005

More Complications. A Repoll? or a Hurried Swearing In?

So here’s the gossip.

The UNP is having a meeting at Sirikotha right now. According to what we have heard they are trying to ask for a repoll in the North and the East because the LTTE hampered polling in the region. This was a region where the UNP was planning on getting a solid block vote. But all their plans were foiled when when the LTTE said they would not support anyone, and did their best to stop people from going to the polling stations there.

Before the election the Commissioner of Elections Dayananda Dishanayake had stated that he would repoll any electorates where election related violence was reported. But we saw that he did not repoll Hanguranketha, Weligama and Beliatta where serious incidents of election related violence were reported.

If he has to keep to his word then he has to repoll many areas in the East. The UNP would have a very valid point to ask for a repoll over there, and they know that if they swing it properly they can push Mahinda off the map. All they need right now is 186,238 more votes in the North and East and they know they have a free ride to the presidency.

But here’s where things get complicated.

The UPFA camp knows this, and they are trying to figure out a way to stop the UNP from pulling this last stunt. So, Mahinda is right now talking to the President to see if she will hand over power to him today, so that even before the UNP can officially ask for a repoll, and way before the Elections Commissioner can think about a repoll, Mahinda has been sworn in as the President and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

But even if the Elections Commissioner does call for a repoll and stops Mahinda from swearing in, will the LTTE actually play along with the UNP now? If they didn't play along with them and support them all this while who in the UNP can change their minds? Is it going to work? Or is the UNP just going to lose again?

Oh what tangled webs we weave...

mahinda can't be sworn in until election commissioner says so. president comes in afterwards
so if there is going to be repoll by the commissioner mahinda will have to wait.
i am not sure commissioner will agree though i must say that one vote thing should make him.
actually mahinda went over 50% by about 29000 votes only. talk about close.
Enough crying and whining. Deal with the election results.
the Sri Lankan buddhist deserve all they get! See all our boys fughting the tiger. I bet you weera will be the 5000 in line to join the army. When it comes to the 4500 he wont be in line!
It must burn you to know that the JVP and the JHU took a dump on your face.
ltte took a whatever on sri lanka. sri lanka will soon return the favor
Stop being such a war monger sittingnut. Funny how the LTTE lovers are suddenly frothing at the mouth at their best friend.
if ltte do not want peace and by the boycott they showed what they want, they will get war.
and it will be the ltte who will start too. baffalo can't because the government is more or less broke.

if you check here and here you will see i said what say now before the election.
How convenient, the moment the LTTE stops supporting the UNP you go on a tirade like a war monger. Bit of a hypocrite you are, don't you think?
if you read above two linked posts you will see i have not changed my mind. i do not want war, but if ppl want war and vote or boycott so they can get war, what can i say.
With little over 50%, Mahinda has mandate for what? If he doesn’t act as a consensus builder, Sri Lanka is ruined.
Mahinda has a mandate as President.

Might I remind you it is the executive presidency.
mandate by 29000 when 600000 ppl boycotted that is almost funny.

fellow will have to depend on lot of others to stay powerful
s/nut - to the 600,000 add another 500,000 - big booffy buffalo only got a mandate by getting into bed with a bunch of jvp commrades who will probably arrange for him to be bumped of very shortly ... oh of course & the ltte will be blamed...

Seriously - this is why Tamils had to leave & now those that stay don't vote. We have the numbers to decide who wins an election & of course we would choose whoever shows us the kindest hand...

I'm disappointed that the Sinhalese did not stand firm against the manipulation of the JVP but then again we need to consider how different voters are in urban areas as opposed to rural areas...
People have a right to vote or not to vote in Sri Lanka as voting is not compulsory. If people decide not to vote, it's not the problem of the competing parties as it is an individual decision. Learn to accept free choice sittingnut.
i accept the fact that ltte made the buffalo president ( whether they really wanted it that way or not, ne ppl they were doing what the ltte wanted). i certainly don't like that and believe such a weak one will not last long.

i wonder whether you accept that fact and is happy about our ltte created president?
The UNP recognized the LTTE as a legitimate political organization and political organizations have a right to call for a boycott. So I really can't see why the UNP is complaining. If the UNP can boycott parliament, swearing in ceremonies, media conferences and what not, why can't the LTTE and the Tamil people do the same?
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