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The Truth About The Sri Lanka Military

Sittingnut writes about how proud he is of his army. Wonder if he even knows who Gamini Kularathne is. How many of you out there know who Gamini Kularathne is? Leave comments if you have a clue.

Munching on that, let's think about the Sri Lankan Military a little bit.

The military is largely composed of the sons of peasants, and landless farmers. They join the Army because that's the only way to get a decent salary without any qualifications. They join the army not out of pride, but out of need. They are the fringe in an increasingly rurul-person-unfriendly economy. They are pushed into the army by socio-economic circumstances. When they have no skills to sell, they sell thier lives. You join the Army if you're a boy. You hook if you're a girl. Same thing.

Despite all the hollering, almost 3 of 4 military people are not from the Southern, Central or Western Provinces. A disproportionate number of soldiers are from the Wayamba, North Central and Uva provinces. The youth of a South and Central Province have much better access to education than the youth in these provinces.

Among the officers however the breakdown is hugely different. A disproportionate number of officers are from the Southern, Western and Central Provinces.

Makes you wonder about who's out there 'dying for you', and who gets the comfortable officer posting far away from the frontlines.

Call the ministry of defence. Ask them.

So this is what Sittingnut is proud of. The fact that thousands of young Sri Lankans, are forced to put their lives on the line to protect those who would seek to further oppress them and their families. Bravo!

I'm not sure whether you just have a poor grasp of english comprehension or whether you just see what you want to see rather than what is actually there. What sittingnut is proud of is the restrain the SLA has shown in the face of the LTTE provocation over the last few months. What does the origin of the soldiers have to do with that?

And don't worry most of us commenting on these issues have actually taken the time to educate ourselves about the prevalent issues. The fact that most of the SLA soldiers are from rural areas hasn't escaped us. But thanks for the history lesson (as unoriginal as it is).
If I were this kind of time when the army has been made to act like cowards at the badgering theyv'e been recieving at the hands of the LTTE, I'd support dem with all I can. But instead you go over to try and point out (kind of true) facts which are not what we're focussing on right now.

And trust me, the thing about people joining the forces because they have nothing else to do happens everywhere in the world. Even in the US, ppl who want to get through College join the forces to get scholarships. Cmon man arent u SL kan, why do u want to point fingers, and try to outline the unpleasant facts.

And I know its a pity despite all this talking for the Army I'm not prepared to fight for the army. Guess u get me and a whole lot of ppl there. I guess ur even getting urself. I'll pronounce myself a coward..but either way I love the Sri Lankan army and the job its doing. We should love our Forces.
hmm I cant seem to stop ...
I dont love it
*) when dere shooting brings about the death of innocent ppl.
*) when they harass innocent lankans using their identity( more than 1 occasion I've seen army drivers giving attitude to other drivers driving on the road)
etc etc etc.

But I love it
*) when I hear about how SL Special Forces saved ppl during the Tsunami
*) how the Generals boodyguard on the motor bike kicked on the pregnant woman to prevent her getting closer (dat takes guts)
*) I love it when I hear stories about the Bomb Squad ppl walking even while dere legs are shaking beneath dem to check up on a bomb and diffuse it to save innocent people.
etc etc etc...

and sorry dude, I dunno the name of the person u have mentioned.
Oh yeah Gamini Kalurathne was the soldier who scrambled to a modified LTTE tractor under enemy fire, dropped two grenades into it and got shot while doing in. This was in the Elephant Pass battle in 1990. There was a Reader's Digest article about him and David Blacker recently mentioned him on Moju. I believe he was awarded the highest medal in Sri Lanka, the name of which eludes me.
I think bit of a mix up (soup) here.

I am too proud of all our Armed forces for protecting us day and night from the barbaric LTTE terrorists. I will be proud of them whether they come from rural villagers or from Colombo.
We have an issue like in any other country (including US) where most (almost all) of the Armed forces comprise from youth come from poor villagers. That’s a different issue to address. I do not see anyone has lied or hidden this fact about the Armed Forces. But let’s accept. LTTE terrorists have hidden the fact of using innocent children as the shield in its terrorist battalion. That is much more serious than this coz they are Sri Lankan kids and we have allowed some bunch of terrorists to dictate terms on them.
Thing is Morq - I'm afraid throughout time this has been the case, the army recruits - strong, abel bodied, fit young men who are probably better at phsyical aspects of life. Those that can use their brains - move onto traditionally across the planet - better paid jobs.

This is not specific to Sri Lanka. I agree, that for those who have never and will never serve in the army it is grossly cynical & insincere. I think one such arsehole is Indi with arrack bottle in tow & those really skinny hairy dark legs. Be honest now - if you were a soldier (& you ain't one either) you would not want you rear guard protected by Indi 'cause the whimp can't even take on a few rowdy school boys.

As for lumping s/nut in this - I sorry machan - can you point the finger at him when you haven't served in the army too?

I think, I've just found a solution & way to bring eternal peace to SL - compulsory conscription for all bloggers over the age of 16. 2 years intensive training & then off to Jaffna, etc for bloggers & there's to be NO favouritism, etc...

What do you reckon - you bloody Cinamon Garden bloggers go hand out in those villages & walk past people who hate & fear you every day of the week & see how you go...

child of 25 - hmmm - what's this the average age of the average Sri Lankan... no

I'm the biggest fool to be sooooo PROUD of my fellow Sri Lankans... We're smart, we're genius. we're spiritual, we cook & eat the best food, we are sooooo cultured, we have sooooo much to offer the planet - BULLSHIT.

All we know is to kill, kill. kill, ... hey and then kill somemore.

Right now - Sri lanka & Sri Lankans make me SICK.
Army has done ok during these times. Pretty much no one acknowledges the fact (maybe it is due to lack of publicity) that Army went berzerk in Mannar killing civilians when a claymore exploded there in Dec. For almost 2 days they showed no interest to take action on mobs rioting at tamil property and lives. most of all can anyone justify displacing 40,000 people from their house and destroying 1000's of innocent civilian homes in the north due to a suspected LTTE bomb in Colombo? In my opinion SL govt created 40,000 more sympathaziers of the Tamil cause and potential LTTE supportes with this act.
Morquendi thinks he knows the army.

Well, I bet he thinks he knows it because of his extensive knowledge in facing the barrel on the other side of an enemy crazy enough to bite cyanide.

Army is a large monstrosity that rarely works as one. You can blame it till cows come home, but it is a living changing organ that is making the best out of a bad situation.

Morquendi should at least have the decency to accept that he does no favor to those poor village kids. They join the army because they have not many choices in life, and I am sure some of them would have preferred working in an AC office in Colombo and party with foreigners.

People like Morquendi wants to nibble at the morale of these soldiers, because he thinks there should be a clean war with surgical strikes. If that idealism is honest then it should at least be consistent, so that those who support terrorism from the safety of their Colombo homes should also be blamed for keeping the fires burning.

Now, I can understand what people like Ashanthi say, who only see the world as Tamil and non-Tamil.

Why whould others pretending to be humanists not appreciate where due is due?
"I'm the biggest fool to be sooooo PROUD of my fellow Sri Lankans... We're smart, we're genius. we're spiritual, we cook & eat the best food, we are sooooo cultured, we have sooooo much to offer the planet - BULLSHIT.

All we know is to kill, kill. kill, ... hey and then kill somemore.

Right now - Sri lanka & Sri Lankans make me SICK."

I agree with ashanty, not impressed at all...unofortunately...

another thing, most of the country hasnt got a clue of whats ahpening as they are either uneducated or are form Cinnamon Gardens, no offence intended
I have no idea why I'm bothering to write a comment here. Still,

" ...and who gets the comfortable officer posting far away from the frontlines..."

If you think the Army officers don't get near the fronlines, you have no idea how it works. You're just proving how stupid you are. I don't see why I should bother to explain it to you, because anyone who knows the first thing about a military force would know what it takes to live the life of an officer.

And your "destribution ratios" are quite not the truth. I suggest you use your "superior sources" to confirm this. As for me, after years of service, I'm convinced of what we know about our recruits.

I appeal once again, to the general public who come across this site, not to believe the many lies posted in here. This guy does not know jack-shit about what he's writing, but writes it anyway, because that's how he gets paid.
My name by the way, is Captn. Sais. Let\'s see how you reveal my identity with the help of your superior \"sources of information within the military\".


go ahead army. weldone president. we with you all.
heheehhe it's like this.. one asshole trying to be too smart and prove something which is not true, mean while the next door tiger fucking his mom and putting spam all over her face... very funny.. dude please don't bullshit in public ... i would like to take one line .."""When they have no skills to sell, they sell thier lives. You join the Army if you're a boy. You hook if you're a girl. Same thing.""".. sooo that's how your mom become a HOOK.. bcuz of socio-economic circumstances.. dude fuck off.. today is 5th of JAN 2009. Kilinochchi liberated- Countdown to extinction begins for LTTE... fuck u again u mother fucker .. who the fuck are you to give statements about our SL brave solders .. you fuckers have any idea that they die not only for us.. for our children .. for their children . fuck you again shit hole .

one last comment .. i'm really sorry for all the decent lady s and Gentlemen s. sorry sir/madam. for my bad behavior . kindly requesting you apologies.

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